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“Shadowhunters aren’t big huggers.”
                         But the Lightwood siblings are.


(Read this in Josh Townsend’s voice.)      [insp.]

There are very few broadly applicable rules for lifting.

Grip placement, stance, set-up position, and so on, are largely variable. Individuals with wider arms generally benefit from wider hand placement to optimize their levers. Some of my friends thrive with a wider squat stance, whereas mine is quite narrow. 

A lot of these factors have to do with your anthropometry (limb length). Basically, play around with your lifts and find out your strongest positions, hand placement, etc. There are no “right” answers. Some positions are more mechanically advantageous, and of course there are “dangerous” movement patterns, but, the point is that you have to experiment a little bit.


Press release and images for Netflix’s futuristic thriller with Alexander Skarsgard “Mute”.  

Netflix presents the First Look at the highly-anticipated futuristic thriller Mute.  Enter the captivating world of visionary filmmaker Duncan Jones, featuring Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux and newcomer Seyneb Saleh.Duncan Jones, the creative mind behind the cult-hit Moon and Source Code, returns to his creative roots with this original and gripping story set in an immersive universe.

Set in the near-future, Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) is a bartender living in the pulsing city of Berlin.  Because of a childhood accident, Leo lost the ability to speak and the only good thing in his life is his beautiful girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh). When she vanishes without a trace, Leo’s search for her takes him deep into the city’s seedy underbelly.  A pair of wise-cracking American surgeons (Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux) are the only recurring clue and Leo is forced to take on this teeming underworld in order to find his love.

The Netflix original film is directed by Duncan Jones and written by Jones and Michael Robert Johnson.  Stuart Fenegan serves as producer and Charles J.D. Schissel and Trevor Beattie serve as executive producers. The film will launch in all territories where Netflix is available in 2017.

3.5/5 Stars.

Delicious Foods begins with Eddie, a young man with freshly severed hands, frantically trying to steer a stolen car from Louisiana to Minnesota. It’s a gripping first chapter that sets the stage for the rest of the novel. What exactly is Eddie escaping? How did he lose his hands?

From there, we step back quite a bit to see what led Eddie to this situation. We learn that his father died horrifically when Eddie was six years old. His mother Darlene, devastated by the loss of her beloved husband, turned to crack to cope with her grief and trauma. One day, when Eddie was still a child, Darlene disappeared. It turns out she had been lured away with the promise of a good job at a mysterious, nefarious company called Delicious Foods that essentially enslaves black employees, trapping them at the facility to conduct strenuous manual labor in exchange for drugs.

Delicious Foods is a southern gothic cultural satire with a distinctly surreal bent to it, and there are a lot of compelling metaphors at play: while modern slavery and unfair labor practices—particularly in the food industry—are current realities, Delicious Foods is just as much a commentary on pre-Civil War chattel slavery and the deep legacy of racial injustice in America. Hannaham’s characters are bombarded with modern examples of systemic racism, and these struggles often drive them to desperation.

Perhaps the most brilliant thing about this book is that Darlene’s chapters are actually narrated by crack cocaine (nicknamed Scotty). It’s a strange narrative device, but it totally works—and it really drives home the hold that drug addiction has over people’s humanity.

As much as I loved Hannaham’s ideas and the ingenuity of his narrative approach, I struggled with the pacing of this book. I’m not sure it had to be as long as it was. And as interested as I was in the story, there were few scenes that gripped me quite like the opening.

I read this for a book club, and I’m glad I did. There’s certainly a lot to discuss about slave labor, systemic racism, addiction, familial loyalty, freedom and forgiveness.


When the barbell is overhead during a #snatch or #cleanandjerk, the entire torso forms the base to #balance and support the arms. Broad shoulders provide a wider lateral base while thick shoulders (along with thick back muscles) provide a wider frontal base. Therefore, it is important to use #bodybuilding exercises to widen your support base for #olympicweightlifting.

One exercise used for broadening the shoulders is the upright row as shown by #MaStrength friend and 2016 China Fall Nationals silver medalist Mo Yongxiang (62kg, 140/170). You can use a clean or snatch grip and perform sets of 10 at the end of your #weightlifting training or on light days. For more info on #Chineseweightlifting technique, join us at our upcoming seminars and #mastrengthcamp or message is to host one!

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2/23/2017 Exercise Log

I signed @curvymommy70 and myself up for gym memberships.  Went during an early lunch break, which seems to be the ideal time.

Upper body “Pushes”:

Chest:  Machine chest press x 2 each of two different hand grip positions.

Triceps:  Two sets on each side of triceps kickbacks and two sets of skullcrushers.

Shoulders:  Two sets each of dumbbell lat raises, shoulder presses, and front raises.

Knee Rehab Exercises:

Leg press:  Three sets of one legged leg presses with 5-second holds (light weights).

Leg extension:  Three sets of one legged extensions with 10-second holds (light weights).


Right now, I’m just getting my body used to weights again, going every other day.  I hope to hit each body part at least once per week, with rehab on my “bad” knee more frequently.  For now, weights are going to be 3x per week (T, Th, and Sa or Su).  I’m going to fill in the gaps with cardio, plyometrics, agility drills, stretching, sports, etc.  I’ve been wanting to try spinning and yoga, and the gym offers those, so I’ll look into doing that on a regular basis. I need to start more detailed documentation of my lifting so I can track progress.

I’ve managed to hit a happy medium of being just sore enough to realize my muscles have done work, but no serious DOMS yet.  I haven’t really pushed myself yet, but will start doing that once I am used to lifting again.

2017 y’all

“New year, new me” is a thing you can’t really say in the middle of February, but my birthday was a couple of days ago so we’ll do it that way!! Last year I put off writing any resolutions at all, but I’m getting back to it now.

  • Take care of myself better. I’m gonna exercise regularly, eat healthier and start talking to a counsellor/therapist of some kind. 
  • Resist. I already got involved last year in working for the issues that matter to me, and we’re gonna need it even more now.
  • Get a publishing job. I’ve got some tiny freelance things going, and back at the insurance company full time now but this year I will get enough assignments/a job that I can live on.
  • DATE. Just like!!! @ myself to get a fucking grip (also mutuals, set me up with someone if that’s ur thing)
  • Finish my ongoing fics, write some more? I finished & published my biggest fic last year, and one of the best things of 2015 as well. I need to get back to regular writing because it does so much good for me. <3
  • Write something original that can be submitted. Come on, girl. No time like the present, etc etc etc.
  • Write articles! Pitch ideas to Women Write About Comics. Maybe some other places but I feel like WWAC would be a great place to start out!
  • As a sub-goal to the previous writing stuff, Use social media better. This means using it for work and writing purposes, but also? Develop a healthier relationship with it overall and cut back on it.

2016 was a year of accomplishments were I felt very bleh and bad, but this year it’s gonna be good.

Hey fam

So Imma repost chapter 14 just to let everyone know an update is coming super soon, so don’t get too excited if you receive an alert email. Also here’s another preview to chapter 15 since it’s been so freaking long.

She spotted a coral pink hand mirror she used to enjoy using when she would practice putting on cosmetics. Carefully gripping the handle, she set it on the dresser.  Closing her eyes and turning her head away from the mirror, she smashed the ball of her palm into the center of the mirror, breaking it into triangular shards.  Her hand ached where it had contacted the mirror and Annabeth dusted pieces of glass off.  With one of her panties she got off the floor, she picked up the biggest and sharpest shard.  She wrapped her underwear around the base of the shard opposite the point.  It may not have been the most practical weapon, but it was something.

She held the mirror shard in her hand and made way to the bed.  The sheets smelled but she sat down and stared at the door.  It was going to be a long night.

February 17, 2017 Workout

Routine C

Muscle Groups: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Core

Cardio Warm Up: 5 Minutes on the Bike at Resistance Level 12 for 1.31 miles


Exercise: Cable Row

Main Muscle: Back

Set 1) 8 reps at 105 lbs

Set 2) 8 reps at 105 lbs

Set 3) 7 reps at 105 lbs

Exercise: Bodyweight Chin Up

Main Muscle: Back

Set 1) 6 reps with an overhand grip

Set 2) 6 reps with an underhand grip

Set 3) 5 reps with a neutral grip

Exercise: Cable Lat Pulldown

Main Muscle: Back

Set 1) 9 reps at 75 lbs

Set 2) 9 reps at 75 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 75 lbs 

Exercise: Rope Facepull

Main Muscle: Shoulders

Set 1) 10 reps at 70 lbs

Set 2) 10 reps at 70 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 75 lbs

Set 4) 8 reps at 75 lbs


Exercise: Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Main Muscle: Shoulders

Set 1) 6 room length trips at 35 lbs

Set 2) 6 room length trips at 35 lbs

Set 3) 6 room length trips at 35 lbs


Exercise: Arm Curl

Main Muscle: Biceps

Set 1) 8 reps at 75 lbs

Set 2) 8 reps at 75 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 75 lbs

Exercise: Barbell Pullover

Main Muscle: Back

Set 1) 10 reps at 30 lbs

Set 2) 7 reps at 40 lbs

Set 3) 7 reps at 40 lbs

Exercise: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Main Muscle: Shoulders

Set 1) 9 reps at 20 lbs

Set 2) 9 reps at 20 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Set 4) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Exercise: Dumbbell Underhand Bicep Curl

Main Muscle: Biceps

Set 1) 9 reps at 20 lbs

Set 2) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Exercise: Dumbbell Hammer Bicep Curl

Main Muscle: Biceps

Set 1) 7 reps at 20 lbs

Set 2) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Set 3) 8 reps at 20 lbs

Exercise: Dumbbell Zottman Bicep Curl

Main Muscle: Biceps

Set 1) 5 reps at 20 lbs

Set 2) 7 reps at 20 lbs

Set 3) 6 reps at 20 lbs


Exercise: Barbell Overhand Curl

Main Muscle: Forearms

Set 1) 8 reps at 40 lbs

Set 2) 9 reps at 40 lbs

Exercise: Barbell Wrist Curl

Main Muscle: Forearms

Set 1) 11 reps at 40 lbs

Set 2) 12 reps at 40 lbs

Exercise: Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl

Main Muscle: Forearms

Set 1) 15 reps at 40 lbs

Set 2) 18 reps at 40 lbs

Exercise: Cable Bicep Curl Burnout

Main Muscle: Biceps

Set 1) 12 reps at 30 lbs

Set 2) 26 reps at 20 lbs

Set 3) 31 reps at 10 lbs
Set 4) 52 reps at 5 lbs


Exercise: Cable Woodchop

Main Muscle: Core

Set 1) 9 reps at 75 lbs on each side

Set 2) 8 reps at 75 lbs on each side

Exercise: Bodyweight Abdominal Crunch

Main Muscle: Core

Set 1) 16 reps

Set 2) 18 reps

Exercise: Russian Twist

Main Muscle: Core

Set 1) 26 reps at 35 lbs

Set 2) 30 reps at 35 lbs

End Cardio: 4 Minutes on the Heavy Bag 

ichxgo  asked:

Flashsteps back, shoving his smaller blade into his sash, bringing both hands up to grip the larger, jaw set as he forces as much reiatsu into the edge as quick as he can before slinging the attack in a wide arch, covering as much of the sky as he can so you have fewer places to run. Immediately moves back again, following the first Getsuga Tenshou up with another for good measure, pulling his other sword free again to make a vertical slice then panting afterward with the rapid drain of energy.

Bares teeth at the feel of gathering power, side eyeing you while he regains his balance and footing just in time to deal with that getsuga tenshou the same way he had the others. Except as soon as his cero cuts him a path, there’s another and his eyes widen slightly in the split second he has to recognize the threat. Throws his sword up vertically, bracing the flat of it with his other arm just to get something between himself and your attack at the last second. A lot of good it does him as, between the strength of it and the close proximity, he’s leveled by it and thrown back. Hits the ground hard, the air knocked out of him. Maybe if you were a real enemy he’d be a little more pressed to get his feet under him, but as it is, he’s pretty satisfied with just getting a full breath back into his stunned body after a long second.


Day Four: Back Day in GIF format.

Pullups (assisted or not): 3 sets until failure.

Lat Pulldown: Warmup for 10 reps. 4 sets by 8 reps.

Close Grip Pulldown: 4 sets by 8 reps.

Cable Rows (close or wide grip): Warmup for 10 reps. 4 sets by 8 reps,

Stiff-armed Pulldown: 4 sets by 10 reps.

Facepull: Usually superset with cable rows. 4 sets by 8 reps.

Lat Pulldown Machine: Work your way up from lower weight to higher weight, decreasing reps. Small rests in between. At highest weight, work your way back down, increasing reps to your ability. No breaks.

It was so funny…All of the burly, super macho grips on set were drunk by his beauty. Someone came up to me and said, ‘I am completely comfortable in my heterosexuality, but that is a beautiful man,’“ she reveals, laughing. "I was doing a scene with Max Adler and [he] had a line and he literally forgot his line and was kind of looking at [Nyle.] He was like, 'I’m sorry, have you seen this guy’s eyes?
—  Vanessa Marano Teases Switched at Birth’s “Shocking” Finale (And All the Nyle DiMarco Fawning You Didn’t See) (via