Tutorial #2 for thranduils-moose but I did get some questions on how I determine and draw poses (although let’s be real I’m still learning a lot)

Helpful tutorials and tips:

There’s ONE more tutorial to come soon so keep your eyes peeled ya


Gesture Drawing Tips by Normand Lemay.

Back in 2012 I did the Schoolism Gesture Drawing course with Louis Gonzales. It is funny to look at these ‘Tuesday Tips' together, because literally all of these things were part of that course. If you are a student or consider working in comics or animation you should study these tips till you know ‘em by heart! 

I wish they’d been handing stuff like this out when I went to art school…


Griz & Norm - Tuesday Tips // (WIP G&N Master Post)

Hey guys,

If you haven’t seen or heard about these guys and their blog yet you should totally fix that and head on over to The Art of Griz & Norm!

Not only is the art pretty ace they’re both professional working artists.  Griz, (short for Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay) is a visual development artist for Dream works Animation and Norm (Normand Lemay) does storyboarding for Disney Feature Animation

My favorite portion of what they put out - and the relevance of this post within art reference and development - is this weekly bit they do called: Griz & Norm Tuesday Tips - every Tuesday they dish out really nice little ‘how-tos’ and reference pieces that cover everything from anatomical reference to important ‘need to knows’ straight from the industry, (i.e. how to create dynamic composition, shorthand character design, drawing scenes with a cinematic mindset, etc .. )


"Tuesday Tips - LINE OF ACTION

The line of action doesn’t necessarily need to be drawn in. As long as you think about it while drawing, your gesture or posing will be stronger. It gives a direction to the pose, a force that runs though, or simply a visual pathways to guide your audience. Use it always!

- Norm”

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'Tuesday Tips' Intro List  

This is just a quick start list - there’s about two or three times more already up on their blog than what i’ve listed and linked here so be sure to head on over there and enjoy the entirety of their collection, and always be sure to check back because like I said they update every week!

( *** - personal favorite(s) )

  • Tangents - (x)
  • Basic Head Construction - (x)
  • Asymmetry in Facial Expressions - (x)
  • Gesture Drawing (as a story artist) - (x) ***
  • Character Design - (x)
  • Basic Storyboarding Rules - (x)
  • Silhouette - (x)
  • More Acting, Less Anatomy - (x) *** 
  • Hands - (x)
  • Feet - (x)
  • No Straight Lines - (x)
  • Beat Boards/Storyboards (what’s the difference?) - (x) 
  • Push it! - (x) ***

Hope you guys enjoy these super folks and their work as much as I do - good luck and keep drawing!


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Tuesday Tips - “Pick A Side”

To create appeal and clarity in your figure drawing (or any character drawing), try to simplify an overall side of the body and to keep the details (limbs sticking out, face profile, body compression) to the other side. Your posing will becoming much more dynamic and interesting to look at, creating an organic asymmetry to the overall silhouette of the body.


Tutorial #1 for thranduils-moose but I figured it would probably be helpful for others?? my faces are varied meh I pun tak tau

Helpful tips and stuff:

Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK - Push it!

Clarity is probably the most important thing to think about at all time when boarding. Pushing your poses to an undeniable level of clarity will improve the clarity of the storytelling in general. Don’t leave space for uncertainty in posing out your characters. Your audience will be more engaged and entertained by the sequence.

This is the last post for the Super Week. I hope you enjoyed it. Back on the regular schedule next week (Every Tuesday).


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Tuesday Tips — Portfolio 101.

With the end of the year/the beginning of the year fast approaching, it’s a good time to revamp your portfolio.  These are some quick tips for visual development/character design portfolio.

1.  Know what you want on your finish book.
Work backwards — decided on how many pages you want, then work from there.

2.  Best piece on the first page, second best on the last page, and third best in the middle.  (Something that I learned from Art Center.  This doesn’t always work out, but it’s a good thing to remember and I do my best to put my best piece on the first page).

3.  Rythm.  Make sure it flows nicely.  Most of the time, you’re NOT there in person when someone is looking at your book; so it’s a good idea if it tells a story and make sure it is telling who you are as an artist and what can you do to help out the team. 

I also put an example of a thumbnail if I were to plan a 24 pages printed visual development  portfolio.  

Have fun