groans hard

“Stop making plans where I die!”

“Sorry, old habits die hard.”

Zachariah groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Was that supposed to be a fucking pun?

Zack merely grinned, wiggling his eyebrows. “Why of course, dear brother.”

He grimaced, the scar on his hand itching. “Don’t call me that."

Zack’s grin became just a tad sharper, and his eyes glittered with mocking contempt. Zachariah’s shoulders hunched, and he glared defensively at his counterpart. It only made him feel more superior, smug each time he pushed Zachariah closer to the edge.

It was true, that if anyone looked at the two of them side-by-side, they would immediately think; brothers. Zachariah couldn’t really blame them— he and Zack were almost completely identical. The only difference was the hair, and Zachariah adamantly refused to get rid of his dreadlocks, no matter how much Zack wheedled him about it.

Zack was convinced that someone was going to take advantage of them in a fight, and Zachariah usually retorted with; "What, someone like you?

The memory made him look away, crossing his arms with a scowl. Alright, so he wasn’t that good with this. And despite how it may have seemed, Zack was trying. It was only fair of Zachariah to do the same.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” Zachariah said, ignoring the way Zack rolled his eyes. “Blast isn’t going to just run after me in front of the whole Legion anyway, so we need to figure out some other way to expose him.”

“Really? I think you’d make wonderful bait,” Zack simpered, fluttering his eyelashes exaggeratedly.

“So would you, if we’re going by abilities,” Zachariah pointed out, the tenuous grip he had on his temper already slipping. It had been a very stressful couple of months.

Zack bristled, lips curling back to show sharpened teeth.

“We’re not the same,” he hissed, hands curling into fists that bit deep lines into his dark, scarred skin.

Zachariah chuckled, the sound tired and bitter. “I know. Trust me, I know.”

Before Zack had shown up, things had been so different. Zachariah had been a hero— well, a sidekick, really. But he was making his way up there.

And then, the portal—

“There’s something coming through—”


It’s Zenith!

Zachariah hadn’t been there. He’d been sleeping off a nasty concussion, and when Blast had come to him later that day, he’d known instantly that something had gone very, very wrong.

“He’s your alternate self,” his mentor had explained, weariness in every line of his face. “And he’s, well…”

“Evil,” Zachariah had said flatly, having read more than enough comic books to see where this was going. “He’s my evil self from an alternate dimension.”

“Right as always,” Blast had laughed, though the look in his eyes had become unreadable. “You can go see him, if you want to. But know that no one is forcing you.”

Zachariah had sat and thought for quite a while, wondering what the pros and cons were. Eventually, he had just decided to go for it.

He wished he could say that he regretted that, now.

(Haven’t you ever thought it was strange?” his mirror self said, mouth stretched into a smile that cut deeper than any knife. “All those sidekicks, all dead within two years. Isn’t that strange?

It’s part of the job description.” But even as his lips formed the words, Zachariah felt numb.

Oh, god.

Check the safe,” his counterpart, so different with his shaved head and manic expressions. “Check the safe!

So he did.)

Zachariah ducked into the alleyway, shivering against the cold. Zack, complete bastard that he was, seemed entirely unaffected. He wished that they could stop for a moment, just rest, but he knew that they couldn’t.

Zenith was a wanted man, and people generally had very little patience for traitors.

He pressed against the burn mark on his hand, shutting his eyes against the spike of pain that came with it. He couldn’t forget why he was doing this.

This was bigger than him. It was bigger than all of them.


Zachariah looked up, catching Zack’s eye. He was looking at him cautiously, unconsciously stroking his own burnt hand. Zack’s burn was much older, and had settled into a washed-out red that stood out starkly against his dark skin.

“Don’t call me that,” Zachariah grumbled half-heartedly, dropping his hand back to his side.

“Aw, but I always wanted a brother,” Zack pouted, but his nails dug into his skin. He didn’t even flinch.

“Stop that,” Zachariah snapped, reaching forward and slapping his hand away.

“I didn’t know you cared!” he cooed mockingly, though he obediently stopped scratching at the wound.

Zachariah just huffed, stepping away. “Come on, we need to get moving. We can’t stay in this city for too long. This is Carmen’s territory, and she’ll beat the shit out of us if she finds us here.”

“I know.”

Something in his voice startled Zachariah, something nostalgic and angry and loving all at once. He blinked, turning to face him, but Zack was already moving.

“Hey,” he called out, scrambling to catch up with him. “Just how similar are our universes?”

There was a long silence, and Zachariah contented himself concentrating on running through alleyways and staying out of sight.

“Almost identical, I’d wager,” Zack said finally, and this time when Zachariah looked at him, there was nothing but grief in his expression. “Except in mine, there was no one willing to help me.”

No one believed me, he didn’t say, but Zachariah heard it anyway. How could he not? It’s exactly what had happened here. If not for Zack…

(What should I call you?

Zachariah, of course. That’s my name, dumbass.

Actually, it’s my name. And since we’re in my universe, I think I get first dibs on that.

A sneer. “Then how about brother? We could be twins, you know.

He bristled. “I’m not like you.

He leaned forward, a mirror image with insanity in its eyes and a promise in its smile. “Not yet.)


Whew, here’s another one! My second time doing the ‘Caffeine Challenge’ by @caffeinewitchcraft, and I think these have to be some kind of lucky charm, because I’ve really been liking what I do when I’m writing these! Cheers, and hope I’ll have time to do the other one later today!! 

A Good Time by jenna_sais_pas

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 2781

From: (510) 426-5422
Hey, so I don’t know if you know this, but your number is written on a stall in a bathroom at Beacon Hills High School? I thought you might like to know, if, you know, it wasn’t you who wrote it.

Several kids glance over at Derek in the back of the room, whose loud groan was rather hard to ignore.


This is so wrong. There is worry threaded through every fiber of your being as you bite your lip so hard it draws blood. Of all the places he’s enticed you into something this naughty, there has never been one as risky as here, in the changing room of this store. He’d come in during a day off for a casual date with you that turned into getting each other off in this back room. You have to tuck your head against his chest as his fingers wreak havoc on your senses, making you choke your own moans and whimpers in your throat. Your own hand shakes a little as it speeds up on his shaft, swiping precum from the tip of his length as his muscles tense and he bites back his own groan, trying so hard to keep from attracting attention.

- Admin J

Eternal: Part 1.5 (M)

Genre: Vampire!AU series with the whole package of eventual fluff, angst and smut!

Summary: Short smutty scenario where Jimin strokes himself thinking of making love to you in the shower.

Word Count: 1179

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Parts: Prologue (M) | Part 1 (M) | Part 1.5 (M) |

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Originally posted by h00d-lumx1996

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Nate held his breath as your half naked body dropped down into his lap hard, a groan leaving his lips. He shook his head, eyes closing shut as your lips connected with the side of his neck. “Y/N, we can’t. I want to but we can’t,” Nate mumbled, trying his best to push you back. You leaned back, scanning his face with a pout. This had to be the third time Nate’s brushed off your advances towards him; something that was rare. He was never one to pass up sex, especially when it came to you. 

“Why not,” you whined, going back to sucking love bites against his skin. You could feel Nate growing hard underneath you. A smirk coming across your face as you began to grind against him. “It’s been four days and I need you,” you hummed, becoming impatient. You waited for him to reply, earning nothing but a groan of pleasure in return. 

“Please don’t test me,” he said, once again making you pull away. You glared down at him, arms crossing over your chest. “Don’t look at me like that,” Nate said, shifting under your glare. It only seemed like your stare grew, daggers shooting out and piercing into his skin. “I made a bet with Swazz alright,” he huffed out, “He got tired of hearing us having sex and challenged that I couldn’t last two weeks without it.” Your eyebrows rose at him in disbelief, mouth parting as you tried to find the right words to say. “Y/N, you know I don’t back down from a bet,” he said.

“You could have at least talked to me be about it first!” you exclaimed. He laughed at your reaction, hands landing on your thighs and thumbs rubbing into your skin. “Especially when it comes to something like this,” you continued on, arms going around his neck. Your brought your lips back down on his, the kiss starting off slow, growing more intense by the minute. Nate moaned as you began to grind on him once again. He was trying so hard to control himself; a make out session could never hurt anybody. You broke the kiss to pull your tank top off, tossing it somewhere in the room. Nate’s mouth marking the skin at your jawline. You grinned thinking he had caved, soft moans starting to leave you mouth. “I guess you lose the bet,” you hummed, reaching down now to take off his shirt. Nate chuckled against your skin, pulling your hands away. 

“Not exactly…deal was that we couldn’t have sex, so I have something else in mind.” A confused expression made it’s way onto your face, not understanding what he was getting at. Instead of answering the unspoken question, Nate snaked his arms around you. His fingers toying with the clasp of your bra before unhooking it. You sucked in a deep breath as your breasts were freed, his big hands grasping them. “Thigh riding,” Nate finally said, you repeated his words in question. “I want you to get yourself off, by riding my thigh,“ he clarified, studying your face to see your reaction. Your lips parted, trying to figure out the what to say. All you could figure out was that the thought of riding his thigh sent a spark through your body. The warmth trailing its way down to your core and making your clit throb. Nate ran his hand through your hair, smiling at the fact that you pushed your hips forward. “Something tells me you like that idea,” he laughed. 

“I like that idea a lot,” you moaned out, lifting up slightly to pull off your underwear. It was easy access to Nate’s thigh since he was already in basketball shorts. Fully exposed to Nate’s viewing now, “How about a lap dance to start?” you suggested, walking over to the stereo and turning on some music. He stretched back in his chair, a smug smirk on his lips to mask the laughter he was trying to hold back as you tried seducing him. Nate could imagine a couple of instances where you’d try to seduce him. Wearing lingerie, talking in a “sexy” voice, lap dances, and strip teases; though he didn’t mind the last one. Each time this happened Nate would end up laughing and you’d end up giving him the silent treatment for a good half hour. He didn’t mean to laugh at you during those times, but the fact that you were trying to seduce him was amusing. You didn’t need to seduce him, just your presence alone turned Nate on. This time Nate didn’t laugh or say anything. Since he wasn’t able to have sex with you, he just sat back and let you do your thing. 

“Enjoyed yourself?” Nate questioned when you finally sat down on his lap once again. 

“You sat through it without laughing this time so yeah,” you smiled, hand going down to rub his length. His eyes closed in pleasure, whimpers leaving his mouth. Your hand slid into his basketball shorts and the minute your hand made actual contact with his length, Nate jolted in his spot. 

“No, I’m really trying to control myself right now and you doing that is not helping,” he groaned in frustration. Lifting you up so that you were sat on his left leg instead of both. The instant you felt friction against your clit you froze, eyes closing as you tried to focus. Even with the friction, it was going to take a lot to get you off. Nate started to bounce his leg up and down, the muscles of his leg flexing and hitting against your clit. “Tell me what you want princess,” he whispered, hand lacing in your hair. You began to rock your hips, pleasure filled whimpers echoing around the room. Nate repeated the words, his leg coming to a halt in order to get you to talk.

“Please don’t tease me…talk dirty,” you finally said. Accepting this answer, he continued to bounce his leg. Nate’s hands rested on your hips, taking control of your pace. “This feels better than I thought,” you whispered, the words barely leaving your lips. Nate moaned at the feeling of your juices coating his thigh and he pulled you into a passionate kiss. Your teeth clanked together, tongues battling with one another. Nate pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead against yours and watching your facial expression.

“Just wait until these two weeks are over,” he started to say, “I’ll bend you over my knee and spank you for making me this hard.” You chewed on your bottom lip, eyes closed shut as you imagined his words, speeding up your grinding. “Then I’m going to take you to the kitchen, get the can of whipped cream, spread that shit all over and lick it off your body.” His head dipped down licking between the valley of your breasts in demonstration. “Suck on these girls right here,” he commented, pinching at your nipples until they were hardened buds. You were dripping wet now, head thrown back in ecstasy. “You’ll taste so sweet. Tongue fuck you until you’re screaming for me to put it inside,” he said. An obscene moan left your lips, the pleasure growing. 

“Fuck yes,” you gasped, fingernails digging into his shoulders. Nate stopped bouncing his leg, watching as you rode his thigh in a haste to get to your release. “I want that so bad…I need you,” your words came out in a high pitched tone, legs shaking as Nate slowed down your grinding. 

“M’gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk the next day,” he finally said, feeling your body tense and a series of moans leave your lips as you came. Nate sped up the pace once more, leg bouncing again to ride out your high. Your head rested in the crook of his neck, nibbling at the skin. After a few minutes you came to a stop, resting against Nate to catch your breath. “Fuck that was hot…I think I came in my pants.” The last sentence sounded like he was shocked at what had happened. Your giggle filling his ears, sounding like birds singing in the early morning.

“Finish this bet because I want you to do everything you just said,” you yawned, “Then afterwards we can light one up.” Nate grinned, giving your ass a light slap. You took that as an indication to get up, plopping down on the couch.

“Now you’re speaking my language,” Nate said, looking at his thigh which was coated in you’re juices. He grabbed a napkin off the desk, wiping it away before tossing it in the trash. That experience had turned Nate on so much that he was starting to contemplate losing the bet.

@autumnkepler asked:
“Can you please draw a baby version of all six sakamaki brothers (merman AU) cuddling on some soft corals ((idk about sea life •__•))”

But my! If the babies, so smols just look at Teddy’s size to theirs were in such a place, they’d be spotted and attacked immediately!
They were kept hidden in a small cave day and night, sleeping in the soft sand.
The surprising thing is, even if they went to sleep separated, they always woke up nestled up to each other…

  • Your OTP/OT3 going on picnics in the park on a nice sunny day. (✿◠‿◠)
  • Your OTP/OT3 going on picnics in the cemetery on a nice gloomy day. (∪ ◡ ∪)
  • Your OTP/OT3 telling bad puns and either groaning or laughing so hard they turn red. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
  • Your OTP/OT3 leaving hickeys in secret places on one another. (╯3╰)
  • Your OTP/OT3 enjoying a lazy weekend morning together. (●´ω`●)
  • Your OTP/OT3 sharing an umbrella in the rain while walking through the city. (◡‿◡✿)
  • Your OTP/OT3 having giggly, lackadaisical sex.  (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • Your OTP/OT3 putting together a scrapbook while drinking hot cocoa. (●⌒∇⌒●)
  • Your OTP/OT3 having intense bed-creaking, neighbor-waking, mind-blowing sex. (⊙‿⊙✿)
33. Tell him that you love him (either as friend or as something more) [Ways to make Sinbad Smile]

The sun had set, allowing darkness to spread over the land, not that you mind. You stood out on the balcony, elbows resting on the railing. Some people were still out at this time, others were at home getting ready for bed and blowing out the lights. A familiar pair of arms snakes around your waist, pulling you against his chest. “Hello, Sin.” You giggle as he buries his face in your hair. A groan escapes his throat, inhaling the sweet scent of his wife. “Oya? Did Ja’far yell at you again?“

“He did, going on about how work needs to be done more often.” Your hands reach to his hair, gently massaging his scalp.

“Aw, my poor husband who works so hard.” Sinbad groans, again, in agreement, enjoying the head massage he was getting. A smile sets on your lips as Sinbad starts rubbing your side in some sort of comfort. It was obvious today had been stressful for him and what is the best way to unwind than with his wife. “I love you.” Even though it was quiet, the words sent a shiver down the king’s back. The way you said those words made him really happy, how can no one not see how deeply in love he was with you.

“I love you too, [Y/n] and I always will.” Sinbad hums, kissing your neck. “Gods, do I want to make love to you right now.”

“Oho? Who’s stopping you from doing that?” Pulling back, the king’s eyes had a dark tint to them.

“I was going to say you but now I’m not too sure about that.” A giggle escapes your lips as the king picks you up, heading to one of his favorite places in the castle. “I’ll show you just how much I love you.”

The Neighbor’s Neighbor

This is a birthday one-shot for @constellunaa, and even though it’s on August 21st, it’s never too early to celebrate! I’ve missed writing Nalu and I’d just like to thank her for reawakening my love for them. <3 Happy birthday! (Also can be read here.

Summary: Lucy isn’t able to study, her neighbor won’t be quiet, and she doesn’t think her night could get any worse. Luckily, there’s someone there to save the day.

One thump is fine. Two thumps are pushing it. Three thumps are enough to drive Lucy up against a wall—seriously. She is just two more thumps away from barging up to the wall she shares with her neighbor and knocking on it to let them know that she can hear everything that is going on in there. And by everything, she means everything.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this right now,” Lucy groans bitterly, sending a hard stare towards the wall. The corner of her eye twitches when she hears another faint thump. If she hears just one more, she’s going to burst. “Did she forget that she has a neighbor?” she continues to mutter while clenching onto her pencil.

Lucy would put on music to mask the disturbing sound, but it’s nearly impossible for her to study if there’s any noise at all. To properly study, she requires a comfortable chair, a warm cup of her favorite coffee, and a room where all she can hear are the pages she leafs through.

If one thing is off, she simply isn’t able to concentrate. The moment she hears a bed creak in agony—followed by several moans—all of Lucy’s concentration dissolves instantly, being replaced with discontent.

She thinks it’s simply her imagination to be hearing something like this; she picked a proper apartment like this for a reason. Though it’s definitely not all in her head after ten minutes pass and it’s still happening. Her will to ignore the noise is nothing compared to telling her neighbor to shut up already so she can study for her upcoming exam.

Thump thump.

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‘Studying’ - Malia Tate smut

- first request and its f/f smut oh god i dindt think this thorugh did i haha, this is literally only the second time ive written f/f smut, so i didn’t go into too much detail, please dont hate me -

Request: could you do a f/f smut imagine with malia tate? where both of you were studying for finals one night and getting bored and playing a game where everytime she gets an answer right you remove a piece of clothing and she does the same for you and it gets heated? thanks!

Warnings: girlxgirl smut, so, uh, smut…

Hope it’s okay for you anon


You were sudying with Malia for the upcoming finals, and let’s just say it wasn’t really working out…

“It’s not that hard,” you groaned for about the fifth time. 

“I still don’t get it! Why would they ask a question not related to the rule?” she asked, flipping another page in your textbook and you rolled over onto your back, partially giving up. It was hard to study with Malia, she was stubborn and couldn’t grasp the basics. Though how could she, she missed out on the introductions and things like 3.14159265 just aren’t needed in the wild.

“Because they’re examiners,” you replied before sitting up.

“We could so be doing other things right now,” she sighed, sitting back and throwing Lydia’s book onto your textbook before looking over at you. “This is so boring. Can we take a break?” she asked.

“No. If we don’t do this now, we never will,” you looked over at her immediately.

“Ugh,” she groaned.

“Okay, look, how about we make it interesting?” you asked, thinking of ways to try and get this studying done.

“Like how? If I get a question right I get something?” she asked, apparently not taking it seriously.

“Yeah, exactly,” you said, picking up your history book. “You get one thing right-”

“Okay, I get something right, you take something off,” she nodded, getting into it.

“That’s kind of not what I was thinking, but okay. If you get it wrong, you take it off,” you shrugged as she agreed. So you started asking her questions sbout your topics, and before you knew it, you were sitting in a top and underwear while she sat in her shorts and underwear.

“Okay,” you sighed, knowing she would get it, but still feeling a little excited about it.

“Fuck it,” she sighed out before taking the book from your hand and pushing her lips onto yours, smiling into the kiss once you tangled your hands into her hair, encouraging her. She pushed you back to lie down and started pulling up your tee shirt, having it up to your bra before she slipped a hand to your back as you arched it, your bare stomach pressing to hers as she unclasped your bra and pushed your shirt up, helping you take it off before slipping off your bra as well. She immediately went back to kissing you, holding you firmer as you tightened your arms around her back and pulling her more into your body before flipping the two of you over, straddling her.

You started to press your lips along her jawline as you reached down to her shorts and unbuttoned them, making her let out a light sigh, which only helped to turn you on more. You pulled back to smirk down at her before moving off to help her pull her shorts down.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” you whispered out before going back to kissing her and this time biting on her lips, one hand at the back of her neck, the other reaching down and palming her over her underwear, which made her arch her back into your chest as you felt her get wetter by the second as you teased her over the material.

“Don’t tease,” she whispered out before also touching you and then slipping her hand into your underwear. You continued to make out while her finger started to tease you as well and in a few seconds, you both were quite into it, your bodies on top of each other while you did anything you could to make the other feel better, whispering words a few times. Malia’s head was buried into the bedsheets, your studying books long forgotten as you both pleasured each other. Your room was filled with moans as both of you approached your highs and then rode them out, touching each other all over. You felt lucky to have this girl with you, and to be alone in the house, of course.

“Holy shit,” you sighed out once you both calmed down and lay next to each other on the bed.

“Can we do that again?” she asked, looking over to you.


I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted, but i’m new to girlxgirl smut, sorry if i messed up, i felt so awkward, jesus im sorry okay

i hope it was okay though

Please request!




Kai was only in his mid-teens when he ran away from home. It was cold and harsh out on the streets, and Kai ended up bloodied and bruised from fighting. After he’d run away, there was only one person who consistently came back to find him, talking with him for hours and helping to bandage and put antibiotic ointment on his injuries. Sometimes, Sehun snuck Kai into his own room when he had to leave another home. It was warm under the covers together, embracing each other tightly and speaking in whispers so they wouldn’t disturb Sehun’s parents’ sleep. They begin with one kiss, unsure of who initiated it as they pant quietly and grind together, clothed shafts rubbing against each other and muscular thighs until their rutting has them gasping for breath and swallowing hard around groans to keep the room quiet. It could almost be mistaken as a normal teenager thing except for the fact that tomorrow morning before the sun is even up, Kai would sneak out after kissing his sleeping friend’s forehead.

- Admin J


You felt a lump form in your throat, your stomach was churning.

“W-what?” You exhaled.

Dean lifted his head, clenching his jaw.
“You heard me. Show me what you were doing under those covers.”

You could feel the heat radiate off your body. Never in your life have you ever seen this side of Dean, and in a way, it turned you on.

“D-dean I-I don’t-”

“I said, show me.” He grunted.

This was something you’ve never had to deal with before. Having someone control you and tell you what to do. And though you wanted to fight back, your body somehow had a mind of its own.

Laying on the bed, You slowly unbuttoned your pants. Your palms sweaty as anxiety washed over you.

“Uh uh, eyes on me. I want you to look at me while you’re doing this.” He groaned.

You swallowed hard, meeting his gaze. The way he glared at you, you felt your stomach flutter.

Unzipping your pants, you noticed Dean shift a little in his stance.

You slowly slipped your hands under the band of your pants, and started to rub yourself. Feeling your juices begin to drench your panties.

You let out soft moans, never taking your gaze off Dean. His jaw was clenching tight, as he stared intently at your movements.

Watching you play with yourself made Dean go nuts. All he wanted was to take you right there and then. He was slowly growing in his pants.

“Take off your pants.” He demanded.

You did as you were told, and pulled them down. You returned your fingers back over your flaps. You circled gently over your clit. A sensation over powering you. You felt yourself slowly build to your peak. Your heart was pounding profusely as your breathing grew heavy.

“Mm.” You hummed.

Without noticing, you closed your eyes, pulling your head back in pleasure.

Dean watched as you escaped into your own little world. Letting yourself go and fall into pure bliss. Loud moans slipped from your mouth. He dropped his eyes for a moment, his hard shaft throbbing in his pants.

He took in a deep breath, and fluttered his gaze back to you.

“Get on your knees.” He grunted.

Read part 1 here

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter Thirteen)

All Chapters

The sudden emptiness of the bed wakes me up and I roll on my back, groaning. My head pounds hard, it’s feels like someone is trying to press my brain like an orange. I glance up, and just like I sensed it, Mark is not here. I sit up, squinting my eyes as pain radiates throughout my head. Oh, what a headache. I glance around and there is a glass of apple juice and two Advils on the nightstand, and I guess they’re for me. My phone is laying beside the glass, it’s charging and I guess Mark did it for me. I wonder where he is. I can’t he the sound of the TV, or any sign of him somewhere in the apartment. I reach out for my phone and check the time: 10:27 AM, three texts from Mark.


I love that he still worries about me even when he’s mad, it makes me feel cherished. But I still apprehend the confrontation, I really hope his run will calm him down. I slide out of his bed an tidies it just like he does, before going and brushing my teeth, with his toothbrush. Then I take the Advils he’s left for me. I skimmer in the kitchen and result creamy hot chocolate, after looking for flour for twenty minutes in order to have some golden pancakes and failing. I lean against the counter and sip my sweet beverage. I really acted like an immature teenager this time. I was so wasted last night, I don’t know what would have happened to me or the girls if- shit, the girls. I don’t even know what happened to them. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the door being opened. Mark appears, breathless and sweaty, in a black, tight, sport T-shirt, black sport shorts and fluorescent Nikes. He unplugs his earphones when he sees me. Hmm… sweaty Mark.

“Hi.” I mutter, bringing my my cup to my lips. “Hi. Slept well? ” He replies, coming to my level. He doesn’t seem as mad as yesterday, but he’s still distant. “Until you left.” I reply, trying to be cute. “Did you take the Advils I left for you?” He deliberately  ignores my attempt to be sweet, maybe he’s not calmed down at all. “Yes.” I reply, dropping my cup of hot chocolate on the counter next to me. Mark leans towards me, his hands on either side of my body as he rests his weight on the counter. “How do you feel?” He asks.


“Your head?”

“I’m okay.”

“Good, now we can talk.” He says. I take a sharp intake of breathe. Okay, he did not calm down at all.

“Going to a club, with fake ID’s, and getting drunk, when you’re not even legal yet, without telling me. Do you know how irresponsible and dangerous this is? Abigail, what were you thinking?” He trails off, and I pull out my only argument, hoping it would make us even. “You didn’t tell me you were going to a club either.” I reply. “I told you I was spending the night out with my friends, I did not lie to you, I forgot to precise where I was going, which you didn’t ask. But I did ask you where you where going and you said you were spending the night at Beatrice’s, you lied to me.” He replies, completely destroying my defense. I look down at my knotted fingers in defeat.  "I don’t like you lying to me like this. And that guy who molested you, what would you have done if I wasn’t there? Who would have helped you? Beatrice?“ He says, and I sigh. He’s right, he’s always right, it’s infuriating.

"I don’t want anything to happen to you. You have to be more responsible, Abigail.” He says. He’s always using my full name when he scolds me, it makes me feel like a kid, that’s what my mom used to do. I keep silent. “And I’m throwing this away.” He says, proceeding my fake ID card from his pocket and throwing it into the bean. There go my thirty dollars of suffering.

“This is illegal-”

“We don’t need to talk about this, I was wrong and it was stupid of me. I’m sorry, and thank you for taking care of me. It won’t happen again.” I cut him off, wanting to stop his lecturing. Everything is over now, I’m safe and I learnt a lesson, I just want him back with me. “That’s immediately more mature of you.” He compliments, still sounding severe. “I don’t ever want to have this discussion again, do you hear me?” He asks, and I nod vigorously. I don’t ever want to have his discussion again either.

“Good.” He says, and then he kisses me, tender and sweet, and I know he’s back with me. He kisses my cheek, my jaw, and his lips ghost over my neck, sending chills throughout my body.  "I’m going to take a shower.“ He murmurs into my ear, nibbling at my earlobe. I hum incoherently, savoring the feeling of his lips on my skin.

"Do you want to come with me?” He asks, pulling me out of my reverie. Taking a shower with him? The thought makes me uncomfortable. I’m too scared of being naked in front of him, I don’t know why. But I don’t want to give him that excuse, and I look desperately for another one.

“Okay, that’s fine.” He breathe, his eyes softening. He understood. I want to blush. How can he read into me like that? “I’ll be quick.” He says, giving my lips a small peck. With that he disappears to the bathroom. When Mark is done showering I take my turn and definitely wash yesterday’s events away under a hot shower. When I’m all dry, I wrap a towel around my body and walk back into Mark’s room to steal a T-shirt and a pair of boxers from him. Mark is laying on is bed, on his phone, and he smiles sa he sees me.

“23 minutes.” He says. Is he talking about the time I spent under the shower? “Did you have a party inside or what?” He jokes and I giggle. 23 minutes isn’t long, is it? I take out a T shirt and a pair of boxers from his drawer. “I’m a girl, leave me alone.” I reply. As I walk around his bed to go back to the bathroom, Mark  grabs my hand and pulls me towards him, making me fall on the bed next to him. I squeal as he wraps his strong arms around me from behind, holding me close to his chest as he nibbles at the skin of my neck. We lay hers for a moment without saying a word, and I’m just enjoying his fresh perfume. I roll onto my back as a question pops inside my head.

“What were you doing out with your friends last night?” I ask him.

“We were celebrating Jackson’s engagement.” He replies. I remember I’ve never seen his friends before, and Id be curious to see how he is with them. Suddenly I remember him talking to his friend last night, saying my name.

“Your friends know about me?” I ask.

“Of course, yeah.” He says. So, he’s not ashamed about me? About dating a 18 years old girl?

“And they understand?” I ask, and he hums positively.

“They’d love to meet you.” He says.

“Really?” I ask.

“I’ll introduce you, someday. They’re cool.” He says. Meeting his friends? It’s a big step, maybe not as big as meeting his parents, but still. i wonder how him and I look from the outside. Do we look compatible? Surely not. I’m sure his friends would rather see him with a model.

“What?” Mark asks. Did I think too loud?

“You could literally have any girl you want. Why me?” I ask, realizing too late that I had said it out loud.

“I want you.” He replies, and I turn my head to him.


“Do I need a reason, Abigail?” He shifts on his forearm so his laying on his side and towering above me, brown, loving eyes diving into mine. How can this man love me?

“The fact that someone like you could love me seems so… unreal.” The words are out of my mouth before I can know, and I immediately regret them. He frowns.

“But I do, Abby. I’ve told you so many times.” He coos.

“What do I have that other girls don’t?”

“Both of this,” He taps my temple with index. “And this.” He taps the place where my heart is. “I shouldn’t let go a girl who read all the Harry Potter’s and loves Spyair.” I giggle like the schoolgirl I am. We do have similar music tastes, but then it could mean he could date Bea too.

“What else?” For the first time I seem to be genuinely liking his flattery. “These.” His finger strokes my mouth and his eyes briefly darken as he glances down at my lips then back up at my eyes. Oh, cocky Mark is my favorite. “And those.” He squeezes my cheeks and his eyes lighten with playfulness. “And this.” His finger runs along my nose and I crinkle it.“And this. This. And this.” He kisses my eye, ear and chin. “And I love all of this.” He unfolds my towel, revealing my naked body, his glowing eyes never leaving the blue of mine. I’m taken aback, and a strong blush heats my face.

For the first time I’m completely exposed to him, and it’s embarrassing. I want to cover myself an run away"From here.“ He places is index on the dip base of my neck."To here.” His finger runs down between my collarbones, my breasts and across my belly and he stops at my navel, his eyes never leaving mine. My breathing changes, I shiver as something wakes up inside of me.“And from here…” He stares into my eyes as he cups my sex, running his middle finger along my slit, parting my lips. My mouth open as I gasp.

“To here.” He eases a finger inside of me and I moan.  He gently, slowly, thrusts his finger in and out and nuzzles my neck and I am lost.“Is this okay, baby?” He murmurs into my ear. “Yes.” I breathe, my eyes closing themselves as I focus of the pleasure he gives me. He buries his face in my neck and kisses me, his soft lips sending chills throughout my body. His fingers continues its sweet torture and I love the feeling. I bite my lip to prevent myself from moaning. “Don’t hold back, baby. Show me you like it.” He says, and forcing me to oblige, he slides a second finger inside of me. “Ah!” I cry out as he fills me up some more. His tongue flicks against the skin of my neck and I moan louder and louder.

He moves his fingers in and out of me at a steady pace, and my head starts to spin as I lose myself in the pleasure. His thumb starts to tease my clit, and the sudden wave of pleasure feels like an electroshock. “Ah!” My hips starts to move on their own, savoring the sweet torture of his fingers. I circle my hips and grind onto his hand, and he picks up pace, pushing me closer to my edge. No, no, no! I don’t want to love this, it’s the same pleasure that Liam felt when he abused me. Mark continues to move his fingers inside of me, round and round, in and out, rubbing them against my walls, and the pleasure is stronger than my will.

“Mark, please!” I moan incoherently, tilting my head to the side and giving him better access to my neck as he devours my skin. One of my hand grabs his arms and the other grabs his hand, holding him still as I move my hips at an erratic speed. My breathing heaves as I quicken, and I can’t control myself anymore.

“Let go, baby.” Mark rasps into my ear.

“No!” I moan, but my body savors the pleasure. I think I’m reaching the no returning point, my body is on fire, and I can’t seem to control myself. All I can sense is the pleasure, bigger, stronger. “I said, let go, Abby.” Mark growls, and his words have my undoing. My body roars as I come and come, and I love this taste of ecstasy. The volatile sensation disappears, and my body returns to peace, and after a moment, I open my eyes. Mark’s face is still buried in my neck, and he kisses me softly.

“Why do you do this?” He asks against my skin. “What?” I breathe. He whips his hand on my towel, and I’m glad he can’t see me flush. “Why don’t you want to come?” He asks.
“Because I feel guilty.” I reply quietly. Mark lefts his face and locks his eyes with mine. “Why?” His ask, his brows furrowed. I shrug the question away, not wanting to tell him. I make a move to get out of the bed, but he holds me back. “No, Abby. Don’t do this.” He says. “Do what?” I ask, covering myself with my towel. “Don’t run away from me.” He says, his eyes searching into mine. Am I running away? I search into his eyes. What is he saying? “Please, Abby.” He insists, and I sigh, giving in.

“I feel like I shouldn’t like it so much, after what happened to me.” I explain. “I shouldn’t even like sex, and yet you…” I sigh, unable to put words on the sorcery he’s got me under. I don’t know what exactly he does to me, I don’t know how I should call it. All I know is that it’s making me… whole. “Baby, sex is not weird nor disgusting, nor wrong, when it’s with someone you love.” He says. “Rape is about forcing one’s feeling on someone else. But if you love me like I love you, then it should feel right, and it’s completely okay to like it.” He adds. The pleasure he’s giving me has nothing too do with what Liam did to me, because Mark loves me and I love him.

I understand this is all about love, but then something occurs me. “What would I do if you ever left me?” I murmur. The thought is horrifying. I can’t imagine myself without him, he became so indispensable to me. His lips curl upward. “You don’t even have to worry about this, baby. There’s no way I’m leaving.” He murmurs before kissing me. I would love not worrying about this, but I’m not confident enough. I’m everything he doesn’t know, I’m eight years younger and he only dated older girls; he is beautiful and sexy, and smart, and sweet, how can I possibly hold him?

“You should tell Bea.” Mark says after a moment of silence.

“You think?”

“Yes. You were right since the start, and you should have told her when she told you she liked me.” He replies. He’s right, I really have to tell her. I imagine her reaction, she’s going to be so mad. What if she’s so mad that she never forgives me? “I’m scared I’ll loose her.” I whisper. “I know.” Mark murmurs, kissing my hair. I’ll tell her when Mark brings me home. I remember my clothes are at Aurianne’s.  "I have nothing to wear, did I leave any clothes last week?“ I ask him.

"Your jeans and a pair of sneakers. I can give you a T-shirt.” He says. “Oh, perfect.” I sigh. “I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” He says. I realize I’m hungry too. “I’ll cook us something.” I say, getting out of his bed. In an excess of I don’t know what, I let my towel fall onto the floor. “So you do touch knives.” Mark says, putting his hands behind his head. “You’d be surprised.” I slip his shirt on and wink at him. “I’d love to watch you, but I have copies to correct.” He replies as I put on his underwear. “Alright, I’ll holler when the food is ready.” I reply, walking out of his room.

Now that we’ve talked about Bea, I remember I haven’t called her since yesterday, I need to know if she’s okay. I fond my phone in the kitchen, and see I have two missed calls from her. Oh, skilled mr Tuan who’s got me moaning so loud that I can’t even hear my phone ringing. I call her back.  "Abigail! Are you still at mr Tuan’s?“ Is the first thing she says when she picks up. Thank god, she’s okay. "Yes. Are you guys okay? How did you go home?” I ask.


“Everyone okay?”

“Yeah, we’re having a major hangover right now.” She giggles.

“Okay, I just wanted to know if you were okay.”

“We’re fine, come back soon. You have things to tell me.” She says, and I can almost see her squirm. “Yeah.” I reply. “Bye.” She says before hanging up. I wander in the kitchen for a moment, trying to find inspiration. What can I cook for my man? I’m not much of a great cook, but I want to impress him. Impress him with what? I only have the basic skills. I result to pasta a la Carbonara for today. I’ve only cooked it once and it was okay, so why not? Practice is the key of progress after all.

Mark and I are in his car as he brings me hack to our secret meeting point. The weather is a bit fresh outside, so he lent me one of his hoodies. At some point it even starts to rain. “Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you at your house?” Mark asks me. “No. I’ll run.” I reply. I don’t like the rain, but we can’t take any risk. The ride gets quiet until Mark breaks the silence. “Does Bea know what happened to you?” He asks me. What a stupid question. “Of course she does.” I have to refrain myself from adding a sassy ‘duh’ at the end of my answer.

“Don’t make it sound so obvious, please.” He says dryly. “Well, she’s my best friend, so it’s pretty self-evident.” I reply. “But it’s not when it comes to your boyfriend.” He mumbles more to himself than to me, but loud enough so I can hear him. “Now you’re being unreasonable.” I reply. “Me? Unreasonable? Oh, please.” He says, exasperated. I don’t even know why he’s getting mad, as if he thought I was going to say no. I think he was just looking for a fight. “You’re always insisting, it’s so annoying. You knew the answer to that question, you do it on purpose.” I reply.

“It just goes beyond me, Abby. I don’t understand how you cannot want to tell me about this, it’s not being unreasonable, it’s being normal. How can you think a relationship can work if you keep such things secret?” He says. “I don’t know, I know nothing about relationships. All I know is that I’m not ready yet.” I reply. What does he not understand? I’ve told him so many times all I needed was time. I hate talking about that event, it’s physical. It’s really hard for me, yet I’m trying, for him. He’s just never satisfied.

“How long-”

“I just need time!” I cut him off, loosing my cool. Jeez! Does he not feel bad pushing me like this? He’s so impatient. “We’ve been together for almost three months and I still don’t know what happened to you?” He replies, parking his car at our quiet place. “You don’t need to know!” I articulate. He keeps insisting on this as if it could jeopardize our relationship. But we’ve been together for almost three months, and I thought we were good. I thought he was happy with our relationship.  "How can you say that? All I want-“

"It’s always about what you want!” I cut him off. It’s always about him. Him nit wanting me to do this or that, him wanting to be on top, him being mad at me. He’s being so selfish! I don’t understand him. What is this fuss about?
“It’s just about sex, right?” I ask bitterly? “What?” He asks. “It’s just about sex, right? You want me to open up just so you can fuck me without feeling guilty!” I spit. I can almost see his anger, like a dark aura radiating from him.

“Be careful with what you say, Abby.” He growls, his voice calm yet hard. It’s so chilling. I think it’s the maddest Mark can be. So mad that he doesn’t even scream. And once again he’s mad at me. He pushes me until I burst out, and then he gets mad at me. I can’t stand this man. “Fuck you.” I reply on the same tone as him, and I storm out of his car. “Abby, come back here!” He calls, getting out of his car as well. There he is again, calling me as if I was his dog, his fucking asset. I want him to stop, for good. I turn around abruptly, almost colliding with his chest. He glares down at me, hair dampening because of the rain.

“You know what? Fuck you!” I snarl. “If what I give to you is not enough, then go fuck yourself!” I turn on my heels, but he grabs my arm and violently pulls me against him. His eyes are burning with fury. He’s furious, and so am I. “If you think for one second that I’m gonna crawl back to you after this,” He threatens through gritted teeth. I’m tired of his threats, I won’t let him have any kind of power on me. “Fuck you!” I spit back, yanking my arm away. I turn on my heels and pace away from him. My hair and my clothes are drenched, and I’m freezing.

My body gives up on me, and I have to lean against the nearest wall to prevent myself from collapsing. Suddenly, I’m in pain. I can’t tell if it’s the rain or tears that are rushing down my face, but I can feel it, I can see it, I can hear it, my heart is breaking. The pain is mental, physical, metaphysical, and I sob as the weight of what I’ve done sinks into me, crushing my heart as it does; I am shaking. I turn around, and his car is not there anymore. I run both of my hands in my hair, pulling at it as hard as I. What have I done?