Way overdue Cherik Remix Madness gushing

I was honored with two ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC stories this year at the X-Men Remix Madness, done by two extremely talented authors!! I was so tickled to get them, and they were beyond my wildest dreams - thank you both so much! These were so down my ally in terms of content it was wonderful.

A Mere Interlude (Remix of The Madding Crowd) by Fullmetalcarer

This is a hilarious take on my smutty “Charles and Erik roleplay sexytimes in PUBLIC” that is funny and grintastic and also hot! It made me laugh and made me fan my face and made my week. Everything that can go wrong in their sensual scenario does go kablooey, and it’s an total joy to read.

Greenhouse (The Green Apron Remix) by JackyJango 

I have SUCH a love and weak spot for female!Cherik and f/f, and this is so, so beautifully done. Just smouldering and heartfelt and glorious. It’s sex pollen, which I can never get enough of, and Charlotte and Erika are wonderfully in character and THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. And did I mention it’s blisteringly hot?