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Spell It

A little angst. A little smut. Way too late at night.

I had an excellent suggestion for a mistake made on Harry’s part that leads into the situation he finds himself in below but in the end it felt right to leave his indiscretion vague. Feel free to fill in the blanks and enjoy.


Text messages - three of them - pinging your cell in quick succession, Harry’s desperation illustrated in all caps.



Harry: CAN I COME?

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“Redemption” - Tamlin

@hermajestymanon I shall win this war. 

Feyre’s eyes snapped as magic slammed into her forehead. She was falling, falling an impossible distance. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she wasn’t sure who caught her. 

Feyre gasped, blinking slowly. “Tamlin?” Feyre whispered, staring into his bright green eyes, his eyebrows pinched in concentration. Feyre could feel the waves of magic vibrating around them, she could feel an evil, stronger magic pushing against Tamlin’s. 

“It would help if you stood up, beautiful” Tamlin gave her a crooked smile, thick blood slipping out of his mouth. Feyre rolled to the side, landing in a crouch. “I have your back,” Tamlin grunted and he let the shield fall, just as Feyre sliced out with her own magic. 

“Move,” Tamlin urged her, wrapping his arm around her waist. He half dragged, half carried Feyre down a long corridor, his blood still dripping out of his mouth. More blood slid from his nostrils, but he kept moving. 

“Tamlin. Tamlin, we can’t leave them!” Feyre shouted, crying out in agony when she put too much pressure on her right leg. Tamlin swore and he leaned Feyre against the wall, handing her his blade. 

“I never planned on leaving them. Give me some credit, Feyre” Tamlin shoved his hands outward, a wave of magic rippling through the corridor, tearing it apart. The ceiling fell. Tamlin grunted and he looked down at Feyre. “Stay” 

Feyre heard his back crack. Tamlin tilted his head back and roared and Feyre covered her eyes as a beam of bright light flashed before her. When she looked back, Tamlin was gone, but she saw the shadow of a beast on the walls. 

Feyre blinked slowly, gripping Tamlin’s blade and her own Illyrian one. She breathed through her mouth, trying to understand where everything went wrong. So, so wrong. Who had betrayed them? Did someone even betray them? Or was the King always one step ahead? 

Was the King always one step ahead even with Tamlin helping them? 

Feyre went still when she heard footsteps. She forced herself to her feet and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Tamlin, burdening the weight of three grown Illyrians on his body. 

The beast’s front leg shook, then snapped, causing Tamlin to fall. Azriel and Cassian moaned as one, falling on their sides. Feyre scrambled to her feet, helping Rhys up, putting his weight over her shoulders. She gripped his arm, staring down at Tamlin. 

Move” Tamlin grunted, before he stood up. His arm hung loosely at his side, but the High Lord slammed it against the wall, and Feyre cringed as he knocked it back into place. “Feyre, cover our rear. Protect their wings” 

Feyre blinked slowly. The Tamlin before her was something new, something different. Feyre remembered when Rhys told her about how he and Cassian and Azriel had trained with Tamlin, how the four of them had become something like brothers. Feyre wondered how many times Tamlin had protected their wings. There was so much she still didn’t understand about their pasts together. 

Tamlin bent down and he picked up Azriel, grunting, and placing the Illyrian on his back. Feyre didn’t want to ask how Tamlin could bear his weight, on top of letting Cassian lean against him. Her legs were shaking with just supporting Rhys. 

“Am I being saved by Tamlin?” Cassian whispered, his eyes dazed and unfocused. Tamlin gave a droll half grin, blood still coating his teeth. 

“I owe you a few” Was all the male said, before he started walking. Azriel, balanced on one shoulder, his limp body pressing into Tamlin’s back, his wings hanging, unmoving. Cassian, his legs leaving a trail of blood, arm wrapped around Tamlin. Rhys, helping Feyre more than she was helping him. All of them, beaten, broken, in pain, dying. And Tamlin was bearing their weight, helping them escape. 

“Why?” Feyre whispered. She sent a wave of magic behind her blindly, hoping it would delay their attackers. “Why are you saving us?” Feyre whispered. Tamlin turned his head, his eyes narrowed. 

“Ask them when you all make it out alive” Tamlin grunted, shifting his shoulders so Azriel wouldn’t fall. He continued to walk, his legs buckling each time. Feyre doubted they would make it. She didn’t know how long Tamlin could hold two Illyrians, she didn’t know how long she could hold off an enemy she couldn’t see. 

“Feyre, go” Rhys whispered, pointing forward. Feyre noticed the thick closed door. Tamlin stood by it, gently leaning Cassian against the wall, then slid Azriel from his back. He gripped Azriel’s face and tapped his cheek gently, mumbling under his breath. 

Tamlin stepped away from Azriel, before pushing the door open as far as he could. He braced his back against it and Feyre watched as his legs grappled for purchase, the door pushing against him, as well. Tamlin reached out, grabbing Cassian’s forearms. Cassian swore heavily as Tamlin dragged him across the floor, and pulled him into the darkness. Tamlin now only used his leg to keep the doorway open, pulling Azriel in after Cassian. His face was contorted in pain, breathing hard, sweat dripping down his skin. 

There was a shriek and Feyre stumbled into the wall, Rhys falling after her. The ground shook, the very castle shook. And Feyre was positive the entire island was shaking with the King’s rage, mixed with his beasts. 

Tamlin’s fingers linked with Rhys’s and he dragged the High Lord forward. Rhys seemed to be yelling something, almost pleading with his “enemy”, but Tamlin ignored him. He pulled Rhysand into the darkness next. 

Feyre lunged forward and Tamlin caught her as the castle shook again. The King’s monsters finally caught up to them. “You aren’t coming with us,” Feyre whispered. Tamlin’s arms slacked against her back, their noses almost touching. 

Not so long ago, they were in this embrace, because Feyre was lying to him. Pretending to love him; pretending, lying, being a spy. It was all the same. Not so long ago, Tamlin was a beast. A true, living, terrifying beast in the body of a man. What Feyre saw before her, was one of the best stories of change and redemption she would possibly ever know. She hoped to one day paint the story of Tamlin. 

A man who wasn’t born a beast, became a beast, and died a man. A good man. A good man who made mistakes, accepted those mistakes, and tried to make amends. A man who was using his life to save three Illyrians who had hated him for centuries. To save a girl who should have never entered his life anyway. 

“Do me a favor?” Tamlin whispered and Feyre nodded. She felt the same vibrations around them again. Tamlin had a shield that split the corridor in two, keeping the enemy forces at bay for as long as he could. “Remember me like this? You didn’t know me before, but, remember me as I am now?” 

Feyre took in his face and she pressed her hand tightly against his heart. Tamlin shuddered, knowing Feyre was pressing against his stone heart. She nodded once. Then she was flying and arms wrapped around her middle. Feyre didn’t think she would cry when Tamlin died, didn’t think she would fight for him. He hadn’t fought for her. But as Rhys held her back and as Tamlin stood on the other side, slowly pushing the door closed, she screamed. 

She tried to scramble forward, kicking at Rhys, scratching his arms. Tamlin had no right to make himself the sacrificial lamb, he had no right to choose when he died, he had no right to stand there, smiling sadly. 

He had no right to make himself a martyr. 

Feyre wanted him to live so she could punch him in the face for trading his life for theirs. 

“Tell my sister I said hello” Rhys said. Tamlin nodded, before the door closed in front of them, leaving them in darkness. Feyre cringed as she felt the walls shake, as she heard a roar, as Rhys dragged her down their escape route. Their only change at survival. 


She would keep her promise. Tamlin would be remembered as he was in his last moments. 

Tamlin roared as the door closed. He clenched his fists, baring his teeth at the King’s forces. He looked to his left and a girl stood beside him, smiling, joy in her eyes. She swung an Illyrian blade around, her eyes shining. 

“I knew the man I loved was still in there,” Chiara said. She took a step towards him, and grabbed his hand. She swung her blade again in her left hand, squeezing his own hand. “I love you”

“I love you too,” Tamlin laughed softly. “I missed you. They’re safe; your brothers are safe. Your wings…I kept them. I’m so sorry”

Chiara paused, her eyes twinkling like stars. “I know. It’s okay” She took a small breath “They’re alive because of you. Welcome to martyrdom, my love” 

“Is this what you felt like?” 

Chiara pulled him close, pressing their brows together. She swallowed softly, running her thumb down his cheek. “It isn’t such a hard decision to make. Your life for the one’s you love. Yes. This is what it felt like. It will be short, I promise” 

Tamlin nodded, swinging his own blade. 

Then Chiara ran forward and Tamlin ran after her, slicing through the beasts, right after she did. Her slices, her stabs, her kicks and jabs, did nothing. But Tamlin did as she did, taking down as many as he could, before he was overwhelmed. 

Tamlin was knocked onto his back, drowning in the sea of enemies, and he grunted. He head slammed against the floor, cracks spreading across the floor in his wake. He looked to his left one last time, and he saw Chiara standing over him, smiling. Her violet eyes were swimming with an emotion Tamlin couldn’t place. 

“I want to save you again. I don’t want you to die” Anguish. That was the emotion. But also…happiness? Possibly happiness, because they would be together again. 

“A little late for that, my star” They both bowed their heads, and then there was nothing for a long time. Tamlin was lost in an eternity of nothing, of everything, of nothing and everything. 

Then he opened his eyes, and there she sat. Under the night sky. Leaning back on her palms. 

Tamlin thought it was more than he deserved. But he would not question it. 

He walked forward and sat by his mate. Chiara leaned her head against his shoulder and their fingers intertwined, their joined hands resting on his knee. Tamlin pressed his lips against her forehead, nuzzling her hair. 

“Rhys says hello” 

World War Maas II continues. 

A few causalities have been reported. 

But the masses still stand.

Not for long. 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could write a smut where Jimin is a cute very shy nerd friend but that has always turned you on. One day you meet up with him at a library, when you get there, a couple of guys are teasing him and you decide to walk up to Jimin and kiss him so the guys will stop and leave. He started your one on one tutoring session but you couldn't concentrate so you get up drag him to the restroom and that's when you realize he's not so shy after all ;) -p.s. I love your work

Tutor Session: 

“Y/N? Pay attention.” Jimin chuckled ruffling the girl’s hair as he brought her from a daze.

“Mmm sorry Jimin I didn’t mean to.” She smiled sheepishly leaning forward to kiss his nose. 

“Are we still on to study in a minute?” He asked her standing up to put his stuff into his backpack.

“Of course cutie, just let me get my stuff from my locker and I’ll meet you there ok?” She replied calmly getting her stuff ready and they both said goodbye to each other that sweet smile lingering on Jimn’s lips.

The girl walked towards her locker in a daze, sighing softly to herself she played with the knob putting the combo into the locker and opening it she switched out her books and grabbed a notepad sighing as she rested her head against the locker. She had been day dreaming about Jimin the whole time she was with him. Trying to work on math problem because she was struggling with that subject the most. But god, to her Jimin was so cute, with his adorable puckered cheeks whenever he concentrated or how his eyebrows furrowed together and he bit on his lips and he worked out problems. But the problem was he was her best friend and she couldn’t just jump on him. He was shy and he didn’t really react much to her teasing before hand even though it was subtle. 

Shaking herself off, she shut her locker with a loud groan stomping her way towards the library still in a daze. Thinking about sitting on his lap and kissing his lips, playing in his smooth brown hair. Her steps carried her slowly one foot in front of the other. Thoughts still running wild in her head, how his college uniform clung to his body  He was such a sinful being to watch and she didn’t know if he even knew what he was doing to her or if she just couldn’t keep hiding her hormones for too long. 

“Hey! You hear us talking to you Jimin-ah~” Snapping out of her thoughts, the girl looked around the library walking in deeper to find the male. She walked behind a row of books to see Jimin surrounded by a group of men taunting him and teasing him. “Where is your girlfriend? Oh that’s right you don’t have one because you’re a pussy.” One man called out pushing at Jimin’s chest. And poor Jimin he just sat there letting them do it, balling his fist up and staring straight ahead trying to avoid them. 

She sat there and watched for a bit as Jimin got teased and fucked with by those assholes before it pissed her off. She couldn’t let her best friend get picked with, because that wouldn’t make her a good friend at all. So doing what she could only think about she walked forward with her head held high, her heels pressing down against the floor. 

“Yah, there you are Jimin-ah.” She smiled sweetly walking around the group of guys towards the male who went from looking red in the face and very pissed off to a bit relieved and happy. 

“Y/N-” He spoke her name but before he could utter out anything else she pressed her lips harshly against his softly nipping on his bottom lip she sat her back down letting a hand travel up into his hair pulling on the soft brown locks, she kissed him until she released a soft moan feeling his tongue poke out against her bottom lip. Pulling back she braced her forehead against his, cheeks lighting up the color of scarlet, the room seemed to be getting smaller and much hotter. 

“Hope I didn’t keep you long jagi.” She muttered out pulling back letting her body stand up straight. Turning towards the three boys looking at her in shock one of them avoiding her gaze as they shifted. 

“If you don’t mind, my boyfriend and I need to study now, and since I am a pet of the librarian lady, I doubt you’d want me to call her right?” She asked with a hard tight smile across her lips that didn’t reach her eyes. 

“She won’t believe you. It’s not like you have proof so run along little girl and let grown men talk.” One redheaded male spoke to her, but before the girl could respond back to him a woman with soft gray and black hair, big round glasses and soft brown oval eyes stepped beside her. She had on a long black floral dress to her ankles and black high heels on her feet.

“Gentlemen, I will have to remind you that this is a library not some circus act. So please leave right now, or I will have to call campus police.” The woman stated softly as she looked at each of the men. “Now run along.” She sent them off flicking her hands forward until they were going out of the library.

“Thank  you so much Mrs. Choi.” The girl smiled softly bowing her head before she went to sent down on the other side of Jimin. The librarian walked off after making sure they were ok moving towards the front and turning to Jimin the girl smiled widely at her friend. 

“Are you ready to study?” She asked softly.

“Are we not going to talk about how you pressed your lips against mine?” Jimin asked tapping his pen against his notebook letting his gaze flicker onto the girl, but something in his eyes made her heart clench. She didn’t know what to call it and she didn’t want to talk about it so she shook her head. 

“No let’s not address it until after we are done with our homework, I really need help with this problem but yes Jimin we will address it when we are done.” Smiling at him, she reached down for her backpack opening it up she placed her book out on the table opening it up wide. She gripped at her pencil tapping it against her notebook like Jimin had just done a second ago.

“Okay.. Let’s start with this one..” Jimin muttered out reaching over her shoulder to point at a math problem. 

She sighed softly to herself, starting to do the hard ass math problem. She chewed on her bottom lips, trying to think of the steps that Jimin had taught her how to do on the previous problem and she tried to focus on the problem at hand. She wanted to do good. She found herself not focusing however, because she just couldn’t shake off the feel of kissing his lips. How he tasted. Jimin was a good kisser, and she did not know that. She didn’t know that her best guy friend knew how to make her heart flutter. 

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked softly leaning over to press a hand against her shoulder. 

“Y-yeah?” She said softly looking at him. 

“It’s just you just stopped working and you didn’t even start the problem just doodling.” He pointed out at a problem as her eyes shifted back and forward. 

“I can’t concentrate.” She admitted to herself and him both, her legs crossing as the wetness started to seep into her panties. 

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Jimin asked softly gripping at her shoulder. 

“You.. And you are going to help me fix it.” The girl said slowly letting her eyes linger on him. She couldn’t fight it anymore- no she needed Jimin and she needed him now. Standing up she gripped at his wrist walking towards the back of the library and through a exit towards a set of bathrooms into the hallway. 

She opened the door up to the girl’s bathroom and pushed him inside towards the wall. Lips crashing against his she kissed him harshly, wanting to feel those plump lips back against her own. To her shock Jimin started to kiss her back, hands moving up to grip at her hips, he let one hand slip up between the valley of her breast, up her neck to grip at her hair tugging it back harshly while his mouth devoured hers. 

He moved his legs to place on leg in between her two, his thigh pressing against her crotch. The hand on her hip started to move her up and down his thigh, making her grind against it. A smirk on his lips because she was already wet and soaking through her panties. His tongue slithered into her mouth, sucking on the wet pink muscle he fought her for dominance, his hand slipping down towards her ass cheek to grip the plump flesh tightly smacking his ass repeatedly. 

He flicked his tongue against the roof of her mouth, letting his spit mix with hers until they were both breathless and he had to pull back to stare down at the girl. Full lips that were bruising, flushed out cheeks and hair that was becoming disheveled. How hot she looked grinding against his thigh rolling her hips and softly begging for more.

“I’m going to fuck you like a little slut. I hope you know that. But this is just a quickie for now. I’ll ruin you later.” He picked her up moving you towards a bathroom stall. He shut the door slowly, moving back he only unzipped his pants slowly eyeing her with a wink as the zipper slowly moved down his pants. He pulled his member from his pants letting it spring free slapping the bottom of his stomach. 

He grabbed at her hips and pulling her close he slipped her panties to the side. Lifting her up he wrapped her legs around his waist, letting his tip brush against the wet pussy waiting to be taken. He ground his hips back and forth letting his dick get wet and covered with her juices before slowly slipping into her. He sat down on the toilet seat starting to slowly bounce her up and down on his shaft, watching how he slipped into her. 

“Hold your skirt baby girl.” He rasped out watching as the girl gripped the hems of her skirt holding it up so that he could see it better. His hips snapping against hers harder and harder both of them gasping and relishing in the pleasure. His dick throbbed as he felt the warm walls squeezing around his dick. She was so fucking wet and the noises she was making didn’t help him either. How her breast bounced even in her bra made him fuck her harder, knowing he could only do so much because people were bound to come in. And as if on cue the door opened and it sounded like a group of girls walked in. 

He stopped moving only to pick her up and press her against the stall. A hand covering over her mouth because he knew she would be loud, he started to grind his dick in and out of her dripping slick walls, winding his hips up against her. His eyes bore into hers, his glasses fogging up from the heat that was going on between them. His thighs spread her legs wide as he continued to push his dick deep inside of her, switching angles until he found out where her spot was. Deep and slow he fucked her, trying to keep a steady pace but she felt so good and he was so close. He leaned in to press his mouth against her neck sucking harshly on the skin to create a hickey as he got closer and closer. 

Her walls convulsed around him and she knew she was close, grinding her hips down to press against his she meet his thrusts more so when he was pushing against her spot. She felt the pit of her stomach start to clench and tighten and that was when she released giving Jimin everything she had. She sucked on one of his fingers, letting her hands fist his shirt as she came. She was so spent thighs trembling around his waist. It took mere seconds for Jimin to follow suit groaning he pulled back lifting her up in the air as he turned towards the toilet and let his cum shoot out into the toilet. Kissing on her lips slowly to bring them both down from their high and let them relax he held her close letting his hands work and massage on her thighs as the girls left out the room. 

“If you act like a good girl, and do your work with me then I’ll fuck you nice and hard when we get back to my place.” Jimin muttered against her lips. 

“Is that a promise?” She asked him softly, nuzzling their noses.

“Oh baby, I think I need this more than you.” He chuckled sitting her down and helping them dress up.


John Shelby x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owners)

“Hey darlin’, can I get a lager over here.” A voice asked from the front of the bar.

You currently had your back to the customers whilst you poured a couple of whiskeys. “Just a second.” You called from over your shoulder.
Turning around you placed the two whiskeys on the bar in front of two older men before moving along towards the direction of the voice.
“How can I help?” You asked sweetly, smiling whilst gripping the beer taps, eliciting a barely audible moan from the young and handsome man before you.

“Well beautiful, I was going to ask for a lager but now I’d much prefer to know your name.” He answered as a playful smirk tugged at his lips.

“I’m (Y/N), I’ve only just moved to Small Heath. Harry was kind enough to give me a job here despite my lack of experience in bar work as well as allowing me to rent the room upstairs.” You explained as you began to pour a lager. “May I ask your name, sir?

"Name’s John Shelby. I’m no sir darlin’, the more you get to know the area, the more you’ll come to know me and my family. Of course if you need any help getting to know the place I’d be more than happy to give you an exclusive guided tour.” He said winking at you.

You nodded handing John his drink, not really knowing how to respond to his flirting. “I’ll keep that in mind.” You smiled shyly as you walked out the back towards the storeroom to gather supplies.
Just before you reached the door of the storeroom you felt a hand on your waist gently turning you around to lean against the wall. You snapped your head up in shock to see Johns face merely centimetres from your own as his hand rested on the wall beside your head.

“I thought I’d come and see if you needed a hand.” John stated, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Erm I’m sorry John but your not meant be back here, it’s for staff only.” You said blushing furiously, unable to avert your eyes from his. “Please, I could get fired if Harry sees you.

"Oh don’t worry about him.” He cooed whilst tracing your collarbone with his forefinger. “I want to get to know better away from prying eyes.”

There was no denying the chemistry between the two of you, it was like an instant spark igniting whenever you looked at one another. Despite only just meeting, you knew this had the potential to go further than casual flirting.

The door handle to the back door jiggled, signalling someones impending entrance. Yours and Johns head snapped towards it, looking like deer in headlights, as Harry came walking in.

“John what the fuck are you doing back here? Shift your ass now or I’ll get your brother to do it for you.” Harry warned.
John winked at you as he placed a cocktail stick into his mouth.
“I’ll see you around (Y/N).”

Blushing, you swept your hair back over you shoulders whilst smiling down at your feet.

“Watch him kid, you don’t want to go messing around with the Shelbys. They’re not clear- cut, they’ll lead you down the wrong path. Come on, enough dilly dallying get back to work.”


Finn faces Kylo knowing Rey’s lying motionless behind him in the snow. He’s ready to fight the man who’s already hurt her, and who’s come for her again. He may die, but watching Kylo take Rey would be worse. Finn knows one thing for certain: Kylo will have to get through him first to harm the woman Finn loves.


Rey remembers seeing Finn in the lightsabers’ glow when she was still foggy from the blow to her head. She’s not sure how she summoned the weapon, but she watched it fly over Finn’s prone form, and felt a resonance when the saber fit naturally in her grip. Now, as she taps into the Force, she does it for herself, and for Finn too - she’ll protect the man she loves until her last breath.

Gifs courtesy of @thevengeanceknight and @vanessaiivves

Sleep With Me?


Kageyama jolted in his bed, sweat dotting his forehead and running down the back of his neck. He clutched his covers and looked around in his room. Sighing loudly, he rubbed one of his eyes with the heel of his palm. Turning his back to his door, Kageyama forced his eyes closed.

It was such, such a bad idea to binge a whole bunch of Ghost Adventures videos before going to bed. He did not think he would be scared, after all, a lot of it seemed absolutely ridiculous! Yet, now that the lights were off and he was alone in his room, Kageyama found himself terrified. Willing himself to go back to sleep, Kageyama repeatedly told himself that the noise was just the apartment stretching or something, not some supernatural entity.

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Hello - Jungkook Angst

(im so sorry that i haven’t posted in so long and i know this won’t make up for it BUT I am working on something else at this very moment :))

Thank you to @midnightbts for always proofreading, giving me feedback and also for being wonderful in general


GENRE : angst

The early winter morning wind bites down on Jungkooks nose and cheeks, flushing red at the chill, causing a shiver to take over his body. His red, tired eyes focusing on the snow covered path as the white ice crunches under his boots. The dawn sky was still dark, the streets only illuminated by the warm toned street lights, the very few shops or cafes that were opening and the thin slice of the sun rising over the horizon, taking over the twilight sky.

Jungkook finds his thoughts wondering, his exposed hands making their way to the thick pockets of his coat, returning to the blistering cold air with his phone in a tight grip. His fingers tap on the screen lightly, unlocking the phone to open up to the old texts he was reading over just the night before. Before he could stop himself, his fingers guided themselves towards the call button, only grazing the symbol, your caller ID flashing upon the screen.

Before the phone begins to ring, Jungkook comes to his senses, hanging up at lightening speed, letting out a heavy breathe that steams in front of him. He swiftly places the phone back in his pocket, keeping his hands there as he continues walking aimlessly through the empty, dark streets hoping to clear him mind of the clouding thoughts of you but it seems to do the opposite as his mind begins to fog over with memories of you in colours that he doesn’t remember learning in school.

His thoughts of you were like a sentence without punctuation, never ending. The image of your smile stills in his mind as the sun finally peeks over the buildings, the first real sunset that he’s witnessed in a while, but it didn’t seem as bright as your wide grin that was plastered in his brain.

He wished he could remember what it was like to wake up happy, what it was like to wake up next to you, what it was like to watch you sleep peacefully as the sun dared to peek through the blinds.
He thinks back to the letters he spent his sleepless nights writing to you, as your body lay peacefully and calm across the lounge, with steady breathes leaving you lips. He could recite the hand written messages by heart, every single one filled with passion, love and longing. Since being with you, it had become a habit to write you these letters when he couldn’t sleep, and it was a habit he still couldn’t manage to break. His letters had become longer, now full of heartache, sadness and the occasional tear stains, but the longing words still found their way to the pages through his shaking hands.

He loved you, but never knew how to explain it, it was a language he never fully understood, but he knew he understood you. He knew he loved you, he knows he still does but does so quietly.

Jungkook shook the thoughts of you out of his head as people began passing by, tears rimming his eyes as he tugged his mask to cover his sniffling nose, entering a cafe as he did so. The cafe that he had taken you on plenty of dates to, that you learned to fall in love with through his love. He knew it was dangerous to enter the particular cafe but he couldn’t care at that very moment as he made his way to the counter, hastily ordering his usual hot drink. After paying the small bill, he begins to turn, reaching for his mask but his body came to a halt as his eyes settled on your figure entering the cafe. You notice him, empty smile spread across your face as you waved. He returned a dull smile, something he hadn’t done since you left, “Hello” his small voice manages to escape his throat, but before you could say anymore, his mask covered the lower half of his face and he had coldly turned his back to you, finding a seat in the busy cafe, not glancing back at you once.

But if he had, he might’ve noticed your similar red rimmed eyes, how your smile was never as bright has it previously was, your colourless lips and cheeks and how your face fell and tears threatened to fall at the sight of him.

You still loved him, but decided to do so quietly.

anonymous asked:

Soulmates AU. Post 'his last vow'. The day of Sherlock's exile his 'tattoo' with Molly's name started to itch, looking at his wrist wondering why, 'cause it never felt that way before. He then received a phone call from Mycroft telling him about Moriarty's return... 'We must get to Bart's!!' Mycroft looked at his brother with confusion in his eyes. 'Molly is in danger!'... As they were driven to Bart's Sherlock's tattoo burned and slowly fade away.

‘The Complete Picture’

Not edited or beta-ed

I hope you enjoy it.

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He Can’t Love You Like I DO - N.A


Also, this is very much so based off of how work went for my last night which gave me the inspiration to write it. Sorry it took so long, anon.

I’ll be over in five.

Nathan sighed looking toward the clock under his television as he stood up from the couch, the clock reading 11:30 PM as he moved towards his refrigerator pulling out the Ben and Jerry’s half baked he had stashed in there for moments like this. He quickly pulled out two spoons, popping off the top as he leaned his arms and bare torso into the island in the middle of the kitchen crossing his sweats covered legs over one another, placing an entire spoonful in his mouth just as his door opened, y/n using the spare key as she dropped her duffle onto the floor next to the door slamming it behind her before making her way to the kitchen, sitting on one of the stools and grabbing the ice cream from him.

“That bad?” he questioned as she got an entire brownie piece into her mouth, chewing on the little piece of heaven as he went to grab her a glass of milk and water. “Want to tell me what happened?”

“I just knew it was going to be an awful night after my first table, Nathan. They had two kids who were literally throwing food everywhere and one of them was holding their cup upside down while chewing on it getting milk everywhere. And guess how much of a tip they left me on a bill of over one hundred? Less than ten percent. I got screwed on tips all night. And, to top it off, my last table was a group whose bill was mostly from alcohol, and they left with their credit card slips. I didn’t even get a tip. I sold two god damned bottles of Champagne to that table and they didn’t even leave me a tip. They didn’t leave until an hour after my shift ended, which meant I had to stay. Oh, and on top of that, I found out from one of the kitchen staff that my boyfriend’s been cheating on me. So I am a newly single woman,” she vented breathing out a heavy sigh as she was on the verge of tears. “I seriously hate my job sometimes, especially when I get walked all over like that.” She took two more scoops of the ice cream before pushing the carton back to him deciding she probably shouldn’t have anything else, desperately just wanting to cuddle with her best friend in bed.

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Rated PG for Panties and Garter belts

Word Count: 3,000

{ Violet looked like she had just stepped straight out of the pages of some Italian Vogue magazine. All Matt could see were those long, delicate legs. When she spun around -heels striking the pavement like a match, dress swirling around her body like a flame, black hair sticking to her burning cheeks- he was amazed that she hadn’t lit the ground on fire.}

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Parent Slash Guardian Angel

Gadreel imagine requested by morning-star-in-the-darkness! “Oki like i desperately need a fluffy(LIKE SO MUCH LIKE BELLY RUBS AND BELLY KISSES) Gadreel fic, one where the reader finds out shes pregnant(with gadreel,obvi) and he bevomes super protective over her especially around the brothers. Something where he helps her through all the craziness that is pregnancy and they end up having a little girl at the end. If you need extra details or something just let me know and thanks so much for writing this when you get a chance or if you do c:" This is the first I’ve ever written for Gadreel! I’M EXCITED. This is the first installment of an intended two-part series based on the same request, so expect another imagine for Gadreel to follow within the week, maybe longer. Hope you like it!

You contemplated risking prayer to contact your angelic lover, but quickly shot the idea down into the dust, knowing full well that your recently discovered condition would paint a pretty portrait of you as a hostage to any angel that taps into your invitation home. Thus, you were forced to wait in your squalid motel room, twirling the pregnancy test between your fingers, the plastic of the stick smooth against your skin, the less sanitary end covered with the cap included in one of the four drugstore boxes you’d purchased along with the all important tube. God, you wished you’d made him stay home from this endeavor, you wished you could call him, but the angel saw no need to keep a phone on his being. In truth, it was pointless for any angelic entity to carry a cellular device, what with angel radio and the whole do-not-make-contact-with-humans ordeal… but, well, the contact situation had been more than violated on your behalf, which was why you were waiting for his return in the first place. You had no choice but to bide your time until he zapped back to your humble abode, your stomach twisting around itself, tying knots that would not easily be undone, your anxiety gnawing at your intestines like a parasite. You weren’t afraid, per say, of his reaction, but this entire scenario was new territory for you, and with Gadreel gone, you had no outlet. You knew, in your heart, that he would be thrilled, you just wished he would come home to sap the nervousness from your body. You lowered your gaze to the red addition symbol staring back at you from the ovular screen within the test, tapping the grip against your open palm, plastic slapping against skin the only noise to break the silence.

As if on cue (a delayed cue, but cue no less) a flutter sounded in the space before you, the muddied toes of two boots stepping into view. You lifted your face to find Gadreel’s smile fade, his features warped with his concern. SSeeing you knelt on the floor with your back against the wall must have alerted him that something was amiss, as his brow had furrowed as he approached you, his body crouching in front of your own, his hands smoothing over your forearms, his softened emerald eyes drilling into yours, searching for an answer to your questionable state somewhere among the galaxies in your irises while you explored his. You didn’t have the breath to caution him against reading your thoughts. His eyes widened, glancing downward at the test in your palms as if you were holding a bar of stolen gold, his hardened jawline relaxing to the point where his lips parted, eyes full of wonder, his hands ghosting to your wrists, shell-shocked. You lifted the little plastic stick just slightly, inviting him to hold the pregnancy test, though you knew he didn’t fully understand the human contraption. He pressed his lips together, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat, accompanied by an audible swallow, his fingers toying with the comparatively small evidence of your condition, his eyes raising to meet yours, his face contorted with his surprise.

"You mean to tell me this…” he lifted the test higher, holding it between your bodies, just below your faces, “has told you that… that we have created…” he murmured, his velveteen voice stumbling over words he could hardly form into sentences, his eyebrows raised in question. You extended a finger towards the device, tapping your nail against the little plus sign, his eyes dropping to the area you indicated.

“This shows you that it’s positive. If it was negative, you get one line. But… I mean, there are two, so… yeah.” his lips turned upwards in the corners, the shocked shadow of a smile playing over his mouth, his eyes relocating from the positive sign to your face, drifting over every detail he found there. “I took three others, and two of them said the same thing as this one. I don’t think I managed to pee on the right part of the last one, so I didn’t think twice about the negative.” Gadreel’s eyes refused to move, and you were unsure of whether or not he was still too taken aback to reply or if he was sifting through your thoughts, his brows lowering from their high perch as he shook his head, a weak chuckle slipping through his lips. You felt your own smile blossoming across your face, his lips pressed together to keep from beaming, shifting to weasel his way between your knees, your legs wrapping around the outside of his, his hands placing the test on the floor beside your bodies, his palms skirting to your waist. The gesture was intimate, that much was obvious, but it was in no way sexual. He merely wanted to be close to you, his palms spreading warmth along your sides, thumbs running over your ribs.

“You are pregnant, Y/n?” He asked, his chest rising with the force of his inhale, shaking his head once more, his jawline flexing as he bit back another grin. You nodded, his smile bursting through his composure, one hand drifting upward along your body until he had snaked his palm across your cheek, fingers tangling with your hair, his lips moving to yours. When they met, you were flooded with joy, his mouth moving with yours in a patient sort of dance, his lips tugging on yours every so often to secure your body to his, his free hand roaming along your back, inching you away form the wall you had propped yourself against. The angel’s lips left yours after a moment of unadulterated passion, his eyes curious when your own fluttered open, the fireworks fading from the blank landscape of your eyelids. He tilted his head downward, his hand falling to your neck, running his fingers down your spine before reestablishing their former location on your waist. With his head inclined downward, his eyes shot to yours. “May I… may I feel our child?” His voice was tentative and low, whispering though you were alone in your dimly lit motel room, his voice could not be overheard by any but you. You nodded your approval, his hand shifting as he placed a palm flush against your abdomen, his eyes closing in concentration. You were puzzled by his focus until his lips spread over another unabashed smile, his glorious gemstone eyes meeting yours again, his hand rubbing along your soon to be bump before falling still over your center once more. “I cannot wait to meet her, Y/n. This is… wonderful news.”


You doubted he even understood the extent of his calculation, as your human sciences had to wait months to predict the gender of a child. All he had to do was mix about in the DNA to exclaim the information, his angelic powers paying off. Your lips met once more, the angel scooping your legs higher around his waist before working his way from the ground, his hands clasping to your back in order to lift you into his arms, his lips molten on yours, melting into your mouth with practiced precision, the faint flutter of wings bristling against the peeling wallpaper a magnificent soundtrack to your glee.

“I have never loved you more than I do in this moment.” He whispered against your lips, his words muffled by his desire to continue the contact of your mouth on his, your hands sliding around his neck, pressing him to your lips, tilting his head to yours as he carried you to the mattress, sitting himself down on the edge, holding you to his chest as his tongue traced over your lower lip. When you parted, his eyes were glimmering, catching the light that passed through the dingy shades provided by your temporary landlords, his bone structure thrown into far sharper contrast than before, his eyes marveling at your face. His sincerity was present not only in his touch, but in his gaze, admiration sparkling in the depths of his irises. “Truly, Y/n, I love you. And I will love our child just as much. I will guard you both with my life if I must. Surely, you must know that.” You ducked your lips to his once more, his hand smoothing over your back, taking extra care to treat you with the same delicate hand as one would handle glass, his thumbs spreading over your stomach every so often, feeling for your baby girl.

A Ticklish Homecoming

Originally posted by universexy

Author’s Note: This one-shot was inspired by @nerdasticstuff‘s post

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1078

Three days. Three days ago your loving boyfriend Pietro went on a solo mission. Today was the day he was expected to be back. So here you were, being the worried girlfriend waiting by the door for her boyfriend to come home. Only Pietro can get you like this.

You were currently in the common room with the others; everyone was trying to relax and take a day-off from being superheroes. Tony and Bruce were discussing matters on their latest project, with their nose hidden behind a tablet. Bucky and Steve were watching TV, trying to catch up to the modern day world. Clint and Natasha were idly chatting, occasionally watching the TV then returning to their conversation. Every now and then, you would check your phone to see what time it was. You tried not to dwell on the subject, so you were trying to focus on the TV, hoping that time would go by faster and the universe will bring Pietro home.

After 20 minutes of staring aimlessly at the TV, you got up to get a glass of water, finding anything to do besides biting your nails. 

You walked through the hallway and entered the kitchen where Vision and Wanda were talking about their latest training events. You greeted them with a small smile. Wanda returned the gesture with a knowing look; she too was anxious for Pietro to come home safe, but she had Vision to keep her mind off things. You walked up the counter and grabbed a clear, tall glass out of the cupboard. You poured some water in the glass and slowly drank the whole glass, enjoying the relieving sensation down your throat.

All of a sudden, you felt a gust of wind and two arms wrapping around your waist. You gasped and looked over your shoulder to see Pietro smiling down at you. “Zdravstvuy, lyubov’ moya.” Hello my love.

Placing the glass on the counter, you quickly turned around to reciprocate the hug. “Pietro! I missed you,” you responded. You nuzzled your face in the crevice of his neck.

He chuckled at your greeting. “I missed you too, Y/N.” You felt his body move slightly before hearing him greet his sister who was watching his homecoming. She kindly responded in their native tongue. It was then that Pietro tightened his grip on your waist, tapping his fingers aimlessly on the sides of your waist.

You squealed in response, jumping out of Pietro’s reach. You looked up to see Pietro with a surprised look on his face. “I didn’t- Wait, Y/N?… Are you ticklish?’

Your face flushed, responding “Pshhh, no”, attempting to hide that you are very ticklish.

Pietro smirked, slowly approaching you again as you backed away with caution. “Uh-huh,” he stated. “I totally believe you.” He lunged toward you, but you quickly ran out of his reach, not before hearing Vision and Wanda chuckling. You sprinted towards the common room, knowing he damn well can catch up to you with his superspeed.

You were almost at the entrance of the common room, when you were being scooped up by your boyfriend. “PIETRO!,” you screeched as his fingers were gently tickling your sides. You barely heard Pietro through your forced laughter, “What lyubov? I’m just trying to get my proper homecoming from you.”

You were dying from laughter and had to get out of his grip ASAP. When you thought that all men had the same weakness, sex. You turned around abruptly, slamming your lips onto his. Your hands went to his hair, massaging his scalp. His hands stopped his attack on your sides and instead placed them on your hips. He returned the gesture and you felt him smirk against the kiss. You got him distracted. 

You’ll pay for this later, but right now, all you wanted is for the tickle attack to end. Sorry Pietro. Your hand cupped and fondled his clothed member. Once you knew he was dazed and unfocused, you ripped your hand off his pants and ran into the common room. You knew you had only so much time, until your boyfriend will come in looking for revenge. You stopped and quickly observed the room for a hiding place.

“Whoa Y/N,” Tony smirked. “I know Pietro is back and all, but dang you guys work fast.”

You blushed for a moment, looking down and realizing your physical appearance. Your clothes were disheveled and your hair had a post-sex look. But you didn’t have time to be embarrassed. You ran to the couches and sat in between Steve and Bucky, knowing if anyone would protect you, it would be them. “Protect me,” you demanded, your eyes darting to the entrance of the common room.

Everyone’s heads turned to the same direction. Almost immediately, Pietro was standing at the entrance. He was breathing heavily, and he was looking around the room as one can only describe as him hunting for his prey.

“Dang Speedy,” Clint said. “Didn’t know you were so kinky.” That earned a slap on the arm from Natasha.

Pietro’s eyes finally land on you, and damn were you nervous. Using his powers, he was right in front of you in the blink of an eye. Steve quickly jumped in between the two of you. “Whoa there,” Steve uttered. “What’s going on here?”

Pietro answered, “I learned something new about Y/N today.” Before he could finish his thought, Tony said, “That she is kinky as well”. You kept your eyes on Pietro, but you could practically hear Bruce sigh and shake his head disapprovingly.

“No,” he responded unamusingly. “That she is ticklish.”

Bucky wondered, “Really?” before poking your side. You squealed, practically jumping off the couch.

“Yep,” he said with a smug look at his face.

“Buckkkky,” you whined as you backed away.

All of a sudden you felt something brushing your neck, causing you to scream yet again. You quickly turn around to see a certain red-haired Avengers with a smirk on her lips. “Dang,” Natasha said. “She really is ticklish”.

It’s as if you were thrown into an alternate universe. Every single Avenger, besides Bruce -Bless Bruce-, smirked then turned their head to face you.  And boy was it creepy.

Your eyes widened at your realization of their next action. You uttered, “Shit,” before darting out of the room. Out of all the missions and training, this would be the most scariest and most strenuous moment of your life.

Come here Cosmo... Part 11 Pietro x Reader

(Credit goes to GIFS original owner.)

suggested by  dear-daddy-stars

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff,Tony Stark,Wanda Maximoff,Clint Barton,Bruce Banner,Vision,Natasha Romanoff,Thor,Steve Rogers

Word Count: 904

Warnings: Cursing.Also it turns into complete crack XD


Travelling through the airport was a nightmare for the entire group,but more so for (Y/N) and Cosmo.The queue to get tickets took half an hour,and when they finally got to the desks,they were met by a bitchy receptionist who did not want to comply and help the group.The group was charged extra for overweight luggage and Thor argued with the receptionist about Mjolnir being a carry on item or not.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a blurb about teasing niall during a live derby game.

Watching derby with Niall can go one of two ways.

One, he’s so excited and proud to have you watching with him that he basically pulls you into his lap and educates you on everything going on at every second, letting you feed him chips and using you as a human version of a foam finger when his team makes a score. 

And two, this is if the game is particularly intense and will make or break a season, he ignores you and everything else in the room, elbows on his knees and eyes glued to the screen, answering any and all questions with a grunt or a ‘huh? babe, t’e game’s on’. This is the mode he’s in at the moment.

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Taser - Joel x Reader

Hello there, all! So we recently hit 100 followers, of which i’m super excited about, seeing as i’ve only uploaded 13 posts! So, thank you so much! 

This piece was prompted by one of you, so you can thank the lovely Anon who sent in the idea. 



SUMMARY: Thanks to Adam, the entire office is nervous about the taser and camera that hunt the employees, but as the day draws to a close and you head home with Joel, you come to the conclusion that you’re safe. 

The mayhem that has ensued at the office today had left you paranoid, peeking around every corner and jogging down each hallway, listening for the spark and buzz of the taser Adam and Joel had managed to obtain. Though as the day draws to an end, you come to the conclusion that they had gotten all of the footage they needed, Joel saving his edits before pushing away from his desk, smiling over as you lounge in the doorway. Drawing himself from his chair, you watch as he stretches his hands above him, letting out a faint noise, the bottom of his shirt brushing above his hips. You feel his hand slip into yours the next moment, you both make your way through the deserted offices, stepping outside into the fresh air that nips at your cheeks and nose; before heading for your car.


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the best sterek fic that's ever been written

suck at summary just read it’s good i promise!!!!!!!!!!!

Stiles Stilinski twirls around the shimmering clean kitchen, hoop skirt flying up high enough to catch a peek of his backside in silk bloomers. The soles of his heels click along the floor as he bakes the pack muffins, scrubs the already glistening counter tops, and thinks of names for his litter of puppies currently blooming in his tummy.

“I think I’ll name them all Derek JR,” Stiles thinks, “Like the way Marlin did in Finding Nemo before they found their way down the throat of a giant fish.”

That moment, Derek, his mate, comes bustling in through the door, red alpha eyes blazing.

“Stiles,” Derek growls, “You shouldn’t be moving around. My pups are growing inside you.”

Stiles’ honey, whiskey, sparkling doe eyes watered.

“I’m sorry! I just wanted to make things comfortable for you when you came home from work.” Stiles points to his left at the dining table. “Look, I cooked a 3 course dinner and even laid out the tiny forks for shellfish.”

Derek stomps towards him and grabs his wrist roughly, “You have to be more careful. I can’t risk losing you or the litter.”

Derek’s gruff, deep voice and the way he spoke about Stiles’ puppies sent heat shooting down to his toes. His thick member started to swell, tenting the front of his skirt and apron.

“Derek!” Stiles moans, licking his pink, full lips.

“Mate!” Derek roars, claiming Stiles mouth and ravaging it. Their tongues battled for dominance.

“D-Derek,” Stiles moans into Derek’s ear as he nibbled his way down Stiles neck, ripping Stiles’ dress off at the same time. “Please.”

“I have to take you now. I can’t control myself,” Derek growls. He shoves his sausage pole up against Stiles’ rosebud until he’s balls-deep inside him. He thrusts until he and Stiles both come, at the same time, screaming, “Mate!” into the empty kitchen.

“I’m so happy you’re mine forever, Derek,” Stiles simpers, “You can protect me from Scott and how much of an asshole he is, remind Allison she’s a psycho for trying to kill Boyd and Erica, and comfort my baby Isaac when he’s all sad.”

Derek grunts, caveman like and sexy.

An alarm goes off on Stiles’ phone.

Stiles jumps out of Derek’s grip and taps the screen.

“Thank god, I almost forgot it was 7 o'clock. The time I have to remind myself and everyone around me that Lydia was just a phase. I’m gay not bisexual and that you’re my mate forever. I love you, Derek. I love you so so so much.”

Derek leaned down to the 4 foot Stiles and brushed his calloused palm against his cheek.

“I love you too.”