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Ice Bear was walking through the city carrying two sacks of groceries, his usual blank stare on his face as he walks through the crowd of people not paying much attention to the crowd until he notices a flash of blue move past his eyes causing him to stop and look around. He then notices a small blue cat child wandering alone like he was lost which worried the Polar Bear.

Ice Bear walks over and taps the child gently on the head “Are you lost? Ice Bear can help you if needed.” He says with a concerned look on his face 

Blueberry Swirl (or Operation Mope-patrol)

Just another Wildehopps drabble…

Summary: After Judy has a rough day, Nick provides the required ingredients for lifting spirits: ice cream and beer. But in the midst of it all, a misunderstanding brings the two closer together.

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Blueberry Swirl (or Operation Mope-patrol)

Her front door rattled with a barrage of knocks, playfully thumping out a silly tune. With a lazy smile on her muzzle, Judy slid off the couch to answer the assault on her door.

“Hellooo, Nick.” She mused as she undid the lock, rolling her eyes at his familiar childlike antics. “Can I help you?”


She was met with a pair of bright green eyes and a mischievous smile that spelled trouble. Her partner held up a grocery sack in one paw and a 6-pack of carrot-ginger beer in the other and all she could do was shake her head and sigh.

“Mope-patrol called-in a wallowing bunny, so I rushed over with beer and ice cream; the world’s best cure for patheticness.” He teased, pushing his way past and into her apartment.

“I am not wallowing.” She replied, closing and locking the door before spinning around with her arms crossed to regard her friend.

It had been less than an hour since their shift had ended and they had parted ways for the night, or so she had thought. He was dressed in a navy blue tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts;  different civvies than the sweats he had changed into at the precinct, so apparently he had at least made a brief stop at his apartment before heading her way.  

Nick leaned down to meet her eyes, his ears pointed straight back and one eyebrow raised. “Did you, or did you not share your heartache today as a cry for help?”  

Throwing her arms up for dramatics, Judy narrowed her eyes at her friend and pointed at his chest. “You asked me if I had a date tonight. And I casually told you that Jeremy and I broke up. That’s it. There was no heartache.”

“See!” Nick blatantly ignored her words. “Such sadness!”

He tipped his muzzle down with a mock look of despair on his features and Judy couldn’t help but let out an exasperated chuckle as he continued on. “I mean just look at you! You’re wearing your ‘I’m too sad for real clothes’ frumpy t-shirt. It’s obvious you’re in pain.”

“Hey!” Judy looked down at her favorite old tee that she had stolen from one of her older brothers many years ago. Sure it was too big and threadbare, and between both it and the old yoga pants, they had seen better days, but she would describe the ensemble more as ‘comfy’ rather than ‘frumpy’.

“It’s okay Carrots, I’m here now.” Nick put on his best charming grin and continued with his charade. “I’ll have you cheered-up with some happy calories, in no time.”

Knowing it was quite pointless to continue her argument, Judy narrowed her sights on the sack he was still holding. “What kind of ice cream did you bring?”

“Blueberry Swirl; your favorite.” He winked and then made his way into her tiny kitchen.

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He had barreled in as soon as you had barely turned the doorknob. He set the brown sack of groceries down on the counter. 

“Alright, they didn’t have those weird veggie chips you wanted so you’re gonna have to deal with these rice cracker things that–” he was half turned around, mid-sentence when you splashed him in the face with holy water. He froze, except for the fluttering of his eyelashes to clear away the water. “Are you freakin’ kidding me, Y/N?!”

You were biting the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing. “I thought maybe you were a demon.”

“You knew damn well that I wasn’t a demon!” he said angrily, mopping his face off with his sleeve.

“You could have been,” you said, now unable to stop from breaking into a wide grin. “Hehehe…”

He set his jaw and looked at you. “Oh, you’re dead.”

“WHATEVER! You’ve done that to me SO MANY TIMES!”

“You’re dead!” he said again, lunging at you and grabbing you around the waist as you made a sudden move, trying to escape. But his strong arms closed around you quickly and he pulled you back against him as you were struggling and laughing, feeling droplets of holy water cast off of him landing on you.

You continued to struggle now laughing with glee at his reaction as you suddenly felt his face next to yours and his breath against your neck, sending goosebumps running up your spine. Now you froze.

His deep voice sounded right next to your ear in a gruff whisper. “You’re gonna pay for that… probably later tonight,” he said. And you could hear the mischievous smile in his voice now too.

You bit your bottom lip as you smiled again, feeling your heart racing strong in your chest and his doing the same. You were still frozen and pressed against him. “I look forward to it.”