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As I’m handing a customer her receipt, she sees my cell phone in my pocket and for some reason this infuriates her:

“You teenagers today, you got it made!!! You all have cell phones! I didn’t even have that when I was your age!!!” (This is when I, a 25 year old, started trying to defend myself saying that I wasn’t a teenager but she was too busy ranting to listen)

First of all, everyone has a cell phone these days. Second, I’m clearly working? So that’s probably how I’m paying for my phone? And even if I was a teenager, why would you yell at me for something that was probably given to me by my parents????

Zodiac Signs at the Grocery Store

“What did I come here for? Whatever I want.”

“I came here for 3 things… but that wine and chocolate though.”

“Forget the bread I came here to listen to the soccer mom drama and the peach at check out.”

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“No you need this spice to make it just like my grandmother’s recipe.”

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“Store brand? What are we savages?”

“That is NOT on the list! Wait does that say two for one?”

“But it says it’s a new flavor.”

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“I’m only here because I’m hungry… oh and I might have known my ex was going to be here.”

“Who has time to grocery shop?” *orders groceries online or delivery*

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“Did you say free samples?”

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“Befriending the deli guy opens your world to so many possibilities.”

*Overfills the basket, obviously needed a cart* “Crap”

Customer: *after I scanned everything* “I forgot some things, is it okay if I go get them?

Me, UNABLE TO SAY NO: “Yeah, that’s fine” (NO IT’S NOT. Why can’t you guys pay for what you have now and then go get the stuff you forgot?)

Customer: “Okay, If someone else comes up just let them go ahead of me.”

What? I can’t let someone “go ahead of you” if I already rang up all your stuff? And I need a manager to save/or void a transaction. AND CUSTOMERS, OUR TRANSACTIONS ARE TIMED STOP L E A V I N G

What I really hate about retail is that it’s just a fucked up cycle of customers getting what they want. They yell and yell until they get their way, and then they learn that it works, and they keep doing it. Grown ass adults, throwing a tantrum over some perceived injustice that has been done to them. 

I think it should be mandatory that every person work in customer service at some point in their life.