grip pen

the darlings of atlantis

aquarius walks a borderline between genius and madness

pisces teeters between mystic and psychotic, inspiration and insanity, in their own delirium

the water bearer is god in human form

the unbound pisces is formless, omnipresent god. 

the aquarius has an intellectual creativity, they can be drawn to the invisible vibrations of music and sounds, they can make unusual orchestras, 

pisces is taken away, far away, as their fingers hit the keys or their fingers grip the pen, awash with watery creative invigoration, saturating and sensual. neptune is a planet of mist, like you could fall right through it, it’s sometimes like how the pisces seems of vapor and non substance, a ghost walking through walls. the discovery of neptune was clouded with confusion, to this day there is an international dispute about who exactly found the planet

uranus spins on its own axis, orbiting in the unusual aquarius way, the glaring misfit of uranus as maverick as aquarius. uranus is raw individuality, sculpted in crystal eyes, an inspired catalyst

pisces is glamour and illusion, neptune wants to see how much she can fool you, even for a brief moment. from the sea and the sky

aquarius and pisces are floating toward greater ideals, freedom and love and communion for all of humanity. peace and protection. 

My grip on a pen writing on this paper. It’s calming, soothing, healing, like the smell of lavender. This writing helps me focus. Focus on the quiet around me, on the feeling of my right hand around a pen and against this paper, instead of focusing on my problems and building my life around them.
Thank you self, for doing this. For allowing a bit of me to heal.
—  pierilakkuma 

Ahh here’s some my bulletin journal so far! Thank you to @studypetals for the weekly outline thing, I wasn’t creative enough to come up with one on my own + this really worked out for me.

In the beginning I used a sharpie pen, but that ended up going through the pages too much, so I changed to some “Z-Grip Flight” pens that I got for Christmas. They’re not great, so I’ll change again when I find something better, but for now they do. For colors, my copics also went through the pages too much, so I’ve been using my tombow calligraphy pens. Works like a charm. Can’t wait to do more!


a lil peek at what’s inside my pencil case ✨ 

  1. faber-castell econ 0.5 mechanical pencil
  2. pilot g-1 gel pen in black, 0.5
  3. uni-ball signo gel pen in white (AMAZING for small mistakes, works as white out)
  4. artline drawing pens - 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8
  5. faber-castell pencils - 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B and 6B
  6. my stabilo 0.4 fineliners (which i’ve had for 3 years i think?)
  7. a lot of copics (for fashion illustration)
  8. some bomb ass highlighters i found by accident while wandering around in a supermarket
  9. a small metal ruler
  10. olfa cutter
  11. stabilo 68 pens (rlly good! they are actually markers but in their website it says “pens” soo)
  12. pilot super grip pen in black as my soul
  13. a sharpie
  14. a “mechanical” eraser? (i don’t even know how these are called in spanish)
  15. some post-it flags in cute patterns
  16. kneadable art eraser in grey
  17. normal (lmao) white eraser
  18. scotch tape
  19. measuring tape
  20. a mini white out
  21. lead for my mechanical pencil
  22. a sharpener

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131 with either Sirius or Draco please!

Sirius x Reader drabble:

You gripped your pen tightly, your eyes closed as you tried to calm your anger. You had been revising, or trying to, for the last three hours but Sirius kept interrupting you because he was bored. Remus was on your other side, just as fed up as you were. 

“Y/N why do we have to sit here studying, can’t we go do something fun?” Sirius whined, eliciting a groan from you.

“I have to revise because unlike you, I do not have a photographic memory. If you want to go do something fun, i’m not stopping you,” you said, running a hand through your hair irritably. 

“This fun thing isn’t nearly as fun by myself, if you know what I mean,” he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. 

“Gross,” Remus whispered to himself.

I swear if you weren’t so attractive, i’d have punched you in the face nine times by now,” you huffed, trying to get back to your revisions.

“I don’t care how attractive he is, if you open your mouth one more time Sirius I will punch you my damn self,” Remus threatened, leaning over you to glare at him. Sirius held his hands up in surrender, pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose before making his way towards the exit.

“Laters baby, good luck.”

Alleyways - Smut

Originally posted by stilinski-for-alpha

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Isaac Lahey/Reader
Words: 1,971

Request: hey! i was listening to alleyways (the neighbourhood) and it gave me an idea. my idea was for isaac (set after he was bitten and turned into a complete jerk off) and the reader is upset that they aren’t close and he’s mean, essentially pushing her away and she confronts him & he gets mad?? maybe some angry smut.
My bff @princessdavina requested some Isaac smut.

AN: Fucking Isaac Lahey Lax smut, you’re fucking welcome.

Listen to THIS

You frowned at the back of Isaac’s head, your grip on your pen tightening. If you were a little stronger you thought you’d probably break it in half. You were so aggravated at that curly haired asshole that you were silently quaking in your chair. What was his fucking problem?

You’d been friends with Isaac Lahey since you were kids. Your brothers had been friends, so by default you had spent a lot of time together. And when his brother had died, and his father had become abusive, it was your house he would come to to get away. You could remember nights in your living room, huddled under blanket forts, watching Indiana Jones movies, your mother and father always joking that you and Isaac would be married someday. And when you’d gotten older, nothing had changed. He was always there for you like you had always been for him. Best friends till the end. Or so you had thought.

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After DAO, I actually think Brosca wouldn’t entirely hate visiting Orzammar if you put Bhelen as king.

Don’t get me wrong, they absolutely despise their in-law Bhelen and their mother, sober or not, is an ass, but Rica is there and along with her are Rica’s kids (I think she’d have more than just Endrin) who adore their aunt/uncle/gender neutral term of choice for sibling of your mom.

They like adore them. Brosca is a legend in that house, okay? It drives Bhelen nuts. They play pretend as them and everything.

Endrin: Raw, I’m gonna slay the arc demon. I’m the best warrior Orzammar has ever seen.

Bhelen, in the distance, gripping his ink pen too tight: Brosca.

what to do with my diaries when there’s no more life to write: 
all may read the pages that I left out in plain sight
true friends won’t need to read it all, you’ll surely know the stories
but may choose to venture through if you forgive my allegories.
I’ve written under stars and about a world that’s jarring -
written people who can’t leave me without some pain and scarring.
just as flame once took my skin, it may too engulf my writing
but only if my words have lost what they're inciting.
don’t tuck my words in boxes to sit, collecting dust
if they have a chance at freedom, it’s another chance to trust.
when my hands can’t grip a pen or type a single key
you’re in charge of who has access to the memory of me.
—  what to do with my diaries // grazia curcuru

My Everyday Sketching Materials

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about what materials I use in my sketchbook, and these are the items I take with me everywhere! 

Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil in Crimson - This is by far my favorite red pencil to sketch with. I have tried just about every red pencil I can think of and in my opinion the verithin pencil in Crimson is the perfect shade and hardness for sketching with. I love the color because it’s not too orange or pink, it is just the right shade of reddish brown that works amazingly with drawing people and skin tones. My favorite part is being able to use it for a drawing, without having to erase it before I color using copics or watercolor! The colored pencil blends in beautifully with colors!     I use these up so fast and I have to use a pencil extender like the Generals wooden one pictured. 

Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip ballpoint pen-  I have been sketching with these pens for over 11 years now, sadly they don’t sell them in regular office supply stores anymore (I order them from amazon)   I love them because they allow me to create thick or thin sketchy lines without much effort. A lot of ink comes out when you press harder, and often builds up around the tip of the pen, if you are not careful it can leave blobs in your sketch, but hey! sketches do not have to be perfect!  There’s just something about the way these pens feel in my hands that I love.

Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser in Black-  These erasers will get rid of anything! This is the only eraser I know of that will effectively erase colored pencil. With one swipe even the darkest pencil lines will be gone. They come in so many different sizes and they last so long. There is also a white version of this eraser but somehow it doesn’t erase as well.

Pentel GraphGear 1000 Lead Pencil in 0.9 -  I don’t usually use mechanical pencils or graphite often, but when I am drawing on tracing paper or I am adding tattoos to my drawings I use this pencil. It is really heavy and sturdy, and the tip completely retracts when you use the clip. It’s a nice pencil but really I could use any mechanical pencil as long as it is uses at least 0.7 lead. I love making thick and bold lines, so I use thicker pencils.

General’s Sketch & Wash Pencil- This is an interesting type of graphite pencil that creates an ink-looking wash when you brush water over it. It is always fun to draw a sketch with this pencil and going over with some water and making it look like a painting! These are relatively cheap and can be found at almost any art store.

Master’s Touch Round 4 Brush-  This is a nice brush to use while traveling, I only ever use round pointed brushes like this when working with ink or watercolor. This brand is cheap and I believe you can purchase it at Hobby Lobby, but I find that you don’t need to shell out $20 for a single brush to get great line quality or mark making. I have a few of this particular brush in different sizes and they are my favorite at the moment!

Faber Castell Artist PITT Brush Pens-  These markers are pretty awesome! They are super thick and have a brush tip, and they come in a lot of different colors! I usually just use the warm grey tones to add shading and definition to my sketches. 

I hope this helps! I will be doing a full video on youtube of the materials I take with me when traveling, if you’d like to subscribe you can go here:

Like Faded Flowers, Life Can’t Mean Anything

Summary: Simon Lewis dies at Valentine’s hand, Raphael shatters. Magnus picks up the pieces. 

Warning: mentions of (non graphic) blood

When you’re alone, who cares for starlit skies
When you’re alone, the magic moonlight dies
At break of dawn, there is no sunrise
When your lover has gone



Raphael does not attend the mid-day funeral. 

Instead, he wears Simon’s slate gray jacket. 

Instead, he sends a pale dama de noche plant with an envelope that contains his name and phone number. The plant blooms once a year when night falls. It reminds him of kisses mapping out his spine when the stars first began to look like his eyes. 

It reminds him of blooming and the first time Simon called DuMort home in such a casual tone that it made Raphael’s chest feel tight. 

Instead, he does inventory. He grips the pen too tight. It rips through the page, leaving an inky blob in it’s wake. Like black holes and irises watching as he slept on their first night together. 

Instead, he sends Stan and Lily away with a low growl. His fangs descend, drawing blood from his bottom lip. The crimson drops remind him of a ring of blood, too much blood. It’s on Simon’s neck, soaking the soft gray of his t-shirt. 

It’s the half second Raphael has to remind himself that Simon’s unbeating heart means nothing here. There’s blood on Raphael’s suit, under his fingernails, blood against his lips as he kisses lifeless knuckles. 

Blood when he bares his fangs until only he remains - a vigil for one. 

Instead, he prays until his throat grows hoarse. Until the rosary beads leave imprints on his palms. He has never felt so unholy as he does tonight when Simon is six feet under and he cannot even kiss the casket goodbye. 

He cannot say the words - ‘I never wanted this, Simon. I forgave you the minute your back was turned, as the door swung behind you. Even as you chose her. I always meant to say it.’

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My professor made us stand on top of a chair and explain what we were most passionate about.
It’s kind of hypocritical that I had to speak out, saying I was most passionate about writing when one of the reasons being because I do not have to open my mouth to be heard.

When I talk I don’t even make sense to myself, I struggle to come up with the right words, everything comes out differently than I mean it to be. But when I write it’s like my hand, while reading English, has a language of it’s own. I believe it was specifically designed to grip a pen.

I have never been able to talk about feelings, but I could write of them all day. Quickly, silently, magically everything is clear to me. I would much rather lose my voice than have writer’s block. A blank page is my muse. I stepped down from the chair knowing nobody understood me.

Forgotten >> Yongguk, You

This was requested by Anon ^^ Hope you will like it! 

(Third person’s POV) 

Pen in hand and paper under it. He scratched some lyrics that he had written in the past few hours.

Working on their comeback, knowing how much his fans were waiting for it, Yongguk wanted to give his all in making this album. Especially after a year of hiatus while going through a lot of troubles.

The both members and fans went through a lot of pain and hurt and he… He was the most affected with all of this.

Yongguk was working on their first comeback after a whole year. He wanted to make the perfect song. He wanted to put his true feelings in them, where he could remember all his beautiful memories before the painful.

Starting to get tired, Yongguk loosened his grip on the pen and rubbed his eyes with his palms, trying to get rid of the tiredness in them, and running his hand over his face.  

How could he only remember working?

He needed a cup of coffee to go through the remaining of the night.

Letting the pen drop on the table, it rolled over and didn’t stop until it hit a photo frame that was behind the big screen over Yongguk’s desk making a soft thump sound.

Yongguk’s gaze followed the pen and frowned as he couldn’t remember putting any photo frame behind his computer screen.

And it being here meant that he wanted to hide it, to forget about its existence, which he really did.

Reaching for it, Yongguk’s face dropped when he turned the frame and had a good look over the photo that he wanted so badly to forget about.

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Dear Writing,

Hello old friend, it’s been quite a while
Lately I’ve found it hard to maintain a true smile
It’s hard to stay steady enough to grip onto a pen
When you’re stumbling through the storm in your head

I can’t say what compelled me to write you once more
Perhaps yearning to return to how things were before
Because frankly my world has been turned upside down
But I keep my mouth shut and suppress any sound

This page is like an old classroom from years that have passed
A sweet familiarity that was forgotten too fast
I cling to these rhymes like a constant foundation
They loyally wait for me to produce a creation

There is comfort in old habits and you, my friend, are one
It’s been far too long since I’ve stepped out into the sun
Being confined to 26 letters has never felt more free
On paper i can express who I am, why I’m me

There are no obligations, you expect not a thing in return
With no expectations I can let my thoughts burn
The world wants too much from a girl who’s still growing
The cracks in my insanity are finally showing

I’ve returned to remind myself of who I am
I still have a pen, no matter how unsteady the hand
I can fight the storm in my head, find the sun in the clouds
Perhaps I’ll drop the hand from my mouth and make a few sounds

Thank you, old friend, for staying right here
I miss you terribly and still hold you most dear
I’ll be back sometime soon, that I can guarantee
And I know you’ll be waiting with open arms for me.

Emergency Contact


Hannibal was seated at Will’s bedside, glaring death at the floor tiles, spinning a pen. He had known he was setting himself up for heartache when he got in with a cop. He had known. But he’d expected the heartache to have something to do with his own crimes. The danger of Will’s job hadn’t really sunk in until he’d gotten a call from the hospital. And now he was here, waiting for him to wake up from the anesthesia, pointedly ignoring the screaming terror in the back of his head. Loved ones leave you. Loved ones die. He gripped the pen hard enough to crack the plastic.

Bad Timing

Requested by @aya-eisen

Prompt; turned on at the wrong time and place


Oh, this was so not good for her heart.  

Nope, not by a long shot.

Yet Levy couldn’t stop staring as she watched the way his body moved, his muscles straining against the tight long sleeve shirt as though they wanted to burst out. She was glad that he remained oblivious to her gawking, busy with moving the office’s order of supplies down the ramp from the truck. She had initially grumbled about the chore the higher ups had assigned her, but these days she was looking forward to the chore, much to her coworkers’ amusement.  

“They say his name is Gajeel Redfox,” Lucy had told her, grinning at her slyly from behind her hand. Levy had swatted at her irritably then, upset that she had been seen through.  

‘I can’t be that easy to read, can I?’ She mused, shaking her head as she gripped her pen a little tighter. And nearly dropped it when he bent over to grab another box. Jesus he has a nice butt too??? So not fair…

“Gihe, I thought they were kidding about you, short stuff.”

She blinked, then gasped as reality came crashing back around her. He was leaning on his dolly, grinning his shit eating smirk as he watched her.  


Mortified, she barely held back a shriek of embarrassment as she ducked behind her clipboard. He wasn’t supposed to catch her, let alone even know that she was checking him out! It was beyond inappropriate, and definitely as unprofessional as one could be. What if he complained? How was she going to explain herself? If her coworkers knew (which they most likely did) then they wouldn’t be subtle about her crush at all! What if her boss knew? She could see herself counting pennies by now, scrounging away what she could while looking for another job, fired from this one for her foolishness.  

“Well? What’d ya think?” He asked, his voice smug. She peeked over the board, confused.  


“Of these puppies?” He laughed, then flexed his arms. She bit her lip, feeling the blush creep up into her hairline as heat of another kind pooled between her legs. ’Dear god that’s got to be a sin,’ she thought, and nearly moaned in appreciation when he flexed again. Flustered, she nodded awkwardly as she seemed to have lost her voice, smacking her head against the clipboard.  

And of course he heard that as well, his laughter all but confirmed her further humiliation. ’Oh, why can’t it end now?’ She could feel the tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, and she gulped to hold them back. She wasn’t about to cry in front of him, of all people, even if he was too handsome to be forgiven.  

Before she could formulate a solid excuse to run back in to the office and hide, a large hand suddenly patted her head, nearly disturbing her headband as the fingers threaded through her hair.  

“Relax, shorty, I ain’t gonna bite. And that was hella cute too,” his voice had softened a bit, startling her into looking up. Gone was the evil smirk, in its place was a gentle grin, and she could feel her heart flutter. It took a while for his comment to register in her addled brain, and when it did she jumped.  


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would you have ANY tips on lineart? other than constant practice? because i do practice a lot but i still can't manage to get clean and solid lines like yours? like there isn't any real clearness to my lines? (if that makes sense!)

idk if this will help get the look you’re going for, but i tried going through my method & some things that help me

on the left is what the brush i use is capable of, and on the right is what i usually limit my strokes to. i generally don’t use line weight in my lineart and keep the pressure on my strokes light (mostly to reduce strain on my hand. i used to really press into the tablet and my hand would always hurt from gripping the pen too hard). if i need a thicker line, i might make an outline of it in a thin stroke instead.

and, this has been said a lot, it helps to use ctrl+z and re-do the stroke as many times as you need.

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