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savealderaan  asked:

How do you get your lines so smooth?!???¿? (especially with photoshop) ((also sry if you've already answered this before))

They’re actually quite messy and wobbly and imprecise but I have a disability that affects my joints and makes it very painful to grip my pen so I learned to have a very light hand (I’ve used the same wacom pen nib for 3+ years lol) and use high sensitivity in my tablet settings.

Also 100% opacity and flow, default round brush. 

I also draw on an A3 sized sheet so when I zoom out it looks cleaner!

Ten years, too late

Bucky x Reader

Summary:“You can’t stop me from seeing my own daughter.” + “You lost the right to see her when you walked out of our lives ten years ago.”

Word Count: 2271

Warnings: angst, death (mention only)

A/N: so, this is my submission for ( @bladebarnes ) Blade’s 2k writing challenge, just gonna leave this here, before i go on my break!
i really don’t know how this messed up idea came to my mind, but i hope it’s something new bc i wanted to save this prompt from being a total cliche so, yeah :) also, I made a little change in the second sentence, hope you don’t mind

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the darlings of atlantis

aquarius walks a borderline between genius and madness

pisces teeters between mystic and psychotic, inspiration and insanity, in their own delirium

the water bearer is god in human form

the unbound pisces is formless, omnipresent god. 

the aquarius has an intellectual creativity, they can be drawn to the invisible vibrations of music and sounds, they can make unusual orchestras, 

pisces is taken away, far away, as their fingers hit the keys or their fingers grip the pen, awash with watery creative invigoration, saturating and sensual. neptune is a planet of mist, like you could fall right through it, it’s sometimes like how the pisces seems of vapor and non substance, a ghost walking through walls. the discovery of neptune was clouded with confusion, to this day there is an international dispute about who exactly found the planet

uranus spins on its own axis, orbiting in the unusual aquarius way, the glaring misfit of uranus as maverick as aquarius. uranus is raw individuality, sculpted in crystal eyes, an inspired catalyst

pisces is glamour and illusion, neptune wants to see how much she can fool you, even for a brief moment. from the sea and the sky

aquarius and pisces are floating toward greater ideals, freedom and love and communion for all of humanity. peace and protection. 

Staring is Rude (Jaehyun x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) WAZZZZZUPPPP GUYS! Your gal is back at it again with that smutty smut and with her ultimate bias too! That’s right, more yummy Jaehyun for everyone, and this time it’s a college AU. Hope you like this one, I really had a blast writing it!


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

It all started at the end of the first semester of your sophomore year in college. The glances that were snuck from the corner of the eye, watching from your peripheral vision each other’s movements, the strategic sitting for the best view. It was innocent at first, just simply checking one another out due to curiosity. You barely knew him at all; knew that his name was Jung Jaehyun and he was a first semester junior majoring in music and fine arts with many obnoxiously talented friends. 

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Doodle of Sunati to try out my brand new computer (a wacom mobilestudio pro! exciting!!!)

My thoughts, after half a day of messing around with it:

  • The pen-on-screen-feel is AMAZING it feels almost like actual paper and is effortless to draw on. The pen grips very nicely too.
  • The colours display beautifully (I think, please let me know if these colours look odd on your screen XD)
  • It’s slightly noisier than I expected, but nothing too bad.
  • It has yet to get as warm as my old computer (a Surface Pro 3) which is wonderful.

It’s ridiculously expensive, but since I usually draw 40+ hours a week I think it’s 100% worth it :D

here on the studyblr community especially, i see many lovely people with lovely posts and other lovely people who stress over whether their work is ‘aesthetic’ enough or not. please keep the following tips in mind when trying to balance aesthetic and functionality. 


you absolutely positively do not need a certain brand of stationery to have studyblr aesthetic and please do keep in mind the actual purpose of your studyblr: to motivate yourself, to serve as something to look back at to see how much you’ve accomplished. having a studyblr isn’t all about having perfect notes and nice pens so please please please don’t stress over that.

rewriting notes

i plan on making a more specific post on note taking later on but these tips are specific for addressing this issue. i know a lot of people who rewrite notes to make them look pretty and some of them say that it helps them remember things better. please do keep in mind that the main purpose of your notes is to function as something to study off of later and to help you record and remember important information, not to look aesthetic all the time. i personally refrain from rewriting notes because it’s time consuming and really doesn’t help me that much. to help remember the material better, i highlight the key parts of my notes a few days before a test (can’t highlight immediately after anyways because of ink smudging problems ughhhh). it also helps to look over your notes and for more lengthy units, to make ‘review sheets’ based on the basic summary and main ideas.


i love nice pens just as much as the next stationery obsessed person (maybe a little more), but please don’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of stuff just because you’re starting a studyblr. your hard work will motivate you and others just as well with the $1 pens as with the $10 pens, i promise. if you really want to buy stationery because you earnestly love it then go ahead and buy it instead of feeling self conscious and awkward like ‘i like it a lot but other people might point me out for having nice stationery if i buy it’. if you really want to buy nice stationery but don’t have enough money (nothing to be ashamed of at all) try looking for cheaper alternatives. you can still be practical and on a budget and have nice, functional stationery. please remember that as long as it does it’s job, it’s gonna work, so try to work with you have. maybe you’ll end up liking the style or grip of the brandless pen more than the one of the brand name pen. 


alright, let’s get to reality guys. people try to make their work look cute and successfully achieve that part but when they go back to actually read the material or go over their notes, start squinting over the words with adorable little bunnies around them or get distracted by the beautiful loopy swirls instead of paying attention to the actual information. please remember that functionality comes first! some ways you can make your work look nice but not too overwhelming would be to add small doodles relating to the concept on the side (helpful with remembering and cute!), maybe add a few colors (personally i feel adding too much color is super duper distracting so i stick to simple, similar color schemes but if you have a helpful color coding system then go ahead and rock your work in the rainbow~), and sticky notes are great for adding additional information or making tiny little note here and there and sort of ‘isolating’ those parts on a separate square if that makes sense.


okay, i have seen this around tumblr way too many times. often, people think that their handwriting isn’t nice enough and feel that they have to re-do everything over and over again until it’s perfect. please do keep in mind that your handwriting is beautiful just the way it is and that it’s a unique little part of you that expresses who you are. seriously, if you hung up your handwriting along with a billion others, anyone would be able to recognize that it’s yours because its so special and individual. it doesn’t help to practically disown your handwriting and constantly put yourself down because of it. instead, embrace it and use it proudly. however if you feel that there are some areas where it causes problems you want to improve, such as the fact that your teacher can’t read it, try to make your letters more clear, space them out more, and make them bigger or smaller so that they’re easier to read. 

additional note

these are the four main issues i’ve seen around, and i just really felt like they needed to be addressed and given tips for. also i really need to add this one part for people who have nice things and font-like handwriting: there’s no need to be ashamed or to feel guilty for having those nice things and that kind of handwriting. if you have the resources then do what you want to do. this is for people out there who obsess over these things too much and get upset if they don’t fit an ideal standard of ‘studyblr aesthetic’.

good luck. you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

More class comics! Nobody in Oregon ever gets tired of hearing about that time we blew up a whale. Prompt was “journalism”

Snake skin

•I have a feeling I’m going to be obsessed with this multi chapter, if you guys like it let me know and I’ll for sure continue it!•

24, he was 24 today. It wasn’t much of a calendar year but hey, atleast he wasn’t ten feet underground. It was something.

Jughead Jones buried himself deeper into the grungy, beat down booth at The Snake Pen Bar. Gripping the worn out paper back in his fists, he let himself get lost in his own thoughts.

This is not where he thought he would be at 24, he had had dreams, ambitions, he had been so determined to make it out of Riverdale that he ended up smack dab in the middle of the very same town. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his hometown, Riverdale was everything to him, more or less the fact that he was sitting in a gang members bar wearing his fathers old leather jacket and currently sporting the scruff of a man who hadn’t shaved in weeks.

He had turned into his father.

Jughead was one of the most prominent members of the Southside Serpents, he had risen with the ranks and was now one of the top gang leaders, it was an accomplishment that held very little weight. He was supposed to be an author writing novels, writing scripts, but instead he was facilitating drug deals and running his fathers abandoned mechanics shop. The last part wasn’t so bad, he enjoyed fixing up cars and bikes. The thought struck something deep in his chest and he shuddered.

The girl who had taught him everything he knew, hot summer nights knee deep in some run down Toyota, long blonde ponytails brushing his shoulders as she stood behind him, her tiny hand covering the wrench in his. Jughead shut his eyes tighter, banishing the painful thoughts.

Suddenly he was pulled from his personal bubble by the arrival of five older man, the Original Serpents. Throwing his novel on the metal table, Jughead stood up to join the clearly agitated men.

“What’s the matter?” He asked evenly, it was best to not get these men angry, as much as they respected their own, they were still dangerous.

Viper stood behind the bar, drawing the attention of the few Serpents who were scattered amongst the place, they came forward and leaned closer, listening intently to whatever the boss had to say.

The bulky old man took a deep breath

“As many of you know, one of our own was locked away today, he and his wife will be serving fifteen to twenty in max. The reason they’re there is because…” he looked down angrily “they’ve been mistreatin’ their boy for a long time now. Hurt him real bad. Right under our noses.”

There was murmuring and cursing heard throughout the entire bar, Jughead fists clenched angrily. Noah Reyes was the sweetest little boy in the world, he was usually found playing under a bar table or wandering the streets with his stuffed teddy bear. He should’ve known, he should’ve seen how neglectful the Reyes were, but he was selfish and too concerned with his own issues.

“Anyway” viper continued “ we went down to social services today to see if we could take the boy, figured we’ve gotta be able to foster him, but no. Of course not.”

Jughead swallowed thickly, his foster family had been great, they took care of him but he had never been able to get over his abandonment issues, he prayed Noah wouldn’t be in the same boat.

“The kid was already taken in, it usually doesn’t work that fast. So I questioned it, who the hell would take in some Southside toddler without being briefed?” Everyone nodded in agreement, it was odd.

“Well turns out its some north sider, someone from that side of riverdale took him in no questions asked, that’s a little suspicious to me. I figure it’s time we pay her a visit, make sure she’s taking care of our little snake.”

Jughead stomach clenched, who had stuck around? No one he knew would just take someone into their home, no one from that side no…

“What was the name?” He asked abruptly, taking everyone back, Jughead rarely ever spoke in meetings.

Viper looked at him curiously
“What?” He asked

“What was the name? Of the person who took the boy in?” He bit out.

Viper shrugged his shoulders

“Elizabeth Cooper.”


a lil peek at what’s inside my pencil case ✨ 

  1. faber-castell econ 0.5 mechanical pencil
  2. pilot g-1 gel pen in black, 0.5
  3. uni-ball signo gel pen in white (AMAZING for small mistakes, works as white out)
  4. artline drawing pens - 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8
  5. faber-castell pencils - 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B and 6B
  6. my stabilo 0.4 fineliners (which i’ve had for 3 years i think?)
  7. a lot of copics (for fashion illustration)
  8. some bomb ass highlighters i found by accident while wandering around in a supermarket
  9. a small metal ruler
  10. olfa cutter
  11. stabilo 68 pens (rlly good! they are actually markers but in their website it says “pens” soo)
  12. pilot super grip pen in black as my soul
  13. a sharpie
  14. a “mechanical” eraser? (i don’t even know how these are called in spanish)
  15. some post-it flags in cute patterns
  16. kneadable art eraser in grey
  17. normal (lmao) white eraser
  18. scotch tape
  19. measuring tape
  20. a mini white out
  21. lead for my mechanical pencil
  22. a sharpener
Preventing hand injuries from digital art

I got a question about drawing injuries, and I typed up a pretty lengthy response so I wanted to share it here as well.

I get asked a lot about hand strains and injuries, and it is something most artists have to face one time or another just because we work so hard for our dreams. I personally don’t get strains or injuries, both for art and for piano playing when I still majored in it, two main creative paths where hand/arm injuries are common. My hands rarely feel tired and when they do, I stop drawing. So when I get asked, I usually can only offer the fact that you can find a lot of carpal tunnel exercises on google and there’s nothing else I know about relief exercises, other than I find that flinging my hands also help loosen them up a bit.

The most important thing about this issue is actually prevention rather than relief. I would like to believe this approach is what prevented me from getting injured–I’ve never really been a push through the pain type person, and glorifying suffering and pain as a sign of hard work is definitely unhealthy, as those are huge signals from your body telling you to stop. There are many things that I know for sure strains your hands much more than anything else that I will list below, and I believe that, if it is possible for you, the most efficient way to deal with injury is to find out which of these things is the cause and working around it.

The first big cause is posture; if your arms have no support points (ie you have to hold your elbow up with your muscles or tense your wrist to maintain stability) you will strain much easier, just like how you get tired easier standing at an uncomfortable pose vs a well grounded one. So be sure to seat yourself so that you have somewhere to rest your arm while drawing, while your body is at a relaxed angle with full support. For a normal tablet, rest your arm and wrist somewhere on the table or the tablet. For a Cintiq or tablet monitor, try having it upright so that your elbow can rest on your desk, and your wrist can rest on the cintiq screen, and you only need to use your fingers to control the pen.

The second cause is your grip on the pen. This can be caused by your need for precision/speed of repetitive movement/pressure. Line art, or cross hatching, or pressing hard to get the darkness of the brush you need, are all high stress activities that strains your hand much more than, say, rendering or putting down a base painting. Knowing that, you can:

  • Use a higher brush opacity or turn off pressure sensitivity for opacity to prevent yourself from having to press really hard to get brush impact you want.
  • Go to your wacom tablet preferences if you have one, and set the hardness of the brush so that it’s easier to get the brush opacity/size you want. You want to have the problem of having to try to press lighter for lighter lines, rather than having to press harder for darker/thicker lines. The latter strains much more than the former.
  • If your grip of the pen is too tight purely because the pen is slippery/too small for you/hard to grip, such as old bamboo tablets, there are rubber tablet pen paddings that you can buy online, or you can just use a layer of masking tape all around the grip area to increase friction/grip comfort and make it easier for yourself to hold your pen. A Cintiq or Intuos Pro pen is ideally what you want your pen to feel like: have friction on the surface so your fingers don’t slip, large enough so it rests and takes up space comfortably between your thumb and index fingers without you tensing and curling your hand inwards really hard, and shaped so that your grip is stopped right before the cone of the tip, preventing slipping.

The third cause is the schedule of your drawing. This may or may not be possible to change because for a lot of us, a deadline is a deadline. But try to space your tasks so that you cycle between intense, detailed, hand-straining work, and relaxing, loose, more brainstorming work. The latter is excellent for hand rest while still being productive creative work. For example, if you are drawing comic pages, it might make sense in terms of efficiency to sketch 10 pages, then ink 10 pages, then tone 10 pages. But when you are inking those 10 pages consecutively, that’s when you give your hands no rest and your hand will start to hurt a lot, while you have no choice but to push through the pain to get the work done. Instead, try to draw these pages one by one, or have a few drawings at various stages of completion to rotate between. eg. you work on inking drawing A, then when you feel your hands are strained, switch to putting down loose underpainting for drawing B, switch back to inking drawing A, then start brainstorming drawing C and think more/draw less. Give your hands some natural times to rest up with less intense work, and you get work done without having to lose time by having to really stop drawing altogether.

As tempting as it is to try to feel like you are working as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and aspirations, while feeling guilty about resting/taking the more relaxing route, remember that your hands make your art possible, so treat them well! 

Cherry On Top (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

a/n: the ending is cheesy im so sorry 

requests: Poly!Hamilsquad with an insecure s/o who they keep ignoring (exhausted, too busy with work, etc) so s/o just starts going out late and hanging with some questionable people to forget about their loneliness. I need more hamilsquad angst pls

Can you do a poly hamilsquad × reader where the reader is super duper shy and really insecure but then the squad just kind of waltzes into her life and refuses to leave please?

word count: 3,017 words

Being a waiter and being extremely shy made it difficult for you to work sometimes. You’re always afraid to speak up loudly whenever asking people for their orders and would always internally freak out whenever they told you the order is wrong, but other than that you were very good at your job. You never had any bad experiences, except a few awkward ones, until a group of men came barging through the restaurant one day, talking and laughing loudly which caused many looks of distaste to come their way. Each one were gorgeous in their own way, but they were still being very annoying.

The man you first spotted was the tallest of the bunch, with dark curly hair tied up in a bun and a neatly trimmed beard. The next man was slightly shorter than the first but definitely stronger as you noticed his broad shoulders. The third man had curly hair like the tallest man, but it was tied in a ponytail to show off his freckled face. The last man was the shortest and had straight hair slicked back in a ponytail. He also seemed to be ranting about something while the other men looked at him amused.

You were taking orders from a young couple when they decided to walk in and you almost dropped your pen at the sudden noise. You grumbled and kept glaring at them over you shoulder while still trying to maintain a cheerful face for the couple. The hostess at the front desk tried to unsuccessfully calm them down as she led them to their seats which, unfortunately for you, was in your section. This caused a sense of panic to overwhelm you.

Usually when rowdy boys came into the restaurant they almost always either:

a) made fun of the waiter

b) flirt with the waiter

c) ignore the waiter until absolutely necessary

You didn’t mind the last one, but usually they gave little to the no tip stating you weren’t an ‘avid server’.  With this group you were praying for the last one as you cautiously walked up to their table while gripping you pen behind your back. They didn’t notice you yet as they were staring at the menu or laughing with each other.

“H-hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’ll be your server for tonight. Can I g-get you guys anything to drink?” You stammered.

Suddenly all the boys stopped talking as they looked up from the menus to stare at you. You started fidgeting nervously at the silence and you took a deep breath to calm yourself down as you looked down at your shoes.

Finally after what felt like hours of torture, one of them spoke up.

“I’ll have a lemonade.” The tall man said which you quickly noticed his French accent.

“I’ll have a diet coke,” said the stronger looking man. “And he’ll have a water to cool him down.” He pointed with a laugh to the shortest man of the group who seemed red with rage.

You looked at the freckled man, “A-and what are you having?”

He didn’t answer and just stared at you oddly while his head was propped by his elbow and tilted to the side. You shifted and started to shake under his stare.

“Laurens!” One of the men yelled.

“Oh sorry! I’ll have a sprite.” He said with a bright grin and a wink.

You blushed slightly and looked down to write down their orders and quickly walked away. Your face turned even more red as you heard them quietly whispering and you just knew they were talking about you.

You grabbed their drinks, but you tried to take a bit longer than usual so you wouldn’t have to face them yet. You shakily walked up to them as you balanced the drinks in your hand and handed them to each of their owners. You noticed as soon as you walked up their whispering stopped which further confirmed that they were indeed talking about you, or most likely in this case, making fun of you. You took out your pencil and paper to quietly asked if they were ready to order.

Throughout the entire time while you served them, they would always do the same thing.

Whisper once you walked away, stop when you came back, stare at you while asking if they needed anything else, repeat.

You tried to keep it together and not cry or become visibly upset in front of your other tables and the group of gorgeous men who caused the problem, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as the night progressed.

Finally, you gave them the check which meant they were leaving soon and so were you since your shift ends in ten minutes. Afterwards, you clocked out and walked outside to see it was pouring. You ran to your car and sighed as you were enveloped in warmth. You were about to drive away when you heard people arguing outside the restaurant.

You turned and saw it was the group of men from before, arguing about how they should get home. You realized they walked here and would most likely have to walk back in this weather.

You sat in your car and debated with yourself. You wanted to offer them a ride but would they think that’s weird? Would it be awkward in the car? Would they make fun of you if you asked?

You decided to just do it and you took a deep breath as you approached them.

“H-hi, I overheard you saying you would probably have to walk h-home and I wanted to ask if you would like a ride?”

The men stopped and stared at you and you immediately regretted your decision and back pedaled.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to seem weird especially since I was just your server but I felt bad for you guys an-an-and I’m sorry.” You blurted out as you covered your face with the sleeves of your jacket.

“Woah it’s ok! We were just surprised!” The short man explained. “We would be so glad if you gave us a ride. Y'see it was drier earlier and we decided to just walk and we didn’t know it was gonna rain and we were so hungry and-”

“Alex, shut up,” The stronger man glared teasingly and then smiled at you. “I’m Hercules, that’s John but we call him Laurens,” He pointed to the freckled man. “That’s Lafayette,” He nodded to the French man. “And this little guy is Alex.” He said as he wrapped the shorter man for a hug as Alex rolled his eyes.

“Your name is (Y/N), right?” John asked.

You nodded and tucked some of your hair behind your ear.

“We can’t thank you enough, mon ami,” Lafayette smiled as you led them to your car. “We will repay the favor somehow.”

You quickly blushed and told him it wasn’t necessary, but all the boys protested.

“C'mon (Y/N) you totally could’ve let us walk home and die in the rain.” John moaned.

You quickly tried to change the subject, “S-so what were you guys doing out and about? Were you just hanging out?”

Alex piped up, “It was date night for us.”

A beat passed when the dots connected in your head that they were all dating each other, “O-oh that’s nice! I h-hope you all had fun.”

They all grinned brightly at you when you didn’t seem disturbed by their relationship.

“It was wonderful, mon ami.” Lafayette grinned at you.

For the rest of the car ride the boys made jokes and asked about you, which you would shyly reply. You were fine with answering them until John asked if you were dating anyone.

You blushed and tried to spit out a reply until you noticed your GPS said you arrived.

“We’re here!” You exclaimed as you parked in front of their apartment building. Luckily on the drive over here, the rain stopped and fell into a light drizzle.

“Thanks (Y/n)! You’re the best!” John yelled as he ran inside hand in hand with Alex. Hercules gave you a wave before he walked inside, not minding the sprinkle of rain too much. You gave him a smile but turned to see Lafayette still in the back seat.

“Ah, (Y/N)! I was wondering if you would like to accompany us to lunch tomorrow? Since you were so kind enough to give us a ride in this terrible weather.” Lafayette asked.

You blushed and started to sputter, “ I t-told you really don’t have to! I-I mean I couldn’t just l-let you guys w-walk in the rain.” You ducked your head down. “It’s ok, Lafayette.”

Lafayette rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I insist. Please come to lunch with us, we would love to see you again.”

You nodded shyly and gave him your number. He hugged you and gave a kiss on your cheek before he left the car, “See you tomorrow, (Y/N!)”

Ever since after that day the boys have never left you side. You were at their apartment more than your own and you never had a dull moment with them. Being around the boys helped you come out of your shell. You were still shy, but they helped you feel less insecure about yourself since they always gave you the sweetest compliments. There was only one downside to all of this however, you fell in love with not just one or two of them. Oh no, you fell completely in love with all of them.

Each boy was so different and unique and treated you so kindly that you couldn’t help it. They would give you so much attention and love that you felt like you were in their relationship too, but that wasn’t the case.

Lately, however, the boys have been ignoring you. At first you thought it was because they were too busy with their jobs, but they would still go out with each other and not with you. Your movie nights and sleepovers were cancelled over and over again and you couldn’t remember the last time you actually talked to one of them without them sounding disinterested.

You believed they were getting bored of you, which brought back your insecurities and shyness in full force. You never went outside anymore, only if you absolutely had to, and you completely stopped talking to the boys. Ever since you started ignoring them, they tried to contact you anyway possible, which both angered and upset you.

It’s alright if they ignore me but once I do it back it’s not alright? You would think angrily at night. Who do they think they are?

But then your mind would turn back around with a new thought.

They never liked you. They pitied you, idiot. Your brain would yell at you. You were only around for attention and nothing else.

Since you were so shy, the only friends you had were your coworkers and the boys. You never hung out with any of your coworkers, but you got along well with a couple of them and today you decided to stop mourning and go out for once. You were finishing getting ready when you got a text.

jmads: (1:28 PM)

u almost ready? im outside

You quickly slipped on your shoes and grabbed your belongings before locking the door. You waved when you saw James but stopped slightly when you saw another person who you did not know.

“Hey (Y/N), I know we were suppose to get some food together but Thomas here asked if he could tag along.” James asked.

You waved shyly at Thomas and he smirked. He didn’t give you the best vibes, but if James was friends with him he couldn’t be too bad.

The three of you walked down the street and came up to the little café that you always loved. You were about to sit next to James when Thomas wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Come sit by me, (Y/N). I don’t bite…much.” He grinned mischievously.

He plopped you down right next to him, a little to close if you were asked, and kept his arm around you. You tried to talk to James more, but he just kept asking you questions to “get to know you better”.

“Y'know,” Thomas said as he scooched closer. “Madison never told me how gorgeous you are.”

You tried to move away but he held you close to his side.

“But I have heard it from Lafayette.”

You head snapped up and froze, “H-how do you know Lafayette?”

“Oh now you wanna talk,” He chuckled. “Me and Lafayette go way back, darlin’ but enough about me. Lafayette used to talk to me all the time about you. How him and his boyfriends love ya to death.”

The more he talked the more you started to fidget. You knew somehow this was leading to something bad.

“Y-yeah, I’m good friends with a-all of them.” You played with the hem of your shirt.

“But they ignore you now don’t they, sweetheart?”

Your eyes went wide and you tensed up, surprised and shocked that he knew such a thing.

“I bet that hurt you. Didn’t it, darlin’? Aren’t you upset with them?” He asked with a fake pout, mocking you.

“Thomas that’s enough, not now.” You heard James warn as he looked over at another table, but Thomas ignored him and kept going.

“I bet you’re looking for someone to patch that hole up. Someone who could make you happy.”

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes and nodded. Thomas got closer and cupped your face.

“I can be that person, (Y/N)”

It looked like he was about to kiss you until…

“(Y/N), what the hell?” Someone yelled and grabbed your arm for you to get away from Thomas.

You looked up and saw Alex glaring at you, red in the face with John behind you looking defeated.

“Why were you with Jefferson? And why was he getting all close to you? How do you know each other?” He yelled at you while you stood frozen on the spot. “Never mind all the we’re going home. Goodbye Jefferson!” Alex taunted.

He barged out of the café while John held onto you. You looked at him confused and wanting answers, but he just shook his head and told you to wait until you got back to their apartment.

You sat in the car in tense silence, with Alex fuming in the driver’s seat while John looked dejected out the window. Nobody spoke all the way to their apartment.

As you walked into the door of their apartment behind Alex and John, the memories of being with them, being left alone, and what just happened all flooded into your mind. You heard Alex yell angrily for Laf and Herc while you were still reminiscing and you soon started to sob.

“(Y/N)? Ma chérie, what happened?” Laf questioned as he came out of the bedroom. He and Hercules were about to hug you when Alex interrupted.

“Don’t hug them! They were getting all cuddly with Jefferson earlier,” Alex screeched. “Plus they’ve been ignoring us!”

You suddenly stopped crying and tensed up. You were ignoring them?  

YOU were ignoring THEM?

Your self control shut down.

“EXCUSE ME?” You yelled as the boys flinched. “Last time I fucking checked you four were ignoring me! I was trying to contact and hang out with you guys and I barely ever got a hello from any of you! I thought at first you were busy with work but then I would see you all getting breakfast or some shit!”

The boys stared at you, frightened, as they never heard you yell that loudly or curse.

“And to put the cherry on the mcfucking top, once I decided to ignore you, next thing I’m getting texts out of nowhere! Asking me to hang out! How fucking hypocritical! I’m not some little toy where you can tell me when you want me and when you don’t!” You were so angry tears started to fall from your eyes as you screamed.

“So,” You whimpered softly, a drastic difference from just a moment ago. “Why were you ignoring me?”

The boys’ faces softened as they saw your tears. They looked at each other before Hercules spoke up.

“We were…trying to plan on how to ask to join our relationship.” He said softly as he stepped closer to you.

“You…what?” You asked as you tried to dry your eyes.

Hercules and Laf enveloped you in a hug, “We really like you, ma chérie. We just couldn’t think of how to ask you and we were so busy that we didn’t even notice that we weren’t paying enough attention to you.” Laf snuggled his face into your hair.

You giggled, “R-really?”

“God (Y/N) we were making it so obvious,” John stepped into the hug. “We absolutely adore you and would do anything for you.“

You looked over at Alex, who looked absolutely heartbroken and for once in his life, speechless.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were so lonely and I d-didn’t mean to make you cry it’s just that,” He took a deep breath. “We care about you so so much and we were so afraid to fuck up our friendship with you if we asked you out and t-then you ignored us and it broke our god damn hearts.”

Your heart was breaking at seeing Alex like this. You wanted to pull him into the hug, but you knew he had more to say.

“A-and then I saw you with Jefferson and I just couldn’t take it an-an-and, God we just love you.”

He fell into your embrace as the five of you hugged and you were so happy you started crying again.

“(Y/N), baby, what’s wrong?” John cupped your face.

You shook your head and looked at each of your boys, “I love you all too. And I would be honored to join your relationship.”

All of them cheered as you felt your face become buried in kisses and you knew you would never be ignored again.

My grip on a pen writing on this paper. It’s calming, soothing, healing, like the smell of lavender. This writing helps me focus. Focus on the quiet around me, on the feeling of my right hand around a pen and against this paper, instead of focusing on my problems and building my life around them.
Thank you self, for doing this. For allowing a bit of me to heal.
—  pierilakkuma 

Favorite Doctor

“Imagine being Harley’s psychiatrist and the two of you have become really good friends. When the Joker finally comes to rescue her, she refuses to leave without you.”

Requested by Anon: “Can you do one where you are Harleys psychiatrist and they get along like best friends would your in the middle of a session and the door breaks open revealing the joker right before they leave Harley askes to bring her psychiatrist and then you make up the rest plz and thank you”

Warnings: Mentions of Murder


Your pen glided across the paper as you took notes, each word carefully chosen as you listened to the blonde across from you speak. The sessions you had with her were usually light-hearted and “fun”, but you needed to remind her that therapy was about dealing with issues and this girl had a lot of them.

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Ahh here’s some my bulletin journal so far! Thank you to @studypetals for the weekly outline thing, I wasn’t creative enough to come up with one on my own + this really worked out for me.

In the beginning I used a sharpie pen, but that ended up going through the pages too much, so I changed to some “Z-Grip Flight” pens that I got for Christmas. They’re not great, so I’ll change again when I find something better, but for now they do. For colors, my copics also went through the pages too much, so I’ve been using my tombow calligraphy pens. Works like a charm. Can’t wait to do more!

“You are my new pillow.” // doctor!taehyung

As you come to wake, eyes still shut, your body seems to have an ache you have very little memory of. Apart from your own thoughts of trying to remember what had happened, the low murmurings and noises make you open your eyes, taking in the sight of a bunch of people you’re certain you’ve never met before. Gulping through the mouth full of cotton and dryness, you clear your throat in hopes to ask… something but you’re not given that chance when the door slides open to reveal - “Tae…”

Said person steps through in his work attire you’ve mentioned how professional he looks. Stethoscope hanging by his neck, clipboard in his hands and with the tap against the side of the wall, people seem to disperse with admiration snapping from their eyes. They mumble a quick apology before scooting out and Taehyung closes the door soon after.

He turns to look at you, tipping his glasses up the bridge of his nose before asking: “Patient Y/N, how’re you feeling?”

“Should I be honest, Doctor Kim?”

“As how you should be,” He murmurs, standing by the end of your bed with a raise of his brow, hand gripping onto the pen by the paper snapped to his board.

“I’m okay… just trying to adjust,”

“Do you know why you’re here?” He inquires, but based on the look on your face he already knows the answer. But protocols are still in place regardless of who you are so he has to sit through you trying to think, ultimately failing and pouting at him to just tell you already. He fills you in with the things you’ve forgotten before you arrived here, even while you’re here, it’s hard to process everything that you make grabby hands at him.

“Can I have my boyfriend back?”

He bites the inside of his cheek, ready to let everything go but he knows there’s eyes by the window so he checks his wristwatch. With a finger held up, eyes pressuring the seconds to tick by faster… as it clicks to a 1PM, he walks around your bed to reach your side. Sitting down on the bed, he chucks the board aside and opens his arms, “Boyfriend currently in check, your doctor’s on a break,”

You lunge forward and hug him, wincing at the pain that stings and he hisses at you, palm stroking down your lower back gently, “Easy now… I’m not going anywhere,”

“You better not,” You murmur against his neck, squeezing him, “You are my new pillow now,”

“I have privileges as a boyfriend and a doctor but now have downgraded to be a pillow. Is this the outcome of going to med school for so many years?”

He chuckles when you whine, getting used to his body warmth and staying in this position that he decides it’s too much for you, now, so he keeps quiet. However, before he kisses the side of your head, he takes a quick glance outside the peeping eyes and prepares you with: “You’re gonna hear a little something,”

You look up to him, whispering: “Are those your workers or something?”

“Mostly juniors, some under my wing, but they’ve never met you before so when they paged your name in and saw how I flipped, I think they’ve put the pieces together on their own,”

“…hey, they’re smart so…”

“Wanna freak them out?”

“…is this gonna hurt?”

“Not at all,” He grins, leaning down to kiss your nose and on cue, there’s an uproar outside your ward that you laugh and hide your face in his shoulder.

“You’re gonna kill me,”

“Not if you do first. Have you seen yourself? You’re too adorable.”

Anonymous said: Hello, can I ask for a scenario where Todoroki become mad or jealous because Mineta talk about his crush’s body in details (He was able to peek in the changing room). (Sorry if I made some mistakes, English is not my first language) Thank youu !!

No worries, Anon! :) I had no trouble in reading your request. <3

Warnings: None

“NO!! What did you see!?”

“NOT ENOUGH!! Her bra was on!!”

As the voices of Mineta and Kaminari shift in volume, Todoroki inwardly pleads for their conversation to end. Normally he’d use his free periods to finish short written assignments ahead of time, but right now that’s out of the question. On account of Mineta and Kaminari taking the opportunity to discuss the former’s latest “accomplishment,” Todoroki can barely write another sentence. Instead he’s listening in on the fools near him, who are this close from his desk.

He weighs his options.

On the one hand, he could freeze them. On the other, he could burn them. Problem solved, but either way he’d be disciplined for assaulting two of his classmates, and the risk isn’t worth it, Todoroki decides. There are twenty minutes until the free period is over, and the wait is doable. Until then he’ll just have to struggle through his assignment and the conversation he has absolutely no interest in.

“OH MY GOD, HER BOOBS!! You should’ve seen them!!” cries Mineta, and Kaminari laughs at the upset face he’s making. “And the rest of her?!”

“Smooth, soft skin. ALL OVER!!”

“Which girl did you see?!”

Todoroki pauses his writing at the mention of your name, not Yaoyorozu like he expected, his grip on his pen tightening hard. He reminds himself he has to remain in control of his quirk, or else the classroom could quite possibly be destroyed because of his momentary slip, an attempt at terrifying Mineta into steering clear of you and the girls’ changing room from then on.

But there is a sensible way to get his message across.

Todoroki puts down his pen and looks up from his assignment in their direction, all initial interest in finishing it leaving him.

He’s glad that you’re not here. You don’t know about his crush on you, and he’d rather tell you personally about it than have you come to your own conclusions, while witnessing this scene play out.


“Y-Yeah, Todoroki?!”



“Talk about her like that again, and I’ll freeze you.”


anonymous asked:

supercorp prompt (slowburn oneshot): they both like the other but haven't fully realised it yet and take each other's subconscious flirting as friendship/banter, then one day after Lena is injured by some villain before SG saves the day, Kara feels guilty and worried so goes to patch her up, but Lena has to get partially undressed (eg shirtless) or sthing and Kara gets flustered (bc Kara) & Lena eventually picks up on it and teases her/flirts, scene ends in them kissing Please please please 💖

so, several things, anon: thank you for this absolutely wonderful prompt. and I would like to apologize for taking three or four weeks to get to this. because I couldn’t help myself and accidentally turned it into a 20 page, ten thousand word monster… enjoy? (i really am sorry it took this long, though)

They start out having lunch every other week or so.

It’s normal, it’s what friends do, Lena tells herself. God knows she’s spent long enough without someone genuinely interested in being her friend, so after the first few meetings with Kara, Lena throws herself into it with a passion. Besides, it’s nice to spend lunch breaks in the company of Kara, who’s always ready to talk about everything except the business at L-Corp, which is a relief, and who seems determined to make sure that Lena’s always eating more than enough.

A little into this arrangement, there’s one week when Kara ends up swinging by more times than usual. Three times, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, apologizing profusely but quickly following Lena’s gesture to sit down and pull out her notepad to ask Lena’s opinion on whatever ridiculous piece Carr’s assigned her to this time. And four times, when Kara shows up with arms overflowing with bags of food from whatever new take-out place she’s fancying (normally Chinese, Lena notes, carefully filing away that information) and fills Lena’s office with warm conversations and stories and laughter, and Lena loves it.

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Love Songs / Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by poptartcalum

Request: Can you please make one where the reader is shy and Peter has a crush on her but she doesn’t really know him. And one time he finds out that she skips a class to go sing in the auditorium and he skips class all the time to hear her sing and he confronts her about it and he asks her to sing for him and fluffy fluff fluff please? I love it when readers can sing because it makes me feel like I’m actually good at something 😂😂😂

 AN: Thank you so much for this request! I love music and those who can sing, no matter what people say, I just wanna let you know that in my opinion, if you have the guts to show off your singing talent, you are like the bravest and coolest person ever. All singers and performers deserve respect cause doing something like that takes balls! Anyway, hope you like it. As always, let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you would like to see in the future.

- Written by Kat - 

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pisces is taken away, far away, as their fingers hit the keys or their fingers grip the pen, awash with watery creative invigoration, saturating and sensual. neptune is a planet of mist, like you could fall right through it, it’s sometimes like how the pisces seems of vapor and non substance, a ghost walking through walls. the discovery of neptune was clouded with confusion, to this day there is an international dispute about who exactly found the planet