Bronn needs his own show. 


Drone view of dolphin pod above coral reefs, off Laguna Beach, California


Here, have shiro being unnecesarily clumsy while keith gets all exhasperated mother hen on him.

Not much later in the past before much later into that future:

how do you think lance feels knowing that when shiro was hurt everyone waited for him to get out of the healing pod but when he was hurt they all got distracted looking at timers


From my Human Healing Pod AU

to explain: team Voltron are on a planet helping refugees and Lance goes a little overboard with his healing powers. Shiro, (being the space dad he is) puts a limit on how much use Lance has a day because of the bad side effects. 

Lance ignores these limitations and Shiro just wants to make sure he doesn’t wreck himself too bad…

Let’s just say they learned not to interrupt a healing session the hard way;;;;;(He turns out fine btw)

Be thankful every morning, for you never know where your life will take you. It won’t be everyday that you wake up happy, in a place where life is fantastic and nothing will bring you down. Celebrate the days when you know you will be ok, and love the people who make your life beautiful. Life is as good as you tell yourself it is, make it fantastic.

Everyday by Amy Kennedy 


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for my human healing pod au

So… the healing powers slowly start to carve little veiny scar lines into Lance’s hands. they start at the tips of his fingers and slowly work their way up his arms as the years go on eventually they’ll extend all the way to his chest (ending at his heart). He things they’re rather ugly (but Keith sure doesn’t)

He also get’s perpetual eyebags which sUCKS because he spends so much time trying to keep his skin nice