Grizzly Peak

Upon opening in 2001, the second gate to Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure was lacking, to say the least, but one its biggest hits was the exciting Grizzly River Run rapids attraction. Winding through the 110-foot-tall Grizzly Peak mountain, the attraction anchors what is now the same-named Grizzly Peak land and sends guests on a rollicking white-water rafting adventure featuring drops, waterfalls and scenic views of a classic redwood forest setting.

Art ©️ Disney


The Other Side by John Wolff
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There is this great spot on the back side of Grizzly River Run in California Adventure with a waterfall. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

This attraction is detached from the Disney’s Fastpass system, meaning, one can obtain two Fastpasses (including Grizzly River Run) within a single two-hour period of time.

Grizzly River Run makes use of the bear-shaped mountain that is the signature landmark of Disney’s California Adventure.

A river raft ride that is designed to get you wet, it is themed to the great river rapids in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The ride was designed with the ability to control how wet riders get depending on weather, but be warned that even a warm day can feel cool if darkness falls while you’re still wet.

To avoid getting shoes/socks drenched, guests should place their feet on the center assembly above where water might rush into the raft.

Free lockers are provided to keep valuables dry.

Guests riding alone or in groups that do not mind being split up can save a lot of wait time by requesting a Single Rider pass from the Cast Member at the entrance.