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Sanvers Week: Nerd Girlfriends

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“You said we were going to a beach, Ally.” Maggie said, raising an eyebrow.

“And we are!” Alex shouted over the rev of her motorcycle.

Smooth pavement whirled underneath them. Alex toed the brakes, knowing the beach was going to turn up through the curtain of trees. And soon enough, it did.

The sun began to set, swirling the sky with purples and oranges and pinks and reds, sort of resembling a rainbow. The sand glistened with the last few rays of light, waves rolling on top of it, darkening and packing the grains together.

“Hm. Riding a motorcycle to the beach. A similar aesthetic, I guess.” Maggie muttered, defeated. “It’s pretty.”

“Not as pretty as you, Maggie.” Alex tilted her head, pulling her girlfriend closer against her.

Maggie smirked. “That was too cheesy. And I read it in Twilight.”

“Ah, but did you read: You are hotter than the sun?” Alex laughed at Maggie’s tongue, sticking out of her mouth. “Get that tongue back in there, and let’s find out what happens when you drive a motorcycle over sand.”

The rock grits spat out behind the wheels, blowing into Maggie’s hair. Birds cooed and water whispered on the beach.

“Wanna go stargazing?” Maggie asked, watching the colours fade to a dark blue.

A smug look crawled itself onto Alex’s face. “I can see all the stars in your eyes.”

“Oh my god, Alex.”

They parked her motorcycle on the side of the road and walked hand in hand to a grassy spot.

Maggie’s hair spread out as she laid her head on Alex’s chest. Crickets sounded and a breeze rustled the leaves. The air tasted like salt and smelled like french fries.

It was silent for a bit, except for their breaths. Then white dots began to twinkle above, slowly making constellations.

“Look!” Alexs’s face lit up. “Cassiopeia!”


“My favourite constellation. She was a queen in Ancient Greece and never stopped talking about how beautiful she was. And then her daughter, there.” Alex babbled, pointing to a cluster of stars. “Andromeda. She was chained to a rock and eaten by the monster Cetus.

Maggie’s heart expanded, watching her girlfriend rant about the constellations. She knew Alex was a nerd, but she didn’t know how  much until now. Running her fingers through the short brown hair, she listened closely to the stories. She planted a kiss to her cheek and wished she could bottle up this moment forever.


Shiro’s wingspan is huge, magnificent, densely feathered and beautiful. Keith’s wings are small in comparison, barely full-fledged, sickly and weak. It was lovely watching Shiro soar up towards the clouds only to dive down again, skimming over foamy ocean waves and across wavering blades of grass. Keith wished he could fly like that, could perform the aerial maneuvers everyone else practiced and mimicked. He’d performed every move a thousand times in his head. The only time he flew long distances, or very high up, was when Shiro flew with him. Shiro would fly ahead to scout out updrafts to make gliding easy, and stayed close to catch Keith if he trembled, in danger of falling.

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Seokmin smut

“Seokmin!” I scream, laying flat on my back in bed.

I knew my boyfriend was home, he came up and said hey twenty minutes ago. He left to go back downstairs after giving me a quick kiss, not even noticing that I was dressed in lingerie and horny as fuck.


I get no response once again so I huff, pouting my lip out. Grunting, I lift myself up from the bed and strip down naked before leaving the room. Maybe he would pay attention to me if my boobs were hanging out. I walk down to the basement where I could hear his video game shaking the walls of the house.

“Baby,” I contort my face into the cutest puppy face I can manage as I make it down the stairs.

I turn into the living room where he was, sat on the edge of the couch. Just like I had thought, he had the Xbox controller in his hands, headset thrown over his messy hair carelessly. Some stupid ass shooting game was on the screen, and everytime he got shot at he would curse out whoever was on the other side of the call. I walk over to him, lowering down to sit next to him with my hand on his shoulder.

“Hi baby,” he rushes out really fast, turning his head and kissing my cheek quickly before looking back at his game. “Oh nothing. It’s just my girlfriend.”

Just his girlfriend? I frown. He wasn’t paying attention to me, he didn’t even realize I was fucking naked next to him. Naked. Like I was wearing his favorite thing on me; nothing, and he didn’t notice. I’d just have to make him.

“Seokmin baby,” I breathe out seductively, leaning closer to lightly kiss his ear.

“Not now Princess, Oppa’s playing the game with Hansol,” he says absently.

“But Seokmin,” I whine.

“Baby girl, I promise I’ll come up to bed in a few hours okay? Just let me play, this is a brand new~ Holy shit Vernon was that a no scope shot?! Fuck yeah dude!”

“Hell yeah it was! That was fucking sick man!” I can hear Vernon yell in excitement through the headset.

“Ugh fuck this.”

I stand up and move in front of Seokmin, his head darting to the side immediately so he could see around me, his hands furiously working on his controller buttons. He doesn’t say a word and keeps his attention on the TV screen as I push against his shoulders. He complies willingly and scoots back until he’s leaning against the couch cushions. I climb onto his lap, straddling his hips and he moves his arms to wrap around me, thumbs pounding on the controller buttons behind my back.

“Ahh fuck! Stop killing me you little fucker!”

Vernon’s adorable laugh reaches my ears and usually I would Awh at the sound but right now I was horny and on a mission.

“Baby it’s-” Seokmin looks at me for a brief second, but does a double take, his eyes roaming over my body. His face contorts from confusion to shock. “Why are you-”

“What?” I ask, tilting my head. I slowly grind my hips down and he bites his lip, hard.

“Wait yeah. Yeah Hansol I’m still here sorry,” Seokmin goes back to his game without so much as a second glance and I roll my eyes in annoyance, grinding down harder. My boyfriend sucks in a sharp breath, and his body tenses under me.

“Dude are you alright?” Vernon asks on the headset and I roll my hips at a quicker pace. The rough fabric of Seokmin’s jeans felt good on my swollen clit and I let out a soft moan.

“Y-yeah,” Seokmin stutters, whining in the back of his throat. All of the sudden he snaps to the side. “Dude where the hell are you? How do you know this map so damn well already?”

“I studied it,” Vernon answers.

“Fucking cheater,” Seokmin grumbles, his brows furrowing with the intensity of his stupid game.

He was looking around my body to see the TV again, the short attention he had on me gone. I push myself off of his lap and drop to my knees in front of him. His breathing gets shallow as I unbutton and unzip his pants, pulling them down his legs with a little struggle. Once they’re down at his ankles, I reach back up and grab his boxers. He lifts his hips up so I can tug them down to where his jeans were, his half hard cock flopping against his thigh. I push his knees apart and crawl between them until I can grab him in my hand, him gasping above me.

“You okay?”

“I’m good dude,” he says. “Fuck! Will you stop killing me already damn it! Let me get one kill in on you, just one. Please?”

“Really? Are you begging?” Vernon laughs.

“Yes! I’m desperate, I just want to kill you one-” Seokmin moans loudly when I suddenly swallow his throbbing tip down my throat. I swirl my tongue around and bob my head on his cock a few times, easily getting him completely hard. “Fuck. Sorry, I had a stomach cramp suddenly.”

“Ahh. I hate those,” Vernon says. “But okay. I’ll let you kill me. Come find me first though.”

“That’s not fair! Fuck wait..” Seokmin breathes heavily through his nose, looking up at me when I straddle him again and sink down onto his cock.

“Wait what?” Vernon asks.

“Nothing man, I’m coming to find you.”

Seokmin pats his shoulder, looking right into my eyes so I lean forward and bury my face into his neck, my arms wrapping around. This way he could see a little over my body and keep playing. I start moving and I close my eyes. Finally, relief.

“At least give me a hint,” Seokmin speaks, clearing his throat when his voice cracks. I slowly lift my hips up and drop back down on his cock, setting a slow pace.

“A hint? I’m camping behind a clown,” Vernon says.

“Dude the entire map is an abandoned carnival! There are clowns everywhere!”

Vernon starts laughing hysterically, quite loudly and Seokmin thought it was okay to let out a groan. He brushes it off when Vernon, again, asks if he’s alright.

“Let’s hurry and finish this round. I want to be the last kill.”

“I already promised you last kill, but you have to come find me.”

I bare my teeth over Seokmin’s sweaty neck and bite down, nibbling gently. He came home from practice and jumped on the game without taking a shower first, so his hard work from today was still glazed over his body. I moan into his ear and he grunts, his hips jerking up.

“Oh fuck Seokmin,” I whimper, licking at his neck. “Again baby.”

He moans and wraps his arms tight around my hips, his controller digging into my back as he thrusts up again.

“Shit.. Yes baby girl..” Seokmin breathes out.

“Dude? What the hell are you doing?”

“G-gotta go Vernon, I have to go. Let’s play tomorrow.”

“Seokmin, wait-”

I hear the game controller fall to the floor and I sit up straight to watch Seokmin rip his headset off and throw it far across the room. I smile at him and he puckers his lips up at me, begging for a kiss. I give him what he wants, pushing our mouths together and moaning when he grabs my hips and grinds into me.

“Fucking naughty,” he whispers. “Riding my dick while I’m playing the game. Such a bad baby girl.”

“Seokmin,” I whine, gasping when he thrusts up into me sharply.

“Give me your hands,” he says and I place them on top of his on my hips. He moves and laces our fingers together, keeping our lips locked as he squeezes my hands in his. “Move Princess..”

Slowly, I lift myself off of his thighs and drop back down, both of us releasing noises into each other’s mouths.

“Again..” He moans. I continuously lift myself up and slam back down until I’m bouncing in my boyfriends lap, whimpers leaving my mouth. “I can’t concentrate on my game with your sexy ass sat on my dick baby.”

“Sorry,” I pull away and moan, not sorry at all.

“Mhmm,” he groans, rocking his hips up into mine and meeting my bounces. I throw my head back and bite my lip.


“That’s right baby. Say my name,” Seokmin’s nails dig into the back of my hands as he squeezes them tightly, his hips thrusting up faster.

“Deeper,” I beg.

“Like this baby?” My boyfriend shifts his angle, his body sliding a little down and his cock slipping further inside me.

“Just like that,” I breathe out, rolling my body in a grind.

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking beautiful,” Seokmin pants as I ride him, his hips lifting up slightly to meet my powerful bounces. He pulls our connected hands towards his face and kisses my wrists, trailing up the inside of my arms. “I love you so fucking much.”

“Fuck. Baby I’m gonna,” my chest heaves up and down as I quicken my pace, lifting up and slamming back down onto his thighs. Our sweaty skin was slapping together so loudly, bouncing off of the basement walls as his cock pushed inside and pulled back out.

“Come on Princess. All over Oppa’s cock baby girl,” he grits out, rocking up roughly and pushing in so deep.

“Fuck!” My body trembles on top of Seokmin’s as I come, my hands crushing his as I scream.

He keeps thrusting into me, helping me through until I’m shaking with over sensitivity. I clench around him and he groans and grunts, throwing his head back against the couch. He had sweat dripping down the sides of his beautiful face. I watch as his stomach flexes, his breathing becoming quicker by the second. His thrusting gets sloppier and he squeezes his eyes closed as he moans out my name, his cock jerking inside of me.

“Oh fuck. Fuck yeah Princess,” he releases himself inside me, his cock slowly pushing in and pulling back out to milk himself dry. Once he’s done he opens his eyes and stares at me.

“You good?” I ask him and he lazily smiles, gently pulling on my hands and bringing me to his damp chest. He lets go of my hands to wrap his arms around me, his long nails softly scratching up and down my back. I snuggle my face into his neck, leaving a kiss under his ear.

“I love you,” he whispers, lovingly kissing along my bare shoulder.

“I love you too.”

(Different P.O.V than normal. Hope that’s okay guys)

Andy Myers on the not so cave looking ‘ Bin Laden’s Cave ‘ V6/7A

I think this was Ants (the closer of the two spotters) second time outdoor climbing and he put on a great show. After bashing out a few classics he finally got what it felt like to work a climb and have it become your project. Those feeling of knowing every move and trying to master your sequence, the little tips you figure out to save time. I mean most of the time when you actually finish a project you sit there thinking “was it really that grade? I swear that climb was no where near the one I tried the other day” 

Let’s hope he has some great days out in the years to come.

This shot of Will was taken from filming our Don Whillans and Joe Brown’s big day out!

Its kind of changed from a big day out into a big year out due to other projects taking over and recently the weather. Most of the climbs are cracks and they usually seep like mad this time of year. 

Wills ‘cool down’ climb is actually meant to be an E2 solo but after a day of shitting it on sandbag lines he did it with side runners which makes the grade HVS, still, looked like some fun climbing.

Bound By Chains

Pairing: Eric/OC *Sarah*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - This story portrays sensitive subjects with multiple trigger warnings. Read on with caution.

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Okay, so this was a long time coming. My work is on other sites and I think it’s about time I shared in the world of Tumblr. Enjoy :) 

As of 16th April ‘17, this story is under editing.


Sarah hears him before she sees him, the clomping boots and multiple voices, but his is the loudest. The door is most likely kicked open and she stands hurriedly, almost knocking the chair over and smoothes her skirt.

He stands heads taller than her, his shoulders filling the frame with a thick wodge of A4 paper notes in his hand. When he looks up his eyes are cold, disinterested and he gives her a tilted look. “Who are you?” His voice is deep, hinting on amusement that some imbecile has dared creep into his room.

“Sarah Bennett.”

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Snapping Spencer...Epilogue

Here is the requested epilogue for @delusionsofnostalgia,  I hope that you enjoy it!  Warning: smut ahead.

Here is the epilogue, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13)

“Oh, Spencer…”

Feeling his lips on the inside of your thigh was driving you mad.  Your wrists fought against the restraints as your legs trembled from anticipation, his strong arms holding them apart as your entire body is spread for him to see.

“Crotchless panties on our wedding day, Mrs. Reid?” he smirks as he tisks, “tsk tsk tsk…such a naughty woman.”

Feeling his tongue trace the dollop of fat at the dip of your thigh, you kick your leg out as you groan, your body shifting to try and meet his tongue with your lower lips.

“And so impatient,’ he coos, his devilish eyes flickering up at you as you huff.

“Well, it was your idea to take an entire month off from sex before our special day,” you say through gritted teeth.

“I told you I would make it worth your while,” Spencer muses innocently.

“Please…” you whine.

Feeling him shift between your legs, Spencer finally presses his lips to your dripping ones, your back arching as you try to press yourself deeper onto his face.

“Patience,” he says, drawing his face back as you kick your legs out.

“Spencer!” you yell into the room.

“Oh, I’ll make you scream,” he mutters, dipping his tongue between you, lapping at your juices as they spew onto the bed.

“Mmmmm,” he moans, the sounds vibrating your core as you squirm underneath him, his tongue flattening against your clit as you draw your legs up to your hips, your heels resting on his back.

“Oh…oh please,” you beg, your hips bucking against him as his hands rise to press against your stomach, holding your body in place as your arms rip at the restraints.

“I want to feel you,” you whisper desperately, your wrists yanking at the restraints as you feel your core begin to jump.

“Oh, god…Spencer…oh, god, yes…right there…right there…right there…”

And then, he pulled away.

“No!  No!” you yelp, bucking your hips at him as you feel him crawl back up your body, your chest and face flushed with your impending orgasm.

“No fun in making it worth your while…”

Feeling him slowly slide into you, his hands intertwined with yours as you both groan in response, he dips his lips to your ear as he whispers, “…if you can’t hold out.”

Whimpering as he begins to slowly pump, your hips raise to meet his every stroke as your eyes flutter open, catching his beautiful hazel eyes as your jaw slowly begins to unhinge.

Feeling Spencer let go of your hands, his fingertips tracing down your arms, coming down to cup your breasts, he brings one of your nipples to his mouth as he sucks it between his teeth, your back arching to meet his face as he holds himself steady above you, keeping time with the beating of your heart as he begins to pant.

“I love you…I love you so much,” he whispers.

You knew what that meant.

Bucking your hips harder up to him, his thrusting growing ragged as you whimper for any release, you feel him twitch inside of you, his seed coating your walls as your jaw begins to tremble, his body slowly collapsing onto yours as he peppers kisses into your neck.

“I love resting inside of you,” he murmurs against your skin.

Panting as you feel his hand travel up your torso, he slowly undoes both of your wrist restraints, your arms collapsing at your sides as they begin to tingle.

And then, out of nowhere, you feel yourself being toppled over, your legs straddling Spencer’s quickly-rising dick as he situates your hips on top of his, his pelvis grinding into you as his length grows inside of you once again.

Grabbing the headboard as you look down upon your husband, his eyes clamped shut and his teeth gritted, you slowly rock your hips, his chest flushing quickly as you begin bouncing your ass on top of him, your breasts flailing against your body as a hand reaches up and cups your right one.

“Oh, god, Y/N,” he moans, his eyes fluttering open and closed as you begin to bounce harder, your hands releasing the headboard and plummeting to his body, yourbreasts bouncing in his face.

“Oh…fuck,” he bites, his legs growing taut as your hands find leverage against his chest.

“Oh, Spencer…Spencer…yeeeeeees,” you moan, throwing your head back.

You could feel your impending, and well-deserved, orgasm wafting back to the surface.

But like a cat out of dodge, Spencer flips you over, throwing your legs over his shoulders as he begins to pound into you, your fingertips barring into his thighs as he throws his head back, letting out a primal groan as he coats your insides for the second time that night, leaving you breathless…

…and orgasm-less.

“No….no, no, no,” you breathe, shaking your head side to side as you feel tears prickling the back of your eyes.

Feeling Spencer’s panting breath on the side of your neck, you turn your face to his as he kisses your lips lightly, a smile cresting his cheeks as he murmurs, “A house full of kids…right?”

Feeling your lips tremble, a tear escaping the side of your eye and rolling across your face, you open your eyes to take in the sparkling midnight sea that was the eyes of your husband, his smile broad and beautiful as you nod your head.

“Yes,” you whisper.

“Good,” he says, grasping at your waist and flipping you over, a yelp escaping your lips as he pulls your hips up, his throbbing length rubbing the inside of your leg as he bends down to your ear, nibbling it lightly before whispering, “Open wide.”

Slamming into you, your head tossing itself off to the side as your arms lurch out to grasp the sheets around you, you let out a scream as Spencer grabs your hair, his thrusts bucking you hard against the bed as your eyes roll into the back of your skull.

“Ooooooh, yeees…yes, Spencer.  Yes…oh, goooood yes…”

And all you heard was Spencer repeating your name, like a chant or a prayer, his body dropping down onto your back as his balls begin to smack your clit, causing your legs to begin to shake.

“Y/N…Y/N…Y/N…oooooh, Y/N…”

And then you heard it.

“I love you…I love you so much.  So, so much.”

And like clockwork, your beautiful, sweating husband’s thrusts become ragged, your body limp like a ragdoll as you moan and groan into your pillow, your eyes fluttering closed as your core begins to churn.

You knew he wasn’t going to let you off this easy.

Feeling him grunt, his body stiffening as he, for the third time that night, pours himself into you, his teeth biting into your shoulder as your body begins to shudder, you feel him wrap his arms around your waist as your legs buckle, his dick flying out of you for the first time that night as your body collapses to the floor, your ass still in the air as his juices overflow your pulsing, swollen caverns and running down your leg.

The pattern repeated itself well into the early morning hours, your body aching from the lack of release as Spencer…somehow…found a way to continue to pump himself into you, his body quivering from all the work as you laid there, your mouth open and your throat dry, from screaming out his name as the two of you soak the sheets with your various bodily fluids.

He wanted you in every position you could muster: hanging off of the bed, straddling him in the chair, riding him backwards so he could watch your ass bounce, missionary style so he could look into your eyes, up against the wall with the crooks of your legs around his arms so he could fold you in half and shake the pictures, doggy style so he could pound your body without hurting your aching muscles.

And still…absolutely no orgasm for you.

After determining that the bed was no longer suited to sleep on, Spencer grabs the pillows and pulls them down onto the floor, followed by the comforter of the king size bed as you come down from your high from the latest debacle of acquiring rug-burn on your back as Spencer had sweetly peppered your neck with kisses.

And as he propped a pillow up under your head, all you could do was sob.

You were an absolute mess: tear-stained cheeks, a permanently flushed chest, his dried up juices in various dribbles down your legs, your twitching muscles causing involutary jumps as your hoarse voice managed to pop out even the breathiest of squeaks

And still, Spencer tucked your hair behind your ear, his haggard and trembling body gazing upon you lovingly as you laid on the hotel floor of your wedding night, his lips lightly peppering your face as the tears begin to waft once again down your face, your entrance throbbing with the sound beating it had taken over the past few hours.

And then…his lips traveled to your neck.

And then?  To your breasts.

…and then?

Oh, god…and then.

Feeling his tongue lap at your swollen clit, your poor, throbbing mound bulging out of its hood, you arch your back into the air as you hind the strength to throw your hands into Spencer’s hair, pulling and tugging him closer as his mouth draws you in, rolling your clit around as your core beings to burn.

“Yes,” you squeak out, tears rolling down your face, “yes…yes…yes…YES!”

And as Spencer wraps his arms around your legs, pulling you even closer to him as he flattens his tongue out above your core, you feel your body convulse with pleasure, the sensation rocking you to your core as you shake and tremble, your words disintegrating into incoherent babbles as you arch your chest into the air.

And then, he flicked your clit again.

And again.

And even deeper again.

And it threw you over another precipice, your body shaking underneath him as he smiles into your pussy, his tongue lightly flicking you around as you bang your fists into the floor, your throat crying out to the ceiling before completely fizzling out, leaving you with nothing but the sound of air rushing between your vocal cords as your body collapses back onto the floor, your chest heaving and your body trembling as Spencer withdraws his tongue.

But it wasn’t for long.

Because soon he drew you once again into his mouth, raking his teeth over you as you dug your heels into the carpet, your arms flying from his hair out to the side as he flattens his tongue against you, grinding his face into yours as your body grows taut, your legs beginning to cramp with every rocking tremor that left your body electrocuted.

But you didn’t care.

Because, in that moment, with your glorious rolling orgasms wracking your body by the tongue of your beloved, you find your vision tunneling as you collapse hard onto the floor, your vision going dark as your head lobs off to the side.

And as Spencer trails quick kisses back up your body, his lips encompassing yours as he ever so lightly feels you reciprocate the reaction, he pulls the covers up and over both of you as he wraps his arms around your limp body.

“We’ll take a hot bath when we wake up to loosen the aches,” he murmurs into your ear, kissing it lightly before nestling down beside you.

“I adore you, Y/N,” he says, kissing your shoulder before fluttering his eyes closed.

And all you could do was grunt.

gercan, prucan (mertober fic) -- 100 on the dash gets me close to god

Gilbert sees the creature first, but Ludwig is the one who welcomes it into his home.

“He wanted a cup of water, Gilbert,” Ludwig explains, shoulders drawn together and quiet. He’s been taller and broader since his 15th birthday, but in front of his brother’s anger, he’s still that same nervous little boy worried he did wrong.

Gilbert paces back and forth across the kitchen. He’s anxious, sweat cooling and tacky in the small of his back. Ludwig’s at the head of the table, hands curled into fists at his sides, standing between Gilbert and the creature.

The creature watches them both with luminous, large eyes, a glass full of water in his hands. Those eyes followed him home.

He stops, points at the creature. He speaks to Ludwig.

“And I raised you better than to open the door at night to strangers asking for water,” Gilbert snaps. “That is the thing I saw in the river—“

“I’m not a thing,” the creature says softly. “I’m a merman.”

“—you know the story of Lore Lay—“

“That’s a myth, Gilbert.”

“Actually, she was real, but she was a nymph. And she couldn’t swim.”

“Shut. Up. Shut up.” Gilbert finally turns to the creature, voice softer than the scolding he gave to Ludwig. “And get out.”

Ludwig’s a soft touch.

The creature has name and breakfast in the morning.

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ok so 

it’s kinda like what you described, except also not? lololol

the device is basically a bucket that spins around and around 

and you put the “rough” rocks inside of it, fill it up with water, and then you add some “grit” which is basically like, loose sand paper particles. And then you turn the tumbler on, and it churns the rocks up for like a week, letting the grit grind the rocks down so that they start getting smoother

so then you take them out, rinse everything off real good, and then you do the same process AGAIN, except with a finer grit. And you let that run for another couple of weeks. 

After that, you rinse it AGAIIINNN and then you go through the same process AGAAAAAIN but with ~rock polish~ instead of grit. And the polish makes them nice and shiny and pretty. 

so you get something like this 

asteroid m


Queen Polaris of House Eisenhardt,  peered through the viewscreen of the space station. Hands clasped behind her back, she smiled, proud of her family and people’s accomplishments. 

Even though homo sapiens may have stepped foot onto the moon first, it was homo sapiens superior that led the “human” races to space. The perfection of wormhole gates by her father, Lord Magnus, and herself, paved the way to the stars.

Before her, through the window, streaked the glistening milkyway. Gas giants drifted off in the distance and mere specks in the infinite black was Mars, then Earth. 

Mutants and Spliced Humans alike, the human’s powers limited by weakened x-genes, toiled in the black, pulling asteroid, after asteroid with their magnetic pulls. Rock smashed into rock, grit crashing together as the space iron became one. 

Charlotte Tricklebank on the least classic but still fun ‘Broken V4/6B’ over at Stanage Plantation.

The thing I love with Charlotte’s climbing is how she doesn’t have a head for nerves really, but she’ll still put herself in positions to test herself using her own limits. She won’t get pushed into a climb she doesn’t want to do. But when there is a sketchy project she’s right on it, flying around, it’s really brilliant to watch.