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It’s Time To Let Timothy Olyphant Be Funny
After years of playing lawmen and criminals, Timothy Olyphant's work in Santa Clarita Diet makes a great case for his second act as a comedy star.
By Bim Adewunmi

“Whether as a straight-shooting lawman or a criminal mastermind, he has been firmly locked into “crime” as a default home for his talents; frankly, you don’t have a jaw like that and not. Add in his serious brown eyes, his straight and cunning-looking teeth that he bares easily in his wolf/shark grin (a colleague describes them as “racist teeth”), those slim hips, his walk (that weird walk!), the way he bites out his words, and the conclusion is foregone. Timothy Olyphant is in possession of a specifically masculine swagger that lacks self-consciousness. Think Bruce Willis, or Eddie Murphy (in the ’80s), complete with a hint of wildness that is almost always exciting to viewers. Yet a certain self-aware drollness lurks in the background of Olyphant’s voice, an Easter egg that rewards whoever spots and responds to it. It is sexiness as fact, which is probably why he was cast as Sam, Carrie Bradshaw’s twentysomething lover, in an episode from the first season of Sex and the City.”

— I wrote about Timothy Olyphant, that shark-wolf-hot-dude hybrid, and how in the second act of his career casting directors should move him away from the obvious roles as lawmen – and firmly into comedy.


Fifth Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One           Part Two        Part Three        Part Four    Part Six

Klaus was furious, Davina had vanished, However Elijah had joined ranks with Klaus seeming to forget his promise to find your father. Hayley had become more desperate to find a cure for her people so you took it upon yourself to help.


“I can’t get away from them.” Hayley mumbled as you dodged past the two vampires that were following her. She hung up the phone and eyed you wearily wondering what mood you were in and if Klaus had found a new reward to encourage you to behave as he asked.


“You need something… I told Marcel to shove it so Klaus kicked me out for the night.” You grinned at the wolf who smiled back and nodded, taking your hand and walking through the main courtyard.


“In Elijah’s room at the Plantation there are journals… I need to know where a woman called Celeste is buried.” Hayley muttered as she led you to the front doors. “As soon as you find out where call me.”

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On a more positive note, this week of utter shitfuckery has at least shown me that locally and on here, there are still a decent number of people who have been compassionate, concerned, and offered to help a shitbag wizard kid getting kicked in the face by life repeatedly, and as much as I’m proud of the greater personal responsibility, adaptability, and resilience that I’ve been working on, I would not be able to maintain half the bloody wolf-grin that I’ve got right now were it not for those people.

So. Thanks, guys. I know it’s small-scale but that shit does matter and helps keep the fire burning. 

  • [In their front yard, attempting to make it look as neat as the rest of the neighborhood, Remus and Sirius turn as soon as they hear Harry hissing]
  • Remus: [spots the garden snake] We see that guy almost everyday now. Harry's gotten fond of him. We should have a name for it.
  • Sirius: [surprised] You're okay with Harry talking to the snake?
  • Remus: I never said I was against it. I was just worried for a while. It doesn't seem to be causing him any harm so...
  • Sirius: [grins] Well, you're wolf wolf and I'm black dog so in the grand tradition of painfully obvious names I present the name Phineas Hydra for your consideration.
  • Remus: Fabulous, Pads. You might as well have named him Snake Serpent.
  • Sirius: Or Hissy Forktongue.
  • Harry: 'Issy!
  • Remus: [nods] Hissy Forktongue, it is.
  • Sirius: To be fair, we should name the puffskein too.
  • Remus: Fluffy Furball?
  • Sirius: [whispers] Harry's Bitch?
  • Remus: [chuckles] He does throw him around a lot. We'll call it HB, and if Harry asks, we tell him it means Humpty Bouncy.

Cruelty is a habit she just can’t break

Like biting her nails down to the skin

Anarchy dripping from sanguine lips and

Cigarette smoke making lazy curls

As she beats her fists on skin

Bruises are her eyeshadow

Blood on her lips

Poison dripping down her chin

There is danger in her smile,

A bright wolf’s grin.

We are safe, but only at her whim.


Manon had the dreams in the boat when Abraxos (*puts hand over heart* that actual cinnamon roll, please spare me, @fireheartandiceprince) flew Manon to the squad

“great cat, pale and speckled like old snow on granite” which can be assumed to be Lysandra (who is already a part of Aelin’s court)

“calm eyed golden lion” hullo there Gavriel *purr purr*

“grinning white wolf” WELL HELLO TO YOU TOO, FENRYS

So we can assume that Gavriel and Fenrys have a happy ending (IN AELINS COURT OK YES, I’M LIVING FOR THIS)


!!!!!!! DID YOU ALL SEE THAT !!!!