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Oh man where do I even start.
Well first of all, grapes/raspberries are one of the most expensive fruit in the produce section. I don’t even buy them unless they’re on sale. You gotta go for things like bananas, frozen berries, and check to see what fruits are in season. Maybe pineapple wasn’t in season. Check online to see which fruits and veggies will be the least expensive.
Buy veggies and fruits NOT in a package. If you pick them out of the pile yourself and use your own bag they are less expensive.
Don’t get soda. The credibility of this post being “healthy food” was immediately shot down when I saw a friggin Sprite. Soda is not healthy. Soda is not cheap. Soda is a privilege. Soda is a once in a while special occasion.
And the nuts, you can get a box of oats for less than a dollar.
Considering none of what’s pictures above can make an actual meal, I gave suggestions of what can. Like mentioned, the bananas, frozen berries, and oats can make you awesome oatmeal all week for under $10.
If you want lunch and dinner, consider canned beans, tofu, potatoes, rice, frozen veggies, and kale (not from a package). You can make a good combination of stuff for, oh look, around $15.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean buying the most expensive thing in the store. You have to walk around and see what is best for your wallet, or google tips beforehand because yeah it’s easy to make dumb decisions. The person in this post obviously doesn’t grocery shop often. I grocery shop every other week, I NEVER break the bank and I always get a lot of stuff. You wanna buy junk food and McDonald’s and give your body unnecessary problems instead of eating healthy because you’re so fixated on the lie that you can’t afford it? Whatever. But don’t go around spreading this false rhetoric, because IT IS possible to eat healthy on a budget and you’re just hurting everyone around you by trying convincing them they can’t.

BSD Tanabata Twitter special: Atsushi and Akutagawa parts

I thought I’d translate the dialogues featuring Atsushi and Aku (since they’re my faves) that were posted on BSD official Twitter in honor of Tanabata in Japan.

Mori: Akutagawa-kun, what a lucky coincidence seeing you here! I have a reward for you. Would you do me a favor in turn?

Akutagawa: I don’t need any rewards. The only thing I’m interested in is eliminating the enemy. Give me an order and I’ll do it.

Mori: What? An enemy? No, no, that’s not it at all! I only need you to go buy something for me.

Akutagawa: ……….. ?

Atsushi: Kyouka-chan, Naomi-san has asked me to do some errands, would you like to come with me?

Kyouka: Errands? A mission, you mean?

Atsushi: Ahaha, no, it’s not for work. Today is Tanabata and everyone will be having somen noodles for lunch, so we need to get ingredients.

Kyouka: Got it.

(the rest under the cut for length)

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My Working Poor Vegan Grocery List

My fiancé and I are working class vegans, and have managed to survive on $200 a month split between the both of us on food. Yes, all vegan food. We prioritize, round up, and make lists! This list is set up to show what we spend on groceries every two weeks, so we’re talking $100 bucks. I’m also going to add in some stuff we don’t always have to buy every paycheck, so multiplying this list by two might go over $200. But things like olive oil, condiments, rice, canned food and stuff can last more much longer than two weeks.

*Prices are going to be according to Walmart/Publix/various health food stores in the Florida Brevard County area.

Fruits - $4

  • Because fruits can be so expensive, we prioritize and buy one type of fruit each trip (every two weeks. Most of the time, we get apples. We looove apples.
    • A 5 pound bag of apples normally costs $4.

Vegetables - $29

  • Vegetables are often priced per pound, and we make sure we get ONE POUND each. With tomatoes it’s a different story, but we make sure we get two tomatoes every trip. Potatoes are another story, and we cook a LOT with potatoes. They’re an easy staple to a meal, and jam packed with nutrients. We get a five pound bag of potatoes every trip.
    • Broccoli $2
    • Lettuce $2
    • Potatoes $4
    • Tomatoes $4
    • Green Beans $2
    • Avocados (bag of 5 normally cost) $4
    • Onions (one large) $1
    • Canned vegetables may not be the healthiest, but they’re less than a dollar per can and LAST. So we’re a little health conscious. If you like canned foods, there are peas, corn, green beans, spinach. I only liked canned corn, all my other veggies have to be either fresh or frozen. If you can handle other canned veggies, you could get away with spending $5-7 on canned vegetables.
    • Frozen veggies don’t last as long as canned, but they taste better to me and normally run about a dollar per pound bag. I get mixed veggies, peas, green beans, and broccoli. If you have access to a freezer, definitely consider these. You could spend about $5-7 on these, too.

Protein - $20

  • This is where a lot of people think they have to spend an arm and a leg. People think substitutes cost sooo much money. Well, they’re halfway right. Cut Morning Star out of your vision right now, because they have milk or eggs in almost every one of their products. Boca has vegan options, though, and so does Gardein (a favorite of mine).  
    • Boca Chik’n patties, we love these so we’ll get about 5-6 boxes a trip. At 3 dollars each, you’re looking at $15-18
    • On our tough weeks, we’ll just do the patties. But if we have an extra 10 or so bucks here, we’ll get some Gardein products. The sausage patties are a personal favorite of mine, I use them in vegan biscuits and gravy. But we love the chik’n strips, the turkey patties, and so many more. If we’re having a good paycheck, we’ll get two bags of gardein products, which puts us at $10
    • Canned beans – very important. Black beans, refried beans, navy beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans. Canned beans run under a buck each, so every trip, we’llspend about $5

‘Dairy’ - $10

  • Almond milk is a favorite of ours, specifically Almond Breeze Vanilla. Best stuff ever.
    • 2 half gallons of Almond Breeze (sometimes Publix has a two for five deal.) $5-6
    • Earth Balance Vegan Butter (15 ounces) $5

Breads - $7

  • I’ll include brands so you know which one is vegan. Honestly, we don’t do a WHOLE LOT of bread, so this is going to be a lot less than it would be for someone who always ate their chik’n patties on buns or something.
    • Arnolds Potato Hamburger Buns $3
    • Sunbeam Roundtop Sandwich loaf $2
    • Mission  brand Tortillas $2

Condiments – $21 (even though this shouldn’t count towards the total of monthly groceries.)

  • Like I mentioned at the top, this part of the list is probably going to take me over the 200 a month, but we don’t need to buy more every two weeks. These normally last us about a month and a half each time. Also, we live with two other people, too. Condiments are normally bought by whomever notices we’re out.
    • Olive Oil. I am biiiig on olive oil. I use it in pretty much everything I cook. We get a 1.5 liter bottle and have to buy a new one every month and a half to two months. $10
    • Ketchup we buy in bulk. We’ll get a 7 pound tub of it, and have to buy more it seems every so often. $6
    • Spices you can get the cheapest possible. 5th Season brand normally runs just under a dollar per container. If you’re like me, you love seasonings. $5
    • There are a lot of other really awesome things out there as far as condiments go. They have Vegenaise, vegan salad dressings, mustard, and all sorts of other kinds of these. I’m not going to put that on this list, because we don’t buy those all the time. Sometimes we’re too poor to afford them.

Other - $38

  • As far as everything else goes;
    • Peanut butter $5
    • Spaghetti noodles (15 ounce bag for just under a dollar each, I don’t remember the brand) $2
    • Preggo Traditional Pasta sauce $5
    • White Rice 5 pounds (only have to buy every 3-4 months)$3
    • Brown Rice 5 pounds (only have to buy every 3-4 months) $3
    • Cereal. We eat a lot of cereal. We get various types, Kashi, Mom’s Best, Cascadian Farms, as well as Life, Rice Krispies, and so on. We set aside $20
    • Snacks and treats are at your leisure. If you’ve budgeted right and see that you have a little extra money, go for it.

A lot of my extra money does go to food. I love to cook. If I want to make a special meal and I see I have an extra 10 bucks in my wallet, I’ll but some Tofurky tempeh bacon or more fruits, or different kinds of vegetables, or something. But bare minimum, after you take out the stuff we only buy every couple of months or so, we only spend about $200 a month on groceries. This is enough food for two happy vegans.

I hope this helped some of the people who are monetarily nervous about veganism! If enough people like this, I might start sharing some recipes for meals I make with this very grocery list!


I fucking hate how food cards work, if theres one fucking glitch, you can’t buy your goddamn groceries, instead of trusting poor people, and just giving us money, they put all these fucking absurd as fuck limitations on the money we get, which end up fucking us over.

I have 80 dollars on my food card right now, … I couldn’t use any of that money because there was a glitch that lasted for a couple fucking days, so I had to use my limited fucking social security money… so now I have 5 dollars in my bank account, and can’t access my fUCKING food money. What’s the fucking point of it if we can’t even use it. fuck everything.

I need feminism because

•At 7 years old I was the only girl in a Lego engineering class and no one would partner with me because “a girl can’t do that.”

•I’m afraid to walk outside by myself in my own gated community.

•My friend was dress coded for being short because taller boys could see down her shirt.

•A teacher came up behind me and snapped my bra strap before trying to dress code me for wearing a shirt that was in dress code.

•The boy sitting next to me failed the test because he was goofing around the whole time. Not because my skirt was too short.

•Clearly I can only dress up for a boy, and I’ve been told on multiple occasions that it’s pointless for me to spend time on my appearance if my boyfriend isn’t there to see me.

•"I have a boyfriend" means more than “no”

• I was told by a boy in my class that he couldn’t do his own laundry because it was a woman’s job and he didn’t feel the need to learn. Him not doing his own laundry cost me 20% off our group presentation.

•My friend was dress coded for her outfit and had to be pulled out of school to go to the store to buy a new one. Her new outfit covered the same amount as her old one and they said nothing.

•I’ve had to beg my male friends to pretend to be my boyfriend so a boy in my class would leave me alone.

•I was doing a lab in biology and had to lean with my elbows on the counter to access the experiment and my male partner says “your boyfriend must like when you do that.” Because my butt was inevitably sticking out

•An adult male stopped me at comic con because he overheard my conversation with my friend in which I said “these pants don’t fit on my legs because my calves are too big” and told me “I like a girl with meat on her bones”.

•I was told at 6 years old, and again at 11, and again at 13, and again at 16 that I shouldn’t cut my hair because “boys don’t like short hair”

•I wanted to write my history paper on the
Women’s Auxiliary Corps and the girl in front of me rolled her eyes and said “of course you do”.

•I “could have a butt” if I “tried”

•My mom once told me long ago that she hates when I go to sleepovers because she’s afraid of a friend’s brother trying to rape me.

•I was told to “put more clothes on” when I was wearing a tank top that covered everything and shorts. It was 106 degrees outside.

•I did deconstruction on a stage for two hours before the boys showed up. Once they showed up they criticized everything I was doing and kicked me off.

•I was told not to get the haircut I wanted because this boy “knew girls who were pretty until they got bangs.”

•People in grocery stores say “you poor guy” to my dad when his three daughters are with him.

•I’m tired of adult men giving me once-overs at the mall

•At 12 years old I was called pudgy, and at 17 I’m called anorexic

•Me being emotional is not a result of PMS

•I had to scream for a boy to let go and to get off of me in the hallway at school multiple times before he finally did. Everyone around me just stood and watched.

•I’ve been told I need to “lighten up” when I refuse to tolerate “get back in the kitchen” jokes

•My sign language teacher told me in front of the entire class that my boyfriend would cheat on me at prom and that I needed to be okay with it because that’s “just what boys do.”

•My friend’s mom shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to make the same amount of money as the man doing the same job as her.

•Someone told me that maybe if I did squats I would have a better butt and boys would pay attention to me.

•My counterpart for the school play felt that because we were married onstage he could touch me whenever he wanted offstage and during school hours.

•My dad collaborated with my grandparents to get me a gun to keep in my car and my purse because they’re afraid of me being attacked when I’m out on my own.

I need feminism not so I can be better or stronger or superior to men. I need feminism so I don’t have to fear for my life. I need feminism not so I can pride myself above others, or put others down. I need feminism so I don’t have to live in a world where my very existence is “asking for it”. I need feminism because I am a human being and I deserve to be treated as such.

This is all the stuff I just bought at WinCo. Their bulk section is truly a blessing. 

Tomatoes - 1.33lbs
Mushrooms - .67lbs
Spaghetti - .83lbs
Pinto beans - 1.67lbs
Garlic - 2 bulbs
Lentils - 1.44lbs
Cereal - .98lbs
Farina - .82lbs
Potatoes - 10lbs
2 Bell peppers 
3 Cucumbers 
Almond milk 
Tomato sauce
Tomato paste

All this for $20.75! This stuff will feed my partner and I for the next 2 weeks!

Team Arrow goes on a road trip! ᕙ (✿⊙へ ⊙〃) (and try not to lose Roy along the way)

To say that Eren is shocked is a big understatement.

All Eren wanted to do was buy ice cream. ICE CREAM. No harm, Eren was a pretty good guy. He recycled, helped old aunties and uncles cross the street, and he even leaves the toilet seat down at Mikasa’s!

So in 100% honesty. Eren thinks it is a little unfair, seeing the truck come barreling down the street before crushing him in a flat second. Poor little grocery bag flung off to the sidewalk while a little dog runs up and sniffs the melting ice cream.

All he wanted was ice cream.

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The poverty that poor blacks experience is often different from the poverty of poor whites. It's more isolating and concentrated. It extends out the door of a family’s home and occupies the entire neighborhood around it, touching the streets, the schools, the grocery stores.

A poor black family, in short, is much more likely than a poor white one to live in a neighborhood where a many other families are poor, too, creating what sociologists call the “double burden” of poverty.