Begin to get pumped for Marvel Hulu, True Believers because I got a theory on how this pocket of the Marvel Universe is gonna grow!

  • Marvel Studios: Gives us life! All things flow from there from Agents of SHIELD to The Incident in New York. A-List heroes Avenging the world or Guarding the galaxy.
  • Marvel Television on ABC: Agents of SHIELD gave us real life underdogs that sometimes not even the executives or the rest of the MCU fandom may root for. But the colorful, loving bunch has gone 4 seasons strong each getting better and is obviously the bridge that made Inhumans, Defenders and the like possible. By them there is now a call for more shows of titular Marvel characters like their introduction of Ghost Rider, and the soon Inhumans series, that perhaps more will come.
  • Marvel Netflix: Grit, grind, and guts. Grit is the tone from bloody fight scenes, mature elements like rape, and the true human nature in heroism. Grime is the street level characters working part-time jobs to pay rent, getting their asses handed to them more often than not, and occasionally drinking it all away. Guts is whats on the inside; the deep compelling characters, their interrelationships with friends, family, and lovers, and confronting their past demons.
  • Marvel & Freeform: The sister-network to ABC known for their broad spectrum of young adult themes has a couple of classics in Cloak & Dagger on its roster and the recently added sitcom of the New Warriors. The marriage between Freeform’s young adult relativity and Marvel’s visuals and storytelling are sure to bring delightfully heartfelt, childlike approaches to being super while still tackling the challenges that comes with being a young person.

So lastly is Marvel Hulu, with only one slated show that seemingly could have worked fine alongside the Freeform roster given the concept, was surprising placed here. Runaways is a very popular, more current series that tends to have a more hardcore element than those on Freeform and for that reason may be why they are not on network television. So should we suggest Hulu to be the gritty little brother to the Netflix Defenders? No. For this I would like you to pull out a map. While it is possible for people to board a Zephyr and travel anywhere, our Agents are primarily based in Washington D.C. The Defenders may hideout through different boroughs but superheroes in New York is a very  common thing. Cloak & Dagger will move a ways down from their comic book origin homes in NY to the south in Louisiana for a little change of scenery. But it is only the Runaways who are “going going back back to Cali Cali,” and I believe they are not going to go it alone. The far progressing rumors if not simply the cries of fan demand for a Moon Knight series might just be right at home on the West Coast, in a big crime filled city like Los Angeles; though Marc Spector grew up in Chi-Town he spent quite a while out west in aiding the West Coast Avengers. What was that? West Coast Avengers?! While I do not foresee a Hawkeye spinoff finding him founding this team, perhaps his comic book wife whose previous spinoff show Marvel’s Most Wanted was recently cancelled just might. Mockingbird could make a return alongside other canon WCAvengers characters on the bench like Tigra and Wonder Man, Firebird, Machine Man, or Living Lightning. Maybe the ladies go out on their own and Wonder Man can have a solo outing rumored to be played by Nathan Fillion who might be ready to move on after his recently cancelled series, Castle. There’s also Darkhawk who would be beyond amazing to see in live action and Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter who for the sake of overwhelming popularity can be changed to Jessica Drew for her own solo series! Each one listed at some point were part of the WCAvengers and by that are more than welcomed to lead the heroes life out by the Pacific Coast. Finally we get sunny skies and warm beaches in the MCU and Hulu is where it’s gonna be!