Having Second Thoughts: Part 2

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Lily: Yeah… we’re gonna… we’re gonna be fine… 

Sirius: *stares* Are… are you having a hot flash or something? 

Lily: *doubles over, gasping* 

Lily: *cries out* Oooooh MY GOD!!! THAT FUCKING HURTS!!! 


Lily: GODDAMIT!!! 

Sirius: *stares* ………. *transforms into a dog* 


Sirius: *curls his tail under and whines* 


Sirius: *transforms back* 

Lily: *snarls* James isn’t here you idiot!!! Just… *groans*… Just get me to a hospital! 

Sirius: Apparating’s too dangerous… I’ll fly you to St. Mungo’s! But… WHAT IF YOU HAVE THE KID IN THE AIR!? WHAT IF-

Lily: Just get me there Sirius Black!!! 

*the door opens and James walks in* 

James: *beams* Hello family! *pauses at the sight of Lily strangling Sirius* 

… Er… What’d I miss? 


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Sterek Prompt Number 47 Please!

AHHH I LOVE THIS!!!! Here is #47: “I thought it was a one-night stand…but now we’re married…”

Stiles woke up with a headache and a small groan, eyes adjusting to the sunlight coming from the wall of windows he was facing. It was weird…his and Scotty’s motel room didn’t have a wall of windows let alone a killer view of the Vegas strip.

Oh God this wasn’t the motel.

Stiles suddenly was hyper aware of the body pressed against his back and the arm hooked around his bare chest. He swallowed so hard it hurt as he glanced down to see the sheet barely covering their undoubtedly bare lower halves. Then his eyes caught sight of the body behind him and holy shit he was ninety nine point two percent sure he was sleeping with a GQ model.

He turned his head back to the windows trying to think of a way out of this, except then there was movement and stubble ran across the nape of his neck and there was a hard cock pressed against his ass–

With that he slithered ungracefully out of the man’s grip until he rolled off the bed and took half the sheets with him. There was a groan from the bed when he fell to the floor with a thud, and somehow he managed to hit his funny bone.

“Ow, fuck,” Stiles whined, sitting up to see the GQ model awake and naked in all his very sexy glory. Man for a one night stand he really got lucky, but terribly so he can’t remember a fucking thing.

No more alcohol. Ever.

“Um, hi,” the guy said, face pinched up.

Stiles felt like drooling because man those eyebrows could murder someone, but those green-blue eyes were to die for. Jesus those cheekbones couldn’t be real either, they looked so sharp and angular. This guy is photoshopped for sure.

“Well I’m pretty sad I can’t remember what I would assume to be awesome sex, but this was nice, gotta go,” Stiles blurted out and stood up, wrapping the sheet around his lower half just now noticing the marks all across his torso.

Oh the sex must’ve been amazing.


“No seriously man I gotta go, my best friend is probably worried sick,” Stiles pressed, grabbing his boxers.


“Look dude I don’t know–”

“We have rings on our fingers!” The model blurted out and Stiles paused looking at his hands only to see his ring finger with a gold band on it. His vision spiraled a bit as he stood up on shaky legs. He twisted the band on his finger, slipping it off to look at the rather expensive piece of jewelry. On the inside of the band he read a tiny engraving “drunk married is the best married”.

Holy hell.

“I thought it was a one-night stand…but now we’re married…,” he trailed off looking to the other man, stark naked and honestly still looking hotter than the sun. From his toned body to his bunny like teeth that poked from his slightly parted lips.

“I’m Derek,” the guy -Derek- said suddenly.

“Stiles–and yes, it’s a nickname,” he answered, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, still wrapped in the sheet. The silence lingered, sitting between them and festering until Derek pulled off his own ring and looked inside it.

“It’s says “his name his Mieczyslaw”…I think I remember you told me last night when we bought the rings,” Derek said and Stiles paled with a low groan, shoving his face in his hands. He doesn’t know where Scott is, he’s slept with the world’s hottest man alive, and he’s married to said man who knows his atrocity of a first name.

Great. Fucking great.

“I don’t think this is how a honeymoon is supposed to go.”

“Seriously, Stiles?”

“What? I heard they were much better than this– I mean most people know their husbands.”

Derek was quiet for a long time after that before finally saying, “…my favorite color is green.”

Stiles couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face.

So two years later at their real wedding the color theme was white and green, both of them wearing the same rings that started this beautiful perfect mess.



“Ugh.”  Halle groaned. “You know we don’t have dates! I’m too scared to ask Zoe, and Salem… well. You know.”

“I don’t have a date! So what!”  Alaska wouldn’t give up so easy. She had dreamt of her sparkling senior prom ever since seeing her first made-for-TV teen movie. “Let’s go in a group! I already told Tate we were all going in a group, so… You kinda have to.”  She casually flashed finger guns.

“Ugh, fine.”  Halle relented.

“Yeah, fine.”  Salem finally weighed in, a frown still on her face. “I know how much you wanted to go, so.”

Hannibal Viking!AU

Inspired by this tweet.

@damnslippyplanet it’s only a little bit, but you seemed interested:

Will woke, pain in his back, arms and legs, to a gentle rocking. His head felt fuzzy and the light of the dawn hurt his eyes. He heard, all around him, the sound of water, the creaking of wood. His head was tilted up and his neck craned. The grey clouded sky engulfing his whole vision. He groaned and tried to lift his hands to his head, only to find them bound across his lap.

“Monk, you are awake,” a rough, strangely accented voice said.

Will tried to lift his head and groaned again.

“Do not move, my friend,” the voice said. “I can tell you are hurting. Here.”

A cup was presented to his lips and cool water, gently poured into his dry mouth. A dark head appeared above him, shadowed by the sun behind his figure. Will could not make out the man’s features, but he was large, and his voice deep.

As he drank eagerly from the man’s cup, Will closed his eyes. Flashes of light, angry, fearful red and orange–fire, he remembered–echoed across his vision, in his mind.

“No, oh no,” he whispered, pushing the cup away. Will opened his eyes and saw the man who had taken him.

“Good morning, my friend,” the man–the monster–said.

The northmen had come to his monastery in the night. Will had been sleeping on his pallet, woken by shouting in the distance and screams, pounding at the door. They were in the sanctuary, someone said. They were everywhere.

The door burst open, wood splinters flying. Will scrambled across his bed, pressing himself against the wall. A tall warrior, fierce and strong, and carrying an ax, ducked into the low room. He was carrying a heavy bag–spoils from the sanctuary. There was blood on his hands and his weapon and across his chest.

He blinked at Will. Will stood frozen and stared into his eyes. They were an amber brown and they did not seem angry. As he looked, Will knew–as he had known the brutality of his father, the selfishness of his mother, the faithlessness of their priest, who had sent him away from his village to work and die in this place–that this giant northman would not kill him.

Will blinked and lifted his chin, then cried out, unable to believe that he was wrong, as the warrior surged forward and something heavy came down upon his head.

Will looked about himself now. They were on a small boat. The warrior had been rowing, but now they drifted. They were not far from the shore, heading north. The sack of treasures from the monastery was been tossed haphazardly at Will’s feet, which were also bound. Will looked up, squinting from his aching head, and asked him. “Why?”

The northman smiled. “You were not afraid, little monk. I thought it was interesting. So, you will come with me.”

Torn 20

I was working on Torn earlier when I realized I had so much more to write before I posted both installments. So I just decided to post part of it and make it part 20 to keep you from waiting any longer. This is a long one at 8k plus words and again I am still not done. So I hope you enjoy Eric and the reader and my apologies for the wait.

“So did you really take my granddaughter to see your lover instead of her own father?” Angelina had just burped her granddaughter and you inwardly groan as you were hoping for an uneventful visit. You shook your head at being such a fool. She was after all Eric’s mom. You had not seen her the past couple of days and you had hoped she had went back to Erudite.

“Eric obviously had better things to do then visit his child.” You informed her as you took the half empty bottle of breastmilk off the coffee table.

“If Eric is not with his child he had a damn good reason.”

You stopped in your tracks as you picked up her tone towards you. You whipped around and focused on her.

“I don’t give a damn what reason it is he should be here for his daughter.” Angelina detected the anger in your voice.

“You need to watch your tone young lady.”

You slammed the baby bottle on the kitchen counter.

“YOU don’t get to tell me what to do. You do understand that it is a privilege that I allow you to see your granddaughter. If you as so much as look at me the wrong way you will not see her again. Go run and tell that to your son.” You were heated and you were sick of all things Coulter.

“Eric will never allow that!”

“You want to try me and see?”

Angelina gently placed a sleepy Abigail in her motion seat that Eric had brought her. The seat was a God send as it bounces up and down, swayed back and forth and had many more soothing motion settings for Abigail. Angelina looked you up and down and smiled.

“You know you might just be woman enough for my son.” A look of pride displayed on her face. “I will be back later tonight to tuck my granddaughter in.”

God when was she going back to Erudite?

“That’s fine.” You sighed as you saw her out. You sat on the and pulled your daughter’s infant seat up to you and gazed down at her beautiful face. Abigail yawn and scrunched her cute face. You found your fingers caressing her cheeks.

“I love you baby girl.” You whispered to her as tears of pure joy fell from your cheeks. You loved her so much it ached. You wiped the tears from your cheeks, got up after a few moments on the couch, took Abigail out the seat and went in your room and went to bed as Abigail slept.

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Pains of a Woman

Prompt; comfort during a period

Requested by; Nonners!

Levy wanted to murder something.

She wanted to cry and scream and throw up at the same time.  

She wanted to track down the blasted pharmacist who gave her the painkillers, rip out his innards, and force feed them into him. Through his rectum.  

She groaned as she rolled over in bed, counting the minutes till she felt normal enough to try to move. For now, the cramps that incapacitated her were enough to bring even her dragon slayer to his knees. Normally, the cramps were rather tame and easy to deal with; just pop a pill at the first sign and deal with the rest of it as best she could. Cramps like this were rare for her; she supposed that she was due for a belly buster one of these days anyways.  

But what made this cycle particularly irritating was that she was supposed to start training with Gajeel and Lily in an hour, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to walk by then, let alone be able to spar. Hopefully the painkillers would be enough to dull the pain to where she could just manage.  


Running was a lot harder than she had anticipated, but she wasn’t about to complain when Gajeel refused to let her do anything else. Rather, he was very close to sending her back home when she shuffled onto the training grounds, white as a sheet and breathing heavily. He hadn’t even asked what was wrong, instead glaring at her when she winced, victim to another cramp. ’Stupid dragon senses,’ she thought darkly, huffing as she pushed through another wave of cramps. She winced as she nearly tripped over a stone, jarring her sensitive body more than it needed.  

She had been adamant that she at least tried training, not wanting to let the boys see her as a weakling wanting to drop training due to not feeling well. Gajeel didn’t buy her tough girl act, however, and to her frustration Lily had agreed with him, offering to fly her home so she didn’t have to walk. While it did sound tempting, she refused to leave without a little bit of a workout.  

“Fine, run the track and that’s it,” growled Gajeel, crossing his arms over his chest. “I ain’t having you pass out when the real training begins. You showed up and that counts enough for today.” Lily nodded in agreement, copying Gajeel’s pose. She opened her mouth to protest, but Gajeel merely pointed to the track, looming over her a bit. “Track, Levy.”  

Defeated, her shoulders slumped as embarrassment burned hot in her face, and she turned to hide her quivering lip as she made for the path. She could barely hold in the tears once she started jogging, wondering if humiliation just made the pain worse. To add insult to injury, he had left the training grounds, leaving Lily behind to watch her as she ran (or rather, fast walk at this point). She didn’t even try to hide her tears at this point, gasping as she stopped for breath. How many laps had she managed since she started? She’d lost count of the turns, too focused on not passing out or vomiting to pay attention.  

A soft paw touched her forehead, and she looked up to see Lily frowning at her. “That’s enough for today, Levy,” he said, concern lacing his voice. “Anymore and you really will get sick.”  

She blinked, about to argue again when she spotted Gajeel returning to the field, a plastic bag in hand. Curiosity won over determination then, and she sighed as she nodded, finally accepting their words. She felt a small measure of relief as the dragon slayer made his way across the track; she could at least say that she did something rather than limp home in agony. But she was far more interested in what was in the bag, for he was reaching into it the closer he got to them.  

To her utter surprise, he pulled out a bottle of sweet tea and passed it to her. Stunned, she couldn’t say a word as she took it from him, and was even more shocked when he touched her forehead. His rough palm was cool against her skin, and she released a breath she hadn’t realized that she was holding. What on earth…?

“You feelin a bit better, Lev?” He asked, and she suddenly wasn’t sure what to say, perplexed by the show of concern he was showing her right now. His version of care (at best) was usually to tell others to suck it up and get over it, but then again she was rarely ever sick. Was she hallucinating? Had she passed out and was having a fever dream?  

“Ah, not too much better,” she admitted finally, biting her lip as his hand began to thread itself through her sweaty hair. Definitely not a fever dream.  

His eyes narrowed, and he huffed before pulling back. He passed her the plastic bag, grunting at her to take it. As she did, she could’ve sworn that there was a bit of a blush on his cheeks, but didn’t mention it was she peeked inside. Her own cheeks started warming up when she saw the items; a box of tampons, painkillers, chocolate and vitamins.  

“Juvia used to have killer cramps as well,” Gajeel said, and she glanced up at him. He was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, looking away from her. “I know it’s a bit weird, getting ya all that stuff, but I get it.” He turned his eyes back on her, and her heart skipped a beat as she clutched the bag to her chest. She bit her lip, trying to keep the tears at bay, but she was incredibly touched that he had gotten her the stuff, even if he didn’t need to. She nodded slowly, still at a loss for words when he leaned closer, taking her chin in his forefinger and thumb, and tugged her closer.  

“That’s why I said to go home and rest, Lev,” he said gently, stroking her lower lip with his thumb.  "Training ain’t as important as your health, so you gotta keep that in mind. I don’t want you hurting yourself either cause of cramps.“ He was close to her face now, his breath brushing over her skin. Time was beginning to slow as she stared at him, conscious of his warmth as his nose just barely grazed hers. She could feel her own breath starting to hitch as she leaned closer, suddenly desperate to close the distance between them.


Startled, Levy jerked back from Gaeel as Lily cleared his throat and flapped up to them. Blushing madly, she awkwardly mumbled as Gajeel sighed, deeply disappointed that the moment was gone far too soon.  

“Sorry to interrupt, for I’m sure you two would have continued had I not,” Lily said, crossing his arms while shooting Gajeel a sardonic look. “But I think it’s past time to call it a day for Levy.” She jumped a little, then sighed, nodding as weariness began to settle in. Rest was beginning to sound like a wonderful thing, and her stomach was rumbling as well, but with hunger this time. And thankfully, the raging pain that nearly crippled her earlier was now a dull throb, giving her a small measure of relief.  

She was about to bid them goodnight and hobble off the field when Gajeel swept her up, cradling her close. Too tired to even squeak in surprise, she didn’t resist as he carried her away, muttering something about taking care of her for the rest of the night. She smiled softly, wondering if his nurturing would be just as gentle as he had been.  

Chris Evans Imagine

Imagine trying to shoot an action movie with Chris Evans but he keeps breaking character.

‘’You really think that I would give up that easily Rogers? You probably want to think again.’’ you throw a mischievous smirk at him.

Chris stares at you with lots of intensity inside of his eyes, you stood there in the position like you were about to fight him. You were waiting for him to say his punch line, but it never came out of his mouth. A buzzer buzzed and you groaned in annoyance, the director yelled cut and you relaxed from your stance.

‘’Chris! This is our fighting scene! What are you doing?!’’ you ask, snapping your fingers in front of his face.

‘’I-I- I don’t want to hurt you Y/N..’’ chris frowns.

‘’You’re not hurting me Chris! You’re hurting my character. Now, suck it up and be the strong man I know you are.’’ you say, getting back into position.

Chris wiggles his body and inhales a deep breath of air, the director calls action and you repeat your line. Chris finally went with it and he threw his foot at you, you grab it but right as you got a grip of his foot, he starts to laugh. You snicker, and the buzzer goes off once again. You let go of Chris’s foot and you two burst into laughter.

‘’You two need to stay in character! The longer you stay in character, the sooner we can go home!’’ the director yells.

‘’Sorry..’’ you both apologize.

You look at Chris and start to blush like crazy, so does Chris. 

‘’You know.. How about we just put the fighting scene on hold and go onto the makeout scene. Okay? Okay.’’ the director snaps his fingers.

You look at Chris who was already staring at you.

‘’Makeout scene?’’ you both were in shock, you had to makeout with your co-star who you apparently had a crush on.

‘’Well, good thing I like you.’’ chris winks.


‘’Nothing.’’ he smiles.

He than skips off to grab a Doughnut, you stood there with a smile on your face and pride in yourself.

Love Has No Labels

Beca groaned. They were NOT having this conversation again. “Jesse, no.”

“Jesse, yes!” Sitting across from her was her dorky, goofy-grinning best-friend-slash-ex-boyfriend, being as persistent as ever when he wanted something from Beca.

In this case, for her to admit she was in love with her roommate. Who was a woman. A certain, specific, gorgeous redhead. But still.

“Beca, you can’t deny that you have a certain attraction–”

“Actually, Jesse, I can. Because I’m not gay.” Beca sat back in her chair and let the breeze play with her hair. New York was nice, but she couldn’t wait to get back to LA. It was warmer, for one, and she missed the beach, and her own studio. The one they had here for her was nice, but it wasn’t her equipment. Idly, she took a drink of her smoothie and watched Jesse toy with the ring on his finger. “Dude, I can’t believe you and Aubrey are getting married.”

Jesse smiled his dopey, lopsided smile, like he always did when he was thinking about his fiancée. “Well, when you’re in love.” His smile morphed into a grin. “And love has no labels,” he added pointedly, making Beca huff in exasperation.

“Jesus, are you some kind of gay advocate now or something? Do I need to get you a rainbow tattoo?”

“Actually, it’s Jesse.” Beca groaned and dropped her head onto the table. “And no to both of those questions, thank you. I just know love when I see it.”

“Says the guys marrying my freshman year drill sergeant.”

Jesse laughed, warmly. “Beca, have you even actually thought about it?”

“No, because there’s nothing to think about. I don’t think about Chloe like that. I don’t.”

“Uh huh. That’s why your ears are turning red, right? And your neck?”

Beca shrugged her jacket higher over her shoulders, trying to ignore him. Even so, she muttered, “Because this conversation is embarrassing. And unnecessary.”

“No, it is necessary. You’re at least bisexual, Beca, and it’s okay to accept that.”

“Even if I were willing to admit to that,” Beca said, irritation coloring her voice now, “that is awful pushy of you.”

Jesse sat back, his expression contrite. “Sorry. I just – it’s hard to watch, you know. The pining thing you do when you’re away from Chloe.”

“I’m allowed to miss my best friend, Jesse,” Beca shot at him, and he raised his hands in surrender.

“Becs, it’s not the same thing,” Jesse said, and his voice was oddly strained. “You get this look in your eyes when you talk about her, or look at her, and I recognize it, okay? You used to look at me like that, and somewhere that changed. Just because you’re a hot shot superstar doesn’t mean that’s changed about you.” Beca grumpily stirred her smoothie with her straw; she felt Jesse’s eyes on her, contemplating her for a minute before he spoke again. “You tell me, then.”

“Tell you what?”

“About Chloe. How’s things in LA? You guys live together, don’t you?”

Beca’s lips quirked upwards in a reluctant smile. “Yeah. It’s a nice arrangement. As quiet as it can be with Chloe in the house.”

Jesse smiled at that. “Still singing?”

“Every chance she gets. I wanna surprise her with the opportunity to record with me soon, my boss and I’ve been discussing it.” That made Beca grin, thinking about how quickly Chloe would light up at the idea of performing again.

Jesse grinned his impish grin again. “Okay, so tell me if this sounds pretty accurate.”


“Bear with me, Bec, c'mon.”

“I’m gonna tell Aubrey you’re being mean to me.”

Jesse rolled his eyes. “So out in public–and I’ve seen you guys do this, you can’t deny it–hand-holding, flirting–”

“You can’t count that,” Beca said quickly. “That’s just Chloe.”

Jesse shrugged. “I’ll take that. She did run up and kiss me once.”

Beca sat bolt upright. “What?!”

That set the man to laughing. “Your little green monster is not helping your case, Becaw.”

Beca felt her face heat. “Shut up, Jesse. And stop messing around.”

Jesse attempted to control his outburst, but his grin remained in place. “Anyways. So you work mostly from home, don’t you?”

Beca refused to look at him, glaring at her smoothie instead. “Yeah, usually.”

“And I know you can cook, so I would assume you probably cook, have something on the table when Chloe walks in the door?”

“Well, she’s gotta eat too, doesn’t she?”

“Okay, grouchy pants,” Jesse retorted. “What do you usually do after dinner?”

Beca thought about it. “Chlo helps me clean up. Then we usually watch a movie or something.”

“Or something. Beca, you hate movies.”

“So?” Now Beca was being defensive. She really didn’t like the points he was making; she didn’t have any argument against him, and that scared her.

Jesse could see he was winning; he changed tack. “Beca, how many times in eight years have you told the woman ‘no?’”

Uh oh. “Jeez, Jesse, I don’t know.” Except she did. She could literally count them on one hand and Jesse knew it. But so what? Telling Chloe no was like kicking a puppy, you don’t do that, what’s wrong with you?

Jesse smiled that winning smile again. “D'you enjoy that though? Spoiling Chloe, especially now that you have the money to?”

“Well yeah. I mean, it’s nice to see her light up and smile and it just–she’s just –”

Realization slammed into Beca with the force of a wrecking ball.

The smiles. The touches, the cuddling, the flirting. The way Beca’s stomach flops every time midnight eyes meet crystal. The dancing in the front room after too much wine. The heart-beat-turns-into-a-bassline when Chloe is nearby. The I’ll-play-with-your-hair-because-you-like-it.

Jesse smiled gently. “See.”

Beca rubbed her face. “I don’t … Does she know? Is she… I mean, can I even tell her about this? What do I do?”

“I think you should talk to Bree,” Jesse said. “She and Chloe are closer than you think.”

“Okay.” Beca nodded. “Yeah. Sure. But uh, I need to think. This is…”

“A lot. I know.” Jesse pulled his wallet out and got to his feet, tossing a twenty onto the table. “Take what time you need, 'kay? Just remember Aubrey locks the door at eleven.”

“Yeah. Okay.” Beca watched him as he headed down the street and out of sight.

Well fuck.


Okay, so I believe @misspelled-url was the one who wanted #10? I think so. Here you go, love. Stay tuned for more!

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A kiss on the nose.


A kiss with more passion, now on the forehead.


A softer kiss, this time on the cheek.

“Victor, why do you have to vocalize your kisses?” Yuuri groans from where he is in bed, splayed out under the covers. Victor grins from where he’s kneeling by the bed, his arms crossed and on the edge, his face right next to Yuuri’s.

“I don’t always do it, I only do it when I’m trying to wake you up but I don’t want to pour water on your head to wake you up. It’s much nicer to wake up with kisses,” Victor explains and he sounds far too cheery for whatever time it is, sometime that Yuuri believes to be fairly early since Victor is always up early.

Yuuri flails his arm to the other side of the bed and frowns when he realizes it’s empty.

“You’re already up?” Yuuri questions, his voice sleep ridden, his eyes not even bothering to open. “What day is it?” quickly follows.

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Our Little Secret - Part 2

Our Little Secret Part 2

Pt. 1

Mini-series genre: Smut/Fluff

A/N: so this is quite a bit over 500 words but oh well, couldn’t help myself :)

“No more teasing, I need you… please” you whined.

His mouth felt amazing, working its magic on your aching core but you needed to feel every inch of him, desperately.

He hummed against you sending a wave of bliss throughout your body before pulling away.

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baker151910  asked:


Mike rolls over, shielding his eyes from the incessant light streaming in through the windows, a groan escaping him, as Ginny’s cold toes wedge in between his shins.

He jumps, her hand snaking up his chest, the metal of her ring leaving a trail of promises represented by the figure sitting pretty on her finger.  His eyes are shut tightly, but he can feel her chin coming to rest on him, her eyes warming his face with their gaze, her lips spreading into a soft smile, as she stares up at him.

“One of these days you’re gonna kill me with your shrieking, Baker,” he says, before he leaves a matching trail up the smooth of her back, running over the ridges of her spine, the ring dipping, up and over, before it plants itself firmly on her shoulder.

“Baker-Lawson,” she corrects him with soft murmur into his chest.

A smile shrouded by his beard makes its way across his face.  “Right, right, now that you mention it, I do remember a wedding a few weeks ago,” he teases, moving his hands to rest on her sides, gripping her softly.  “Something about forever…”

“How you promised to put up with me forever, shrieking wake up calls and all,” she taps her finger out against him, punctuating her words with literal feeling.

“Should I be offended that this one included you pretending to have forgotten that small detail?  That can really take a hit to one’s ego, you know?”

“Good thing yours is so big, one hit won’t do much damage,” she says with a laugh.

He peeks one eye open at that, opening his mouth to respond, until her finger comes to rest against his lips, silencing him with a shake of her head, her eyes quickly closing with amusement.  “Too easy,” and she can feel his laugh against her finger.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?”  His wandering hands moving to frame her face, tangled in a mess of curls.  

She playfully narrows her eyes at him.  “You promised…” she warns, her face adorably angry between his hands.

“Hmm, I seem to have forgotten,” he plays, the furrow of his brows gently smoothed with the glide of her finger, relaxing him further.

“Yeah, I hear the mind’s the first to go in your old age,” she huffs, moving to get off of him.

“Well, at least it’s not my body and my big…”

This time she finds her whole hand covering his mouth, a playful bite against her palm, and his eyes filled with a mirthful admiration.

She hesitantly lifts her hand, as if convinced he’ll still proceed with his comment, she raises her eyebrow, a silent warning.

“Fine,” he concedes, and she jumps, causing another groan from him.  “Let’s go get your puppy.”  The grin on his face suggesting that he wasn’t really as put out as he was pretending to be, as she stumbled off of him to throw on some clothes.

He sits up in bed, watching her scurry from the closet to the bathroom, before peeking her head out at him.  The bright smile of his wife bookended with dimples, the only proof he needed that he was doing something right.

“I love you, Mr. Baker-Lawson, no forgetting,” she says with a wink, before disappearing again.

And he can’t help the goofy grin on his face at the name, twisting the ring on his finger.  Because he was just as much her’s as she was his.  Forever.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

anonymous asked:

Ok so can you do something a little bit realistic like very angry eric and depressed dyl calling each other reb and vodka and all shit like being verry messed up and kinda ashamed of being together? Sorry if you already done this Aaaaaa i love your blog

[omg thank you, ily!!! and no, i haven’t really done much angst, so send more prompts in, i love writing it!!!!]

“You’re such a fucking asshole, VoDkA,” Eric groaned.

“Sorry that I’m not Mr. Perfect like you are, Reb. My fucking bad.” Eric glared at the younger boy and shook his head in disgust.

“Can’t believe I’m even wasting my time dating you,” Eric grumbled.

Dylan laughed. “You think I’m a bad boyfriend? I can’t even bring you around my family, they think you’re a fucking psycho, dude! All my other friends say you’re an asshole to them, and honestly, I’m starting to believe them,” Dylan stated.

“Oh you think that’s bad? Do you have any fucking idea how much shit I get from the jocks after they see us together? This whole relationship with you is ruining my life.”

Dylan wasn’t letting it on, but he was on the verge of tears. “Then just fucking say it. Fucking say we’re through, if you think I’m this much of a fucking burden, Reb. Do it.”

Eric looked at him for a while, just watching as Dylan held back his tears. He hated crying in front of other people, and Eric was no exception.

Eric sighed. “Whatever. I’m done with this. We can talk later or something, but I need to cool down before I do something I’ll regret later.” Eric stormed off from Dylan’s car and the younger boy watched as he left. Dylan stood there for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts. He cared about Eric. Hell, Eric was the only person who actually listened to what he said, even when he was thinking out loud. Life was fucking hard, no wonder Dylan wanted to end his own.

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Supportive!bf S.Coups when you're struggling with homework please!

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Title:  Oh, I think that I found myself (a cheerleader)

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“This is so stupid,” I find myself wringing my hands into my hair as I stared down at the piece of paper layed right under my chin. The Math questions stared back at me in triumph, and I so much wanted to just flop down on the bed and give up. Except I couldn’t. Because it was two weeks away from Finals and this piece of homework was going to be part of my grade.

And my Maths was already bad as it is, I had to pull up my grade. Somehow.

My eyes flickered to the clock sitting beside my pencil box. 5:30pm. I had started at 3:00. I groaned, burying my face in my  hands before dragging my hands down my cheeks. I knew I shouldn’t have procrastinated, but I still did… There was a sudden knock at my door, and I jerked up straight. Thinking that it was my room mate, I push the heels of my palms into my eyes, rubbing them tiredly.

“Come in or go away,” I grumble, “Please,”. I hear the door creak open, but I don’t turn to see who it is. Then, “Even me?”. My eyes widened at the sound of that voice, the voice I recognized so clearly, and I whirled to face him. Seungcheol was standing there, leaning against the door and grinning. He had a white hoodie pulled over black pants and his hair was skimming his eyebrows cutely.

Pushing out my bottom lip, I pouted. “Nooo,” I sigh, “Not you, I really need you right now,” I extend my arms just as he strides forward and the next thing I knew, my face was pressed against his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. My heart fluttered slightly at the feeling, and I found myself smiling against his hoodie. He pulled away after awhile, before kneeling down onto the floor so that he’d be on the same level as I was. (yes, he was that tall).

“What’s wrong?” He asks, eyes genuinely filled with concern as he brushed stray strands of hair away from my face. I instinctively lean into his touch, and I don’t quite notice the small quirk of his lips as I do so. I nod my head towards my homework that was sprawled messily all over my desk. Pens and pencils were strewn everywhere, and eraser dust was filling up one side of my desk where I had shoved it all to.

He leans over to take a look and scrunches his nose up the minute he sees it. I suppress a smile ; cute. “I get the frowny face,” Seungcheol empathizes, before swiping the tip of my nose with his knuckle. I pull away, laughing. “Is this one important?” He questions and I press my lips in a resigned straight line. He knows it means yes. “Okay then!” He decides, “Let’s do it!”.

“What do you mean ‘let’s?‘” I scoff, “It’s just me,”.

“Well…” Seungcheol drags on the last part, poking me on the cheek as he ends, “With every one question you do I’ll give you a kiss,”.

I find myself laughing as I smack his face away lightly with my palm. “Wooow,” I snicker, “That’ll surely give me motivation,” I add sarcastically. His bottom lip pushes out in a pout, puppy eyes staring at me, “You mean it isn’t?”. I give him a sheepish smile. “Okay fine,” He declares, “After you finish this, I’ll order pizza,”.

Hearing that, my grin widens. “You mean it?”.

“When do I ever lie, y/n~?”.

In the end, we end up on the floor, him helping me out occasionally whenever he could. He still stuck to his original promise of after I did every one question, alternating between soft fleeting kisses and well… the opposite of that. And over time, I found myself doing the work smoothly as I rest in his lap, back pressed against his chest. I relax in Seungcheol’s arms, shiver slightly as he breathes down my neck to read the questions as well. Sometimes when I got frustrated with the question, he’d sing me soft tunes until I ended up humming along to them, or he’d snatch the worksheet away from me before exclaiming that I needed a break before breaking out into a karoeke session.

“Annnnd,” He drumrolls, “Last question… done!”. He jumps up from his sitting position, cheering and pumping his fist in the air. I laugh at his exaggeration, “I just finished my homework and you’re making it sound like I just became the president,”. Seungcheol extends a hand, and I grab onto it. He pulls me up easily.

“Hey, I’m just trying to be happy here,”.

“Thank you,” I feel my face warm as he wraps his arms around my waist, resting his forehead against mine. “It’s – I’m glad I have you,” I avert my gaze downwards, pressing my lips tightly together in slight embarassment. He lets out a deep chuckle , and only pulls me closer. “Aw, y/n, are you blushing?”.

I raise up a hand to hit his shoulder playfully, “No!” I defend, although I find myself laughing. He always does that – makes me smile that is. “That’s okay. I’m glad to have you too,” He says it smoothly, not an ounce of hesitation present.

“So…” I break the short pause, “Pizza?”.

From Hell and Back Again

From Hell and Back Again

Dean x Preg!Reader

Content: Pregnancy, Angst, ~Fluff

Anon Request: Dean x reader request where after dean goes to hell reader finds out she is pregnant with his baby. 4 months later when dean comes back he has to cope with the surprising news. Make it as angsty or fluffy as you want. Also can reader be Bobbys daughter?

A fine sheen of sweat coated his body moving rhythmically above yours, catching the thin ray of light from the pale street lamp. A bead of sweat gathered on the muscular line of his throat, growing, trembling with each slow thrust of his hips. It slid, riding the line between muscle and trachea reaching the high hollow of his throat to pause before a thrust allowed the drop to continue its journey over his heart. You had reached up pressing a thirsty kiss to his collarbone and flicking your tongue to catch the salty remnants. He groaned deeply, the sensual sound vibrating between your writhing bodies. A gasp melted into a wonderfully helpless moan as he buried his face in your shoulder. The passion grew desperate; gentle caresses curling into clutches, nails biting, imploring kisses broke into pleas and simpers, and the methodic pace he set lost the patient tone, slamming harder with each quick jerk. Heat seeped across every inch of your sticky skin. Pleasure gripped your nerves, vision blackening, back arching until all you could do was hold on to the mounting ecstasy. Light burst behind your eyes, your mouth parted, and you tipped into the abyss. Your body melted into the blanketed seat. His breath hitting your ear in mouthy pants. You smiled as he pulled back to drop a lethargic kiss to your lips.

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