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TITLE: Sick And In Love


AUTHOR: lovereading_f

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Tom and you have been dating for a couple of months. You have a date scheduled for tonight but Tom calls you cancelling the date because he is sick. You go to see him with the chicken soup you made. At first he gets shy because he is a mess and tells you that you don’t need to do anything. You still take care of him. Tom gets so happy because it is a clear sign, you care about him and he is already in love with you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language so sorry about any mistakes.

Sick And In Love

It was about 3 pm when your phone started buzzing. Your boyfriend, Tom was calling.

“Hey Tommy.”

“Hello dear, how are you?”

“I am fine, just working how about you? Are you ok, aren’t you suppose to be filming right now?”

“I got sick actually, they just kicked me out of the set.”

“Oh, what’s wrong? Is it something serious?”

“No, no. It’s probably just a cold, nothing some rest won’t heal. I just need to go home and sleep for a few hours. That’s why I am calling actually, about our date. Can we maybe go to the movies on Monday?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that. Have you taken any medicine? Have you called a doctor or something? Want me to bring some medicine to you?”

“No, don’t worry, Luke called a doctor and I am stopping by a pharmacy right now. You don’t need to come. I will call you later, take care.”

“You take care.”

“Heheh, bye [Y/N].”

You put your phone down while your thoughts were still with Tom. You haven’t been together long but you really liked him and cared about him. His sick voice made you feel bad. To the outside world he was a movie star, a celebrity, some god like perfect creature, and you were just some scriptwriter, who was so shocked when Tom Hiddleston asked her out. However as you get to know him you saw that he was a very sweet guy and a normal guy in a very good way, not like those pretentious and fake people you usually have to work with. And thinking about your well mannered, charming and sweet Tom is sick and alone made you feel bad. Maybe you should check up on him, make sure he has eaten and taken his medication. Yes, you are going to do that.

You went to a quick groccery shopping before home and got everything you would need to made some soup. You started cooking as soon as you got home, you thought it would be better to cook the soup here since you weren’t familiar with Tom’s kitchen. You hadn’t been dating for that long actually, no “I love you”s had been said for example. You weren’t even sure if you were in love and you were a bit afraid of it. You weren’t the type to date an actor and you weren’t sure why Tom was dating you and that made you scared from getting too attach to him. He could have dated actresses and models and singers which were all beautiful and sexy and confident, everything you were not. You thouht he was joking when he first suggested grabbing a coffee together but he wasn’t and  as you talked more and more you couldn’t stay away from him. He looked like a good guy, a gentelman but it didn’t make you less scared of opening your hearth. Anyways now he was sick and you wanted to make sure he was ok, let’s focus on that.

After you are done, you put the soup to a ceramic pot and headed to Tom’s place.

When you arrived to his door, it was 6:30 pm. You rang the bell, hoping that you weren’t waking him up. Moments later, a pale looking Tom in some sweatpants opened the door.

“[Y/N], what are you doing here?”

“Hey, I wanted to make sure you are ok, also I brought some soup. Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, I am sorry, it’s just you shouldn’t be here, I don’t want you to get sick too.”

Tom continued talking while he attempt to fix his messy curls with one hand.

“And I am not at my best right now so how about I give you a call when I am better?”

“Oh, don’t be silly Tom. I am not leaving. Just get out of my way while I put the soup to the kitchen , it is getting harder to carry, and go lay down. Heve you eaten anything?”

“No, I haven’t actually, I just woke up a while ago.”

Tom followed you to kitchen and while passing from the living room you saw Tom’s pillow and blanket was on the sofa so you guessed that he was sleeping there. You put the pot down and turned around facing Tom, he was looking uncomfortable.

“If ,um, I am making you feel uncomfortable I can just leave. I didn’t mean to, um, I just wanted to make sure you are ok.”

“No,[Y/N]. You are not making me uncomfortable, It’s just you don’t need to take care of me, I wasn’t expecting anything. I don’t want to be an inconvenience to you. Besides it’s friday night, you should be having fun not staying in with a sick me.”

“So, you want me to leave?”

You looked at Tom witha puzzled expression. You weren’t sure if he didn’t want you there or he was being shy and selfless.

“No, I don’t want you to leave. I just don’t want to ruin your night.”

“You are not ruining my night. Now, go lay down while I bring some soup to you.”

Tom did as you said, leaving you alone in the kitchen. You weren’t sure what was bothering him about you coming that much. You put yourthoughts to a side and focused on finding a tray. You put a cup of your soup, which was still hot, a spoon, some bread and a glass of water and carried the tray to the living room. While you were placing the tray to Tom’s lap, he looked at you with a shy smile.

“It smells delicious, thank you.”

“Hope you like the taste too. It’s my mum’s recipe.”

Tom took a few spoons and spoke while taking another spoon.

“It’s really good, what’s in it?

“Chicken, vegetables and some nuddles. It’s very nutritious and always made me feel better when I was sick as a kid.”

You watched Tom as he eat his soup, occasionally giving you a  shy smile. After one and a half cup of soup and a few dozen sneezes Tom announced that he was full. Before taking the tray from him you put your hand to his forehead.

“Tom, I think you are hot.”

“Well thank you darling but I know I am not right now, with a running nose and sneezes. However it is still good to hear that from you.”

“Come on, I am not joking I think you have a fever. Do you have a thermometer?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

You put your hand to your forehead then to Tom’s.

“Darling, you are over reacting, I don’t feel like I have a fever. Besides, I got some meds in case I get one so I can just take one of those if itwill make you feel better.”

You walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water, handing it and the medicine bag to Tom.

“ Now, you are going to take your meds and go take a warm shower while I go and get a thermometer.”

“ Seriously [Y/N], I am not that sick, there is no need for any of this and you got bothered enough for me today.”

“Tom, fever is something we need to take seriously. Do it for me if you don’t do it for yourself, please. I am going out now, I will be back as soon as possible. Remember, warm shower, for me.”

Tom watched you leave and as you got into your car and drove away he couldn’t help the big grin taking over his face. You cared about him, you cared about him a lot. He knew that he was in love with you for a while now but he wasn’t sure if his feelings were mutual or this was just a fun, no strings attached thing for you. Many people thinks going out with a celebrity as a not serious thing like celebs always sleep around, this is neither exclusive nor long lasting kind of way and he was worried that you thought that way too. He wanted to talk to you about this but he always got too scared about ruining his chance with you. However tonight was a clear sign that you didn’t see his as just fun. You cooked soup for him, you cared for him and it felt so good. It felt so good having you next to him and it felt so good you looking at him with concern and love inyour eyes.

Tom went upstairs for his warm shower as you asked with his big grin still on his face and happy butterflies in his stomach.

When you came back with a thermometer Tom was at the bedroom putting on a White t-shirt over his black sweatpants. You went to his side and give him a kiss on the cheek as you put your hand to his forehead.

“You feel better now, definitely colder. But let’s check your fever anyway.”

He looked at you laughing as you gave him the thermometer.

“You look very cute when you are worried, did you know that?”

You laughed shaking your head.

“ So I don’t look cute when I am not? I prefer not cute to worried just so you know.”

“Hehe no absulutely not you are cute anyways. You know I didn’t mean it that way.”

Your conversations gotcut with the beeping of the thermometer and you looked at it seeing that Tom didn’thave a fever, at least not anymore.

You went to the living room together, watching a movie as you fed Tom some fruits. After the movie was over you checked the time. It was 11:30 pm.

“Would you want me to stay with you tonight?”

“Ah, darling I would normally never say you staying with me but not tonight. You would definitely get infected if you haven’t already and we don’t want that.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am and I would like to use this staying with me offer at nearest date that I get better.”

“Hah, okey. Call me if you got worse or something during night, ok? I will come back in the morning. What do you want for breakfast?”

“Hmm, let me think. You!”

You laughed and blowed Tom a kiss even though you were still sitting on thu sofa together.

Then, Tom’s face got a bit serious.

“[Y/N], really thank you for everything, for the soup, for coming here and staying me and for worrying over me.Even your being here made everything better. Anyone hasn’t ever cared about me like this since I became an adult and it felt so good.”

“Well, of course I care about you Tom, it is what people do when they love someone.”

You realised what you said as it got out of your mouth and froze. You didn’t mean to say it, not that you didn’t love Tom, but you weren’t sure how he felt yet and a one sided I love you is like a poison to a relationship in your opinion. You watched Tom’s eyes widen as he noticed what you said and hetook your hands to his and talked without giving you a chance to say anything else.

“You do? Do you mean that [Y/N]? Because I am head over heels in love with you. I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way and I didn’t want to ruin anything so I didn’t say it but I love you. O love you so much.”

You shook your head as you answered.

“Yes, yes I do mean it from the bottom of my hearth.”

Tom started laughing as you crushed your lips to his. However Tom pulled back.

“God, I am sick, I shouldn’t be kissing you. I am not getting my love sick but I am going to make up for these.”

You laughed as Tom looked at you withsuch happy and loving eyes.

“[Y/N], say it again.”

“Say what again?”

You playfully answered.

“Oh, come on. Say it again that you love me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”    

anonymous asked:

Can you write a blurb where y/n buys an "lol ur not harry styles" shirt and Harry's reaction to it ?

He would LOOOOVE it! I’m sure the first minute he saw you in that shirt he would laugh very hard and would want to take a picture of you in it and ask since when you’ve got this shirt and why he hasn’t seen it before and he would insist that you should wear it more often when the two of you are out, whether that would be. Groccery shopping, out for a coffee or even if you would be at a concert, he would want to show everyone that you were his :)))

Today we did our weekly shop and normally Tink is either sat in her car seat in the special trolley or is toted around on hip. Until today she’s blatantly refused to sit in the green seats. Mind you I don’t blame her, some of them are pretty gross looking. But I wiped it down with a dettol wipe like a crazy person before I sat her in it and she was totally fine.
And once again the entire shopping trip was filled with “oh what a beautiful little boy”. Screw you world!