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Me, Not Her | A | .01

Kwon Jiyong | BIGBANG | 1K Words | .01 .02

When you given up, and no matter what you do it’s never good enough.

When you never thought that it could ever get this tough.

That’s when you feel my kind of love.


We Can’t Be Friends

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I'm weak for these soulmate headcanons (if it's not to much could you hit us with that sendak soulmate headcanons and ulaz soulmate headcanons?)

Sendak Soulmate!AU headcanons you say?? Well, this could get interesting~ since this was so long already I’m just gonna keep it Sendak. You can send in another request for Ulaz is you’d like!

Edit: I’m gonna stop it here but if you want more, lemme know!!

– Ryan

• He would consciously reject his soulmate, even before meeting them
• Every time he sees the mark on the inside of his palm, he’s filled with contempt and rage
• He doesn’t need anyone
• He doesn’t need a mate
• Especially someone that would only weigh him down
• You, on the other hand, were looking forward to meeting your soulmate
• You’d look to the mark on the inside of your palm, feeling thankful that there was even someone out there for you
• Just waiting for you to find them
• Though it would come as a surprise to Sendak, who finds it out first
• He’d be extra aggressive and punishing toward you
• But you just think it’s a way to test your grit, and you try harder and harder with each task he gives because for some you feel driven to prove your worth for him
• And it pisses him off to no end
• Bc why the fuck aren’t you crying?
• Why haven’t you broken yet?
• Even worse, why do you keep coming back for each and every challenge he gives you??
• One day you leave your barracks late at night to do some training
• You know you’ll get in trouble if you’re caught, but you want to prove to yourself that you can handle the extra work, and maybe this time your extra efforts would reward you praise from Sendak
• But as soon as you walk into the room your heart drops
• Because there he is, training
• And you’re expecting to get an earful and a half from him
• He looks like he’s oozing Hell’s Wrath
• But you notice the mark on his palm, the one wrapped around his weapon
• And when he notices your stare, it’s his turn for his heart to drop
• He expected himself to react differently, but your reaction was something that surprised him
• Instead of looking at him in disgust, or even questioning how he was treating you when he knew you were his soulmate
• No, your reaction is one of adoration, and you look… content. 
• “I knew there was something special about you.”

in which harry and y/n get off on the wrong foot… 

Y/N looked and felt disgusting. Her hair was a travesty from the humidity from the kitchen she worked in coupled with the rain she was forced to walk in to get to the bus stop. She was covered in a light coating of grease and flour. And, she was pretty sure she smelled like wet chicken. This was pretty much the least attractive she’d ever been in her entire life. She genuinely regretted picking up extra shifts at the fast food restaurant she worked in. Really, all she wanted to do was take a shower and pass out in her bed. 

The elevator, of course, did not care for her troubles. It took forever to come. Her building may have had ten floors, but honestly who was using them at midnight on a Friday? Everyone should be out partying still or already in for the night. 

She exhaled in relief when it finally arrived and stepped in quickly before pressing the ‘close doors’ button. Just before the doors fully shut, though, an arm was thrust between the doors. Quickly, she switched gears and hit the 'open doors’ button. She didn’t need the guilt associated with causing a person to lose a limb. She stared on in bewilderment as a young man, around her age, made his way into the elevator. His hair was wild, his clothes were tattered, and he was out of breath. She almost judged him before realising that she probably looked worst than he did and, well, that shut her up.

They stood there awkwardly sizing each other up before she noticed the elevator hadn’t moved because she didn’t pick a floor. She pushed the number six then cleared her throat and asked, “What floor?" 


She nodded at him and pressed the button. But, she didn’t know what to do now. The tension between them could be cut with a knife. Her eyes shifted around the elevator until they landed on the guy only to find him already staring at her. She held his gaze. If this was a challenge, she wasn’t going to lose. "Your makeup is smudged,” he noted. 

She narrowed her eyes. “Your shirt is ripped." 

"You’re covered in flour." 

"You have mud on your shoes.”

“Your hair’s a mess.”

“So is yours,” she retorted, raising her eyebrow. The lift dinged and the doors opened. She stepped off in victory. What did she win? She doesn’t know, but she got the last word, and that’s a victory in itself. 


 The next morning, at an ungodly hour (re: 6:27), a knock on the door awoke her from her sleep. She knuckled at her eyes, as she made her way towards the door. “Elevator guy,” she recognized. 

“Your hair’s still a mess,” he remarked then shoved a cup of coffee in her hand.

She narrowed her eyes at him in confusion. “What are you… How did you know which flat was mine?" 

He sipped on his coffee. "I didn’t. I knocked on like eight doors. The people on your floor probably hate me. Can I come in?" 

"What? No. I don’t even know you." 

"My name’s Harry. Can I come in?" 

She couldn’t wrap her head around this. It was 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday, and the boy who insulted her in the lift a little over six hours ago is demanding entrance into her place. Unbelievable. She handed the coffee back to him and shut the door (she would’ve kept the coffee but she was going back to sleep, and it’s never the same after having been warmed up).

"Is that a no?” she heard him say as she was walking back to her room. “Yeah, now’s not a good time for me either!” he yelled right before she slid back under the comforter. 


Y/N had spent so little time in her apartment that week that everything she had was either spoiled or provided little to no substance. Living on a budget, she could get very creative with the food she prepared, but she wasn’t some food network version of MacGyver. No matter how she spun it in her brain she couldn’t do anything with whipped cream, a tortilla shell, and an eggplant.

While grumbling under her breath, she threw on some tights, a hoodie, a hat , and sneakers, grabbed her phone and keys and headed out of her flat. Of course, the fact that she was famished and held traces of exhaustion wasn’t enough to keep the universe off her back because when she stepped into the lift elevator guy himself—Harry—was in there. 

She groaned as his eyes lit up in recognition. “Hey!" 

She moved to the opposite corner of him, and tried very (very) hard to ignore him. 

"I’m sorry I woke you this morning.” She nodded her acknowledgement and prayed for the elevator to move faster. “Will you tell me your name?" 

"Y/N,” she muttered begrudgingly. 

The doors creaked open finally and she paced quickly out hoping to get a head start on him. “Hey, Y/N. Y/N!” he yelled as she was about to cross the street.

She stopped and huffed. “Yes,” she said through gritted teeth. He was testing her patience. 

“Where are you going?”


"You’re not taking your car?” He gestured to the vehicle sitting in your parking spot. 

“It broke down a couple months ago.”

“So, how are you going to get there?” She pulled out her Oyster card and shot him a tight smile. 

“I could give you a ride.”

“Surely, you had something else to do before you saw me.”

“Not really, was just gonna walk around a bit. I could stand to do some grocery shopping, though." 

He wasn’t going to give up, so she decided to give in. Worst case scenario he kills her, and, well, then she wouldn’t have to go back to work and that doesn’t seem like the worst thing at the moment. 


Harry was… nice. But, the kid never shut up. He sang along to every song in the car. Every. Song. Rap, country, r&b, everything. At one point, he sang along to EDM. Who does that? How do you do that? He probably would’ve let up a little if she’d been more cooperative, but she was never one to not put up a fight. She didn’t exactly know what she was battling against, still she wanted to win. 

When they made it to the store, he insisted on following her around and providing commentary on every item she grabbed. "Did you know that carrots are named after beta-carotene. They’re full of it and vitamin A. Also, flamingos they eat algae which is full of beta-carotene which is actually how they get that nice, bright pink colour, and the ones that don’t get enough of it usually have a more pale colour." 

Y/N paused and rested her head against her cart. "Harry. I’m trying to be nice, but so help me if you do not introduce your bottom lip to your top lip, I will run you over with this cart." 

"I- I’m sorry,” he said, looking like a wounded puppy.

“I’m not trying to be mean, but you haven’t stopped talking ever since I met you. Just give me a few moments to breathe. Let me live." 

"Wait, so you’ve been genuinely bothered this whole time? I thought we were having a bit of playful banter." 

Her eyes bugged out. "Harry. I don’t know you. The first thing you told me was that I looked a mess. It’s pretty safe to say that you’re not my favourite person." 

"Oh, I’m… After we check out I’ll drop you off and leave you alone." 

And because Y/N was still playing that sick, twisted game, she nodded and pushed her cart forward. 


Once Y/N got some food into her system and slept loads more, she realised what a knob she’d been. Sure, she was tired and hungry at the time, but that didn’t excuse her being rude. Normally, she prided herself on being nice to everyone. She had the best scores in customer service, but she is only human. She made a mistake, and she had to fix it. 

She waited until it was past midnight to travel up to the seventh floor. Naturally she didn’t know where his flat was so she knocked around a bit, until a half naked, bleary eyed Harry opened the door. "Y/N?" 

"Your hair’s a mess,” she noted.

His mouth opened and closed. “How’d you know which one was mine?" 

"I didn’t. I knocked around a bit. The people on your floor probably hate me now. Can I come in?” she responded, and thrust a cup of coffee in his hand. 

The corner of his mouth twitched into a ghost of a smile. She was about to return it, but he slammed the door in her face. What was on its way to becoming a smile, dropped into pure shock. 

She was seconds away from turning back and going to her room when the door reopened. Harry’s boisterous laugh boomed throughout the hallway as he pulled her into his flat. Her face curled up in a snarl. “I hate you." 

"What’s new?” he said, still laughing. 

And, yeah, they may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but there’s only one way to go from there.

uncertainty and trust--Rey Skywalker fanfic

Here I go again. Dude, as much as I love writing these, and my last Rey Skywalker drabble was my most popular fanfic in a long time, I’m almost afraid to get TOO into these as there is still a chance that we’re wrong and it’ll be devastating. Oh well, I’ll continue to torture myself as is fandom. Here we are, a quick story of how Rey came to accept herself as Luke Skywalker’s daughter while training with him.

It surprised her how easily she slipped into the role of “daughter.”

Perhaps it’s because it’s what she’d been craving her entire life. She’d prepared herself throughout her lonely childhood. Rested her head against walls, imagining it was someone’s shoulder. Hugged her packs when she slept, like it was a warm body. Sometimes talked to an imaginary family when she ate.

Of course, there was a period of nervousness after he told her, nearly immediately after they parted, dried their tears, and returned to their life. There were long pauses in his hut when they would glance back and forth from each other across the room, quickly turning away when they saw the other look. Times when she still resented him for those years in which she was left alone on Jakku, but didn’t dare ask him why they happened. Other times, when she remembered those dragging days of loneliness, she just wanted to hug him again. She didn’t do that either. 

What if she did the wrong thing? What if he was offended by her anger? What would he do? What if he didn’t like that she was grown, what if he had reason to never come for her, what if it was her fault, what if he’d leave her again…

The last thought was a near constant whisper in the back of her mind. Nonsense, she told herself. But it wouldn’t leave.

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Arranged Hate To Love - Chapter 1

It was a regular day in Stratford, Canada. A day that seemed to be going smoothly. The breeze was blowing, leaves were wafting against the air, the same air that was blowing carefully against the soft skin of the two ladies who were sitting on the bench at the park.

They conversed and laughed together. They had been friends ever since they were small. And now they were completely grown up. 

They weren’t little girls anymore. They were women. 

Women, that also now had children.

Pattie Mallette and Mandy Teefey were the same age–they were both 22 years old. 

When it felt like only just yesterday they were the 15 year-olds that were talking about boys and make-up and high school gossip. 

Now, it was completely different. They’ve grown. 

Pattie and Mandy and were sitting on the bench. Enjoying the peaceful day, talking and telling each other about their day. The only thing they heard in the background was the laughter of the children on the playground. 

They felt relieved. Their kids were most likely getting along.

With smiles on their faces they kept on conversing. Happy, that day was going surprisingly well. This rarely happened. Pattie’s and Mandy’s kids were always fighting.

Patties son, Justin and Mandy’s daughter Selena have never gotten along. But today might be a day were the rules bend.

“Justin! I hate you!” The little girl’s voice suddenly exclaimed.

“I hate you too!” The little boy’s voice exclaimed in return.

“Hey, both of you apologize!” Both young mom’s almost screamed.

“No. I hate her mommy! I want to leave” The little boy screeched.

“Justin Drew! Apologize to Selena right now!" 

"I’m sorry” The little boy remarked through gritted teeth.

“Selena now you apologize” Mandy told the little girl .

“I’m sorry” The little girl said with sarcasm.

“Good. Now I think it’s time we call it a day Pattie, don’t you?”

“Couldn’t agree more. Sorry about Justin’s behavior he never acts like that” Pattie exclaimed.

“Sorry about Selena’s behavior as well. Call me soon. Love ya” Mandy said.

“Will do! Love ya too” Pattie replied.

And with that both of the young moms went their separate ways.

*2 months later* 

“I swear if I get another call about Justin and Selena fighting again. I’m going to go insane,” Pattie exclaimed to her best friend on the phone.

“I agree. We have to do something about this!” Mandy exclaimed in all seriousness.

“How about we just set them up now?” Pattie exclaimed.

“You and I both know they’ll object to that” Mandy said.

“True. But they can’t if we make some rules!” Pattie said.

“Like what?” Mandy questioned.

“No objections, no divorce, and absolutely no not reproducing because we still want grandchildren!” Pattie said.

“Then it’s settled Justin and Selena are getting married when they’re older. Not going to get a say in this. Not objecting to this. And not arguing to giving us grand children. I’ll type it up before I go to bed and print it off for you to sign in the morning okay?” Mandy exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Sounds good to me! I’ve got to get Justin in bed. Love you. Night!” Pattie said.

“Alright! Love you too! Sleep tight!” Mandy said to her best friend.

And with that it was written and signed by both young mothers that Justin and Selena were to be married no later than 6 months after they turn 18. They couldn’t object to this. Couldn’t divorce. Couldn’t not reproduce. Even if they hate each other they were stuck together for life with no argument!


“No!” Selena exclaimed with everyone in the room looking at her. 

“Absolutely fucking not!” Justin shouted.

“Justin! Language!” Pattie shrieked at her son.

Mandy put her hand on Pattie’s shoulder, “Guys, you have no choice.”

“Like hell we do, Mother. We can’t even be in the same house for half an hour, let alone live in one together.”

“Well, sucks. We signed a contract already. You’re getting married in 6 months.”

“I don’t care what you’ve signed. Rip it up! I’m not living in the same house as her. I’m not growing old with a woman who’s going to give me a heart attack within the first year of living together,” Justin spat at his mother and her best friend.

“And I’m not living with the Devil’s spawn, no offence Pattie. I’m not wasting my early adulthood with him. I don’t care. Screw you and your stupid contract.”

“Selena, don’t talk about your fiance like that.”

“Screw you Mother. I hate you. I hate your decision. And I hate that you keep trying to push this jackass into my life. You had an unhappy marriage, why are you willingly putting me through this?”

“Because Pattie and I both know that this will be good for you guys,” Mandy replied.

“That’s bullshit, no offense Mandy. You both know that we haven’t gotten along since the day you brought me into that hospital room and I stole her pacifier. Getting married won’t help that,” Justin butted in. 

“We really don’t care what you guys think at this point. You have six months to come to terms with this. There’s no around this, and you will get married, you will give us grand kids, and there will be no divorce. Our decision is final,” Pattie stated. 

“Who says I’ll even touch her like that?” Justin said with disgust.

“Oh, trust me Justin you will want to” Both mothers exchanged smirks at each other.

“No! That is where I draw the line! God only knows what he’s touched. And the only way I’d touch him is if I was killing him with my bare hands!” Selena said, through gritted teeth.

“He’ll get tested. Selena, their is no way around this and we will get grand kids. No negotiation!” Mandy said in a firm serious tone.

“Happy fucking birthday to me,” Selena mumbled. 

“Whatever guess we have no choice” Justin mumbled.

Selena sighed.

“For once I agree with you."