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Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 9, where we find out that The Beast isn’t just a memory, he’s got a new form, and he is good at using Bill’s magic. Dipper arrives into Wirt’s mindscape in time to be attacked, so Bill has to teach Wirt some magic stuff to get them all out of there.

Comic parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 


Raven sighed, relishing in the warmth of his skin pressed up against hers. There were many things she loved doing with him, some of those activities far naughtier than others. But this, this was her favorite. 

There was just something special about laying beneath the covers, his moss colored arms wrapped securely around her waist. His breath tickled her ear, and Raven couldn’t help but smile. 

“Can we stay here forever?” she murmured. Garfield hummed, burying his nose into the crook of her neck. 

“Is that even a question?” 

His rebuttal made her brows furrow, and Raven pursed her lip. “Hmm. You’re right. I guess we’re never leaving this bed, then.” Her heart fluttered as his lips curved up into a smile against her skin. Garfield snuggled closer, his warm palm pressing against her stomach. 

“Perfect.” His voice was rough and gentle, and Raven could feel the bubbling warmth of happiness spreading from him. It splashed across her, and she smiled so big, Raven feared her lips would break. 

Yes, cuddling here with him was definitely the best way to pass time.  

I was feeling fuzzy. So have some fuzzy. 

-mod vixensheart

bindingfenrir  asked:

Are there any symbols used specifically for Loki with historical proof?

Velkomin(n), vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

Archaeological records are not exactly my forte, but it does not seem that there are any symbols that were explicitly used for Loki (at least out of those that have turned up in the archaeological record, that is). By that I mean that there are a few possible depictions of Loki (especially of his binding story), but it does not seem that there was a symbol worn in honor of Loki quite like  there was for Thor with Mjölnir. Furthermore, most of the examples that I have located, and that I am going to share with you momentarily, have room for debate in regards to their intended subject matter. Even so, many of these depictions of Loki come fairly late in the Viking Age, after Loki’s image had begun to intertwine with that of the Christian devil.(1)


THIS EXAMPLE YIELDS the most secure depiction of Loki, at least out of the examples that I was able to locate. Yet, even so, this depiction is on a Christian cross. Although containing a substantial amount mythological scenery, they “appear to have been deliberately chosen because they can be presented in accordance with Christian teaching also.”(2) This may be troublesome for people looking for a symbol to ‘revive’ in Loki’s name. Furthermore, even though depicting an older tale, it is generally considered to be a negative tale from a pro-Loki perspective.

Here is the image of a bound Loki on this cross (I have rotated the image):

Here is the tale from the Prose Edda that this portion of the cross presents:

“Now Loki was captured without quarter and taken to a certain cave. Then they took three stone slabs and set them on the edge and knocked a hole in each slab. Then Loki’s sons Vali and Nari or Narfi were fetched. The Æsir turned Vali into the form of a wolf and he tore his brother Narfi to pieces. Then the Æsir took his guts and bound Loki with them across the three stones — one under his shoulders, one under his loins, the third under the backs of his knees — and these bounds turned to iron. Then Skadi got a poisonous snake and fixed it up over him so that the poison would drip from the snake into his face. But his wife Sigyn stands next to him holding a basin under the drops of poison. And when the basin is full she goes and pours away the poison, but in the meantime the poison drips into his face. Then he jerks away so hard that the whole earth shakes. That is what you call an earthquake. There he will lie in bonds until Ragnarok.”(3)

In the image above, all of these details can be seen depicted in a carved from. Loki is shown bound in three places, a snake is above his head, and his loving wife stands beside him holding a basin. The Gosforth Cross is considered to be among the “oldest remaining monuments from the Norse colonies in north-western England,” and is roughly dated to approximately 930–950 (although this dating may now be an outdated claim).(4) A.B. Cook has interpreted this scene, in a fairly middle-grounded approach, as being a parallel between Christian and ‘pagan’ tales, whereby Loki being bound is equated to Satan being bound.(5) This is not to say that Loki is a naturally demonic figure, but rather to explain Loki’s presence on a Christian cross. Regardless of purpose, this image does indeed come from a pre-Christian tale about Loki, and thus is a fairly secure representation of Loki in a historical, visual context.


THIS EXAMPLE holds room for debate. Some scholars align it with the imagery expressed in the Gosforth Stone, that the bounded figure presented here, likely the Devil, simultaneously invokes a sort of ‘pagan’ imagery that associates it with Loki. Yet, more recent studies have suggested otherwise. John Mckinnell, for example, agrees with Bailey that this “iconography has nothing in common with that on the Gosforth cross nor with such pictures of the bound Satan as those in the manuscript of Junius 11.”(6) Given the inherit insecurity of this example, then, it is most definitely not as secure of a depiction of Loki as scholars had previously thought it to be. Furthermore, it is more likely that this is not Loki, then, but rather a more straightforward depiction of Satan. Still, it is worth including, for it serves as a good example for just how troublesome deciphering these images can truly be.


PERHAPS MORE SATISFYING is the Snaptun stone, which was found in Denmark, unlike the previous examples which were found in England. This stone, dating to around 1000 CE (still near the end of the Viking Age), features a face that has a pair of lips with four perpendicular lines etched through it. It is this physical trait that has linked the image to Loki, for Loki’s lips were stitched in a tale recounted in the Prose Edda:

“But when Brook tried to catch him (Loki), he was far out of reach. Loki had some shoes with which he could run across the sky and sea. Then the dwarf (Brokk) told Thor to catch him, and he did so. Then the dwarf was going to cut off Loki’s head, but Loki said that the head was his but not the neck. Then the dwarf got a thong and a knife and tried to pierce holes in Loki’s lips and was going to stitch up his mouth, but the knife would not cut. Then he said it would be better if his brother Awl was there, and as soon as he spoke his name the awl was there, and it pierced his lips. He stitched the lips together, and tore the edges off. The throng that Loki’s mouth was stitched up with is called Vartari.”(7)

And here is an image of the stone itself:

This stone has been identified as a hearth stone, and thus would have had a function associated with fire within the household.(8) Interestingly enough, if this stone was indeed used for the purpose of maintaining a hearth’s fire, its very function would reflect the story from which the reference to Loki may derive. Brokk, after all, was a dwarf and smith — a dealer in fire. This is my own conjecture, but it is worth pondering, nonetheless.


THERE ARE A FEW OTHER OBJECTS worth mentioning here, although they are most definitely not concrete examples of symbols used for Loki by any means. Many people will see what they want to see, so we must take delicate care in interpreting them. The following objects are often reproduced as pendants. Some people already associate these images with Loki, although there is no proof of this being the case. Interpret these as you will, but keep in mind the insecurity that is inherently bound to these images.

The first of these is often called the Gripping Beast Pendant, and there are several variations of these. The one shown below is in the Borre-style, and it dates to roughly the tenth century. It was made in Scandinavia, but found in England. Some people have associated this with Loki’s binding story, which we have recounted above. It is possible that this is an abstract representation of that story, but there are no direct indicators (such as Sigyn and her basin) to make this interpretation more secure. The safest interpretation is that this pendant represents a tangled beast, and not necessarily Loki, especially since intertwining animal motifs are quite common in Scandinavian art.

Here is the description of this object from the British Museum:

“Cast silver open-work pendant with a a Borre-style design of a gripping beast inside a frame further decorated with four protruding animal heads. Suspension loop with central ridge and double median groove. The back of the pendant is undecorated. Small areas of gilding and niello are in evidence on the surface of the pendant.”(9)

Other examples are equally insecure and even have multiple interpretations associated with them. There is a ‘mask’ from Gnezdovo that dates to roughly the tenth century, but some say it could be Odin. It bares similar resemblance to the Snaptun Stone, but there are no stitched lips, which was the only solid ‘evidence’ for it to be Loki in the first place. There is also a winged figure that was found at Uppåkra (Sweden) from the same century, but some believe it may be depicting Völund the Smith,(10) although others have suggested that it could be Loki borrowing Freyja’s falcon ‘dress’, which has been told in the Prose Edda (and in the Poetic Edda, of course):

“Being filled with terror, he (Loki) said he would go in search of Idunn in Giantland if Freyja would lend him a falcon shape of hers. And when he got the falcon shape he flew north to Giantland and arrive one day at giant Thjassi’s; he was out at sea in a boat, but Idunn was at home alone. Loki turned her into a nut and held her in his claws and flew as fast as he could. When Thjassi got home and found Idunn was not there he got his eagle shape and flew after Loki and caused a storm-wind by his flying. And when the Æsir saw the falcon flying with the nut and where the eagle was flying, they went out under Asgard and brought there loads of wood-shavings, and when the falcon flew in over the fortification, it let itself drop down by the wall of the fortification. Then the Æsir set fire to the wood-shavings and the eagle was unable to stop when it missed the falcon. Then the eagle’s feathers caught fire and his flight was ended. The the Æsir were close by and killed the giant Thjassi within the As-gates, and this killing is greatly renowned.”(11)

Depending on how well-known this story was, it is possible that this object could have been made to reference it. Yet, no matter the likelihood, there is always room for doubt. Although I personally am not as familiar with his story, it still seems more likely, and more agreed upon, that this is Völund the Smith, and not Loki. Here is an image of this object, nonetheless:

ARCHAEOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION seems to be a bit of a challenge, especially when there are not always definite physical indicators to work from. It does not help, of course, that I am not a socialist in archaeology by any means. I am far more familiar with literature. Besides, Loki’s physical appearance can vary tremendously; he is, after all, a shapeshifter. He could appear in numerous forms without us necessarily being able to recognize the subtle hints right away (even then, who decides that we are correct in our assumptions anyway?).

To answer your original question, then, there are very few historical representations of Loki with absolute proof; there is always some sort of doubt. Many of these images can, however, be used to build upon. History only provides us with what survives, but, in working with those fragments, new efforts can be made within reason. Meaning is distributed by society (and even the individual), and meanings can change over time. Being historically responsible, though, means making sure that we know the original intention behind a work of art. It would be irresponsible, historically speaking, to project a new interpretation upon an image that was never meant to have such meaning. In short, it is quite difficult work to be confident in our effort to find historical representations of Loki.

I hope my answer has been helpful, although it is definitely not my strongest. There is definitely plenty of room for more academic work in learning more about historical representations of Loki, but such an area is just not my personal destination. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to send them my way. I would be more than happy to continue discussing this topic with you, if you’d like.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

1. H.R. Ellis Davison, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (repr., 1964; London: Penguin Books, 1990), 176-77.
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Fig.1. A part of the Gosforth Cross showing, among other things a figure with a horn above a bound figure, usually interpreted to be Loki and Sigyn from Norse mythology. Reproduction by Julius Magnus Petersen, published in 1913. Wikimedia Commons. (Edited – Image has been rotated).
3. Snorri Sturluson, Edda, translated by Anthony Faulkes (repr., 1987; London: Everyman, 1995), 52. (Free version available via the Viking Society for Northern Research).
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7. Snorri, Edda, Faulkes trans., 97.
Fig.3. The Snaptun stone, possibly depicting Loki. Housed at the Moesgård Museum near Århus, Denmark. Wikimedia Commons. (Edited – Image turned black and white for clarity).
8. Hans Jørgen Madsen, “The god Loki from Snaptun,” in Oldtidens Ansigt: Faces of the Past (Jysk arkæologisk selskab, 1990), 180.
Fig.4. Borre-Style Silver Pendant, British Museum Online Collection.
9. Description provided by the British Museum Online Collection.
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Fig.5. Pendant from Uppåkra, likely Völund the Smith.


UPDATED: 29 APR 2017 @ 10:25pm EST. | NOTES: Added new information in regards to the Kirkby Stone (see section title “THE KIRKBY STEPHEN STONE” and endnote 6 to view these changes).

Viking Gripping Beasts Pendant, 10th Century AD

A large silver openwork discoid pendant with integral T-shaped tubular loop; raised gusseted rim enclosing a pair of S-shaped beasts with billetted bodies and comma-shaped tails, enmeshed gripping paws clutching the rim and their own bodies.

Despite the long period of overlap of Borre and Jellinge art styles, there are only few examples of their fusion. The principal and most popular motif of the Borre style displays an animal with gripping paws, usually enmeshed in a circular frame, while a typical Jellinge style beast is more slender with long, S-shaped body and ribbon decoration. The most famous example of a pendant featuring a fusion of these styles was found in a hoard from Vårby (Sweden), formed as a circle with a pair of Jellinge-style beasts with ribbon-shaped bodies in profile and heads with open jaws and extended tongues; however, each is provided with gripping paws and an enmeshed body, which are typical features of the Borre style. A few examples of these pendants were also found near the important trading settlement of Gnezdovo, near Smolensk, Russia.

I’m Only Saying Because I Love You (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Summary: Anon Request : Can you write a Jim one where the reader is a total badass and is a doctor and she helps him fight and then patches him up? Best friends to lovers too if you can! Thank you :)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence.

a/n: I hope this lives up to the request! I really enjoyed writing this one, I love the whole friends to lovers trope so I hope this fires up the ol’ imagination.

Words: 1,527

“I told you Alan was a jerk.” Jim said so only you could hear.

“You tell me everyone I date is a jerk.” You replied, stepping over a fallen branch.

“Yeah, well I’m normally right,” Jim shrugged, “and Alan is the biggest jerk of them all.” He jumped down a small drop and caught you as you followed suit.

You sighed and continued to walk through the forest on the planet you had been beamed onto. It was a routine survey of a planet, and being one of Doctor McCoy’s most trusted Doctors, you had been sent just in case. It was hot, and humid, and green. Never ending green. Mr Spock had warned the landing party that the slight difference in the atmosphere between here and earth could cause the beings on it to be a big larger. That was all you needed. To be hot and sweaty and to have a spider as big as a car jump on you.

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Extremely Rare Viking Drum Brooch, 9th-10th Century AD

Drum brooches (also called ‘box brooches’, Swedish Dosspännen) were a Scandinavian fashion of the Viking period, beginning in the late 8th century AD and featuring Oseberg style gripping-beast motifs. They remained popular throughout the period into the 11th century AD. They are especially associated with the island of Gotland, the crossroads of trade and traffic in the Baltic where a variety of cultural influences were felt.

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People are seriously whining about the lack of “PoC” in Beauty and the Beast 2017 and it’s ridiculous.

That is a DIVERSE cast. A couple of interracial relationships (or as I like to call them, relationships), the religious chap who runs the chapel where Belle borrows books from (such a great character), quite a few other villagers…

Be honest. Any white people at all would be offensive to some of you Tumblrites. Never mind that the story is set in ye olde France.

And then you have people getting upset that it’s Lefou who is the gay character and not Cogsworth and Lumière.

Because GOD FORBID two men have a strong platonic friendship. If two men are friendly then it MUST be because they like dick.

These of course are the same people who complain when a male/female romance is pushed in movies and say: “Why can’t men and women just be friends!?”

Thus the trend to have Disney Princess movies with no romantic interest for the lead (which these people all celebrate because most likely they’re all basement dwellers who can’t get a date of their own).

That feather duster that Lumière has ALWAYS been romantically linked to throughout the years? Well fuck that, right?

And I know the moral outrage people will whip themselves into over this post. It’s all so predictable.

Disney cannot win with you people. If they have a great cast with lots of diversity it’s never enough diversity. If they have a LGBT character it’s the “wrong” character.

Even when these historically traditional companies are doing the right thing and dipping their toes in the water (they are businesses after all and money and retaining their audience is important) you’re still pitching a fit because it’s not a 2hr LGBT movie straightaway.

People are actually moaning because Josh Gad, a straight man, played a LGBT character.

Do you hear heterosexuals moaning that ladies man Gaston was played by Luke Evans, a homosexual man?

Take a look at yourselves and get a grip.

Meet Me in Heaven

Title: Meet Me in Heaven

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: language, ANGST, canon-like violence and gore, character death, the lightest of fluff.

A/N: This was another Anon request from a while back. Sorry it took so long for me to post it. I only tweaked it ever so slightly. And I wrote this pretty late at night, so I apologize if the flow is a little off. So, yeah. Grab your tissues, guys.

Request: “A reader x Cas Tragedy?. The brothers and reader have always been really close, like a family since she moved in with them after her family was killed. Through out knowing Cas reader fell in love with him but hid her feelings for fear of getting hurt. Little did she know he had the same feelings. one day when she was on a hunt she gets caught alone with the which they were hunting, it pretty much kills her, but as she’s dying she prays to Cas wanting to see him one last time before she passed.” –Anon

You smiled down at the picture of your parents, taken just a few years back. They always seemed so happy, especially for married hunters. That was a rarity in itself, but the happiness they shared made them one of a kind.

Running your finger over the small, silver frame, you smiled. You hoped to be like them one day. But, for now, you had your job… and your parent’s death to avenge.

The Winchesters, and their angel friend Castiel, had been helping you track down the werewolf who murdered your parents in cold blood. The day you walked into your home and found the two of them on the floor, lying in their own blood, hearts missing was the day you swore to slaughter every fucking werewolf you could find. Bastards.

Sam and Dean were packing their weapons bags on the library table as you stepped into the large room. “Ready to rock and roll, sweetheart?” Dean asked as he swung his rifle over his shoulder.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun - Final 12 Episode - Fireworks ( But not like Glasslip..xD that smoke opio)

- Seo (Lorelei) & Waka

- Kashima (The Prince) & Hori Sempai

- Nozaki & Chiyo Sakura

- Mamiko Mikorin & Girl Gasha Toy…xD

Hope that soon make to Second Season :D this series…

“I paid for that destiny with my world and now the time has come to see it done. Burn it… to ash.”

Introducing Legionfall, the next installment of the <The Sunguard> Legion campaign! Launching on 7/25, the Sunguard shall be forced to travel Azeroth, fighting wave after wave of demonic invasions threatening to rip apart the world’s beleaguered defenders. With the Broken Shore at a standstill, Kil’jaden has sent one of his chief generals, Doom Lord Baal and his demonic horde to assault critical places in Azeroth. Wanting to split the armies of Azeroth apart, Kil’jaden is looking for any foothold he can use to usher in his massive armies. The Sunguard must sail across turbulent seas to meet these armies and close the massive demonic rifts from where the invasions come.

At these rifts will pour forth thousand of demons assaulting the armies of Azeroth. Without the Sunguard’s aid, they will fall. These rifts, known as Legion Gates, will take the Sunguard across the stars to distant Legion worlds forcing them to close the gates from within. 

While chaos has gripped Azeroth by force, beasts lurk within the shadows, biding their time to strike, eager to use the chaos to further their own ends. The void calls, and there are those who will answer.

The campaign will feature many new and familiar mechanics making a triumphant appearance in this campaign. They include:

  • New Virtues and Vices system (launch this weekend!)
  • Naval Battles
  • War maps and tactical battles
  • Player made NPC villains, with their own independent goals
  • Campaign Events! Each turn campaign commanders will draw cards that will influence the dynamic of that turn.
  • Savage combat with brutal consequences
  • A shocking finale that will forever change the dynamic of the Sunguard’s story

More below:

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dembledorf  asked:

Friend Yeen! I need help! I suck at deck building, do you has tipz?


Ok so I’m gonna answer this one seriously!

Deckbuilding is my lifeblood. I own 25 EDH decks and they all play differently. To me, deckbuilding is all about following your heart to what you find fun. Let me show you the process I take!

1. Find your inspiration

A commander catch your eye? A new tech like Investigate? Flavoring like zombie tribal sound fun? Or maybe you want to make a deck around an aspect of the game like Combat or Artifacts.

2. Build your core

You’ll want to amass cards for the main strategy of what you want your deck to do. These are the fun cards you want to play, your Master Biomancers, Frontline Medics, Diregraf Captains. This is the strategy.

3. Round out the deck

You’ll now want to flesh out the deck. There’s a few areas you will want to make sure every deck you have runs, however this comes with an asterisk.

With the scale of EDH every deck can become omnipotent. You will want to restrict your deck’s ability by its colors and its strategy. Combat related deck? Make its removal only functional in combat. It forces you to play the strategy you’ve built and makes the deck more fun for everyone involved.

Draw Power
- Reforge the Soul
- Recurring Insight
- Green Expertise/Shamanic Revelation
- Read the Bones
- Staff of Nin
- RIP in Pieces White Draw (Mentor of the Meek?)

- Cultivate/Kodama’s Reach
- Commander’s Sphere
- Sol Ring
- Note: you should want your mana ramp to curve into your commander. If you run a 4 drop commander, your ramp should all cost 2, so turn 2 you poise yourself for turn 4, and 5 drops running 3 drop ramp. Cultivate/KReach actually set you up to drop your commander next turn

Targeted Removal
- Chaos Warp
- Negate
- Krosan Grip
- Condemn
- Tragic Slip
- Note: your removal should be limited by your colors. Blue is the worst offender in this category with effects like Pongify. See how I chose Krosan Grip over Beast Within? Its a fine card, but KGrip limits it to what my colors normally remove. Forcing your deck not to be omnipotent makes for more interesting games when you can’t handle every threat.

Also, counterspells are as much removal as killspells. I recommend 3-5 counterspells in a deck, 5 on the heavy control side. Counterspells are not guaranteed control, if you run too many you’ll end up with hands of counterspells and all tapped lands.

Board Wipes
- Hallowed Burial/Planar Cleansing
- Coastal Breach
- Deadly Tempest
- Blasphemous Act
- Wave of Vitriol
- All is Dust
- Note: See how the C16 precons used light amounts of board wipes? That’s because each board wipe resets the game. Board wipes are a healthy way to keep the game running, but abuse of them brings the game to a halt. I recommend 3-5, 5 on the heavy control side.

Board wipes are also where you gotta be REALLY careful. One sided board wipes can be too devastating to the point where the game isn’t fun anymore (also known as Cyclonic Rift).

Again with this section if you can flavor it towards your strategy do it. It makes for more unique builds. For Atraxa +1/1 counters you can run Give/Take instead of Recurring Insight. Run Retribution of the Ancients instead of Go for the Throat.

If you like I can make a masterpost of useful removal. Removal is different from the core of your deck in that staples are much more acceptable.

4. Make cuts

Now you have your core and support, you gotta cut it down to 99. Here is how I recommend making cuts:

- Remove tutors for draw
- Remove extra turns
- Remove infinite combos
- Remove non-flavorful staples (I.E. Solemn Sim in a zombie EDH)
- Remove one sided/oppressive cards
- Remove Cyclonic Rift
- No really I’m serious get that out of here
- I swear to god I will eat that card with my own teeth
- Prioritize fun over efficiency. Maybe you shouldn’t run grave pact. Maybe instead of Vindicate you run Will of the Council

Lastly the most important thing that a lot of players forget: build your deck to interact! The C14 Offering Cycle is fantastic for this! Tempts are great! Tempt with Reflections should work its way into flicker decks. Offer everyone A copy while you get more copies!

THAT ABOUT DOES IT. If you ever want someone to look over your deck I’d be happy to!

elsathecow  asked:

I found this on the OTP blog and thought it'd be awesome for BBRae +Cyborg: Imagine your OTP being left to watch over a passed out Person C. One thing leads to another while the two are talking and they end up making out. Person C wakes up and suddenly it gets awkward. (ps you're an amazing writer and I've been LOVING your fills thus far!)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST :D It got a bit long, so follow the cut!

“Why do we have to learn this stuff, anyways?” Beast Boy groaned aloud, rocking on the floor while he clutched at his ankles.

Raven flipped through the magazine she’d found, very much disinterested in all of its contents.

“Because,” she began in her typical monotone range, “in case of an emergency, we have to be able to perform CPR and first aid, Gar.” 

He paused, giving her his trademark look of puzzlement. “But can’t you just do your healing magic thing?” Beast Boy waved his arms around as if to mimic the way her powers worked.

The empath stared up at him from the edge of the magazine, her amethyst eyes cold and measuring. “I’m not a doctor. I can’t heal everything, and my powers are limited, not to mention, draining.”

“Oh, yeah. You fainted that one time after you fixed my leg when it was hanging on by a thread to the rest of my body.” 

Raven shuddered at the memory. “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure most people who aren’t trained professionals would have. There was so much…blood.” 

Thinking about the way Beast Boy’s leg had nearly been torn clean off gave the demoness the cold sweats all over again. 

Beast Boy only grinned, his fangs gleaming in the light of the room. He leaned in towards her and waggled his brows in her direction. “Admit it; you were worried sick about me, Rae.” 

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bbrae week: day iv: lips/kiss
- i usually post to my main blog but since it’s not teen-titans-centric anymore, i hope you guys won’t mind! light nsfw (below the cut) -  
- (i know i’m a day late….. sorry @ bbrae week mods & thank you for hosting!)


“I’m fine.”

“You’re stubborn,” he corrected, peeking an eye open. “What’s up with you anyway? Y’seem a little antsy tonight.”

“Maybe because you won’t kiss me.”

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Zutara Week 2017, Day 3: Steamy

Barely made it in time – 6 minutes to spare, ha!

@zutaraweek, Day Three: Steamy

Once again, this is crossposted to AO3

Summary:  Alternate imagining of the final scene of AtLA/beginning of “The Promise” comic. This may very well turn into a proper AU fic at some point, but for now, it’s a one-shot.

AU Note:  In this, Mai was not able to talk to Zuko prior to the coronation and is not present at the Jasmine Dragon party, as a result…

Laughter had bubbled up around them as they gathered around Sokka’s scribbled ‘portrait,’ and passionate protests erupted in a flurry of debates about hair loopies, facial expressions, illogical bending – yet just as quickly as it has risen, again the Jasmine Dragon had fizzled to a low and lively rumble of conversation as Team Avatar settled into their tea. Zuko’s gaze shifted from person to person, this mishmash of nations gathered in his uncle’s Earth Kingdom tea shop, and he thought them all to be the furthest from what he had expected from his life. The air nomad Avatar, two southern water tribers, a Kyoshi Warrior, a blind earthbender – even his wise but kooky uncle, who he had pushed away so thoroughly for so long. Though anxiety still knotted in his stomach at the thought of leading his nation to peace after so many years of warmongering, he trusted these people more than he trusted himself, and the barest hint of a smile settled on his face.

“Hey, is there any more tea?” Sokka called out, waving an inky paintbrush in Zuko’s direction. “My creative process needs some more fuel!”

Katara snorted from beside her brother. “I don’t know that ‘more fuel’ is what your creative process needs.”

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We need more Lusii based off beasts of heraldry. FANTROLLERS WHERE U AT





Bog Beast




Hrassvelg monster


Lion-Dragon and these things are supposed to be fuckin tiny imagine a lusus like this but it’s the size of a goddamn pomeranian



Lisbjerg gripping beast


Piping Beast





Ypotryll I mean c’mon look at its description: “The ypotryll, or hippotryll, is an heraldic monster of awesome ugliness, with a camel’s humps, a boar’s face, and cloven hooves.”



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Her terrified screams echoed through the tower, just like every other night.

It was 2:30 am when Beast Boy was rudely awakened from his slumber. The screams woke him, and only him. Cyborg was in his ‘room’, recharging for the day to come, Robin and Starfire were out on  early morning patrol (at least, thats what the couple told Beast Boy. Who knows what they could really be doing) and Raven - well, the screams were coming from Raven.

Knowing that Cyborg was too ‘flat’ to hear anything, Beast Boy slowly pushed himself up and yanked the bedsheets off his body groggily,  making a sound mixed with a groan and a yawn as he fumbled. Looks like it’s my turn. Damn, why did Star have to go on patrol? I need my beauty sleep!

It had become a normal thing to be woken up by Raven’s screams in the middle of the night. Usually, when not on ‘patrol’ with her boyfriend, Starfire would rush to her friend’s aid while everyone else simply continued on with their sleeping. Not tonight though. It was Beast Boys turn.

“C’mon BB, what’s she gonna do? there is nothing to worry about!” he reassured himself in hurried whispers. He had been wanting to avoid doing this very thing, and he had. Until now. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Raven, because he did. Beast Boy would trust Raven with his life. It’s just… Raven can sometimes lose control… and if what Starfire has said to be true, then she’s most likely on the brink of losing it right now.

“C’mon Beast Boy! it’s what friends do! Star never gets hurt, so why are you so worried?”

Because it’s me!Beast Boy teased himself goofily, trying to calm himself down. Somehow, it worked.

Suddenly filled with a strong sense of duty, Beast Boy bounded out of his bed, wearing nothing but his boxers and bolted out of the room. He sprinted down the dimly lit halls, accidentally knocking into a small table leaning against the wall in the process. Gotta tell Robin we need that thing gone, Beast Boy absently noted after letting out a short but loud yowl of pain. Luckily, Ravens screams were loud enough that they blocked it out. I’m coming Rae!

Finally after some blind staggering through the dark, Beast Boy was standing outside of Raven’s room. The off-limits room basically. His hand was trembling with fear when he lifted it over the keypad to open the door. Going into Raven’s was mostly strictly off limits, so who could blame Beast Boy for being scared to go in it? sure, he had before, but Raven never liked it. Never.  Hopefully, she’d be a bit more acceptable of it tonight…

“Ra-Rae?” Beast Boy called nervously, his voice trembling. “A-are you o-okay? Can I come in-?!”

Beast Boy didn’t wait for an answer. As soon as Raven’s screams muffled out his words, he slammed his fists onto the key pad and sped inside her room faster than Kid Flash.

The sight that loomed before him was one he never wanted to see. Ever. Raven lay on her purple bed, with her sheets wrapped around her tightly as beads of sweat trickled over her writhing body. Her normally calm and beautiful face, was scrunched up in excruciating pain. The sounds she made were nothing but screams, cries and heavy, pained breathing. Seeing Raven, the girl he loved like this was torturous. Oh geez, never knew it was this bad. I’ve gotta do something!

“Raven!” was all he could think of to say before rushing towards her. What do I do what do I do what do I do?!

“C’mon! it’s just a dream!” Beast Boy was becoming distraught. He needed to know how Starfire handled this, and fast. Doing the first thing that came to mind, Beast Boy reached down to Raven’s shoulders and violently (Unintentionally) shook her.

“RAVEN WAKE UP-!” Beast Boy words were abruptly cut off as Raven’s hands whipped up and firmly grasped his wrists, sending an unsettling chill up his spine. The Changeling shuddered at her touch.

“R-Rae? you awake or should I start running?” Beast Boy spoke softly. At his shaky words, Raven’s big violet eyes fluttered open, and her grip loosened.

“Beast Boy?” she let go of his wrists, “Are you really there?” Raven asked groggily, as if she had no idea what was happening. Beast Boy watched in puzzlement as she struggled to push herself up. When she eventually did, she let out a loud wince of pain.

“Slow down, slow down!” Beast Boy fretted and not so gently pushed Raven back onto her bed, causing her to wince again and throw him a quick glare. Stupid idiot!

“Dammit, I’m sorry! and uh yeah, I’m really here…” he spoke cautiously, uncertain of how his fellow titan will act.

She didn’t say anything, only shut her eyes and breathed a small, barely audible sigh of relief. Beast Boy frowned.

“Um, Raven, are you alright? you were screaming a minute ago, drenched in sweat, and asking if I’m real, and now it looks like you’re about to meditate?” he queried anxiously with utter confusion written all over his green face. Opening her eyes, Raven exhaled heavily and bowed her head in shame.

“I-i’m fine. It was just a dream. It was nothing.” Her last words faded into silence, as if she was trying to convince herself something, when obviously she did not believe it.

“Are you sure? you don’t look fine- I mean, you do! you always look fine- in fact, you look great! you just don’t look- It just doesn’t look like it was nothing. It never looks like it’s nothing.” The words came stumbling out of Beast Boy’s mouth as soon as he opened it. He wanted to slap himself for his stupidity. ‘You alway look fine? in fact you look great?!’ what was that! this is a serious matter Beast Boy!

“Garfield, it’s noth-“

“Don’t say it’s nothing, Rae.” Beast Boy cut in sharply at the sound of his real name. “You always say it’s nothing whenever I or the other Titans ask! we all know it isn’t nothing.” Beast Boy sat himself down next to Raven to grab her drifting attention. “Can’t you tell us what’s wrong? we’re your friends. Can’t you at least tell me?” he pleaded.

Slowly, Raven lifted her head up so the two were eye to eye. Her violet eyes narrowed.

“Why do you even care Garfield?” Demanded Raven weakly, tired and fearful of Beast Boy’s concerns and worries, knowing it could possibly put him in harms way. Of coarse, he didn’t know that, and even if he did it still wouldn’t stop him.

“Raven, you’re my-“ you’re the love of my life? no, that definitely won’t work. “-friend, and seeing you - I hate to say it - weak, is scary, and all it makes me want to do is-“ hold you and love you? yeah, as if Raven would allow that. “- help and be there for you! Really, that’s all I want to do! And so do the others! why do you have to shut us out all the time?! Even though you may not know it because of your- your stupid meditating and reading, we’re here for you! I’m here for you, and you don’t even know it!” Beast Boy lashed out in an unexpected and unintentional burst of anger that he didn’t know he had been bottling up. Hiding his true feelings from not only Raven, but the whole team, did this to him. Frequently.

Unfortunately for Beast Boy, waking up the daughter of a demon from what appeared to be a nightmare then continuing to yell at her was not the best thing to do.

“You think I don’t know that?” she growled, her violet eyes slowly changing into scarlet. “You think I don’t see the look on your face every time I snap? or hear your hushed whispers of what you fear about me?! Admit it, you don’t even care!” Raven’s eyes were blazing. If it was any other night, this would have made Beast Boy run for it, but not tonight. He couldn’t leave now. Not when Raven was like… this.

“…All I do is scare or hurt people, and I don’t want you to be next.” Raven murmured glumly under her breath, and for the first time allowed herself to express an emotion in front of the boy she always thought would never see her like this. Sadness. Tears began to well up in her eyes, and the red glow quickly faded away.

Beast Boy had never seen Raven like this. He wasn’t sure if anyone had seen Raven like this… it must be the dream. There is no other reasonable explanation of why she would be so… open towards him, of all people…

“I’m telling you the truth.” Beast Boy said in a surprisingly soothing voice.

“I’m here for you, no matter what. You’ve scared me HEAPS of times already, and I’m still here!” He said with a comforting grin and placed a reassuring hand onto Raven’s slumped shoulder, sending a warm sensation through her body and filling her with a short, bittersweet bliss that disappeared as soon as he pulled away.

“I know, and I’m sorry…” Raven sniffled, avoiding direct eye contact and brought her knees up to her face, where she propped them up to her chin and tightly hugged her legs.”But really, you don’t want to be there for me. No one does, or should. It’s best if you just look at me as a teammate, and nothing else.”

Beast Boy’s grin faltered. Why on Earth is she saying these things? she knows that I would never do that! She must know! how could she not? isn’t it obvious?! I’m pretty sure I was terrible at hiding it!

“Raven! you can’t seriously expect me to do that… can you?” he scoffed in shock. Raven’s grim eyes confirmed his suspicions. It was as if this wasn’t bothering her at all. It bothered Beast Boy immensely.

“What?! NO!” He barked and shuffled his whole body and legs so he was fully facing Raven. She did not react to his actions, only when he snatched her hands away from her knees and gave them a light squeeze. She reacted then, with a light, hardly noticeable, basically IMPOSSIBLE to notice, blush. She didn’t say anything though. Not even a single protest.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you need to stop this selfish bullshit. RIGHT NOW.”  Beast Boy ordered, sounding scarily similar to an infuriated Robin with a temporary scowl to go  along with it.

The look on Raven’s face however, made it all collapse. A sharp pang of guilt hit Beast Boy almost instantly when the two locked eyes.

“Listen to me Raven,” he sighed after a few seconds of tense silence, “I-“ Was he really going to say this?


“-I care for you. Much more than anyone else, and much more than you probably realise, if you haven’t read my mind or something. You can’t make me suddenly stop just because- because- you haven’t even told me why! seriously Raven? that’s low, even for you-” the changeling did NOT mean to utter that last bit. It just sort of came out in a quick rush of spite. “-Just- please, Raven, I don’t understand whats going on, but please please PLEASE let me help!”

No surprise, Beast Boy received zero response from Raven. He reluctantly turned away from the titan with a drawn-out sigh of defeat. “Fine.” he muttered bluntly. Feeling a little bit guilty, Raven stared at the back of Beat Boy’s green messy hair as he contemplated on whether to leave or stay. She never noticed how nice the colour was until now. She was so captivated by the strange yet gorgeous green hair, that she almost didn’t notice the owner of the hair stand up and begin to move away in a huff.

“W-wait,” Raven croaked and firmly grasped Beast Boy’s hand. For a second, he froze at her surprisingly warm touch. It was different. Raven’s touch had alway been cold, or at least the very few times Raven touched Beast Boy. It was different, but nice.

Raven couldn’t help but blush when she realised Beast Boy’s back and chest were… well, there!

With little remorse, her eyes drifted to his well shaped shoulders and happily stayed there until he turned around to face her, his wrist still imprisoned tightly by her hands. Beast Boy stood there in silence and puzzlement for a short while before he realised Raven’s violet eyes were ogling his bare chest. A smug smirk played onto his lips. Then it trembled. Then it transformed into a gaping hole.

“RAVEN!” he shrieked in terror and threw his hands over his chest, “That is th-that i-is very inappropriate in a time like this!” he said over-dramatically as his cheeks became a bright pink… mixed with green. It was fair to say that Best Boy became very self-conscious around Raven.

At Beast Boy’s shriek, Raven dropped her gaze to the floor in embarrassment. Her grey cheeks flushed a deep red, and she was only able to mutter a few words without feeling like rubbish;

“It’s the dreams.”    

I knew it Beast Boy thought with a frown. Raven’s dreams were never good, even if they were just dreams. But if they were making her want to push her closest friends away… well, they must getting worse.

For once, the Changeling was starting to act serious. He dropped his hands from his chest and rushed back to Raven’s side, his whole body back on the bed. Before he let a word escape his untrustworthy mouth, he froze. Do I really want to know? no, but I gotta help.

“Did you want to talk about it?” asked Beast Boy quietly as he absently took Raven’s hands in his.

“My father - and you and the team were in it. That’s all you need to know… I don’t really want to talk about it.” she told him defensively and recoiled her hands out of his grasp.

Hurt but not broken, Beast Boy persisted.

“I’m just trying to help, geez. Besides, didn’t you like, kick his ass? he’s gone, isn’t he?” he said with a frown and a furrowed brow.

For a moment, it looked as if Raven didn’t know how to answer his question. Could Trigon still be around? I hope not.

Then, to Beast Boy’s relief, she slowly nodded once.

“Phew, you scared me for a second there.” Beast Boy said and elbowed Raven playfully in the arm. They locked eyes for a brief second, and Beast Boy thought it was fine. Nice, even. Until Raven pulled her gaze away in a unneeded rush.

“S-sorry,” Beast Boy chuckled nervously with a tiny hint of sadness before looking away unwillingly and having to hide his flushing cheeks of embarrassment. Just making this worse, BB! It’s time to leave Rae. She obviously doesn’t want you here…

“I guess I’ll-“


Beast Boy glanced up at Raven with his trademark look etched onto his face, utter confusion. The demonic girl was staring  right at him. It was… weird. A good weird.

“Don’t? don’t what?” asked Beast Boy curiously, oblivious to the fact that Raven was reaching for his chest. Did Raven want him to stay? Pfft, as if BB!

The demonic girl didn’t jump to answer, but slowly, as if afraid of hurting someone, wrapped her arms around Beast Boy’s body and buried her face into the crook of his neck. She was… hugging?

SHE’S HUGGING ME. Beast Boy internally shrieked and sat there in shock. WHAT DO I DO?!

After a while of mild confusion, Beast Boy responded like any crazy person would. He hugged Raven tightly, never wanting to let go, and kissed her on the forehead. Why? maybe it had something to do with a sudden… urge.

“Please don’t leave.” Raven begged in a hushed whisper as tears began falling from her eyes. Taken by surprised, Beast Boy pulled back a little too forcefully and stared at Raven right in the eye. Wh-what is seriously going on with her? He wondered, but didn’t dare ask. The tears streaming down her grey cheeks told him all he needed to know. Raven needed him.

“I won’t.”


Then, she kissed him.

At first, Beast Boy was too taken aback to react. Then, when Raven began to pull away, he came to his senses. Lifting his hands, Beast Boy seized her by the hips and pulled her closer, wanting nothing but to take her all in. It was all Raven wanted too.

The kissing quickly became hungry and passionate. Beast Boys hands searched every part of her back, while one of hers buried deep into his hair, fingers sprawled. The other clawed at his shoulders in immense pleasure. Beast Boy forgot about the conversation in an instant and was transported into another world of pure bliss. He didn’t even notice the continuous flow of Ravens tears until a single sob escaped her heavenly lips.

“Rae?” he said and reluctantly edged a few centimetres away, only then noticing the stinging pain in his shoulders. He tried his best to ignore it. “I’m here for you, remember? whatever you need.”

“I know,” Raven managed and wiped away the tears. Her dream was still there, clearly drilled into her mind. Although she wouldn’t say it, she was deeply thankful for Beast Boys company. He soothed the pain, and for the first time, made her feel… complete. “Could you stay with me, Garfield?”

Beast Boys heart skipped a beat. Sure, he had heard Raven say his name many times, but only in spite. This was different. How? Beast Boy had no idea. Then again, his brain temporarily shut down as soon as Ravens lips touched his, so maybe he did know.

“I am- I think.”

“No,” Raven muttered, “could you sleep with me?”

She didn’t have to explain herself. Beast Boy understood.

“Of coarse.” he said with a comforting smile and lifted his hands up to her blushing cheeks. He placed a light kiss on her lips and pulled her into a warm embrace. “Whatever you need.”

It was then, that the trauma and fear began to fade away. In Beast Boys arms, Raven felt the most safest. “Thank you. Garfield, I-I want you to know, th-that I care for you too…”

It was then, that they realised they couldn’t live without each other.

Slowly, with arms wrapped around one another, foreheads touching and eyes shut, they lay down. Raven could feel herself drifting off, but Beast Boy was wide awake. His heart was racing at the sound of Ravens words. ‘I care for you too.’ could that mean…?

“Thank you, Beast Boy.” Raven repeated with a yawn, pulling Beast Boy out of his perplexed thoughts. She embraced the changeling tighter and buried her head into the crook of his neck affectionately.

“Heh, no problem.” Beast Boy chuckled arrogantly as he finally began to feel content. Still, Ravens words continued to bother him.

“Rae, you still awake?” He asked after minutes of a tranquil silence.

“Mm hmm.” she mumbled and slightly stirred, but kept her arms around the changeling and her eyes shut.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Mm hmm.”

“What do you mean by ‘I care for you too’?”

“I mean the same thing as what you do.”

Beast Boy felt his heart skip a beat again. Raven only felt herself dive into a rare peaceful slumber.

“Raven,” Beast Boy whispered in shock and joy, softly resting his chin onto her head as his eyes closed. “I love you too.”

For what felt like the first time in ages, Raven let herself smile.