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Words: 12k
Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there (me being included)
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D'you want to go to the ball with me? part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Harry is sitting alone at the ball further away from the dancing crowd, bored to death.

Harry: *gritting his teeth*

Draco: Only good at dancing with dragons, are you, Potter?

Cho comes over, a bit flustered from all the dancing, not paying any attention to Draco.

Cedric follows Cho out of the crowd. He looks at Harry and winks playfully.

the end

casting director’s notes: the best Draco Malfoy @space-marauder

the best Cho Chang @arabella-prongs

the best Cedric Diggory @dobbyisafreeblog

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Hcs for the blackwatch boys + Jack and Reinhardt taking their s/o's virginity? ❤️

(๑✧∀✧๑) 4 birds 1 stone (very long post!!)

Part 2 | Part 2 v. 2


How to open read-mores on mobile.

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Praise Kink

Originally posted by solo-harry

Imagine: Ight so it is pretty much #confirmed at this point that Harry has a praise kink. At his concerts he fucking stands there and just gets the crowd to keep screaming for him. The little shit loves it. So here’s an imagine based on it. 

Warnings: SMUT ( i feel like i went over the top on this a lil)

Word count: 2,043


It’s been a tough day. It started with nerves, getting ready with Harry for an award show. Not just any award show, though, it was his first award show that he was going to alone as Harry. Not One Direction. Just Harry Styles.

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The One With Stevie’s Book

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A tiny discovery of Steven’s interest leads to a very surprising turns of events. 

Word Count:

Warnings: heavy making out ;) a lil’ nsfw, nothing much tho

Author’s Note: repost!! based off a friends episode, i think from season 7, TOW Rachel’s Book. i’m sorry guys, i’m not in the state of writing anything new, still coming down with the cold and all ugh 

Masterlist Here

Tonight was never supposed to turn out the way it did, but somehow you’re glad that it did. He was just here to tutor you since you needed his help. And he even did for three hours. After making you understand three whole chapters of Business Economics, your mind had blocked itself and you didn’t want to talk more about micro or macroeconomics. The demand for a break had overcome the supply of your energy and you desperately needed a drink to settle your mind.

So, Steve nonchalantly agreed upon staying when you asked him if he had anything better to do. You knew he’d either go to a frat party or just lay in his bed with his SpongeBob PJ’s and a shirt that was at least a size smaller for his chiselled torso.

You both snuggled up on your bed, away from your desk where you abandoned your books to watch a zombie movie your dorm roommate, Wanda had suggested. Opening your laptop, you enter the password and let Steve handle the task of searching the movie on Netflix.

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no murder.

fake!marriage reader x loki land on earth with the gang.

set in a quaint little au in which we don’t worry about infinity wars, the team is whole, and the revengers move into the new NY facility. 

Landing back on Earth was more of a relief than you think your Asgardian counterparts realized. You and Bruce were ecstatic. Space was fun and all, sure, but you were looking forward to the simple things in life. 

Like Oreos and dogs. 

You nearly kissed the ground when you fell out of the ship in that northern New York field.

Loki, of course, was not nearly as excited.

In all honesty? He hated Earth. What a shocking revelation.

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Face riding (Hoshi)

Smut (a hint of angst in the beginning). One-shot

“Can you shut up for like 5 seconds? You’ve been getting on my nerves all morning and I really need to focus,” Soonyoung spat out, slamming his hand on the table and dropping his pen. He had come home after a long while last night and you wanted to spend time with him, eager to tell him about all the things he had missed out on and so forth. But instead of spending quality time with him, he had his eyes glued to his notebook and his phone, copying some sort of notes from the classes at university he had missed.

You were stood in the middle of the living room, mouth left gaping open and eyes wide as you watched Soonyoung turn his back against you and get back to his notes. He had never lost his temper with you even if you talked much, instead he would’ve calmly told you that he needed to work and you could talk later. And you understood that, but before coming over, he had been excited to spend time with you, but to you, him studying didn’t seem like a great way of showing that he truly did.

You didn’t even bother answering him, hurt from his comment. You walked into the bedroom to leave him alone, if that was what he wanted. You grabbed a pillow from the unmade bed and pulled out your phone, ready to just ‘shut up’ and watch something random on your phone.

In around ten minutes, you heard a soft knock on the door and saw Soonyoung shuffle into the bedroom from the corner of your eye with his head low and a slight pout on his face, his brows furrowed. He must’ve been really upset.


You pretended not to hear him, eyes locked on the bright screen of your phone although you weren’t focusing on it one bit anymore, curious to hear what Soonyoung had to say. The floor slightly creaked as he crept his way over to you, kneeling on the floor in front of you as you were sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.

“Y/N, babe please look at me.”

You bit your tongue, trying not to say a word to him or look at him but you did end up taking a quick glance towards him and you saw him sat on his knees, a almost defeated look on his face. “I’m sorry I was being so mean,” he apologised, placing his hand on your knee. “I didn’t mean any of it, the stress just got a little too much, I’m sorry to take it on you.”

”I know” you sighed softly after a moment of silence and put your phone away on the nearest bedside table. You placed your hand on top of his on your knee and played with his fingers, not looking him in the eyes. “I’m sorry too.”

“I should make it up to you. How can I show how sorry I am?” He asked, rather shy of how his words turned out but his gaze not leaving you.

“Well,” you said and looked at him and before even continuing, he pressed his lips onto yours. His touch was gentle as he deepened the kiss, his hand letting go of yours and reaching up to cup your face.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he got up and laid you onto the bed, slipping his tongue into your mouth which you gladly accepted, not ready to put your ideas into action just yet. His words before had given you quite a dirty idea but you knew he was going to enjoy it just as much as you were.

When he stripped you out of your shirt, you took it as your opportunity and grabbed the shirt before he could throw it away on the floor. Soonyoung looked confused for a second but didn’t catch on yet.

You asked him to take off his clothes as well and he did so gladly, leaving him just in his boxers. You stood up on your knees on the bed and when he accompanied you and his hands sneaked their way behind your back, you were quick to pull them away and tie his wrists together with your top that you were still holding.

“I guess this is how you could show me how sorry you are,” you said with a smirk. Soonyoung laughed nervously, but complied to everything you did. You pushed him down to lie on his back, giving him a few kisses that left him mewling. He wasn’t used to not being able to touch you while kissing or more like when doing anything, he always had his arm around you or his hand behind your neck.

You caught him visibly gulp when you took off your panties, revealing your already soaked core. “You need help with that?” He asked as he took in the sight in front of him, the astounding sight that had his cock twitching.

You straddled his lap, making sure that he got a full view of you. He checked you out unashamedly, licking his lips as you got rid of your last piece of clothing, which was your bra. And there you were, completely naked in front of him, only inches away from his face. “Yes I do,” you finally answered his question, but not yet initiating any action.

“Baby please, let me touch you.”

You shook your head, sneaking your hand down your body and between your legs, slightly rubbing circles over your clit, sighing at the feeling. “I want you to beg for it,” you told him, circling your clit with more pressure this time and let out a strangled moan as a result. Soonyoung whimpered underneath you, eyes flickering at the sight your drenched core as he watched you experimentally dip in a finger. He licked his lips absentmindedly, mind filled with the thoughts of tasting you on the tip of his tongue.

It took one more moan from your mouth for him to cry out a please, forcefully tugging on the restraints. “Please let me touch you. I wanna pleasure you. Ride my tongue. Please baby,” his hips were bucking up as his jaw was clenched tight and his gaze not leaving your fingers. You pulled your fingers out and let out a little gasp, taken aback how soaked you were already.

But you gave into his plea, placing your knees on either side of his body first. “I’ll give you a little taste first,” you said quietly and placed your fingers close to his lips and he didn’t wait long to open his mouth and lick them clean, savouring every last drop of your juices left on your fingers.

You considered letting his hands free from the restraint you had tied around his wrists to keep them together but you couldn’t just leave out all the fun of your punishment like that. After Soonyoung finished licking your fingers, you shifted your heat closer to his head and lowered yourself down on his face after getting his nod of approval. He immediately started sucking on your clit, a loud “fuck” leaving his mouth when the taste of you filled his mouth.

You threw your head back and whimpered, his tongue pressing on your clit so nicely and occasionally swirling it with his tongue and then dipping the tip of his tongue in you.

You were a moaning mess, forcing yourself not to come from the intense pleasure yet, although the sounds he was making while eating you out were driving you closer and closer to the edge. But you had to prop yourself up, almost as an instinct of getting too close to your orgasm. You could hear the frustration in Soonyoung’s voice when he groaned at the loss of your heat on his face. “Baby come back down, I wasn’t finished.”

There goes the submission, you thought. He had been so under your spell for a while but now it seemed like he didn’t care about submitting to you anymore, he had a goal and he wanted it. “Ask me nicely,” you purred, trying to gain back your power over him but as you said that you felt his hands suddenly latch onto your waist and pull you back down on his face. He got his hands out of the restraint.

He attached his lips back onto your clit, sucking harshly in attempt to make you orgasm as fast and as powerfully as possible. “So good,” you moaned and tangled your hands in his hair as you rode his mouth. He was moving his tongue erratically, groans and moans leaving his mouth as well, vibrating so wonderfully against your skin. His hands were tightly holding your hips, helping you ride his mouth at the best possible angle and speed.

You felt your orgasm hit you soon, his name escaping your lips multiple times as you came undone. Soonyoung was happy to lick your juices up, his mouth and chin glistening as you climbed off his face. “Thank you for that,” he said, licking his lips with a grin as you settled to sit next to him. You buried your face between your legs for a while, breathing heavily - that was a ride.

“Don’t thank me yet,” you cooed, looking at him, now sitting next to you as well. You took his chin into your hands and stroked his cheek with your thumb.

“I think you deserve a little something too for making me come, don’t you think?”

Soonyoung nodded furiously, lip caught between his teeth as he watched you crawl a little lower on the bed.

You had your eyes on the highly visible bulge in his boxers and slowly pulled his boxers down when he lifted his hips up. His cock sprung free, touching his lower stomach. You slowly dragged your finger from the base to the tip, making him shiver and clench his muscles. “What do you want me to do?” you asked, straddling his hips with his cock in your hand.

”Ride me,” he begged, hands finding your hips again. Instead of giving him what he wanted right away, you swung your hips slowly, grinding yourself against his length as lightly as you could. “Y/N, you’re killing me…” he said in a low groan, hands digging into your hips, definitely leaving marks.

You were holding his length in your hand so that you could grind it but not slip it inside of you, driving him insane but to be honest, you were also moaning from the friction and the feeling of the tip of his cock sliding on your entrance. “You’re so hard,” you sighed, holding his cock still right on your entrance, the feeling so overwhelmingly good.

“I really need you,” Soonyoung said through gritted teeth as he tried to not buck his hips up. Beads of sweat were running down his temples, his expression almost painful. So, you lifted your hips up, pushing down onto him, his cock filling you up perfectly.

He was quick to match up with the rhythm you were bouncing on him, thrusting up into you when he felt like you needed a little break. You leant down to place your hands on his chest for support as the bouncing got tiring.  You were mewling every time he thrusted a little harder into you or when you met perfectly with his thrusts, eliciting a loud groan from him as well.

Your breathing got faster and shallower as you continued, his noises becoming louder as well. His hands roamed your body, other one still supporting you from your hips but the other wandering to your breasts.

”Are you close?” you asked, throwing your hair out of your face and getting back up to ride him in more of a sitting position. “So close,” he whined quietly, his breath getting as shallow as yours.

You smiled contently and decided to press a kiss on his lips, still tasting yourself on his tongue. “Come baby,” you whispered into the kiss. His whole body stiffened, his eyes screwed shut and lewd sounds leaving his mouth as he came hard, gasping for air as he came back down from his high, thrusts slowing down as he rode his orgasm out.

You didn’t come a second time but you were still very sensitive from the your first wave, pleased with the results either way. ”Wow,” Soonyoung chuckled, helping you to get off him. His juices ran down your thigh and you grabbed a few tissues quickly to clean the mess up before it would ruin your sheets.

He pulled the blankets up around us after you settled into his arms. “How did you get out of the shirt I tied around your wrists?” You asked in confusion, you were so sure it would’ve worked until the end until you had opened the tightest knot you knew how to make.

“It isn’t too difficult to shuffle your hands out of a piece of fabric babe,” Soonyoung explained with a smug smile on his face. You shook your head and hit him playfully, he was so sly. He could’ve gotten out of the restraint immediately but he just wanted to make you feel like you were the one in control, let you have your way. Which you should be the one thanking him for.

“I love you,” you mumbled under your breath and leaned in to cuddle him. He repeated the same three words and happily held you in his arms for the time you rested.

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sugar, i’m going down

Originally posted by celes-tae

request: overstimulated taemin smut?

author’s response: thank you so much for requesting and i hope you like it!

otp(s): lee taemin x reader

genre: smut

word count: 1,147

synopsis: the one where taemin nearly broke a fucking limb.

the sound shuddered through the breeze, traveling like a sharp whip through the silent wood. anyone who had happened to wander by would’ve thought a local hunter had missed a chance of prey or that someone had accidentally trodden in a pile of smelly, damp manure staining the grass.
they would’ve been wrong, of course.

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Michelle, for the past twenty-five years, you’ve been not only my wife and mother of my children, but my best friend. You took on a role you didn’t ask for and made it your own with grace and grit and style and good humor. You made the White House a place that belongs to everybody. And a new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model. You’ve made me proud. You’ve made the country proud.

Underwear (Part 1)

Summary: You show up at Peter’s with a cut that needs stitches in a very intimate place.

Word Count: 4357

Warnings: 1 tiny mention of abuse, injuries, very light smut, light swearing

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7

After stripping from your suit, you step into an alleyway, trying to get into your street clothes as quickly as possible without hurting yourself further. Your adrenaline high had ended about five minutes ago, and your injuries made sure they were given attention.

You groan as you hoist your backpack onto your shoulder, feeling the cut there protest under the pressure. You had just taken care of an attempted bank robbery, and there was a team of six. Your combat skills were improving, but there’s only so much a teenage Stark “intern” could take.

You needed to get somewhere safe and fast, but you lived all the way back at the compound. Peter… his name was the first and only one to pop into your head. He was your best friend, and he lived just a few short blocks away.

Most of the injuries you had were covered by your leggings and zip-up hoodie, but how you were going to explain the bruise on your cheek and the cuts littering your face, you had no idea. Your hood was pulled up, and you ducked your head down to avoid any prying civilians.

You clench your fists in your pockets as you tried not to grunt in pain, trying your best to focus on your steps. You make your way into Peter’s building, your stomach tightening and your breathing becoming lightly restricted as you think of what could possibly happen. To your luck, the elevator ride was completely unoccupied.

You slow your walking as you make it to Peter’s door, biting your lip as you eye it. Deciding on an idea, you pull out your phone and called him. Taking a few steps down the hall as to avoid being heard, you waited as it rings a few times before the line picks up.

Y/N? You sigh in relief as his voice fills your ears, ignoring the butterflies and small blush that flows through you at his sound. Peter… You speak softly, feeling your nails dig into your palm as you clench your fist, leaning your head against the wall at the end of the hallway.

Y/N? What’s wrong? You heard the concern in his voice and picture him running a hand through his hair, something you notice he does when he’s nervous. You try taking a deep breath but couldn’t, noting that you had probably cracked a few ribs.

I um… I got into a bit of a fight and I’m hurt- can I come over? I’m really sorry to intrude… It’s j- Peter’s voice cut through yours, quickly taking over. It used to bother you but now you found it cute. Yeah of course! Are you okay though? What happened? Did you finally fight Flash? He teases at the end, making you let out a small laugh.

You squeeze your eyes shut and moaned softly, immediately regretting your action. Are you sure? I really don’t want to intrude on you and May…“. You always envied their bond, the strength it had after his parents and uncle had passed away. You were asking Peter mainly for reassurance, despite the help you needed you felt like a huge burden. Your father was nonexistent and your mother had been abusive, leading you to take charge at fourteen and become emancipated.

Your powers had developed at around twelve, leaving you to figure out what to do with them. You were “gifted” with the ability to manipulate fire, along with an increase in strength. All Peter knew about your childhood and living situation was that your mother was abusive, and that you lived with roommates.

“Please come over… May left for work tonight and she’ll be gone for all of Saturday and Sunday too. You’re scaring me and I want to make sure you’re okay.” You feel butterflies flow through you at his words, breathing lightly with a small grin on your face.

“Thank you so much… I owe you one.” You began walking to his door, trying to figure out how you were going to explain you fast you got there. Um… Peter? You wince, half because you were in a lot of pain, and half because you felt embarrassed.


You begin rambling, trying to get your words out as fast as possible. “What would you say if I’ve been here for a few minutes because I got hurt in your area and I didn’t want to just show up and intrude on you so I called to get permission and now I don’t know what to do.”

You finish your ramble with a deep breathe, moaning out as you felt your ribs demanding to be tended to. “Y/N! Peter scolds you, “You’re hurt and you’re my best friend! Please just knock on the door next time!” You raise an eyebrow and hang up the phone, knocking on his door and turning so that your back was facing him.

The door opens and you hear Peter’s bewildered voice. “What the-Why am I looking at your back? Turn around.” You slowly raise your hands as if surrendering, wanting to warn Peter of your face. “I’ll turn around, but you have to promise not to overreact, okay?”

You hear Peter sighing loudly and muttering a quick “Fine.” You wince, turning and pulling your hood down, allowing him to see the full extent of your facial injuries. You had a large cheek bruise that was forming and cuts on your jaw, and above your eyebrow.

Pursing your lips, you look at Peter with wide eyes, anticipating his next move. Just seeing him in person made you want to grab and hold onto him. He looks shocked, his mouth slightly falling open and a small gasp escaping his mouth, his eyebrows furrow and he ushers you into the apartment.

“What happened to you?” Peter asks quietly, shutting the door. That was what scared you. Throughout your entire friendship you had known him as the boisterous and outspoken one. Even when speaking quietly there was almost always a trace of amusement on his face.

This time however, his voice was barely above a whisper, and his face contained what looked like anger and terror, his jaw clenching. You let out a shaky breath, responding with as much sincerity as you could muster. “I got into a fight. It hurts a lot.”

Peter breathes in through his nose, nodding at you. “Okay. Let’s get you patched up and then we’ll talk more about this "fight” of yours, okay?“ You bite your lip and curtly nod as he pulls you into a hug, cautiously minding your body.

You feel your heartbeat speed up as you duck your head down, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks. "Can we go to your room? I know no one else is here but it still feels weird to do this in your living room.”

Peter places a hand on the side of your face, staring deeply into your eyes as he maintains a serious look. You look back up at him, matching his gaze.

“That’s what she said.”

He bursts into laughter and you’re stunned, smacking him with your hand as you join him in laughing, sucking air through your teeth as you groan lightly. “I’ll admit that was a good one Parker.” You grunt through gritted teeth, only to be met by a curious gaze.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve cracked a few ribs…” Peter’s eyes widen as he lifts your bag, walking you to his room. “Crap! I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You offer him a toothy grin, groaning as you sit on his bed. “That’s okay Peter, you didn’t know. Besides, a "that’s what she said” joke is worth it.“

Pausing, you stare at Peter expectantly, raising an eyebrow when you realize he hasn’t gotten the message. "Peter, I’m gonna need to take off my clothes so I can see what I need to fix. Do you wanna help me, or?” You wriggle your eyebrows, causing his cheeks to tinge a light pink.

“N-no! I mean I totally would, but- Wait no! Actually forget I said that! I’ll wait outside.” He stutters out, leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. You walk over to his mirror and begin undressing, stripping until you’re standing in just your bra and underwear.

Lightly prodding your abdominal area, you hiss out in pain as you realize you’ve cracked what must be two ribs. Your stomach is covered in bruises, and you can feel cuts on other parts of your body. You turn around, craning your head over your shoulder to see where the rest of the cuts are.

Aside from a few scrapes, there’s one particular laceration that you’re sure will need stitches. Unfortunately, it’s all the way at the top of your thigh, and there’s no way you could reach it without damaging yourself further. You groan, placing a hand on your face as you realize what you’re going to have to do.

Due to your slightly sped healing, some of the pain has faded. You walk over to your backpack. Pulling out your first aid kit, you bite your lip as you think if you can really ask Peter to do this. You could manage without stitches, but then you risk infection, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Pulling on your tank top, you reach into your backpack again, taking out a towel you normally use to apply pressure to wounds. Wrapping the towel around your waist, you take the first aid kit and feel your nerves working themselves over.

You step into the hallway, carefully making your way into the living room, where Peter seems to be on the phone. His back is to you, so you shamelessly check him out. “Great so it’ll be here in ten minutes? Thank you, have a good night.” He places the landline phone back into its holder and turns around, jumping when he sees you.

“Hey! I just ordered a pizza, it’ll be here soon…” Peter blushes when he takes in your appearance, his eyes raking up and down your body. “Um Y/N… why aren’t you wearing pants?” His eyes snap up to yours as if he’d been caught, trying to maintain just eye contact.

You nervously tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, taking a breath. “Well here’s the thing… Have you ever done stitches before?” You anticipate his answer, waiting for him to look at you like you’re crazy. Little did you know how his “Stark internship” required him to learn some first aid skills.

Instead you’re met with an apprehensive smile, one that reminds you why you like this boy so much. “Yeah I have- do you need some help?” Now it’s your turn to blush, not knowing if this would turn extremely awkward or extremely intimate. Probably a bit of both.

“I do- there’s this cut but it’s right above the back of my thigh, so you’d have to be touching… there.” You add clumsily, feeling your blush deepen. “Oh. Um… yeah that’s fine, I could totally do that.” Peter exaggerates, crossing his arms and leaning against the counter.

“Great! Here,” You step forward, giving him the first aid kit. Walking over to Peter, you release a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding and take the towel off, leaving you in a tank top and your underwear. Gathering the courage to face him, you slowly turn around, looking at him through guarded eyes.

“It’s um,” You turn and point to the gash, “Right here.” You could hear Peter swallow and take a few steps forward, feeling your heart thunder in your ribcage. “What position should you be in? I can’t stitch you up if you’re standing…” Peter mumbles, feeling just as awkward as you.

You consider his question, momentarily forgetting that you’re standing in front of the guy you like in your underwear. You could go on the couch, but your skin would fold weirdly and make the stitches that much harder to do. The wound needs to be very lightly stretched, so that the needle could get in and out with ease.

You squeeze your eyes shut and purse your lips together, placing a hand on your forehead. Without saying anything, you take a shaky breath and walk over to the counter where Peter is, leaning your forearms on the marble and arching your back, moving your legs back so that the wound is exposed.

You turn your head to the left and look at Peter, whose gaze seems to be on something other than your cut. Temporarily forgetting your embarrassment, you become impatient, gaining back some of your sarcastic personality. You cock and eyebrow, clearing your throat to get Peter’s attention.

His eyes dart to yours, his mouth slightly parting as he breathes heavily. “Peter,” He hums in recognition and swallows, “as entertaining as having you staring at my ass is, can you stitch me up and stare later please?”

He audibly gasps, and his entire demeanour has you using every ounce of self control to stop from kissing him right then and there. “Yeah of course! I wasn’t- um… okay I’m just going to go here…” Peter moves behind you, kneeling so that he could get a better view of your cut.

Holding the needle and thread between two fingers, he clutches the towel in his left hand and uses his right hand to pour rubbing alcohol onto it. He carefully presses the dampened rag to your cut, causing you to arch your back even more.

You hiss out in pain, trying to focus on something else. “Sorry! I’m sorry…” Peter apologizes, quickening his pace and after a few seconds taking the rag away. “It’s okay Peter, you’re just helping me. Thank you.” You soothe him, feeling guilt for forcing him to stare at your ass.

“Most of the bleeding’s stopped now, but it’s still safe to stitch so the scar isn’t as big.” He explains, and you nod, still feeling awkward for having Peter’s face inches from your rear. “This is gonna hurt…” He mumbles, finally piercing the needle through your skin.

You grit your teeth and groan, clutching the edge of the countertop as Peter apologizes over and over again. He works quickly, finally finishing his work after a minute. By the time he’s done, you’re out of breath, faintly panting.

You turn around to thank Peter, holding out a hand so you can help him up. He gladly takes it, smiling at you. Without warning you pull him into a hug, minding your injuries. “Thank you so much Peter.” Mumbling into his shoulder, he seems shocked but responds, moving to hold you close. Not wanting to leave the moment, you stay there, until you feel something and freeze.

“Peter… Are you pointing a gun at me with a third arm or are you just happy to see me?” You ask casually, biting your lip to suppress a fit of giggles that threaten to leave your mouth. Peter immediately pulls away, opening his mouth as if coming up with an excuse, but shutting it.

“What’d you expect me to do? You’re standing in your underwear!” He exclaims, waving his arms forward for emphasis. Peter’s a blushing, stuttering, adorable mess, and you cross your arms over your chest, finally releasing a small chuckle and instantly regretting it. “I can’t blame you… Anyway, my legs are cold so I’m gonna go put pants on.”

You brush past him, not having to look back to know his eyes are on you. “Wait,” he calls out, rushing to walk ahead of you and into his room. You follow him in warily, watching him with curious eyes as he shuffles through his drawers. “Aha!” He pulls out a pair of sweatpants.

Walking over to you, he holds them out, and you graciously take the grey cotton, hugging it to your chest. “I figured your leggings’ll be uncomfortable with the cut, so you can borrow these.” You grin, nodding at Peter. “I’ll change into these fast so that you don’t get too excited.”

He chokes up, pointing at you accusingly. “Y-You-” You cut him off by placing a kiss on his cheek, pulling back to be met by a stunned Peter. “I’m kidding. Seriously, thank you for everything. You’re amazing.” He beams proudly, showing you all his teeth. “I know I’m amazing Y/N, but thank you for the compliment.”

You cock an eyebrow, deciding to pay him back for the playful arrogance. Without forewarning, you turn around and bend over as much as you can without hurting yourself, giving Peter a full view. After waiting a few seconds you shrug on the sweatpants, turning around and staring at him as if nothing happened.

His jaw is slackened and his breathing is audible, his pupils dilated. “Something wrong Parker?” You smirk, turning around again to grab your wallet, discretely tucking it into your pocket so Peter wouldn’t see you trying to pay for the pizza. After you’ve walked past him and into the kitchen, you hear his voice from behind you. “You’re evil…”

Before you can reply, the sound of the doorbell echoes through the apartment, so you rush as fast as you can to the entrance. Despite Peter’s protests you open the door, greeting the delivery man with a smile. He must be around your age, his posture looks unprofessional and he looks like he’s bored out of his mind, until he occupies himself with staring at your cleavage.

“Evening ma'am, pepperoni pizza for a Peter Parker?” His eyes leave your cleavage and move to the boy who now flanks you, his arms crossed in a defensive stance. “Yeah, that’s me.” Sensing the tension, you pull out your wallet, gaining back the pizza boy’s attention. “How much?” You ask, opening the clip.

“That’ll be 12 dollars miss.” He hands the box to Peter, a pompous smirk painting his features. “And maybe I could get your number too?” He adds, no remorse or hesitance to his words. You glare at him as you pull out the exact amount for the pizza, thinking he doesn’t deserve any extra.

Upon realizing this, his eyebrows knit together and a small frown crosses his face. “No tip?” You scoff, rolling your eyes. “Do you really think I’ll give you a tip after you blatantly check me out and then proceed to ask for my number? Leave. Now.” He flares his nostrils and storms away, leaving you to shut and lock the door.

You turn to face Peter, who’s already in the kitchen getting two plates. “Can you believe him? What an ass…” After receiving no response you saunter over to the counter, placing your crossed arms on the marble in front of you. “You okay Parker?”

When he turns around he’s holding two plates with pizza, and his jaw is clenched. “What’s wrong?” You ask, taking a plate from him and motioning for the both of you to go to Peter’s room. Once the two of you are seated cross-legged on his bed, he speaks quietly. “It’s nothing, I just didn’t like the way he spoke to you. But that doesn’t matter, I need to know about your fight.”

You put down the slice of pizza you had begun chewing on, swallowing thickly. You hadn’t said anything about the Stark “internship”, due to the possibility of Peter connecting the dots and figuring out where you actually lived. “It was just a mugging, but don’t worry. I’m okay, see?” You gesture to your body, but that doesn’t seem to convince the person sitting in front of you.

“Why don’t I believe you?” You expect him to be angry, and that would make it so much easier to defend yourself, but he just looks hurt, concerned for your safety. “I don’t know, okay? How come you can ask me about this but I never ask about your Stark internship?”

You had pieced together that Peter was Spider-Man when he started running off for his “internship”, but you wanted to hear it from him. You did have plans to confront him about it since you were done waiting, but then the robbery took place and your plans changed drastically.

Peter still looks hurt, and the guilt washes over you like a cold spray of water. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust Peter, but there was still that sense of insecurity that held you back from telling him your secret. He was quiet, something about him you kept finding unsettling. “What if I told you why I run off then? Would you finally tell me why you keep doing the same?”

You take a bite of pizza, taking some time to consider the outcome of both your revelations as you chew. Maybe if you could muster up the courage to tell him about the root of your injuries, you could also throw in that you have a massive crush on him. It’s all or nothing, Y/N. You mentally prep yourself, silently nodding at Peter.

He stands, taking a broomstick from near his doorway and jamming it into the square panel on his ceiling, watching you with anticipation as his suit falls out. “This is what the Stark internship really is, Y/N.” You smile up at Peter from your seated position, your lips turning up even more as he tilts his head to the side and parts his lips at your reaction.

“Why aren’t you more surprised?” His question is simple, and you can’t wait to watch his reaction when he sees that your situations are quite similar. “Because,” You place your plate onto the floor, lightly groaning as you do so. Grabbing your backpack, you unzip it and pull out your suit, standing and holding it in front of you. “Of this.” You finish, hiding your face behind the cloth.

Pulling it down, you see Peter’s bewildered expression and explain further. “I’ve got the same sort of Stark "internship” as you, when I got here I had just covered the nearby bank robbery.“ His mouth parts in a silent Oh as he takes in the new information.

"So you knew I was Spider-Man?” You nod, folding the suit and placing it back into your bag, unable to stop your rambling. “Yeah, and I didn’t confront you because I wanted to hear it from you. I did have plans to talk to you about it tonight because I was getting tired of you not knowing I knew about you being Spiderboy but then there was the bank robbery and I came here because it wasn’t safe for me to go all the way back to the Stark compound. By the way that’s where I live. My roommates are actually the avengers. Anyway, then I came over here and practically shoved my ass in your goddamn face and I’m freaking out because I really like you.”

You finish with a gasp, panting as you try to regain your breath. Peter’s eyes are as wide as saucers as he attempts to process all the information you just forced down his throat. From all the things you told him, he seems to focus on one particular thing.

“Y-you like me?” His mouth slightly parts and you feel your heartbeat quicken, the blood rushing to your cheeks. “I um… Yes. I like you a lot. As in, I find you really awesome and when you walk into a room I want to make out with you.” You gasp loudly, slapping a hand onto your mouth. “Did I really just say that?”

Peter’s expression goes from one of surprise to one of joy, a huge, almost nervous grin taking over his features. “Yeah you did. And lucky for you Y/N, I-I find you awesome too.” You take a step forward, looking up at him. “What are you gonna do about it?”

He stares down at you, his pupils dilating just as they had when he saw you in your underwear. He places a hand on the side of your face, using his thumb to tuck some hair behind your ear. “This.” He leans down, pressing his lips to yours.

You respond instantly, moving your lips in sync with his as you take a few steps forward, pressing him against his now-closed door. His other hand rests on your hip, too apprehensive to move down any further. You move it for him, eliciting a small groan when you gently grab his wrist and place it on your rear.

He gets some confidence and gently squeezes, pulling a soft moan from your lips. You grind yourself against his body, taking your other hand and placing it behind his neck.

After about a minute, the two of you pull away for air, locked in a lustful gaze as both of you inhale deeply. Not knowing what to say, Peter says the first thing that pops into his head. “I think you should come over more often.”

You lift an eyebrow and snicker, composing yourself before pressing your forehead to his. “Agreed. One hundred percent. Except maybe we should wait a bit before either of us take our pants off.” He chuckles smoothly, tenderly pressing his lips to yours again. “If you say so.”

You look behind you, staring at the pizza that’s been abandoned on the floor. Turning back to Peter, you look at him guiltily. “As much as I like you Parker, I like pizza a lot too.” You turn away, kneeling down to grab a slice before handing another one to him, your smile widening as he returns your expression, shaking his head at your antics.

“Hey Y/N, does this mean that Spider-Man and Y/S/N are gonna be the new dynamic duo?” The two of you sit back on his bed, right across from each other. “I think you mean Spider Boy, Parker.” You mumble through your pizza, watching with amusement as he feigns outrage, placing a hand over his heart.

“That offends me deeply Y/N, you’re lucky I like you.” You finish chewing and swallow, leaning forward and giving him a quick peck on the lips. “You’re lucky I like you too Parker.”

my only angel

Based off my favorite song from the album and my favorite pet name. I’m not going to edit this so please ignore any glaring mistakes.Thank you for reading and i hope you have a swell day!

You had the string of the tea bag twirled around your finger.

Slowly, you dipped it into the mug with steaming water, humming along to the radio playing softly in the corner of Harry’s rather large kitchen. You were wide awake at seven this morning and no matter how hard you tried to go back to sleep, you couldn’t. So you stumbled out of Harry’s plush bed and found his pajama pants and a discarded t-shirt sitting on the ottoman in front of his reading chair. You needed socks for your insanely cold feet now, but you weren’t going to go back upstairs to disturb him. He was sleeping soundly and you didn’t have the heart to go back up there. So you decided to stay down here on the first floor drinking a cup of tea while you tried to get some work done.

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With You Tonight - Thomas Imagine (SMUT)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Okay so I haven’t written any Thomas imagines for so long or any at all since my fic so I decided to write a little something. Haha I don’t know where I was trying to go with this one… so my bad if it’s bad. Hopefully it isn’t too bad. And sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc. Also for any autocorrect mistakes since I wrote this one on my phone.


Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Warning: Smut!
Word count: 1675

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Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary - When you are certain no one notices what you’re going through your favorite supersoldier steps in to save the day.

Prompt: #31. “I love you so much, you saved my life.”

Warnings - wee bit of angst, but I make up for it with fluff

Word Count - 1776

Notes - For @bucky-plums-barnes 8,000 Followers Writing Challenge - congratulations on your milestone Gen! This fic idea has been rolling around in my head for awhile and I’m so glad you put all this together cause it gave me the push I needed to finish it and put it out there. I started this fic on one of my really down days (which coincidentally occur during my period go figure) and those are the emotions I’m channeling here. If only we all had a Bucky to be there for us like this…

My Masterlist

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You couldn’t stop crying. And it didn’t make sense. You couldn’t really pinpoint why you felt the way you did, on a normal day you were a regular ray of sunshine, always with a kind word or encouragement for your teammates, quick to whip up someone’s favorite cookie or make an impromptu Starbucks run. But today, today you were the one out of sorts. You were the one who needed someone, anyone, to just notice that you hadn’t shown your face today. To notice that you hadn’t posted anything on social media. Just to notice you. At all.

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jadepresley  asked:

I can't find the prompt post so I'm just gonna wing it and hope this fits your request for prompts! Drarry OBVIOUSLY + their first Christmas together 🎄💜

It was fun writing this one! Because Drarry and Christmas is  😍 . I love it, and I love you. Thanks for always listening to me whine, even when it’s just a Tim Tam crisis. Please never stop writing far more beautiful smut than me, because the world needs to not be relying on my smut to get by…

*WARNING* There is smut ahead. It’s tame and super fluffy. It’s also short, and pretty badly written, frankly. But it exists. You can skip this one if you want. I warn because I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve Tumblr Smut-ted, even in the vague ‘the cocks are out’ kind of way that this is written.  😉  

Deck the Halls (with Draco’s body)

“You said this was a good idea,” Draco complained, running around and trying to put the last string of lights up, failing miserably because he was casting his sticking charms too quickly. Hermione laughed and sent the charm after him, securing the dangling lights.

“It is a good idea,” she said. “He’s going to love it. You better hurry, though, he’ll be home any second. I heard him land downstairs a moment ago.”

Draco, red and exhausted, hand through his hair and stood in the middle of the living room nervously.  The key to the front door unlocked a moment later, scraping just as it always did, the hinges squeaking painfully. He felt stupid. He could have just fixed the front door as a gift. That would have been less absurd. As soon as Harry entered the room, Draco threw his hands above his head. Feeling absolutely ridiculous, he shouted ‘Surprise!’, making Harry jump.

Harry, recovering quickly, looked all around the flat; he took in the lights, the stockings, the decorations and the table laden with cookies and decorating supplies. The fire crackled loudly in the corner — the fire they never lit because it made the flat too hot. Obviously, someone had cast a shield over it, because the flat was the same temperature as always. He turned to face Draco carefully.
Draco, who wouldn’t meet his eyes and looked about to pass out.

“What did you do to him?” Harry said to Hermione.

“I didn’t do anything, but he does seem to be broken,” Hermione laughed.

“Shut up both of you,” Draco hissed, returning to himself a bit and glaring.

Harry grinned at him with his lopsided grin, and asked, “What is this?”

Draco inhaled carefully and looked at the floor.

“Hermione told me you never had a Christmas with the terrible family,” he started.  “I–I just figured you should get to do all the things that you missed out on, so I bought a real tree so we can decorate it, and there is cookie dough in the fridge, and we can roast marshmallows on the fire and wrap our gifts together, and we can do this tomorrow if you want because I know you’re probably tired, and I’m sorry this is stupid, isn’t it? I blame Granger.”

“You told him I never had Christmas?” Harry asked, looking at Hermione.

“You didn’t.” She shrugged. 

Harry shrugged in return. “I had Christmas at Hogwarts.”

“That’s Hogwarts,” Draco insisted. “Everyone has Christmas at Hogwarts. It’s not the same.”

Harry looked around again as he stepped forward and took off his coat. He carefully surveyed the bright shining twinkling, the fake snow on the windows, the glitter everywhere, inhaled the smell of the fire and the tree. He whirled back around.

“Hermione you’re going to want to leave now,” he said gently.

“What? Why?”

“Well,” Harry inhaled. “I’m going to ravage my boyfriend now, possibly right here in this room. I mean, if that’s something you like to witness, I guess that’s fine. Although, I’ve never thought we had that type of relationship.”

Hermione threw her hands up in defeat and backed out slowly, wishing them a ‘festive celebration’ as she laughed.

“You gave me Christmas,” Harry said, cocking his head to study Draco’s face.

“I mean I know it’s a little silly —” Draco started.

“Draco you gave me Christmas for Christmas,” Harry repeated. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fuck you right now?”

Draco opened his mouth to reply, but he didn’t have time. Harry was right in front of him, arms everywhere on his body at once, dragging his head back and nipping at his neck.

“I honestly can’t think of any reasons at all,” Draco hummed, inhaling Harry, who smelled of work and cold. He pulled Harry’s face back from his neck to look at him. “Did you mean it? Right here?”

Harry grinned wickedly as he pulled up the hem of his jumper, but by the time it was off his head, he looked a little worried. “I mean, only if you want to,” he said nervously.

“God, yes,” Draco smirked, moving forward to run his hands under Harry’s t-shirt, simultaneously pulling it off and flattening his palms against the warm skin below. He pressed kisses to the skin he exposed, pulling Harry’s trousers down too. It was always his favourite thing to leave Harry exposed and shivering while he was still fully clothed himself. “Though, we don’t exactly have the necessary supplies.”

“Think I can handle that,” Harry declared, flicking a careless wrist toward the bedroom. Draco murmured, incoherently impressed, as a surge of wandless magic washed over him and the lube flew from the cupboard and into Harry’s outstretched hand.

Harry laughed. “Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the expression on your face when I do that,” he teased.

“Don’t think you understand how bloody gorgeous everything feels when you do that,” Draco replied. “And then you always go and ruin it by talking.”

“Shut me up, then,” Harry crooned.

Draco wasted no time doing just that. Christmas lights twinkled in the corner of his eye as he kissed Harry softly. For all his teasing, he was glad Harry seemed to like the decor; this was their first Christmas in the flat, after all. It had been a gamble to make him celebrate before he knew how Harry felt about the holiday.

“You need to make sure no one ever finds out how sentimental you are,” Harry said when they broke apart. “It will completely destroy your reputation.”

Draco sighed happily as Harry pulled his jumper off, undid Draco’s trousers, wasted no time as he lowered them both to the ground.

“You meant like right here, then,” Draco smiled, pulling Harry flush against him, wrapping his legs around him tightly.

“Yes,” Harry nodded, nuzzling Draco’s neck. “But not like this, I want to see everything, the decorations.”

Draco laughed as Harry pulled him to kneeling and forced him to turn around. His knees creaked and he kept giggling, right up until Harry’s hand hit the curve of his arse, slick with lube Draco hadn’t heard him apply. His laugh turned into a murmured yes as Harry’s hand ran down the crack between his cheeks, softly caressing but not really doing much more.

“Whaddya think, D? Can you take me without prep? This is a repeat of this morning, after all,” Harry asked softly, smirking as he tugged on Draco’s hair gently.

Draco growled as his cock finished filling, Harry’s hand still just a soft press of fingers, his words drawing Draco fully hard and ready.

“We’ll never know if we don’t try, will we?” Draco answered a moment later. He had no time to regret his words because Harry chose that moment to line up and push into Draco with a subtle groan. Harry had been right; Draco’s body shifted and adjusted without hesitation, and he grinned at the floor, stretching back into Harry’s grip.

“You good?” Harry gritted, clearly trying to steady himself and stay still. Draco laughed and shifted his hips back, rocking and encouraging Harry.

“Perfect,” Draco hissed. “I’m perfect, Harry. You’re perfect.”

Harry lovingly rubbed Draco’s back as he began to move, reaching forward to twist Draco’s cock in a languid grip. Longevity didn’t seem to be Harry’s goal as he set a speedy pace, shifting Draco’s knees against the carpet in a motion that may be painful later but for now, caused a wonderful friction that he loved. He dropped his elbows to the carpet to push Harry deeper, and it was only moments before he felt himself shift into an even faster rhythm, Harry’s filthy grunting and slapping pushing Draco over the edge quickly. Harry followed, and Draco collapsed quickly, being smothered by Harry’s warm weight and open-mouthed kisses on his shoulders.

A few moments later, Draco flung his arms out across the rug, wincing slightly when the carpet burns on the backs of his arms made contact. He turned to grin at Harry as he asked, “Do you think that this flat knew when we bought it that it would be shamelessly used for indecent purposes, in every single room?”

“Oh my God,” Harry groaned. “Was this the last room?”

Draco nodded and laughed against Harry’s chest as he moved to rest on him.

“I would have just bought a Christmas tree months ago if I’d known it was going to break your prudish ‘we can’t do it in the lounge where anyone can see’ rule,” Draco murmured, kissing Harry on the nipple and making him shudder.

“Not the tree, you git,” Harry yawned. “It’s you.”

Draco turned to watch the fairy lights as they twinkled; he watched the troll ornament from the flea market, the one that that moved around the mantle, shaking its club menacingly. He watched the pixie lights wink, listened to the carols in the background. It made him smile like a little kid.

“A little bit it’s the tree,” Draco said.

Harry smiled, kissing Draco on the nose. “Fine, a little bit it’s the tree.”

Smash or Pass -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn:Could you do a Calfreezy imagine where you’re a youtuber and secretly dating so when he does the smash or pass video your name comes up and he gets mad/protective??

A/N: Hey! I hope you like this! I had fun writing this! I changed it up a little bit but I hope you like it anyways!

Cal’s POV

“Ok but Sarah only has like 600 thousand subscribers, this is so unfair JJ.” Lux said, putting his face in his hands.

“I don’t care what he says; it’s a smash from me.” I said, laughing along with JJ.

“Well, alright then, next one!” We played alone for a couple more minutes, Lux’s response being Sarah wouldn’t approve and so forth.

“Cal you really need to at least have one smash bro, you’re ruining the game!” Jide exclaimed.

“Ok fine!” He sighed while I laughed.

“Ok so Y/N Y/L/N, smash or pass?” My mouth dropped open and I had to cover it up by pretending to yawn. I looked over at JJ who was already saying stuff like “the things I would do to her” making me clench my jaw and ball my fingers into a fist.

No one knew that Y/N was my girlfriend and I really had no idea that she was going to come up within these girls. I couldn’t really get mad at JJ because he had already put Sarah in the girls and he didn’t know that we were dating. I looked over at Cal who was already saying something about subscribers and Sarah and Jide who was rolling his eyes.

“Oh my God, Cal are you listening to him?” He laughed. I cleared my throat, getting out of my thoughts.

“Eh, yeah.”

“So Callum, smash or pass?”

“Smash.” I could feel my face heating up , which Cal had noticed. It was a habit of mine when I talked about someone close to me.

“Wait! Callum do you know something about her?” Lux questioned sitting up.

“No, what makes you think that?”

“Nothing in particular.” He looked over at JJ and laughed.

“Honestly, I’d fuck her so hard.” JJ said. I looked over at him giving him a death stare. “What? I’m being honest! You can’t tell me she’s not hot and you wouldn’t want to? I mean look at her? And I know she watched these videos so Y/N, it’s a very big smash from me!” JJ exclaimed.

“I agree with JJ, if I wasn’t with Sarah of course.” I looked over at Lux, giving him death stare.

“Look at her Cal! Did you see the pictures she posted when she went to the beach? She look bare good you know.”

“Yeah, I saw.” I gritted my teeth. “I’d rather you not talk about her like that. I actually know her personally and I wouldn’t want ruin our relationship.”

“Define relationship?” Lux leaned slightly over JJ to get a closer look at me.

“Why does it matter?”

“Because, you’re acting like she’s your girlfriend.” JJ laughed.

“Well, maybe she is.” I muttered hoping none of them heard.

“Wait, Lux did you hear that? I heard that. ‘Maybe she is’? Maybe she’s your girlfriend?” JJ hit Lux’s shoulder out of sudden outburst.

“I’ll tell you if promise to edit this out.” He nodded frantically.

Y/N and I met at a Youtubers event last summer. At first she really didn’t like me, she thought I was obnoxious and stuck up but after a while these opinions vanished and she grew to like me. To my surprise she wanted to take this friendship further and I agreed. I was whipped and I fell in love with her. Once I explained it to them, they were dumbfounded.

“Well, well, well, who ever thought Mr Callum Airey would ever fall in love?“ Lux smiled at me.

“For real though, congrats man. I heard she’s a really nice girl so don’t treat her bad and it’s finally time you’ve settled down!” JJ laughed. We then went on to continue the video.


I sat down at my desk and logged into my computer. The first thing I did was check my business emails; answering a few and forwarding some to my manager. I then proceeded to check my personal email where most of it was just promo for shops and businesses but I also had one sent from JJ.

JJ and I had been friends for a long time, I’d met him at a gaming event a couple of years ago and ever since then we’ve been good friends. Knowing how JJ is he did have his sexual remarks and jokes but I always laughed and dismissed them because he was like a brother to me.

So when I saw this email, I really didn’t know what expect. I clicked it open and saw it was a little snippet of the Smash or Pass video he’d done with the two Cal’s. Callum had already told me that he had told them that we were dating because I had come up in the video. I watched the whole video out of curiosity and mostly because I was bored but it was quite funny to see Cal contain himself when JJ started talking about me.

I clicked onto the email and felt a bit wary of the message he’d left at the top which read ‘Enjoy’. Callum started explaining how we met at how i initially felt about him but how I grew to like him and stuff. He’d told me he told them that so I was quite confused why JJ would send me this.

“Honestly, I first saw her, I was completely in shock because I watched her YouTube videos before hand and it didn’t feel real. It was like love at first sight. She was literally an angel. She was and still is matter of fact the most beautiful woman I had ever seen so when she turned me down the first time, I was like nope I’m going to keep trying.” I teared up a bit when he said this because I never knew he felt like this.

“And the other day, I was with the guys and a few of them were like lusting over her Instagram and it took every fibre of my body not to beat the shit out of them because when you see guys doing that to your girlfriend it makes you mad, vulnerable and not good enough, you know what I mean?” Lux nodded and JJ muttered he agreed.

“So, I kept silent because I didn’t want to start anything because I know she wouldn’t want me to and honestly it just wouldn’t feel right. Anyways back to the point. I’m completely and utterly in love with her but she doesn’t know because I don’t know how to tell her.” I started sobbing quietly because I didn’t know he felt like this. I finished the rest of the video and wiped my tears and decided to FaceTime him.

“Hey! What’s up?” He answered immediately.

“Hi. Just been watching some stuff. Are you free to come over today?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes.

“Yeah! Wait, have you been crying? Oh God, you have. I’m coming over right now.” I began to explain to him not worry that I wasn’t upset it was more of a happy cry but he didn’t seem to want to understand, so I laughed at him and told him I’d seen him in a bit.

I made myself somewhat decent, just by fixing my hair and putting on a a cleaner hoodie. It wasn’t even 45 minutes until I heard the apartment phone ring. I opened the gates for him and opened the front door slightly so I wouldn’t have to get up to answer the door.

I heard him frantically take off his jacket and shoes at the front door and yell for my name. I called out for him and told him I was in my room. I got up and gave him a long hug and kiss before directing him to my bed.

Once we were comfortable, we started talking about our day and what we were going to do for the rest of the day. We then fell into a comfortable silence.

“Is everything alright? Why were you crying?” He broke the silence unexpectedly but I knew he was going to ask.

“JJ sent me something and it made me quite emotional,” he had already opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. “Before you start saying you’re going to kill him because we both know you won’t it was a happy kind of emotional to keep it together Airey!” He grinned at me.

“Ok fine, so are you going to show me?” I nodded and grabbed my iPad off of my nightstand. I clicked into the email app and opened the email. I shuffled around a bit so he could see making sure we were both comfortable. Once he saw the thumbnail he gave me a weird look.

“I thought you watched the video.”

“I did but just watch.” I smiled. I played the video and all the emotion came back, tear falling out of my eyes but I wiped them away as quickly as I could but I had the biggest smile on face.

Once the video was done, I sat on his lap, facing him. “That was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard that’s ever come out of your mouth.” I laughed softly. He looked away which made me frown.

“Cal? Whats wrong?”

“I didn’t want to say ‘I love you’, in your bedroom.” He chuckled.

I shrugged because I really didn’t care. He could’ve said while we were in the bathroom I really wouldn’t have cared.

“Cal, I don’t care. As long I’m with you, I’m happy.” He sighed.

“Well, Y/N, I do love you, so much. You really do mean so much to me. Honestly, I do understand if you’re not ready to say it but I do love you.” I smiled and just kissed him.

“I love you too.”

Imagine being one of the Avengers and you’re friends with Deadpool, but no one approves

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“(y/n) nothing good can come out of this” Steve said to you, acting like an overprotective dad. You looked around the room, hoping someone would agree with you on this. But everyone seemed against it.

“Come on you guys! Tony, you’ve got to be on my side for this, right?”

“Sorry (y/n), but I’m with cap on this one.” Tony said looking slightly embarrassed.

“We just want you to be safe (y/n)” Bruce said.

“Seriously?!” you exclaimed “Nothing bad is going to happen”

“Oh hey did I lose the invite. I wanna come to super hero con.” Wade said as he waltzed into the room.

“Not a really good time wade” you said through gritted teeth.

“How did you get in here?” Natasha said, looking like she wanted to cut his head off, “no one should have access to this floor.”

“Well my bff (y/n) gave me a key cause we’re gonna have a super fun sleep over!”

“Get out” Clint said, deadpanned.

“whaaaaa??!” Wade said with mock shock.

“Lets just go to your apartment Wade, it’s not worth it”

“Okay, but only if you promise we can paint each other’s nails!” he said hooking arms with you and skipping to the elevator. You started skipping with him, giggling like two schoolgirls.

“Bye bye you guys-love you!” wade said to the team, blowing a kiss before the elevator doors closed.

“Well that went well,” you said to Wade before you both bursted out laughing.

Nightwing x Reader: Worthy

Anon: 16. “I’m the one you want, not him/her!”
+ 41. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.”
w/ Nightwing (angst to fluff). Probs s/o was feeling insecure with their relationship ever since Dick became leader but he assures her he still loves her? 🌸 congrats on reaching 300! I honestly believe you deserve more because your writing is just beautiful 😭👌

16. “I’m the one you want, not him/her!”
41. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.”

Word Count: 3151 (I got carried away again…)

Warnings: Very heated moment, sexual references, description of injures, blood, angst, and the like.

A/n: Aww, thank you sweetie! I hope this is what you were looking for! By the way, your alias as a vigilante is Blitz; suggested by a lovely anon!

You sat alone in the kitchen in the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, Dick Grayson. The light above the island was dim, and occasionally flickered. There were so many different emotions whirling around inside you and you felt like crying, but you couldn’t. You refused. It was a long mission and Dick had to finish some things up, being the leader of the team and all, and he made you go home without him. He said it was because you were tired and deserved to rest, but ever since he became leader, you felt horrible inadequate.

    Was he ashamed to be seen with you? You often got hurt on missions when you did what you thought was best, but wasn’t a good fighter supposed to come out with only a few injuries? Maybe you weren’t a good fighter; that’s what you told yourself on the reg.

    You constantly asked yourself if you were even good enough to be his girlfriend. You thought he would look better if he was with a cooler, more beautiful woman instead of you. It was one of those dark moments you had, and they were becoming more frequent. You rarely had times when you didn’t feel good enough for Dick.

    The door opened and closed, and you ran your hand through your hair and wiped away any possible tears to look presentable. You relaxed when you felt Dick wrap his arms around your waist. “Hey, babe,” he murmured in your ear and yawned. “You looked amazing out there, you know that?”

    You couldn’t help but giggle. “So did you… but you always do.” You kissed his cheek and he chuckled.

    “I’m flattered, but you missed.” He said and put two fingers on your chin, turning your head to face him. Dick kissed you with all of the love and passion he had and it warmed you to your toes. You turned around and kissed back with just as much vigor, wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He pulled away for only a second to catch his breath before slanting his mouth over yours.

    You shuddered when Dick quietly groaned and he pulled you closer by your belt loops. The material of his Nightwing suit usually didn’t bother you, but you wanted it off; you needed to feel his skin.

    He pulled away again, and sweat ran down his neck. “I’ve been waiting to do that all day.” Dick quickly took off his mask and threw it into the living room. The gorgeous blue of his eyes was almost completely taken over by his dialated pupils. “If we were alone and not in front of them…” He whispered in your ear and trailed off to leave you to your imagination.

    “Sounds like you had a frustrating day, then.” You smirked. “I can’t say the same for me; I know how to control my urges and hormones-!” Dick suddenly lifted you up and put you on the counter, moving to stand between your legs.

    “You know I can take away that control in just a few minutes, (Y/n).” Dick slowly slipped his hands up your shirt and they rested on your waist.

     “We are not doing this in the kitchen; we eat out here!” You exclaimed, but you didn’t push him away.

     “We eat in the bedroom, too.” He winked at you.

     “Wha- Damn it, Richard!”

     Dick just laughed while moving you off the counter, and he carried you to your shared bedroom for obvious intentions.

You stood in the bio ship on the way to Santa Prisca with a professional stature and a serious face. Nightwing was a few feet away, and he occasionally shot you some flirty glances. 

     But you avoided them. He only recently started noticing your sudden great lack of affection in front of the team- or anyone, for that matter. While he saw no problem with your relationship, you felt more self conscious on this mission than most. He was the leader of the team, and you were just a normal plain hero among extraordinary individuals. That’s how you saw it, anyway.

     You briefly took your mind off of your insecurities and focused on the mission. Santa Prisca was by far one of your least favorite places to be. You had a bone to pick with Bane, and his second attempt at making Kobra “venom” made your jaw clench. You were assigned to lead Beta squad while Nightwing was going to lead Alpha Squad, which was normal. He didn’t put you on the same squad as him solely because he had to evenly spread out the skill levels and you were his girlfriend; that’d be making it personal and could be seen as playing favorites. That was one thing you were sure of and okay with.

     “Beta, here’s your drop point. You know the drill.” Nightwing said. 

     Beta Squad consisted of you, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl. You were good friends with the two of them, so working with them wasn’t going to be a problem, but your history with Bane was most likely going to be quite the obstacle.The hatch opened and Batgirl and Wonder Girl jumped out and you were about the do the same.

     Nightwing looked at you again and told you, “Be careful out there, Blitz.” All you did was nod once, and you leaped out of the bio ship with no hesitation. Your black expression that conveyed no sentiment and affection left Nightwing a little hurt and concerned. He didn’t know if you were unhappy with him or if something bigger was bothering you.

     The rest of the team teased him for a moment, but he sat there and worried.

How you got yourself roped, or in your case, chained into this position, you didn’t have a clue. Being separated from your squad wasn’t on the mission criteria, and being caught and chained to the ceiling by Bane definitely wasn’t. Your feet dangled above the floor and you sighed dramatically. It was a tough situation to get out of and you didn’t have enough time to free yourself of your restraints.

     The metal door slammed open and light filled the dark room immediately after. The loud and obnoxious screeching of a chair made you cringe as Bane dragged one in, and it had another person strapped to it. You almost paled when you saw it was Nightwing in the chair and there was a loud bang when Bane roughly put his chair next to you. 

     “Just curious, what are your intentions of having us here?” You asked Bane directly. “I torture usually isn’t your style…”

     The sharp glare Nightwing told you to stop provoking him, but you couldn’t help it. Bane was your archenemy; all you wanted to do was push his buttons.

     You rolled your eyes when Bane let out a loud laugh. “Still haven’t lost your spark, Blitz.” His Hispanic accent sent unpleasant chills down your spine. “You’re right; torture isn’t my deal. I have to test out the new Kobra-Venom, and you two are the perfect candidates.”

     You and Nightwing didn’t like the sound of that. “You’re going to inject us with that mierda? I didn’t think even you would go that low.” You scoffed, but you were terrified inside.

     He laughed again, and you felt a tiny bit relieved. “No, chica. You’ll be fighting them.”

     You didn’t know about your boyfriend, but you suddenly felt like vomiting. You saw what happened to the people who were forced to fight criminals that were injected with the Kobra-Venom, and it wasn’t pretty. No matter how big and bad or skilled they were, no one came out alive.

     Bane grabbed Nightwing by the hair, which made him grunt, and forced him to look him in the eye. “And you’re first!” 

     The loud rattling of chains startled Nightwing and both men looked at you. You were violently struggling to get out as you shouted, “Don’t you do a damn thing to him! I’m the one you want, not him!” Your past with Bane was something you seldom spoke about and very, very few people knew only some of the details. You knew a lot about what Bane could do and cause; you had the scars and mental trauma to prove it.

     “He is the leader, si?” Bane smirked tauntingly and raised an eyebrow. “What is a team without a leader?”

     “What is a leader without a team?” You countered without missing a beat. You prayed that he didn’t take it as you saying to kill the rest of your team on the spot. “Take me first, instead. Your quarrel is with me. I’m the one who has been causing trouble and raising hell for you for years now; this has nothing to do with Nightwing.”

     Bane contemplated it before letting go of Nightwing’s hair. “…If either of you even attempt to escape, both of you die. Comprende?” Nightwing nodded, while you responded in Spanish. “I will be back shortly, but just to let you know… He will be watching you.”

     Bane slammed the door shut and it was Nightwing’s turn to feel sick. His gaze snapped over to you and he hissed, “Why would you say that!? Why would you just give yourself up like that!?”

     “For the same reason you would!” You growled back. “No one has ever made it out of that arena alive. I love you and I-”

     “If the team doesn’t find us in time, then you’ll die, too!” He felt so conflicted; he understood what you were saying but he felt like he was being more rational. “What’s been your deal lately? I try to hold your hand and kiss you and even hug you, but you flat out refuse! And now you have a death wish!?”

     You confessed through gritted teeth, “Because I’m not good enough for you. Look at me! I’m nothing compared to you or any of the girls here. You’re the leader of this team; I’m not even close to what a leader should have.” You didn’t dare to look at him. “I’m not worthy enough to be seen as your lover.”

     “(Y/n), I-”

     Nightwing couldn’t say what he wanted to, for Bane burst in again and ripped your chain from the ceiling. He dragged you away from Nightwing and two other men carried him down a separate corridor.

     Bane took the honors of placing an iron collar around your neck that was attached to another chain and you snarled at him, “What the hell is this!?”

     “Your challenge. Like you said, chica, you are the one I’m after.”

A henchman you didn’t recognize roughly pulled you by your chain into the caged arena and attached the chain to the wall.

‘This is bullshit…’

     Bane was outside the cage nearby with his arms crossed, standing next to Nightwing who was still tied to a chair. He could easily get out, but he wasn’t going to risk getting you both killed. You quickly gave him a sympathetic look before you focused on the other side of the cage, preparing to meet your opponent.

     The man who brought you in scampered to get out of the arena, and you found out why. In walked an insanely tall, muscular, and horribly disfigured criminal who was turned into a disgusting beast. The muddy green skin, vein-y body, and sharp teeth were very off-putting.

     You got into a fighting stance and you were barely succeeding at not shaking in your shoes. For a fight to end, one contestant had to die and it was surely going to be you. You didn’t doubt that one bit.

     There were several different chants and sneers spoken in Spanish, but you paid no mind to them; they were the least of your problems. Your current problem could very well be unsolvable.

“I think we’ve all been waiting for this moment for a very long time, chica.” Bane rumbled, and cheers erupted in response. Nightwing watched in despair as the tall villain nodded at the inhuman beast.

With a roar, it ran at you and you barely ducked in time. You tried to move further away, but you gagged when you reached the end of the chain. That iron collar was no joke. You received a brutal punch to the gut and you hit the wall with a cry.

You fought back as well as you could and you were doing much better than any former human fighters in the arena. You hoped to make it out, unlike them. You kicked the beast in the face in a quick smooth move, and it snarled when it fell back a few feet. You weren’t prepared for it to grab your arm and throw you against the floor with almost deadly force. An average civilian would easily be dead by now. You painfully pulled yourself up from the floor and continued where you left off.

The iron collar around your neck was making you angrier and angrier, and you kept pulling on the chain with more and more strength. You used more of that strength to push through the pain in order to keep fighting, and to save the love of your life from suffering your fate. You glanced at him and you never saw him so ragged with stress before. If he didn’t know better, he would be screaming and fighting for them to stop.

It hurt so bad when you took another two hits to the head, and another few to your torso. You wondered how you were still alive, but you weren’t complaining. If you weren’t dying in here, you had a hunch that you would die in the hospital or before anyone could reach you. You just sensed death. It was highly likely to be yours and you wished it wouldn’t be.

With an enraged yell, you pulled on the chain one more time and it snapped from the wall. It shocked your “audience” and you took advantage of your new weapon almost immediately. You swung the chain forward like a whip and it wrapped around the beast’s neck, effectively choking it. You knew it was heavily frowned upon to kill, but in this situation, you had no choice.

You jumped up and planted your feet on its back, using it as leverage to pull the chain even tighter. You were growling and quietly wailing in pain. Your entire body was hurting so, so bad. You heard it choking, and it weakly clawed at the chain, but the life eventually drained from the hideous creature and you got back on your feet before it could topple down on you.

The dead beast on the floor made you feel horribly guilty, and you put your hand on the back wall to steady yourself. “Is that all you-” You spat a bit of your blood from your mouth. “Is that all you got?” You were out of breath and your body was quaking, but you were still going to be forced to fight.

Bane looked surprised, but was pleased. “You are stronger than I thought, but I guarantee you won’t survive you next opponent.”

The blood drained from Nightwing’s face and he started to struggle. “No!” He growled, but Bane punched him to keep him quiet. Nightwing couldn’t stand seeing you with so many injuries, and the amount of your blood on the floor was sickening.

Suddenly, gunfire echoed around the facility, as did angry and surprise shouts in Spanish. Bane took that as his cue to run, and he did just that. “They’re here!” A criminal yelled before you heard a loud bang. You smiled lightly; that would be Conner’s work. You flinched when you moved just a bit; the pain was becoming almost unbearable. There was blood coming from a wound on your forehead, nose, and some from your mouth. You felt your broken ribs and you were eternally thankful that they didn’t pierce a lung. But you didn’t have much time left. You desperately needed medical attention, or else you would never make it home.

You saw Wonder Girl untying Nightwing and she asked, “Where’s Blitz? Is she-” Cass turned and saw you inside the large, caged arena. She gasped when she saw how injured you were, and you suddenly landed on your hands and knees.

Your chest was heaving and you dug your nails into the floor, clenching your eyes shut as tears escaped. Cass immediately punched through the caged and rushed to you, catching and lifting you into her arms before you fell on your side.

You weakly reached your hand out to Nightwing, who was quickly by your side. The last thing you saw and felt was your boyfriend grabbing and holding your hand, before everything went black. 

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dick growled the moment you opened your eyes. The hospital bed you were in was surprisingly comfortable, but the way he was looking at you was not.

You looked up at the ceiling and sighed in irritation. “I believed we already went over this, Dick.”

“Yeah, but I’d like to hear a logical explanation this time.”

You glared back at him. “You’re more important to this team than I am; you all know that!” Your had curled into a fist and your nails dug into your palm. “I know what happens in that ‘arena’. I didn’t want you to suffer the same fate as the previous victims. I did it because I love you, damn it.” You gritted your teeth and looked away from him. “I’d never hesitate to give my life up for yours.”

Dick took off his sunglasses and his glare turn to an expression of sadness, but with love. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.” His statement surprised you. “You’ve already done so much for me… But you were willing to die for me, even though you think you’re nothing and aren’t worthy to be with me.” He grabbed your hand and held it as if there was no tomorrow. “Babe, you are worthy. You’re more than worthy. There’s not a single reason for you not to be. There’s not a single reason that would deter me from loving you. Remember that.”

It brought tears to your eyes. No one had ever loved you as much as he did. You lightly squeezed his hand and gave him a grin. “I love you.” The words left your mouth almost everyday, but for some reason, they had more meaning in this moment.

“I love you, too, babe.”

I can’t write about Bane, the ending is disgustingly cheesy, and just… eh. Thanks for reading!