Harrrrrdddd Hitting Dubstep tune from Gritlock, check this one out, oh and please subscribe to my channel. It really helps me out :D

Need some mean beats to rage to? well My hombres from Gritlock have a nasty little freebie for you guys to sink your teeth into. This one’s coming at you as an appetizer for the new Decibel Destruction EP dropping next week via Dirty Recordz, a label run by another pair of friends of mine Beazt and The Plague who also have a group alias of their own Grindhouse. Good group of guys all around so show them some love :D

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  Logo i’m currently working on for my friends Gritlock, a couple of homies that reside down in the Bay Area. check out this big tune of theirs that I love to death !

BTW if you’re am up and coming producer in need of a logo and you think our styles would mesh well please feel free to shoot me an email with details.  Don’t want to discriminate too much here but you have to be on your way up, no amateurs please ;)