grocery store fantasy

LeoRai Day 2 - Fantasy AU

“Fantasy is subjective…”

I realize most people wouldn’t view the grocery store as a “fantasy”.  I get that.  You all probably go to the grocery store every few days, so why would it be anything special?  Anything amazing?  Anything fantastical?

Well, I’ve lived so many years underground.  In the darkness and in and out of shadows.  I used to live having to constantly monitor what I was doing and where and how loud and around who.  I couldn’t ever do ONE THING without having to think about it, without having to make a plan, without having to have an escape plan or way to get away.  I had to always think about figuring out how to do something without being seen, even when that was helping people.  I spent most of my life several steps removed from what the rest of you would call a life.  And I didn’t complain.  I thought about it, and it was painful, but complaining really didn’t change anything about it.  I didn’t want to lurch around under the weight of that.  I had other things I needed to be doing.  Other people that needed me.  

Did you notice I said used to a lot in there?

I hope you did.

I can’t delve into much detail right now, but, if you don’t know much about mystic artifacts… well, you should bone up a bit.  Little thing called The Spear of Destiny.  

And yes, there is definitely a story behind that.  I know I usually like to tell stories, but this time… I really just want you to know the outcome.

With a little help from something mystical, my life changed.  Instantly.  I remember at first I didn’t trust it.  But once I did, it was incredible.  Amazing.  Life-saving.

Now, I can be out in the light.  I didn’t have to change how I looked, or who I was, or anything.  It was the world that got changed.  No one stares at me, except for maybe because I’m tall and I’m told my eyes are pretty unique.  For the last year, I’ve walked the sidewalks of cities, attended concerts, flown on airplanes.

And gone to the grocery store…which I swear is my favorite thing to do now.

Karai grudgingly comes along, even when it’s just to get one or two things.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to have lived that way we did, and now I can push a clanky little metal cart around, mull over which tomatoes to get, and get (understandably) picky at the meat counter.  I can walk around and smile at other people and they smile and nod back.  There’s no fanfare, no questions.

Karai finds this all far less wondrous than I do.

However, she will not let go of my hand whenever we are out.  She can always touch me now.  We can be right beside each other.  We can bicker over original or fiber plus english muffins and debate which brand of pickles is better.  I can bump the cart into her hip while she’s trying to decide which cat treats to buy this week.


It’s subjective.

Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy, but if you had to open a restaurant, what would it be?
Me: *clueless, then remembers foodieverse* uh…uh…potatoes! I’d open a food truck that served all kinds of potatoes.
Mum: I love it! SAM’S SPUDS!
Me: *internally* Jesus why didn’t I think to call Potato Rescue SAM’S SPUDS oh my god

sailorzeo replied to your post “Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy”

Grocery store fantasy? Are you secretly Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask? (I will find the relevant Jet Wolf Sailor Moon posts if necessary).

ineptshieldmaid replied to your post “Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy”

… you have a grocery store fantasy?

Mostly it’s born of laziness. There’s no grocery store or convenience store between my bus stop and home, unlike every other place I’ve lived in Chicago. But there’s a retail space open in the ground floor of my building.

I have a detailed fantasy about renting it and opening a clean, well-lit, boutique microgrocery, with a small classroom for cooking classes and a coffee bar for local college students. I don’t know anything about grocery/retail management and operations, and I doubt I could get the loan to accomplish it, plus there’s a Trader Joe’s not far away and a Jewel Osco nearby as well.

But every time I’m frustrated with my work, I take five or ten minutes to open my Grocery Store Spreadsheet and research some new aspect of what it would take to get a grocery store off the ground. It’s a soothing fantasy, if nothing else.