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Have you ever read the graphic novel 'Pride of Baghdad,' about the lions that escaped from the Baghdad zoo in 2003? The art style often reminds me of your Lioden art, in a very good way of course. And while it's a lot darker and gritter than the general lightheartedness of Lioden, it always tugs on my heartstrings whenever people's Lioden lions remind me of the characters from the novel. (And I've always kinda wished for an explore encounter with a giraffe muttering about losing its head, haha.)

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YES I got it in polish and all :D very inspiring comic!


tropes ~ anti hero

An anti hero may lack traditional heroic traits- idealism, desire to follow the rules, conventional, an attitude accepted by society and pure intentions. An anti hero is a much darker version, often found to be cynical, rough and have methods that differ to others. They are the outcast in society, with a rebellious streak and are rather abrasive. They are Batman, not Superman and every anti hero seems to have a tragic background. Often with their own moral compass they still possess numerous heroic traits such as desire to do the right thing, even if their morality differs to others. A much darker, gritter alternative to the classic hero.


Merry Christmas guys! Here’s a present for all of you. xD

The Strokes x Star Wars Crossover

Strokes Wars: The Zoom Awakens

Nick Valensi as Rey

Fab Moretti as Finn

Ryan Gentles as Poe Dameron

Nikolai Fraiture as Luke Skywalker

Albert Hammond, Jr. as Han Solo

Justyna Hammond, Jr. as Leia Organa

Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter as General Hux


Julian Casablancas as Kylo Ren