Tears Don't Fall

TITLE: Tears Don’t Fall
AUTHOR: GrinningFlowers
ARTIST: Batwynn

PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki, Fandral/Loki in beginning of story
SUMMARY: Loki Lockhart had always expected a difficult and stressful life when he was given the job of being Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But he never anticipated what would happen when the CEO was kidnapped.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters, as much as I’d like to say I do, they belong to their rightful owners as does the original Iron Man films.
A/N: This story almost killed me and I love it anyway. I hope any who read this enjoy what I’ve written!

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Dysfunctional Ever After

A Prince is born and a deal is struck.

Request By grinningflowers

“A new Prince has been born of Asgard.” Queen Maria commented idly as she and her two year old son, Prince Anthony approached her husband. King Howard looked up from the documents in front of him, a small smile playing at his lips. Maria frowned. “Why the smile?” She questioned as she sat Anthony down and approached her husband.. Howard stood. “King Odin and I have made an arrangement.” He spoke easily approaching his wife and taking her hand in his and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. Maria blinked. “An arrangement…you don’t mean…” She began looking towards her son and back up at her husband.

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last night my best friend sent me a gif via text of jared trying to kiss jensen and it was about three a.m. so i was really only half-awake and i was trying to compare her and me to the two of them and jared and i seem to have the same basic hair type so i tried to say ‘my hair is like jared’s’ but i ended up saying “my hair is going to be jared” and it’s the morning now and that’s still fucking hilarious

bpdgenos  asked:

FrostIron, medieval prince AU

“My father is going to kill you,” Loki managed to whisper and laugh at the same time, leaning his head back to allow his fellow prince access to his neck.

Tony snorted, hand squeezing Loki’s ass. “You say that like I give a shit about politics.”

(Okay, not so princey…I’m apparently in the mood to write smexy times tonight.)


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