grocery queen

Quand j’ai envie de faire pipi et que ColocG est en train de se laver.

Ça devient une habitude alors je me sens obligée de le mentionner encore et encore et encore, surtout parce que je ne peux pas réviser quand j’ai très envie de faire pipi.

Fic Recs Updated

I’ve added more fanfiction to my Fic Recs Masterpost:

  • A League of Their Own by brightsee - Felicity never imagined this to be her life: her son crashing into Oliver Queen in the grocery store, Oliver Queen coming to her son’s baseball game, and going on a date with Oliver Queen. (AU)
  • Bad Timing by yespleasehawkeye - Felicity has to tell Oliver she is pregnant. (road trip)
  • Cherry Pie by sssssssim - Neighbours AU, Felicity likes to sing in the shower and Oliver can hear from his apartament. (AU)
  • It Runs in the Family by dettiot - Felicity Stark is the best of her parents. But becoming vice-president of a brand-new division of Stark Industries and moving to Starling City will test her in ways she never thought possible. Especially when a masked vigilante in green leather crosses her path.  An Arrow/Iron Man crossover. (AU)
  • My Name is Felicity Queen by longlivefelicitythequeen - Felicity decides to surprise Oliver for their anniversary. (smut)
  • Perfection and Felicity’s type by CJ_fics - Oliver revisits feelings of inadequacy when confronted with the fact that Felicity seems to have a type. (road trip)
  • Perfectly Reasonable Requests by Shipper_Girl - Drunk, Felicity rambles about zombies and Star Trek and Oliver just wants to get her home safely. (future)
  • Prompt Fill #6 by seetheskyaboveus - Felicity is on bed rest for the last month of her pregnancy. (future)
  • Sleepless In Star City by aussieforgood - Felicity huffed in frustration, she’d been tossing and turning for most of the night and had barely gotten a half hour of uninterrupted sleep. She looked over at Oliver who was sleeping peacefully, surprised that she hadn’t woken him up yet, or had she? (future)
  • Strangers In The Night by SuperSillyAndDorky06A collection of all Alternate Universe (first meetings and canon divergence) one-shots. (AU)
  • Take Me Out to The Ball Game by sara2117 - Felicity didn’t even like baseball…that was until she saw the pants. All it took to change that forever was a trip to the ball park where she saw a man in a jersey with the name Queen on the back. Who knew that day would change her life. (AU)
  • The Benefits of Early Mornings by RedPensandGreenArrows - Life conspires against Felicity to keep her from sleeping passed 6am, but after a chance encounter while walking her dog, she comes to realize that waking up early may not be such a bad thing after all. (AU)
  • What Happens In Russia… by hope27 - When Diggle disappears, Oliver and Felicity travel to Russia to track him down.  But their trip is interrupted by the presence of Isabel Rochev, and things do not go as planned.  What happens in Russia doesn’t always stay in Russia…(canon divergence)
  • Worth Every Penny by Girlwithsixsmiles - Felicity Smoak knows she can’t show up to her stepsister Laurel’s wedding solo. Too bad her boyfriend is no longer in the picture. Desperate, she hires a date for the weekend—well, a male escort, to be precise. She’s not sure what to expect, and she certainly doesn’t expect what she finds in Oliver Queen. As the ceremony approaches, it’s hard to tell who is pretending anymore. (AU)
  • You’re The One That I Want by wagamiller - Set during the summer of unbereable sexual tension, Felicity wants to get on Oliver’s ducati. (canon divergence)

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak have spent five glorious uninterrupted months exploring very single intimate detail of one another. They know exactly how the other tastes. They know exactly how to please one another. They know how to read one another like no other. They know stories about one another that no one else will ever know. They know every sigh. They know every look. They share a secret silent communication that comes from lovers. They’ve paid bills together. They’ve shared secrets and dreams with one another. They’ve shared a bathroom mirror in the morning together. He knows her beauty regimen. Her favorite perfume. The secret behind that lipcolor that has teased him for years. She knows the secret behind that musky intoxicating scent that is Oliver. She knows exactly how he achieves the same scruffy length to his heard each day. Fresh out of the shower, bed head, the look of an orgasm upon their faces, you name it, and they know it. He’s taken her to places she never dreamed of traveling to. She’s shown him how easy life is supposed to be when you live it, when you’re happy, when love leaves you feeling fulfilled. She’s aware of the feeling of being completely and utterly surrounded by him. He’s intimately familiar with the intensity of her warmth. So much so that he wants to feel it for the rest of his life. Hers is the finger that he wants to see his ring on. Hers is the face that he wants to wake up to each morning, hers is the face that he wants his children to share. Hers is the heart that he wants beating behind the breasts that nurse his children. Will returning to the life of fighting crime at night bring them complete fulfillment; will it challenge them to be stronger together? Can they have it all? Love, acceptance, happiness, and purpose? Dear Arrow season four…..Bring it. No matter what comes at them, she will be the love of his life until his last breath.