Imagine The Descent

Imagine the Warden volunteering to accompany the Inquisitor to the Deep Roads because we’re talking about darkspawn in the Deep Roads here you can’t get any better company than a Grey Warden

Imagine the Warden approaching the entry point and slowly hyperventilating, because the last time they’d felt the presence of this many darkspawn was during the Blight and no matter how heroic the legends say the Hero of Ferelden was, they still wake up screaming in the middle of the night from the nightmares about it

Imagine the Warden steeling themselves and scouting ahead in the darkness all by themselves, clearing a path for the Inquisitor and their party, all the while trembling and shaking, their PTSD kicking into overdrive

Imagine the Warden charging headlong into a darkspawn horde despite everything because they’re a Warden goddammit and they will be victorious

Imagine they weren’t