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anonymous asked:

Has there ever been a time where you attempted to think of an episode plot/premise but literally NO ONE could think of anything?

Around the end of season 1b (season 2 to you all), I think everyone was burned out writing-wise, and we were just desperate to finish the half season and take a break. Back then, our writing process was chaotic and unpredictable, and I took forever to decide when a story was done.

We were on the last stretch, about 3  stories left to do, and we couldn’t come up with anything. We decided to do a story that focused on each Bear individually- that was our starting point.

For the Grizz story, we had all the story artists get together and they just doodled Grizz gags for an hour. Afterwards they posted them on the wall and called out which were the funniest jokes. From there, our writing team took the random ideas and strung them together into an episode. It’s titled “GRIZZ HELPS”, and will air later this year. It’s a weird episode, boarded by @maddiesharafian and @everydaylouie.

Since that time, our writing process has gotten much better, and we’re not nearly as depleted anymore. The Panda and Ice Bear story will also air this Fall.