grisha sun



-Alina Starkov as Lady-

“It’s true,” I said softly. “You are stronger, wiser, infinite in experience.” I leaned forward and whispered, my lips brushing the shell of his ear. “But I am an apt pupil.”  

“If you grow careless, don’t blame me. And I don’t care if the Cossacks do pick you up! Goodbye! And take this with you!”



You know this is every #ALARKLING shipper dream coming to life! 😍

Alina: My boyfriend is the third of Morozova’s amplifiers and helped me defeat the Darkling.

Nina: My boyfriend is a hunky Fjerdan ex-druskelle who saw the fault in his ways and helped me survive through my struggle with Jurda Parem.

Genya: My boyfriend is perhaps the best Durast in all of Ravka and doesn’t care that I’m all scarred.

Inej: My boyfriend is a passionate, ruthless gang leader who saved me from forced prostitution and from Jan Van Eck.

Jesper: Bitch please, my boyfriend is a flutist who can’t read and likes to make things go kaboom.


“They wanted a Grisha queen. Mal wanted a commoner queen. And what did I want? Peace for Ravka. A chance to sleep easy in my bed without fear. An end to the guilt and dread that I woke to every morning. There were old wants too, to be loved for who I was, not what I could do, to lie in a meadow with a boy’s arms around me and watch the wind move the clouds.”


Modern AU: The Sun Summoner, The Tailor, The Squaller and The Warrior.

 I am not ruined. I am ruination.

I am a soldier of the Second Army. This is where I belong.

I am the Sun Summoner. It gets dark when I say it does.

I am a warrior. I am nearly as dangerous with a saber, a pistol or my bare hands.


When Zoya drew level with me, she said, “You know, Starkov, I’m beginning to think you turned your hair white on purpose.”

I flicked a speck of starlight from my wrist, watching it fade. “Yes, Zoya, courting death is an integral part of my beauty regimen.”

[…] “Well, it’s a little obvious for my taste, but I’d say the whole moon maiden look is working.

Why is there so much Mal hate in the Grisha fandom? I really don’t understand. People worship the Darkling, but hate Mal. They say Mal acted like an ass in S&S, but nobody thinks it was ass-ish for the Darkling to expand the fold over that entire village in S&B? 

People hate Mal because he’s scared of Alina’s powers. But isn’t that kind of reasonable? A girl he’s loved all his life is changing right before his eyes, and he’s powerless against it all, does he have to be enthusiastic? Mal is supportive of Alina “You’re my flag. You’re my nation.”

When you’re losing someone you love and can’t do anything to stop it, it hurts. And people who are in pain don’t exactly act pleasant, why does that open a door for hate? 

Personally, I love their love story. I love in the prologue and epilogue in both books it refers to them as the boy and the girl. I love how they’re best friends who finally expressed their love for one another. I love how real Mal’s character is. Things are going bad? He’s upset, but always ready to support and save Alina. How, even though he can’t see a bright future, he stays by her side anyway. He thinks the amplifiers are a bad idea, but is always tracking them for her. 

I will defend Mal’s character to the death, my God.