grip tap


John Shelby x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owners)

“Hey darlin’, can I get a lager over here.” A voice asked from the front of the bar.

You currently had your back to the customers whilst you poured a couple of whiskeys. “Just a second.” You called from over your shoulder.
Turning around you placed the two whiskeys on the bar in front of two older men before moving along towards the direction of the voice.
“How can I help?” You asked sweetly, smiling whilst gripping the beer taps, eliciting a barely audible moan from the young and handsome man before you.

“Well beautiful, I was going to ask for a lager but now I’d much prefer to know your name.” He answered as a playful smirk tugged at his lips.

“I’m (Y/N), I’ve only just moved to Small Heath. Harry was kind enough to give me a job here despite my lack of experience in bar work as well as allowing me to rent the room upstairs.” You explained as you began to pour a lager. “May I ask your name, sir?

"Name’s John Shelby. I’m no sir darlin’, the more you get to know the area, the more you’ll come to know me and my family. Of course if you need any help getting to know the place I’d be more than happy to give you an exclusive guided tour.” He said winking at you.

You nodded handing John his drink, not really knowing how to respond to his flirting. “I’ll keep that in mind.” You smiled shyly as you walked out the back towards the storeroom to gather supplies.
Just before you reached the door of the storeroom you felt a hand on your waist gently turning you around to lean against the wall. You snapped your head up in shock to see Johns face merely centimetres from your own as his hand rested on the wall beside your head.

“I thought I’d come and see if you needed a hand.” John stated, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Erm I’m sorry John but your not meant be back here, it’s for staff only.” You said blushing furiously, unable to avert your eyes from his. “Please, I could get fired if Harry sees you.

"Oh don’t worry about him.” He cooed whilst tracing your collarbone with his forefinger. “I want to get to know better away from prying eyes.”

There was no denying the chemistry between the two of you, it was like an instant spark igniting whenever you looked at one another. Despite only just meeting, you knew this had the potential to go further than casual flirting.

The door handle to the back door jiggled, signalling someones impending entrance. Yours and Johns head snapped towards it, looking like deer in headlights, as Harry came walking in.

“John what the fuck are you doing back here? Shift your ass now or I’ll get your brother to do it for you.” Harry warned.
John winked at you as he placed a cocktail stick into his mouth.
“I’ll see you around (Y/N).”

Blushing, you swept your hair back over you shoulders whilst smiling down at your feet.

“Watch him kid, you don’t want to go messing around with the Shelbys. They’re not clear- cut, they’ll lead you down the wrong path. Come on, enough dilly dallying get back to work.”

Gymnastics journal: literally everything is looking and feeling better today. Handstands just worked no problem. Cartwheels were nice and straight. Got to break in my new hand grips doing tap swings on the bars. And to top it all off, I did a couple front tucks and actually landed on my feet, or at least upright in the pit (we did them a couple of different ways). AND I’m going back tomorrow because I’m a glutton for punishment.