groccery store

I live for Rowdy 3 being protective of Amanda and helping to take away her pain when she has an episode at the gorccery store but what is KILLING me is the fact that after they help her and load her into the van to take her home, one or more of them clearly went back into the groccery store and carefully bagged all of the food she had picked out and just made sure that it got home with her safley and then they gently placed her and her food in the garage. 

Wine Lifting Tip

My brother and I came up with a super easy and not sus way to lift wine from our local groccery store. We literally live right across the street from this place so we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think it was safe. I don’t usually lift food, just alcohol if I really need it. My brother and I both look like we COULD be 21, so we wouldn’t be a red flag in the wine aisle, but we’d almost definitely get carded if we tried to buy alcohol, so we tend to look for the stand alone racks first. 

Basically, we go in the store together with two resusable shopping bags, one smaller and one larger. he carries them both while I grab food and things we’re going to buy and put them in the bags, leaving the big one empty (we stuffed a few other reusable bags in there so it doesn’t look like we are carrying an empty bag). When we pass the small displays of wine not in the wine aisle, I plop a bottle or two into the smaller bag with the food we’re going to buy. We go to the self check-out and he holds the bag while I unload the things we’re buying onto the counter, leaving the wine at the bottom of the bag. He bunches up the smaller bag (now concealing wine) and puts it in the larger bag. We fill up the larger bag with the food we bought and leave, not suspicious at all. 

This was our first attempt, and there’s probably some things we can improve on, but I was so proud and astounded at how easy it was. Definitely going to try again soon. This would basically work for anything that isn’t too big, but I was on the hunt for liquor. 

TG: and welcome to the host club

TG: my name is dave strider

TG: the princley type

TG: and i am here for whatever your heart desires

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Okay Im going to go get food now cause its late and I still haven’t gone to the groccery store ))

The Rowdy 3 seem to only take negative emotions such as fear, pain and confusion from people, and aside from those who deserved it (Friedkin, The SWAT Team, the guys who made fun of Amanda at the groccery store) we’ve never seen them destroy or be violent towards anything other than things (Todd’s apartment, a police car, mannequins) which leads me to believe….

The Rowdy 3 are actually all sweethearts who only destroy property/things as a way to release all the negative energy they suck out of others.