grisclair irl


together with the book haul (pls keep the book recs coming, thank you, except for terribad published twilight pornfic >_>), here comes the shoes debate. as usual, please help me decide by voting for your favourite ;~; (#1-6 left to right, top to bottom). i do realise they all look quite the same, but i’m looking for daily office shoes for work so stylistic choices are a bit limited. /o\


so my askkai photobook arrived. this is way more kai than i’d ever know what to do with (a small photocard has found its way to my wallet tho). the photobook is HUGE and sf heavy. over 200 pages of unacceptable tiny child. there’s also fancam of the football mv filming and i can tell you the highschool storyline is going to be embarrassing and hilarious. who thought it was a good idea to let tiny child act??