grocery grandpa


okay so I had this red riding hood AU idea for otayuri in my head since I saw this jacked that I drew for Beka here…. I’m sure someone already did this but I don’t care…. I just had to do this okay?! qwq //sobs

I made some really plain ref sheets here with a few quick fun facts about both under the cut are some Ideas for this AU

the general story… I don’t really have much but this is what I have so far?!  ideas are always welcome btw ;3c

They meet at a convenience store late at night. Yura had to get some groceries for his grandpa (bread and vodka lol) idk why he needs something from the convenience store so late but who cares tbh?! this is an AU live with it lmao and the next store is far away from their home. He meets Beka in the store and, Beka the gentleman he is, offers Yura a ride on his bike home….. thats what I’ve got so far :’3

a bit more info of the big bad wolf called Beka: okay at first he is NOT a werewolf… just wanted to make that clear haha  the first thing you have to know is that he have to transform into a full wolf once a month (no it don’t have to be full moon), if he don’t transform in this time period he unwillingly transforms into his full wolf form and go berserk. (he loses the ability to think clearly and is aggressive af) He can transform into three different forms. First is the human form so he don’t frighten normal humans with his presence and can peaceful live among them. This form is still stronger than an average Human tho. Second is half wolf as you can see in the ref. I had an idea for this form but its too complex so I won’t use it (I’m too lazy to write that down okay?! don’t judge me) and the last form is full wolf I just can say that this is his original form it’s the strongest and he is taller than a normal wolf. 

to yura I just can say: he’s…. yura… the brat we all love and adore haha no for real he wears red a lot, more than canon yura, he’s a student or maybe he’s still an figure skater… I didn’t really decided what he is doing for a living also for now it isn’t really important for the AU?!

sorry there are like 100 grammar mistakes… English isn’t my first language :’D