can we just talk for FIVE SECONDS about how Lucifer has been watching over Sam since he was tiny and how if Sam


happened to accidentally run out in front of a truck because John was being a drunk asshat and Dean was too busy being WAY older than he needed to be and taking care of his drunk asshat father

and then so no one was watching little Sam for five seconds and he runs in front of a truck and suddenly some force that is invisible either knocks Sam out of the way or knocks the truck out of the way and kind of curls itself around Sam for a while after like it’s making sure he’s okay

and it happens again a lot as Sam gets older and starts going on hunts, like he’ll be pissed off at John for something and rush blind into a nest of vamps and it’s only because of something happening completely by chance that he manages to get away

and on the bus ride to Stanford Sam is lonely and missing Dean and not really seeing the pages of the book he has and suddenly he hears a quiet, half-forgotten voice from his dreams whisper it’s gonna be okay Sam, I’m here, and he just feels… warm

Tears Don't Fall

TITLE: Tears Don’t Fall
AUTHOR: GrinningFlowers
ARTIST: Batwynn

PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki, Fandral/Loki in beginning of story
SUMMARY: Loki Lockhart had always expected a difficult and stressful life when he was given the job of being Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But he never anticipated what would happen when the CEO was kidnapped.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters, as much as I’d like to say I do, they belong to their rightful owners as does the original Iron Man films.
A/N: This story almost killed me and I love it anyway. I hope any who read this enjoy what I’ve written!

AO3 Link:

Loki waits until Thor’s gone before he pulls the cell phone out of his pants pocket, running his fingers down the sides as he tries to remember the exact number combination Tony taught him. This whole ‘communication via radio waves’ thing that humans have going on is, as far as Loki’s concerned, absolutely unnecessary, and he wouldn’t be doing it at all if he could summon his full magical abilities inside of this cage. But as it is, he has just enough power to make a connection from Asgard to Midgard, and nothing more.

Hands trembling minutely, he dials Tony’s number, then presses the phone to his ear and hunches over slightly, curving his body away from the cage’s entrance. As if this will make it any harder for his jailers to see him—the cage is surrounded by glass, and Loki hasn’t had a moment’s privacy since he was brought back—but Loki’s always been a master of illusions, and this is just another illusion for him. A comfort.

Three rings later, Tony picks up. It sounds like he’s somewhere loud, music blasting in the background, and his voice is faint as he calls, “Hello.”

“Stark.” Loki has to raise his voice to be heard over the pounding bass—he’s not sure, but he thinks Tony’s listening to Black Sabbath again, and honestly, doesn’t the man have a more versatile taste in music? “It’s me.”

“Shakespeare,” Tony says, sounding surprised, and then, “Hold on,” and there’s a pause while the music is lowered and something metal is set down. Then Tony says, “All right, what’s up?” and Loki feels a clench of something almost like relief in his chest.

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Dysfunctional Ever After

A Prince is born and a deal is struck.

Request By grinningflowers

“A new Prince has been born of Asgard.” Queen Maria commented idly as she and her two year old son, Prince Anthony approached her husband. King Howard looked up from the documents in front of him, a small smile playing at his lips. Maria frowned. “Why the smile?” She questioned as she sat Anthony down and approached her husband.. Howard stood. “King Odin and I have made an arrangement.” He spoke easily approaching his wife and taking her hand in his and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. Maria blinked. “An arrangement…you don’t mean…” She began looking towards her son and back up at her husband.

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grinningflowers replied to your post “I think you should tell us about your knowledge of Viking steam baths.”

The snow part sounds weirdly adorable and funny~ Just some big ol vikings running through the snow naked and jumped into piles of it

Much manly <3 

misterfluffeh replied to your post “I think you should tell us about your knowledge of Viking steam baths.”

this is totally what finnish people do after a sauna XD

kallona replied to your post “I think you should tell us about your knowledge of Viking steam baths.”

Sounds pretty much what we at least in Finland still do ♥


I wrote a Frostiron

warning for Thor 2 spoilers and such

The first thing Tony notices about Thor’s appearance is that he’s haggard. Worn at the edges, and sad, in a way that Tony has never seen the thunder god before. Like he’s seen too much, in too short an amount of time, and is anxious to relieve himself at least partially of the burden of knowing—whatever it is he knows.

“Hey, Ben Hur,” Tony says, with one hand on the ceramic top of the bar in his house, the other hand on his jeans, thumb hooked into his belt loops. “Long time no see.” He reaches underneath the bar and pulls out a bottle of some fancy wine or another—he didn’t bother checking the label, he knows Thor won’t care or even notice the taste. Or he’s assuming, anyway—Loki never seemed to take any note of the differences between one alcohol or another on Earth. Said they were beneath him, and asked Tony how he could drink such “flavorless beverages”.

Tony managed to change his mind later about the wine, at least, when he let Loki lick it off his skin in his room.

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grinningflowers replied to your post aonorunic replied to your post:Tom is so perfect…

Tom is that one guy that you’d expect to dislike because he’s so perfect it makes you angry (like that guy in school), but instead we can’t get enough of him and we all just want to love him endlessly.

“like that guy in school”

which school? yours?

my school is full of dickwads.

I’m really suspicious about Tom. NO ONE can be that perfect.

He’s hiding something

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And I have found my spot in the Bendriel family. I just keep picturing Benny flirting with/trying to ask out Samandriel while he tries to read a book and is glaring at him~


good lord finally

and yes omg benny would be all “hey angel come here often” and samandriel’s like “uh. by here you mean the library? the place i spend ninety percent of my time? and for some reason a dumb jock wandered in here, aw are you lost, get out of my face please.” and bennys like whatever ill try again tomorrow you will be mine

idk i also really like the idea of benny planting really cute little notes everywhere? like

I’ve Gone To Love you (Far More Than I Should Have)

A masterlist of prompts can be found here and a list of all gifts here.

Author: halcyonfrost
Requester: grinningflowers
Prompt: 12. Asgardian childhood friends to lovers Tony and Loki. Finding anyone that doesn’t ridicule Loki is difficult, so when an unconventional meeting leads to an unconventional friendship with a blacksmith’s son, it’s harder still to not cling to it. Luckily for Loki, Tony values their strange friendship just as much as Loki
Fill: Fanfic

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I sent you into a whirlwind of feelings because I have an obsession with HS AUs! Sam always go to Benny’s games too and quietly cheer for him?

DAMN YOU and yes omg bc samandriel’d be all like “ugh i can’t believe i had to come to this stupid football game omg wow cas this is d u m b” and cas is all “shut up i know you like the fullback so please shut the fuck up and enjoy the game” and sams all like “oooooh snap he got you bro he got you" 

and bennys on the field with dean and is all "aw wow okay angel actually came tonight okay wow i have to not screw up. i can’t believe he actually showed. dammit lafitte for all that is holy stop blushing like a fuckin girl”

and the game starts and it’s going really well until benny’s tackled by a brick wall of a dude from the other team and is knocked unconcious and has to be rushed to the hospital. and the doctors are like “shit he’s bleeding internally” and everyones like “OH FUCK WTH DO WE DO”

and samandriel’s in hysterics bc he was always really mean to benny even though he liked him a lot bc he’s an insecure little thing but benny still stuck around him and made him feel special and kissed him and stuff and now what if benny dies and samandriel never gets to fix that or talk to him again

and he’s freaking out in the waiting room and cas is like “shh little thing its going to be okay je s u s calm down you aren’t helping anything by freaking out” and dean’s all “SHUT IT CAS OUR FRIEND IS DYING THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR CALM” so everyones freaking out and sams sorta in the back like “SAMANDRIEL I KNEW YOU HAD A THING WITH BENNY I FUCKING KNEW IT” (so not the time sam, omg)

oh god so today my mom and i were watching a film online and it was taking forever to load so whenever we had to pause it we’d find other shit to do and at one point she said “well i guess i’ll just read until it’s loaded more” and i said “you could read my fic if you want, it’s about sam, but you might not like it” and she said “bring it on”

and my mom

my super conservative christian mother 

read my samifer arranged marriage to stop the apocalypse au

and she liked it

i do not know what to do with my life now

bpdgenos  asked:

FrostIron, medieval prince AU

“My father is going to kill you,” Loki managed to whisper and laugh at the same time, leaning his head back to allow his fellow prince access to his neck.

Tony snorted, hand squeezing Loki’s ass. “You say that like I give a shit about politics.”

(Okay, not so princey…I’m apparently in the mood to write smexy times tonight.)

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What would you call your cooking show? Burnin’ It Up or something of the like?

omg yes and when people watch it they’d think it’s like one of those party cooking shows, because of the phrase “burning up the dance floor” so they’d think it’s super cool and fun when all it really is is just me literally burning all the food and pulling my hair in frustration and yelling “THIS IS A DISAAAAAAASTER” in Estaban’s voice