grip fast

— buzz | 1.0 (m)

pairing— min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings— smut, masturbation with a twist, non-penetrative sex toy usage 
words— 4,851

:: summary: in which you’re unsure if you’ve ever received an orgasm and when you finally pluck up the courage to use the vibrator you bought that one day on a whim, Yoongi barges through the door…

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↳ yoongi’s pov +

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

Warning, this chapter contains strong sexual language and is smut.  It contains fingering. 

I had never really felt something so disguised by love. A feeling that betrays my mind and feeds my body, and in return my heart becomes vulnerable. Lust. I had never really felt it once in my life, up until now. But I still don’t understand it. The very feeling of it, the desire that bubbles up in your stomach, clouds your judgment and erases any of your critical thinking skills.

Oh, how he flooded me with this feeling, the dopamine he released within my brain, the endorphin’s that acted out of pure desire for pleasure, one that he could create and expect for me to return. I had always seen it as a sin, but he makes me see it as an addiction.

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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno - Reggie Mantle x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Some swearing, some yelling

Request by @stevrgers:  hey could I request an imagine where the reader has a thing with reggie but it’s super lowkey and reggie wants to keep it that way because he wants to keep her out of the playbook (cause he really cares for her) but the reader perceives his secrecy of their relationship as him being embarrassed to be seen with her by his friends/the school and reader gets upset & reggie is torn cause he wants to tell her about the book but also doesn’t want to get in trouble by the team for exposing their secret

Hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry if it seems a little disjointed. I tried to jam so much into it and it got so long (almost six pages on Word), but here you are!

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‘Black Panther,’ 'Thor’ Casts Unite for First Marvel Family Photo (Exclusive)

Photos by Christopher Patey

Backstage at Comic-Con, THR captured Cate Blanchett, Michael B. Jordan, Mark Ruffalo and more in the first-ever star-studded portrait of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

About 30 minutes before the stars of Disney and Marvel’s Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok took to the Hall H stage at Comic-Con on Saturday, the worlds of Asgard and Wakanda collided backstage for the first-ever Marvel family photo of the two casts.

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Ivar x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Dom!Ivar, rough sex, I don’t know what it’s called when you squeeze someones throat but there’s that, fingering

Ivar scowled across the hall as he ate. Watching you dance and laugh with people. They clearly weren’t from Kattegat. The fact that they even dared approach you, let alone talk and dance with you, showed that they had no idea what happened to people who did.

Growing up you have been the only friend Ivar had, outside of his brothers, meaning he’d always been protective of you. Things only worsened when he came to the revelation that you, were a woman. No one could be left alone with you unless Ivar trusted them and after Ivar lashed out at Ubbe for flirtily hugging you one evening not even his brothers were safe from his jealousy.

“We should make her stop before Ivar get’s angry.” Ubbe muttered as he and Hvitserk sat either side of Sigurd.

“Ivar is always angry, does she not deserve some fun for putting up with him?” Sigurd countered and Hvitserk seemed to agree.

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A-Z Book Recommendations.

What a great idea from my friend at @macrolit :) Had to give it a go. I’ve omitted “A’s” and “The’s” from most of the titles for sake of flow.

  • A - American Gods by Neil Gaiman - A wandering modern “fantasy” that felt keenly poignant to me having grown up in the midwest. You’ll need patience for this one but this book is truly about the journey not the destination.
  • B - Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer - I’ll be honest, I never finished this series. It got a little overblown but the characters are so genuine that I held out a lot longer than I would expect of myself. This first book though is the definition of a classic middle reader. Lot of Adventure and a lovable, fierce, albeit flawed, female protagonist. 
  • C - Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess - I used to read this book every summer. It’s a rough read with some explicit violence (sexual and otherwise) but an important one I think. I recommend reading the “British” publishing which has 21 chapters (the publishers took out the last one for American audiences, because apparently we don’t like character redemption and growth *eyeroll*). The real genius of this book is the vernacular Burgess created from scratch that is truly like reading another language at first. 
  • D - Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab - Not to be cliche but I find that a lot of the titles Booklr obsesses over in the YA genre to be par-baked at best. Not the case with this series! Well developed characters that exist beyond their actions and exhibit real emotional complexity without relying on tropes and a plot that kept me turning and turning pages!

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Two Rooms

Title: Two Rooms – Warmth Series Part Four

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 2030

Warnings: Some kissing, implied future smut.

Summary: It’s the final part in the series, I don’t want to spoil anything!

Author’s Note: Wow, the final part! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the sweet things you’ve said about this series, I had a great time writing it, and I hope the final part is everything you were hoping it would be! And I’m sorry if the ending feels a little rushed, I was pressed for time this weekend. Enjoy, guys :)

Read the Previous Parts: Two Beds | Two Shirts | Two Keys

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     After eating another pathetic excuse for dinner with the boys and deciding where you were headed next - deeming it a pointless trip to have come so far and only do one hunt in the area - you gathered your things, the second motel key off the table, and limped out of the room to go find your own. Which was, as it turns out, even smaller and more frigid than the last one.

     The cold air hit you like a brick as you stumbled out of the motel room, using the wall for support and dragging your duffle bag behind you through the freshly fallen snow. Dean had, of course, tried to help you with your bag and get you safely to your new room, but you’d turned down his offer and opted to do it yourself, your newly stitched leg screaming in protest with every clumsy step. When you got to your lonely little room you collapsed on the bed with a groan.

     Ever since you had started hunting with the boys you’d always gotten your own room, every time without fail, and it never fazed you in the least. You enjoyed the quiet, gratefully took the seldom found privacy, and couldn’t imagine a worse fate than having to share an already cramped and more often than not dirty motel bathroom with two men. You were happy with the arrangement – or, as happy as a hunter could be when bouncing around from one dive to the next. But now? You just felt lonely.

     The room was too quiet. You found, to your surprise, that you didn’t mind giving up some of that privacy if you were giving it in favor of being near Dean. Even sharing the amenities was something easily avoidable if you managed to wake up before the Winchesters. You liked sharing a room with them – you liked sharing a room with Dean.

     And you missed him.

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Call Me

Baron Corbin/OC: You accidentally butt dial Baron while you’re masturbating in your hotel room after a show. He’s about to hang up when he hears you moan his name and he obviously can’t let you do it alone. Smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

Oh, look. I wrote another request. I’ve been working on it forever. And I finally got it done. Which means now I get to work on my angsty Valentine’s Day fic. It’s lit.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d

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Forelsket - Part 3

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Word Count - 2.6k-ish

Warnings - Language, Mentions of sex

Forelsket -  (Norwegian) That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone

A/N - I’m so torn on the boys! Soulmates are a powerful force, but then there’s the basically perfect bf. UGH! Please, please let me know what you guys think!

Forelsket Masterlist

Steve’s apartment wasn’t anything like you were expecting, it was different from the typical college student digs. There was a familiar vibe to the neat space, it almost felt like home. Red and blue accents littered the rooms, mixing with the dark wood floors and comfy looking furniture. An apple-cinnamon smell lingered in the air along with a scent that was exclusively “Steve”. You were so tired that it was starting to feel like you’d dreamed the place up, it felt like a fantasy.

“You sure about this?” Steve cocked a brow, watching you yawn for the nth time since leaving Silver Spoon.

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The hunt.

Dark!Alpha!Ubbe x Omega!Reader.

I’m just gonna leave this here and we’re never going to talk about it ever again. Dark!Ubbe is really fucking hot though, can we agree? 


fucking kill me

Warning: A/B/O au!, smut, filth, probably non-con because i’m disgusting garbage, dark!ubbe is really hot, oral(giving/receiving), exhibition, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it kiddos), slapping, choking, name calling, spanking, hair pulling, dub/sub, some spitting, breeding kink, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, probably some anal fingering too, biting, scratching, infliction of pain, probably abusive content, cream pies, and this basically just starts out as a rape scene and just… i’m really sorry. 

Originally posted by imaginesparadise

You had tried so hard. 

Gods know how much you had tried to escape the natural desire that ached deep in your abdomen, like a fire threatening to burn down your walls, but as you continued to trek on with legs like steel, not even the cold air that howled like the beast on your trail could extinguish you. Perhaps it was your pride that forced you to flee, only making this a game for the hunter behind you, adding to his twisted arousal. It was folly, your intense denial, thinking that you could out-run nature in it’s course  — thinking you could out-run Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Slip of the Tongue (Peter Parker)

Synopsis: Peters rival in everything he does is actually his girlfriend, but nobody knows that due to Peter not wanting to compromise her safety. But one day, Peter accidentally lets slip to a friend about (y/n)’s home problems, and suddenly (y/n) is the pinpoint of everyone’s gossip. 

AN: So, my first request and It was so cool to write! So much Angst… Also, might do a part two if it’s requested enough! :)

Warnings: Ugh none… unless you count a lot of hurting because that happens…

Requested by the amazing @suit-lady taken from this prompt list!

4. How could I? How could you?!

25. Cute But Still fucked up

39. Just Kidding, I don’t care

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Originally posted by hardyness

(Y/N) struts down the hall with her best friend in tow. (Y/N) knew she was smart and she was beautiful but she also had her doubts about herself, especially when it came to her and her boyfriend. Speaking of, “hey dork, what did you get on the chemistry test yesterday?”

Peter turns around and semi mad expression on his face, fake of course. They had been actual enemies until last year when (y/n) just decided to kiss him after school when both were stuck at school. Nobody was around but after that, they hit it off and became secretly boyfriend and girlfriend.

(Y/n) believes it’s for her reputation at school but really, Peter doesn’t want any enemies to find out about his little affair.

“U-uhm, 95%” A loud laugh fell from (y/n)s mouth, which had obviously made Peters world comes to a short standstill. Admiring her from a far never quite did it for him but after she kissed him last year, he never could get enough of her.

“Ninety-eight” She dragged out while smirking, her best friend laughing and even some surrounding as she continued down the hall. These encounters always happened and they aren’t as bad as they used to be but they had to keep up appearances.


(Y/n)’s music blasted around her as she read over the homework. Getting up the change the song, silence filled the room before a slight tapping on glass could be heard. She instantly ran over to her window, knowing who it was. Kind brown eyes stared back at (y/n) as she forgot to open the window and instead just stared. Admiring how his natural curls fell over his forehead, how the slight smile lifted as he noticed her staring.

“C-can you open the window (y/n)? It’s k-kinda cold out here.” Stumbling with her hands, she opens the window and lets him in and shuts it once more. Feeling arms around her waist and his face peppering her neck with kisses, she smiles in happiness. Turning in Peters’ arms to face him, she begins to lean up and-

“Did you really get 98% on your Chemistry?” (Y/n) laughs and nods. “You helped me study for it after all!” Leaning up she finally gets to rest her lips upon his.

With hands on her waist and hands around his neck, they kissed slowly and sweetly. “Cuddles?” “Cuddles.”

Laying on his chest, (y/n) suddenly mumbled, “Do you ever realise how cute we are together but how fucked up this situation actually is?” Peter let out a laugh, “Yeah, actually. I do.”

Both fell asleep in each other’s arms, the two forgetting their responsibilities for a couple hours. (Y/n) was startled awake by the sound of yelling, of course from her parents who had been on the edge of divorce for four months. Sitting up she sat on the edge of the bed just thinking. (Y/n) then felt arms slide around her waist from behind and a slow smile begins to inch up her cheeks.

“Hey, hey it’s alright. I’m sure they’re fine.” Peter attempts to sooth (y/n). In some notion, it was embarrassing having Peter hear the things escaping her parent’s mouth.  Turning around, she considered Peter’s eyes before crashing her lips onto his. This kiss was passionate and fast, (y/n) attempting to put all she feels across to Peter.

Moving away from Peter, she could see the dazed look in his eyes at the simple taste of her. Looking over at the time Peter scrambles around collecting his things. “Shit, May wanted me home by 5!” (Y/n) let out a slight laugh, “Peter it’s ten past five AND you live on the floor below me. You’ll be fine.”

Giving her a quick kiss, which led to many more quick kisses, Peter was out the window and down the fire escape to his room. “That boy is going to kill me one day.”


It seemed that the day had arrived.

Walking into school and have people stare at you was a normal occurrence within (y/n)’s life considering who she sat with. But lunch time rolled around and people began to give her different looks, whispering to each other. (Y/n) nervously glances around and decides to quickly make her way to her usual table.

This time instead of moving over to make space they seem to block a few seats. “What’s going on?” (Y/n) says, standing in front of her friend’s table. “We think it’s best if you… sit somewhere else…” Her supposed best friend mumbles. “Why?” (Y/n) nearly shouts.

Flash Thomson suddenly leans over, technically ripping the Band-Aid off. “Look nobody wants to hand out with a depressed girl with a screwed-up home life. Now shoo.” Frozen for a minute, (y/n) couldn’t think of why anyone would think she’s depressed or how they would have possibly known about her parents. She’d never mentioned it and her appearances had been kept up, there was no way nobody could know. Unless…

Suddenly her head snaps towards the all too familiar table. Who is the only person in this school who lives close enough to know about her parents? Who’s the one who comforted her when she cried about it? Who had she been turning to for the last year?

Walking quickly over to the table with narrowed eyebrows and eyes, (y/n) see’s Peter with his back to her. Ned sitting opposite him spots me and begins to quickly tell him something but it’s too late. Before Peter even has the chance to turn around, (y/n) dumps all her food on his head.

“You know as much as I thought you hated me, I had no clue you hated me this much.” Peter couldn’t do anything but stare, pasta and meat covering his hair, face, and shoulders. He didn’t move and neither did the rest of the school, waiting to see what she did next. “Oh, I’m sorry did I mess up your pride? Just kidding, I don’t care. Come near me again, Parker, and you’ll get a whole lot more than just some lunch on your clothes.” The bell rang and everyone cleared out.

Peter weakly said “(y/n) …” She ignored him as she grabbed her bag and left the building, not bothering with the rest of her classes.

“Peter, what have you done?” Ned slowly said, looking to his best friend. Peter could only stand there looking down with tears brimming his eyes.


Low music played throughout (Y/n)’s room as she heard the continuous window knocks. She saw Peter and got up towards the window. Hope spiked for Peter but quickly shut down as (y/n) closed the blinds.

“(Y/n) Please!” Peter called through the window. (Y/N) ignored his pleads until he had decided to drop a bomb. “You don’t understand…”

She’d never tore open the curtains and window so fast. Gripping his collar, she all but threw him into her room. Closing the window, she turned towards him with fury written on her face. “I don’t understand what Parker?! That you hated me so much you had this big plan to get me to open up to you so you could spill my secrets to the whole school?! Because I thought we had an agreement? Do you think I ran around school telling people that you’re some vigilante who runs around in spandex?! Huh?!” Peter’s eye could only widen and stare as she threw her arms up during her speech.

“I don’t hate you!” He finally blew up. “It was a slip of the tongue! I was just talking to Michelle a-about things and suddenly the topic moved to you a-and it just s-slipped out! Someone could have over-heard it o-or maybe… I don’t know but please-”

“IT JUST SLIPPED OUT?! HOW ABOUT SPIDER-MAN’S IDENTITY JUST SLIPS OUT OF MY GOD DAMN MOUTH?!” (Y/n) screams. She knew in some way she was over reacting but she had just lost her friends, have the whole school talk about her and now she was probably in a lower social standing than Peter.  (Y/n) would now have a tough home life as well as a horrible school life.

“How could you say that?!” Peter finally yelled back. “How could I? How could you?!

A slight pause in the argument seemed to have simmered the heat. (Y/n)’s eye’s brimmed with tears. “I don’t quite think you understand what you’ve done, Parker.” It hurt Peter to hear his last name come out in such a vengeful tone rather than the sweet ‘Peter’ she used to smile with.

“My home life has already gone to shit, but now I’ve just lost all my friends. I’ve got nobody because you just let it slip out. I hope you’re finally happy that we’re over. Now get out.” Peter stood shell shocked only realising the gravity of her as well as his situation.

Six things went through Peters’ head as he left the apartment via the fire escape knowing nothing can repair this right now;

Number one. She’d never trust him again.

Number two. She’d probably be worse off than him at school

Number three. He’d never get to kiss or hold her again.

Number four. He’d royally fucked up.

Number five. He didn’t know if she would keep his identity a secret after he let out her biggest secret.

And Finally, Number six. He loved her, but it was too late.


[Part Two.]

Did You Enjoy Yourself Last Night? (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)


I’m sorry if this is not what the requester originally intended. I just took the first idea I thought given the prompt and I ran with it. It’s not totally NSFW but boy oh boy is it steamy. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE EVER WRITTEN SMUT PLEASE DON’T HURT ME. Enjoy!

“You know, you really need to be careful around me when you’re in that dress,” Jefferson stated, a wide grin spread across his face, and a mischievous spark in his eyes. 

You smiled back.

“Well maybe that’s my intent, Mr. Jefferson.” 

You had been seeing Thomas for a few weeks now, and had been growing fonder and fonder of him. Tonight he had taken you out to a very posh restaurant, which was something you weren’t entirely used to, but your experience there so far had been exquisite. You had definitely dressed for the occasion: a velvet, deep purple dress that hugged your curves perfectly. You knew you looked amazing, and you could tell that Thomas agreed by the way he had been eyeing you the entire night long. The dinner had been finished, and you both were sitting at the table drinking glasses of red wine.

“Ah, dear (Y/N), I have some plans for you tonight…” he said, his voice getting raspy.

“Plans?” you raised your eyebrows as you asked innocently.

He chuckled.

“Drink some more wine, dear.”


You were walking back to your home, arm and arm with Jefferson. It was almost completely dark out, your pathway only being lit by the stars and candles sitting in the windows of homes. You were both quiet, but enjoying each others presence anyhow. You approached your home.

“So,” Jefferson suddenly said, as you approached your porch.

“Should I kiss you goodbye tonight?”

He suddenly snagged you by the waist, pulling your body up against his, and locking his arms behind your back.

“Or tomorrow morning?”

You blushed, giggled, and tried to wriggle out of his arms.

“Let go of me!” you exclaimed between laughs.

“Nope. You’re mine now, pretty lady!” He laughed before diving down to shower a myriad of little kisses on your cheeks. 

You giggled as you writhed in his arms, but to no avail. He had quite the grip on you.

Suddenly, his fast pecks melted into slow, sensual ones. He would kiss your cheek gently and linger there for a moment before finding a new spot, and planting another gentle kiss there. You stopped wriggling.

Eventually he began working his way up your jawbone. You felt a certain warmness in your stomach. You longed for him, and he knew you did. He was enjoying every second of teasing you. He was going to make you beg.

He continued placing kisses dangerously close to your lips, before moving down to your neck, peppering the area. You couldn’t take it anymore.


You felt him smile. He let out a chuckle before finally pressing a soft kiss to your lips. He then lifted his head up, looking down and smiling at you. You wanted more.


“Again what?”


His grin grew wider before crashing his lips into yours. You were surprised by how sweet and velvety they were. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer as your lips moved in sync. You felt his hands suddenly begin to slide down your back, until they reached your ass. You continued making out as you felt him give you a light squeeze. 

Two could play at that game.

You unwrapped one of your hands from his neck, and gently placed it on the area between his legs. You slowly began to move your hand back and forth, back and forth. 

He let out a moan as he bit your bottom lip.

You continued.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Suddenly, he parted from you. You didn’t care. You continued stroking him.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

His excitement was becoming more and more noticeable.

You looked up at him, beaming.

He chuckled.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty.”

“Do something about it.” you suggested.

“If you insist.”

He bent down and threw you over his shoulder. You let out a playful scream as he carried you into the house, slamming the door behind him and heading towards the nearest piece of furniture. He finally set you down in your bedroom.

“Now then, as much as I love this dress on you, I think it’s time you lost it.”

You turned around and he began pulling at the lace on the back, loosening the dress as it began to fall off of you. Once it had completely slid off, you began to turn you around. He stopped you, and quickly pushed you up against the nearest wall. He breathed heavily as he passionately kissed the back of your neck, then gently sucking and biting on your neck and shoulders. His hands slid their way to your breasts, and he fondled you while running his tongue along the new hickeys. 

You let out a moan and a light cry as he suddenly brought his hand down on your ass. 

“My God, (Y/N), we should have done this long ago…” he breathed as he massaged your breast with one hand and your ass with the other.

He then slowly turned you around, and began kissing you once again, He grinded his hips into yours.

“You know,” you began, pulling your lips away from his, “I think it’s time you lost some clothes.”

He smirked, stepped back from you and began undressing. First his coat, followed by his shirt, followed by his belt, followed by his pants. You both stood before each other in your underwear. You admired his chest and abdomen, both abundant with muscle. You placed your hand on his chest, and slowly moved it down to his abs. 

“Wow…” you breathed.

He smirked, enjoying the attention. You always knew he was a handsome man, but he looked irresistible with his shirt off.

He suddenly drew close to you, hooked his arms around your thighs, and lifted you up. You giggled as he carried you towards the bed, then set you down and gave you a light push so you laid flat on your back. 

He sat on the space below you, before lifting up your legs and giving gentle kisses to your inner thighs, inching closer and closer to your panties. Finally, he reached dead center, and began kissing the cloth, which progressed into long, sensual licks. You arched your back and moaned, as he continued to lick you. Finally, he slid your panties down, and skillfully worked them off your legs. He then returned, burying his face in you and overwhelming you with pleasure.


You woke up to birds chirping and the the sun glaring through your window. You were laying on Thomas’s chest, snuggled up next to him. Sitting up, you realized he was already awake, and watching you.

“I was waiting for you to get up, my love. I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled before leaning down, giving him a good morning kiss.

He smiled and rested his hand on your hip.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

You laughed out loud.

“We should really do that again sometime.”

He sat up and placed his hand on your cheek.

“Who says we have to wait?” He asked before placing his lips on yours.

The Morning - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 510 words.

Warnings: a lOT, and i mean a lot of cuteness and feels & a happy!bellamy

He was happy. For the first time, in a long time, he was purely contempt with his life. Nothing bothered him. It was as if everything had fallen into place and the universe for the first time in a long time, for once, was giving him a pat on the back. Like they were rewarding him for all his hard work.

And even though he screwed up along the way. 

And even though he made many mistakes. 

Here he was, happy. 

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Being incredibly clumsy and whenever you have another one of your clumsy spells; Fili just smirks and picks you up in his arms, carrying you around everywhere, - no matter how unnecessary-.

Word count: 1,370 (I really, really overdid it.)

Waring’s: Extreme fluff at the end.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fili unfortunately or any of the other characters mentioned in this imagine: Tolkien owns them.

It seemed to be that of an enigmatic situation. You were the most ungainly of women that these mischievous batch of dwarves, single hobbit and lone wizard had ever come across in their lifetimes. To call your foot work graceful would be incredibly inaccurate. You were known for stumbling over your own two feet, bumping into trees, large rocks and whatever seemed to be in your bumbling clumsy path: And by the end of the length tiring day, cuts and bruises littered the majority of your body. It was a poor sight to see.

Though your unwieldy sense of movement should have struck others to pity you, the dwarves found it ever so amusing; to which they would take turns in teasing you for the new bruises you had awarded yourself with. “What was it this time, lassie? The rock got in your way?” Bofur would howl, a slight mocking tone but nonetheless a playful banter brewing.

You could not deny that their teasing came to you in big large bites, that soon swallowed the majority of your self-esteem, but you brushed that off, indicating that they were just having a bit of fun: Their pleasure being found in the beams upon their faces when your face deepened in the shade of red.

Though, one outside of this group would surely question as to why the company would keep you around; they would not know of your innate and impeccably grace with a sword. As danger neared, it was as though you had shifted and morphed into another being. Danger brought you a clear head, your awkwardness shedding from you like the scales of a snake. With a sword you were a force to be reckoned with.

Your foot unsurprisingly got caught upon a leg of an elvish made table, to which caused a shrill shriek of astonishment to flee hurriedly from your mouth as you rocketed towards the ground with your arms spread out, ready to break your fall. Though, before you were capable of breaking your bones upon the ground in Rivendell, a strong muscular arm wrapped around your midsection, pulling your rear side of you flush against their strong chest. A deep chuckle rang in your ears as the others chortled too. “Falling for me already?” a poor joke poured from Fili’s mouth, a hot blush staining and blazing your cheeks.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do hcs? If so, could you pls do an hc about transboy!Phil or transboy!dan squirts on the others face? It could be from fingering, fucking, eating out, etc, just have dan or phil squirt on the others face thanks!

honestly thank you for this, i had so much fun writing this!!! i wrote this with trans!phil and i researched this a bit, but if anyone has any problems or anything, let me know please <3 


it was getting serious between dan and phil, and phil finally felt accepted for who he was. it had been months after he came out to dan as trans, and dan had been nothing but sweet and encouraging. phil was finally in a place where his head wasn’t consumed with dysphoria and he was more comfortable than ever. so when dan said to phil that he wanted to have sex, phil said yes without a thought of being self conscious at all.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon of how will react Shouto, Kacchan and Deku if their crush fall in front of them and her panties are all exposed?

I hope this will be to your liking !

Todoroki Shouto

•  On that day he was walking beside Midoriya through the hallway, looking at the girl’s form from behind thoughtfully while his attention did remain focused on the conversation he had with his friend. Sometimes a small smile would tuck on the corner of his lips when he hears his crush chuckle at her friend

•  Yet when he saw the female suddenly trip over her own feet (honestly how?), his body moves forward out of instinct in attempt to catch her but he fails and just stares at her butt with a confused expression on his face. That’s when it hit him, his cheeks begin to burn and … is he on fire or something? 

•  But his figure had frozen, unable to do anything while her friend would help the girl slowly up which also includes to put down the skirt that went up to expose her panties to his vision. When she turns around also flustered to meet his eyes, he’d look away and apologize quietly, lying that he haven’t seen anything. Liar.

Midoriya Izuku

•  Uraraka and Midoriya were walking back to classes during lunch, his female friend sometimes including his crush into the conversation just to help a little bit. Approaching the stairs, the female that he had a crush on walked up in front of him, as he tried not to look up because… skirt. And stuff. 

•  But in vain as she tripped because she didnt raise her foot high enough at one stair, falling to her knee with a yelp. The male would stop and then look finally up, his eyes almost falling out of his face from the shocking sight. Almost screaming his hand moved fast, to grip at the green fabrice to pull it back down

•  The female was staring at him blushing and surprised that he had just touched her without permission. Tho as soon as she realizes he had only fixed her skirt, meaning well, a relieved sigh escapes her. Midoriya would apologize more than enough, his heart still feelings like it’d burst while she thanks him gratefully

Bakugou Katsuki 

• Kirishima was tailing beside him as he walked across the school ground during a break, just intending to settle down somewhere comfortable and eat for breakfast. Though real intentions were to get closer to his crush somehow, walking to the direction she was going off to, a calm expression on him

•  There werent many students around which was lucky because when she then tripped, his hand moves by instinct towards Kirishima’s face and causes an explosion – not too harsh to hurt him seriously but not too light for him not to be able to see for a while, his body lunges forward, his feet are fast

• Bakugou grabs the female’s wrist and pulls her up and a little bit forward towards him, glaring at her with a small curse escaping him. She looks confused while his hand works out her skirt. He may looks angry but his ears reveal truth – they were completely red and he yells at them to be more careful for fuck’s sake

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Let’s Go Get Stoned - Smut

Originally posted by thinkingoutloudds

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,891
Request: By Anon: could you do a stiles smut where you were with him when he was having a panic attack and after he calmed down you suggested he try smoking weed since it has helped you with your anxieties, and then you offer to smoke him up.


AN: This shit got me fucked up, yo. I had so many ideas for it! A special thank you to @toppunks because we had this conversation last week about Dylan smoking, and she wrote this little blurb and I took an idea from it cause GOD DAMN, SON. Please forgive my shitty description of rolling a Dutch, it has been awhile. 

I made a Spotify playlist for this fic, find it here.
If you’d rather just a few songs have THIS, THIS AND THIS.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?”

You heard Lydia’s voice float over the din of students chattering in the hallway. Your eyes flew to Stiles, his body rigid as he stood in there, his phone gripped in his hand. You ran up next to him, your eyes wide.

“What’s going on?”

Lydia shrugged, gesturing to the boy, his chest heaving.

“He’s having a panic attack. Stiles! Look at me.” You gripped his arm, trying to get his attention.

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You Know Better - Part 27 - Firefight

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: Peter fights the Cerberus.

Warnings/Labels: Violence, blood, nothing too horribly awful in terms of grotesque things.

Approx. Word Count: 3,100

A/N: Look at me! 2 updates within a week’s time? That’s insane!

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