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There are 42 flavors in Flavortown.

Were You Try to Piss Me Off?

Pairing:  Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader (Female)

Summary:   Sam and the Reader have been dancing around a kink they both share, so the reader pisses him off to see that side of him again.

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, Language (probably say the f word like 200 times.) LOTS OF SMUT, OH MY CHUCK! Like a dom/sub relationship, fingering, oral (male receiving), sex, Angry!Sam. LIKE THIS IS SO DIRTY LOOK AWAY.

A/N: This is soooooo dirty. I was given a prompt and I don’t even know where I went with it. I’m so sorry. ANYWAY, this is for @kas-not-cas 2.5K Dialogue Challenge, and my prompt was: “Oh so you think I’m cute when I get angry? Well, get ready because I’m about to get gorgeous!” 

A/N 2: ALSO BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BETA @highonpastries without her encouragement I honestly would never have posted this work of trash, so make sure you send her love!

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Cheap Vegan Grocery List 

Since the Cheap Vegan Pantry article has been so popular, I am (by request) following up with a Cheap Vegan Grocery List. Here I’ll explain the different strategies I use and items I buy to stay healthy on a budget.

When you go to the grocery store, have in mind what percentage of what types of food you plan to buy. This should mirror your ideal plate of food. My goal is to eat mostly whole foods (foods that have not been processed), as many organic foods as I can afford to splurge on, and as little sugar and processed foods as possible. Besides obvious sugar like corn syrup, sugars also include white bread/pasta, anything made with white flour.

Once you have mentally prepared yourself for grocery shopping, you start from the bottom up. I shop at a few different sources to get what I need for the best bargain. Luckily, all of these places are walking distance to my house. But do what works best for you! If you’d rather only go to only one place, that might be more valuable than the $10-20 bucks you save a week going to multiple stores.

Start Literally Dirt-cheap
To start, check your garden. Whether you’re just planting some herbs or you have a whole veggie garden, there’s nothing better than home-grown food. As Ron Finley says, “Planting your own food is like printing your own money …plus you get strawberries.”

If you happen to get to a farmers market, check out their $1 rack. Often times they’ll have good deals of food they have too much of.

Figuratively Dirt Cheap
Next I go to the 99cent and up store—and I know what you’re thinking, we just went from the garden to the dollar store, but I’m broke people! …plus they’re really not all that bad. Especially here in Los Angeles! People tend to get sketched out by the dollar store but you just have to use common sense. If something looks a little suspect, don’t buy it. A lot of the food is even the same brand as what you’d get at a grocery store, just overstock.

At the 99c store I buy:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Any pre-cut, easy to prepare veggies that look good (ex. Shredded purple cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Canned beans (at my location they have a variety of organic beans for a buck!)
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Canned Tomato Sauce/Diced tomatoes
  • Random canned goods I might need
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

If I needed anything else I couldn’t find at the dollar store my next stop is usually my local…

The Mexican Super Market!
In LA I go to JON’s in Chicago I went to Devon Market, but most cities have their own Mexican supermarkets where you can get produce for a little cheaper.

Here I buy:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Any other produce I have a recipe in mind for
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Almond Milk
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Baking Items
  • Whole grain pastas

 Lastly, if I’m feeling a little fancy, having a craving, or just can’t find it at those two places, I go to…

The Bougie spots: Trader Joes and Whole Foods

Where I get…

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Low sugarGranola (a lot of times granola has just as much sugar as cereal like frosted flakes or cocoa pebbles)
    Dr. Praegers veggie burgers (where their motto is making the ingredients recognizable)
  • Trader Joe’s Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chilli Salsa (because it’s BOMB)
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Natural Almond Butter
  • Ezikiel Bread

…any little things that I can afford to splurge on

Extra tips…

Always look for bargains. If there is a discount rack, start there, then move to the sections you would usually go to and keep looking for deals. If you’re afraid you can’t eat the 2 for 1 case of fruit, remember freezing. You can always save it for a smoothie or banana whip later! Same goes for canned goods and non-perishable foods. Sometimes buying in bulk can save you some cash in the long run. 

I thought vegan food was expensive…
A big misconception about being vegan, and why many think it’s so expensive to eat a plant-based diet, is because of the processed foods that are catered to vegan consumers. Foods like Tofurky, Boca Burgers, Amy’s frozen dinners, daiya, and other pre-made vegan “meats” and “cheeses” are simply more expensive than produce AND worse than that, they’re not as healthy! It’s easy to be a healthy cheap vegan, but start throwing in processed foods and sugars and you start to dive into expensive territory. So make the healthier and less expensive choice and eat your whole fruits and veggies!

anonymous asked:

A bit of a different question but how would Yui approach the each of S&M brothers and announce that she was pregnant in a scenario in which she was with them.


Shu: Shu sat drifting between a state of sleep and consciousness as he rested outide on a bench, Yui laying by his side. His music leaked from his buds and into the still night air. Yui shifted uncomfortably. She hoped to God he wasn’t picking up on her unease. Not yet at least. It was about to happen and she was very nervous. That’s when his music changed and the song “You’re Having My Baby” by Paul Anka came on. Shu tensed. A certain smartphone addicted vampire helped Yui plan this scheme out; they messed with his ipod while he was snoring away.

The blonde lazily shifted an inquisitive gaze to the smaller girl. “Yui-san, do you have something you’re trying to tell me?”

“U-uhm, that is..” Yui started.

“Hmm?” He prodded.

“Shu,” Yui began. “I’m pregnant.”

     Shu’s eyes widened in surprise. “Yui..” Her name rolled off his lips as his body came to embrace her, no longer tired and instead full of excited passion. “That’s great,” he breathed into her neck, kissing it. “You’ll make a wonderful mother.”

Reiji: He had noticed the signs pretty early on. Yui was more emotional lately, every snide comment he made seemed to affect her when they usually had no effect. Her chest had become full and shapely. She no longer got her monthlies. It didn’t take long for Reiji to pop the question on her.

“Yui, excuse my imprudence, but if I may ask, are you pregnant?”

     Yui recoiled in surprise. She had been planning to tell him, but she never expected him to beat her to it. “Yes… I’m sorry Reiji, I was waiting for the right moment–”

“It’s okay, I’m pleased to hear my suspicions were correct. Don’t worry, you are the best suited to care for my child.”

Laito: Yui and Laito were preparing to go swimming and Laito was already dressed and waiting for her when the door opened and Yui stepped out.

“Wow Bitch-chan, you’ve gotten fuller,” he teased insensitively.

     Yui only frowned at this and rubbed her protruding belly in a loving manner. “And guess who gave me this belly,” Yui retorted sassily.

     Laito was about to make a comeback until her words sank in. “U-uh Bitch-chan, are you saying what I think you’re saying? But I was sure I used protection–”

Kanato: Yui and Kanato were at Build-A-Bear, one of Kanato’s favorite places to go in the entire mall. The purple-haired boy continued to blubber to his Teddy about how they were getting new friends, who we should make this time, and all that. While he was preoccupied, Yui created a small stuffed teddy bear without him noticing. 

     Kanato finallu did notice her missing, proceeding to come behind her with wide, accusing eyes. “Yui-san, who’s bear is that?” He questioned. “We were supposed to make ours together.”

     Yui turned to him with a shy expression. “Well Kanato, this one is for the baby…” Kanato’s eyes widened in surprise and he seized the girl’s shoulders.


Ayato: Ayato was in the middle of an intense basketball game and Yui watched from the crowd with adoration. The boisterous redhead was dominating the game, pulling his team into the lead with numerous consecutive scores and he was definitely full of it. Every time he scored, he turned and to give Yui a wide grin seeming to say “Look, see how cool I am.”

     As Ayato dribbled the ball towards his teams victory, Yui decided this was the opportunity to hold up her banner. Ayato turned to look at Yui a little early this time and that’s when he saw it. His jaw dropped and the ball slipped out of his hands before it could be slammed into the net. The crowd, confused by the sudden turn of events, all followed the redhead’s gaze to Yui’s banner. On it, the words read, Ayato, we’re having a baby!

The crowd cheered and Ayato’s face went as read as his hair.

Subaru: Subaru grunted unenthusiastically as Yui guided their grocery basket around the food market. “How much more food do you need, woman?!” He exclaimed hotly. “You already got so much, baby carrots, baby peas, baby back ribs, wait Gerber baby … are you trying to tell me something?!”

Yui only laughed at his dumbfounded face. He continued to stare, trying to determine if his suspicions were correct. 

“Are you… pregnant?”

“Yes, we’re having a baby, Subaru.”

Ruki: Ruki sat in his favorite chair and was about to open his equally favorite book when a small note slipped from the pages. On it read:


I’m pregnant with your child



     Ruki’s eyes stared unbelievingly at the note. This couldn’t be true, could it? It was a prank, it was too good to be true afterall. Ruki stood and began searching for his wife. “YUI!” “YUI WHERE ARE YOU.” Ruki muttered under his breath, “I’m going to be a father.”

Kou: Kou woke up to find Yui in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He yawned sleepily, coming up to hug her from behind. “Whatcha cookin?” 

Yui smiled at her cute husband and took the still hot pancakes off the griddle to put on a plate. “Pancakes. Sit down and I’ll bring them to you, okay?”

As Kou sat down, Yui prepared the plates, then carried them, placing it before Kou. He gasped loudly shooting out of his chair to look at Yui. All sleep had been slapped off his face.

“S-since when did you know…?” He asked loud enough to wake up everyone else. “Yui… I’m going to be a father!

Yui came to hug him and he hugged back, twirling her around in his arms and laughing uncontrollably. His plate of pancakes with the words “We’re having a baby” written on in chocolate syrup long forgotten.

Yuma: Yuma’s chickens were finally starting to lay eggs so this morning Yuma was cooking everyone a nice scrambled egg breakfast. Ruki, Kou, Azusa, and Yui all sat in the dining room, anticipation filling them whole as they waited for what was coming next. And it surely did. Yuma screamed comically loud and Kou burst into laughter. Ruki only quietly chuckled and Azusa smiled gleefully. Yui only nervously shifted in her chair as Yuma came running in holding the egg. On it the words “I’m having a baby” had been written in pretty letters.

“Is it true we are having a baby, Yui?! Is that why they’ve been smirking so much lately?!” Yuma exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at his brothers.

Azusa: Yui sat across from Azusa in the chinese restaurant. They were in the downtown area of the city and a soft glowing sunset was cascading down the sky, giving every building and tree an orange tint. Soft elegant music and the light clinking of silver tableware filled the large dining room. Azusa was dressed handsomely in gray-toned semi casual attire, his wild and unruly hair was somewhat tamed and groomed. Not too long ago, Yui told Kou about how she was pregnant with Azusa’s child and needed help spilling the beans to him. The blonde had nearly choked on his biscuit and was undeniably excited to help her out. That was how Azusa and Yui ended up going on the fancy date to said restaurant. Yui and Azusa quietly chatted, Azusa shyly smiling and Yui laughing jubilantly. The meal was ending and it was about time to discuss payment for the meal.

“Hellooo⭐ how are you doing this evening~?” the waiter appeared, smiling cheerfully. Only it was Kou dressed as a waiter. He was holding a platter of fortune cookes. “Have one of these as you wait for your ticket, pleeaase.”

     And without another word, a fortune cookie was popped in front of both of them. Yui’s hands sweated nervously and Azusa, who had been confusedly distracted by his brother’s appearance, pryed his eyes away and cracked open the cookie. He read the fortune the paper held, paused, then read it again.

“I’m… pregnant,” Azusa said. He then looked up, eyes squinting confusedly. “I’m… ..pregnant?”

Kou smacked a hand to his forehead, audibly mouthing ‘so pure’ under his breath. Yui gulped loudly then took Azusa’s hands into her smaller ones.

“Azusa, I’m pregnant,” she told him nervously, not knowing how he would react to such big news. Understanding dawned on the vampire’s face and his eyes lit up happily. 

“You… are?!” He squeezed her hands with giddy excitement. “That’s great, Yui-san! I’m… so happy! What are we going… to name him?” Or… is it a girl…? Either would be fine… Should we look for… a house to raise the baby..? When did you find out…. about the baby-”

question for Jewish tumblr

I’m doing restaurant guide for upcoming event and there’s no Kosher restaurants in area.  Boo. 

would you prefer to be directed to a grocery store with kosher food items that you’d have to prepare yourself in your hotel room OR to nearby vegan restaurants?

Obviously the vegan places don’t have a certification or they’d also be kosher, but they should otherwise comply with the general rules. (there’s also a whole bunch of halal restaurants but that’s obviously not the same, despite similarities)

Event does fall partially over shabbat if that makes a difference in answer.

so which would you prefer on guide?  Grocery with stuff you’d have to prep or vegan restaurant that delivers?  Or do you have an alternate suggestion?

A College Student’s Guide to Grocery Shopping:

Suddenly living on your own can be daunting, especially if you’ve never cooked and don’t know where to start. Going to the store, buying only hot pockets and ramen and using the rest of your money for fast food might be tempting but when I was younger I did this and I felt like absolute crap within a week. I’m going to be very blunt with you: You’re not going to feel good eating fast food all the time and pounding junk food everyday. Even on a tight budget, what I’m about to tell you will be extremely affordable and easy to do. Yes, there will be days when fast food and junk food are comforting and more easily available, especially when you’re exhausted, but please all the other times, try to be healthy and follow this advice. Even if you live in the dorms and have a food plan you might have to get some essentials to keep in your room on some shelves and in your tiny fridge when the cafeteria isn’t open. Take some of my advice if it applies to you. Most of this advice might be more suited to those living in situations without food plans but pay attention bc you never know. 

Here’s a good shopping list for your first trip to the grocery store (if your dorm has a kitchen, a tiny fridge, or even allows a hot plate, try to use this list too, but don’t buy too much because dorms are small and you might have a food plan): 

  • A bag of potatoes
  • Rice
  • Dried Lentils (if you soak them, boil them in broth, add onions, peppers and some spices, it makes a good soup you can also dip bread into) 
  • Pasta
  • Canned or dried beans (black beans, kidney beans, and chick peas are really good to have on hand. You soak them overnight and can make soups and stuff with them)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Garlic. Fresh garlic bulbs are cheap and you can crush them and throw them in your ramen. 
  • Ramen is always good to have on hand too. Just don’t use the flavor packets if you can help it. Put some soy sauce and garlic and green onions in your ramen, see how that works. It’s pretty good) 
  • Canned tuna or other canned fish (your choice)
  • A loaf of bread or if you can’t eat bread bc of allergies or diet restrictions think outside the box and try to find something you can easily eat with tuna, cheese, peanut butter, or fruit (I just learned that those rice cakes quaker oats sells are gluten free and are amazing topped with things for breakfast and snacks)
  • Bags of mixed greens and spinach
  • yogurt
  • Broth concentrate (if you can find it, it’s pretty cool. It’s a concentrated liquid you pour into water and it makes broth. It goes a very long way but if you can’t find it, bouillon cubes are cheaper than broth (bc is it just me or did the price of broth go waaaay up?)) 
  • Onions
  • A bag of apples, oranges, or some kind of easily munched on fruit. If you can put one piece of fruit into yourself everyday, you’ll be good. Maybe even buy one different kind of fruit for each day of the week to mix it up. Make it fun. Just eat your fruit. 
  • Zucchini or some kind of soft squash
  • Baby carrots
  • Crackers
  • Get some spices and cooking sauces: Most importantly get salt, pepper, cumin, curry powder, paprika, cinnamon, sugar, Sriracha, soy sauce
  • lemons
  • Canned milk (not condensed milk. Just plain canned milk. Condensed milk is super sugary… I mean it does go good in coffee though, so try it too)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Buy yourself one junk food thing. Like a box of oatmeal cream pies or twinkies. It might help you when you’re stressed to be able to have one of those once in awhile. Believe me, you can’t restrict yourself too much and when you’re on a budget, it helps to have a little comfort. 
  • WATER 
  • Oatmeal. This will be a life saver. 
  • oil for cooking. Never olive oil for cooking. it has a low smoke point. You want canola, vegetable, or sunflower oil. 

Add whatever else you think you’ll need to this list, it’s up to you. These things are essentials. You can do a lot with them. If you need to know what you can do with these things, I’ll be making another post about recipes and cooking hacks soon. 

This list can also work if you’re not a college student and just live on your own. 

Hello hello hello! With the APUSH exam approaching in a little more than a month, I’ve begun my revising and material review of all the stuff I learned at the beginning of the year, and after some successful quizzes and tests with the mind palace, I think a lot of people who don’t already use it could benefit! I’ve been applying it to my finals/AP revisions, in which I make notes in bullet points and then remember those notes. This is a sort of long post, so you can read the actual information under the cut.

The mind palace (also known as the memory palace) is pretty simple. It’s based off how we tend to remember locations much better than straight facts (so if you’re a visual, audio, or kinesthetic learner, this will really work well). I use it for pretty much anything, but it works especially well for memorizing formulas/equations, rules, vocabulary, grammar rules, conjugation/tenses, and notes in general (so like I said, pretty much anything).  

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With the new year just beginning, I set out to make a comprehensive guide of everything I thought would be helpful to making your health-based new years resolutions a reality. The problem was, once I started compiling guides and lists I realized there was just too much important stuff to tell you! The solution? I separated it into a 3 part guide starting tonight with this healthy eating handbook! Tomorrow I’ll post a fitness handbook and on the final day a collection of tips, ideas, and ways to stay motivated in the new healthy lifestyle you’re creating! I hope this series will help you choose the lifestyle YOU want to live and ultimately love what you do every day!


For this handbook, I included the posts I thought would be most helpful! There’s a complete grocery guide, explanations of 3 of the most popular methods of purposeful eating (calorie counting, intuitive eating, & set meal plans), setting up your kitchen for success & support and more!


VIXX Reaction to You Being Blind but He Thought You Were Just Being Bratty.

For: Anon <3


You two were working on a show together as MCs. You usually asked your assistant to read you your script so that you could memorize them, but he had fallen ill recently. For the past few days, you had been asking N to read it to you. 

“Yah, read it yourself.”

“I would if I could.”

“And why can’t you?”

“Because I’m blind.” He instantly felt bad for getting angry with you and apologized almost one hundred times. You insisted that it was alright, since you never told him and you commonly covered your eyes with glasses.

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You were in the grocery store and your guide for the day AKA your cousin kept leaving you, causing you to bump into everything in your way. There was a man in the same aisle as you and you walked through with your cart in hand. You hit him with it a few times and he had obviously been irritated. He had a small voice but you knew that with the way that he was speaking, he was almost shouting.

“I’m sorry, I can’t see.” He sighed before examining you and he got so embarrassed that he offered to help you around the store.

Originally posted by leojuseyo


You had your waitress job for three years without any problems or complaints, as you weren’t totally blind. You knew the restaurant just as well as you knew your home. But one day there was a man who stood abrupt for you to react properly, causing you to spill food and drinks all over the place.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?”

“Yes, I am,” you respond as you try to clean up the mess.

“Oh, uh, I’m sorry,” he replied as he stooped down to the ground to help you. 

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You stood at the traffic light, waiting a few seconds for the pedestrian call button to work. You didn’t hear any cars coming in either direction, so you assumed that it had worked. But once you reached the middle of the street, a car coming from your right made a hard stop.

“What’s the matter with you!”

“Sorry” you shouted, your arms out stretched, trying to quickly find your way to the other side of the street. He saw your gestures and finally realized the situation. He quickly ran from the car and helped you find your way to the pavement.

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You were on a crowded subway and you couldn’t find a seat. You didn’t mean to but you kept stepping on some man’s feet. Even though you apologized a bunch, he still got angry.

“Can you watch yourself?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t really see too well.” He looked up to you and when he saw your eyes, he immediately stood to his feet and gave you his seat.

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You were standing at the bus stop in which multiple buses would be making drop offs. The first few times, the kind stranger was willing to help you, but the more you asked, the more annoyed his voice had gotten. 

“I’m sorry to keep asking, but what bus is this?”

“If you’re sorry, then stop asking.”

“But I can’t see it and you are the only other person here.” He was going to give a smart comeback, but when he noticed your walking cane for the first time, he swiftly apologized and agreed to keep helping you.

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Slept for 10 hours last night. I think I must still be catching up from travelling.

Today is NOT going to be a repeat of yesterday. I need to be productive and keep myself busy and not sit around inside all day.

The sun is supposed to come out today which helps immensely. It’s barely reached 10 degrees the last 2 days and there has been no sun. It’s depressing and doesn’t make you want to go and do anything outside.

I want to plan my meals for the week using the meal plans from the gym as a guide, grocery shop and do my washing as a start. My bathroom, spare room and car all need cleaning to though. So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

No bullshit today! I’ve let myself feel down the last couple of days but I’m changing my thinking today.

anonymous asked:

do grocery stores take checks? like i literally have no ID or debit cards right now after they were misplaced by the hospital and need to buy stuff from the store. would a grocery store take a check?

Yes, grocery stores take checks! If you can, write out as much of it as you can before you get to the register, and then just write in the total and sign it. This way you’ll save time and won’t annoy anyone waiting behind you. You should check with the store ahead to see if they accept checks without ID. Some places do, some don’t.

Related guide: How to Write a Check

Grocery Shopping Deductions Guide (Submission)

Observing someone’s groceries can reveal a great deal about someone. By analysing a shopping cart you can deduce whether someone is a vegetarian or vegan due to the lack of meat products. A large number of specialised foods such as gluten free products or dairy alternatives point towards gluten or lactose intolerancy . Low fat or non fat items could also suggest that the individual is on a diet or has high cholesterol levels. Keep a lookout for medication too, as this reveals a  person’s status of health. Pain killers or migraine relief tablets could mean high stress levels.

The brands of the products can also indicate how much money a person has. A more well off person has many luxurious items in their cart which may even help you deduce their occupation. Meanwhile someone who looks 20-ish and has mostly  "meals for one" and own brand supermarket goods could indicate a student living on a budget by themselves.

What kind of shower gel do they use? Any particular fragrance they like? Why is that? Could it be linked to their past?

Are there items which seem to be for other people? This can tell you whether the person is married, has children etc

Traditional/cultural foods can give away where a person may originate from or have links to..

Supermarkets are truly fascinating and you can really figure out a lot about someone’s lifestyle and habits simply by looking at what’s in their shopping cart. It has amused me many a time! 

I’m thinking about making a really huge, detailed plan/guide/e-book/something for beginners that covers everything in detail. It will have: 

  • basic month long meal/workout plan
  • grocery list
  • guide to meal prepping
  • basic guide to nutrition
  • guide to working out out at home and at the gym
  • how to start lifting
  • beginners yoga sequence
  • ??? anything else you guys can suggest

I will obviously leave my huge guide that I already have up on my blog for free, but this I will probably charge $45-$50 for. Any interest for something like this before I start working on it?

anonymous asked:

Hey I was reading through the grocery shopping guide (thanks btw!) and I couldn't find the answer to a question of mine: How do you know what good prices are? Or bad prices? What are the average prices for things? Thanks for all you guys do.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has this for common foods, based on region (link).

Once you start shopping more often, you’ll get to know what’s a good price and what isn’t. If you look through the advertisements that come in the mail, you can also determine the best place to buy something.

anonymous asked:

I am 29. I have a BS degree and I am married. My husband and I eat separately (different schedules) and we both end up making convenience food. I'm only responsible for feeding myself and I do have some cooking skill, but the truth is that I have no idea how to shop for groceries. I have two $50 grocery gift certificates in my hand and I don't know how to make the best of them. The internet shows me "grocery lists" and "meal plans" don't seem realistic. How do real people shop?

Try our Grocery Buying Guide (link).

If I may, I’d also like to recommend that instead of you two making your own individual meals, that maybe you trade-off who cooks and then the other can simply warm it up? Or make your meals ahead. Crockpots are going to be your best friend in your situation.

BIG NEWS: I'm making an e-cookbook!!

I started work on it last week and I’m so excited and inspired that after this weekend I’m about a quarter of the way done! The book is themed on summer recipes and focuses mostly on summer produce, grilling, and lighter recipes. The book will have at least 25 completely exclusive, only in the book, recipes along with add ins like guides to summer produce and recipe variations. There will also be meal plans and grocery guides. Right now it looks like the book will be vegetarian although I’m still deciding whether or not to put some grilled seafood in. Since I’m gluten intolerant the book will be completely gluten free too. :)

Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the recipes:

Vegan Loaded Breakfast Potatoes with Tempeh & Asparagus

Brown Rice Chickpea Sliders: 109 calories & 5g protein each

Vegan Orange Sherbet: 70 calories for 2 & ½ scoops!

I’m hoping to publish on my birthday, June 3. I’m still working on what program to use to sell it but it will cost $10-$12 ($1 for each book is being donated to Philabundance, an organization fighting hunger in my area/ the Delaware Valley.)

Have requests? Recipes or guides you’d like to see in the book? Are you excited for it too? Let me know! :)