grit rock

This shot of Will was taken from filming our Don Whillans and Joe Brown’s big day out!

Its kind of changed from a big day out into a big year out due to other projects taking over and recently the weather. Most of the climbs are cracks and they usually seep like mad this time of year. 

Wills ‘cool down’ climb is actually meant to be an E2 solo but after a day of shitting it on sandbag lines he did it with side runners which makes the grade HVS, still, looked like some fun climbing.

Andy Myers on the not so cave looking ‘ Bin Laden’s Cave ‘ V6/7A

I think this was Ants (the closer of the two spotters) second time outdoor climbing and he put on a great show. After bashing out a few classics he finally got what it felt like to work a climb and have it become your project. Those feeling of knowing every move and trying to master your sequence, the little tips you figure out to save time. I mean most of the time when you actually finish a project you sit there thinking “was it really that grade? I swear that climb was no where near the one I tried the other day” 

Let’s hope he has some great days out in the years to come.

Charlotte Tricklebank on the least classic but still fun ‘Broken V4/6B’ over at Stanage Plantation.

The thing I love with Charlotte’s climbing is how she doesn’t have a head for nerves really, but she’ll still put herself in positions to test herself using her own limits. She won’t get pushed into a climb she doesn’t want to do. But when there is a sketchy project she’s right on it, flying around, it’s really brilliant to watch.