grocery store fantasy

Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy, but if you had to open a restaurant, what would it be?
Me: *clueless, then remembers foodieverse* uh…uh…potatoes! I’d open a food truck that served all kinds of potatoes.
Mum: I love it! SAM’S SPUDS!
Me: *internally* Jesus why didn’t I think to call Potato Rescue SAM’S SPUDS oh my god

sailorzeo replied to your post “Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy”

Grocery store fantasy? Are you secretly Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask? (I will find the relevant Jet Wolf Sailor Moon posts if necessary).

ineptshieldmaid replied to your post “Mum: we know about your grocery store fantasy”

… you have a grocery store fantasy?

Mostly it’s born of laziness. There’s no grocery store or convenience store between my bus stop and home, unlike every other place I’ve lived in Chicago. But there’s a retail space open in the ground floor of my building.

I have a detailed fantasy about renting it and opening a clean, well-lit, boutique microgrocery, with a small classroom for cooking classes and a coffee bar for local college students. I don’t know anything about grocery/retail management and operations, and I doubt I could get the loan to accomplish it, plus there’s a Trader Joe’s not far away and a Jewel Osco nearby as well.

But every time I’m frustrated with my work, I take five or ten minutes to open my Grocery Store Spreadsheet and research some new aspect of what it would take to get a grocery store off the ground. It’s a soothing fantasy, if nothing else.