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He’s Shy, by comedicdrama (x)

Then, an unfamiliar face. Someone new. Someone previously unseen—the man behind the camera. The man behind the keys.

He’s shy, the text reads, followed by a chain of emojis: a few blushing emojis, a grinning emoji, and most puzzling, a monkey covering its eyes and grinning. What the See No Evil monkey had to do with the situation, Steve couldn’t decipher, but of his immediate concerns, that was somewhere near the bottom, given Bucky.

“Say hi to the internet!” Kamala’s voice says, from behind the camera. Bucky glances up briefly, flicking his eyes up towards the camera and smiles, coy, into his long, fluffy-looking hair.

“Hi, internet,” he replies, not taking his eyes off his notebook, but smiling, nonetheless. It’s a notably perfect smile, even ducked into his hair. Steve takes particular interest in that.

From “the lions”, by Spacedog.

For @softpunkbucky, for the Beefy Bucky Exchange 2017 (@beefybuckyswap).

Some things I love...

1. I love how their individual shots were the opposite of the first picture we saw, like how GG was smizing and CP was grinning and then they switched in the pic together. 

2. I love how in their second picture GG was smiling the same genuine big ass smile as he did the first time. Like has this boy ever smiled this big? Lmao. 

3. I love how comfortable they look with each other. Like they could take pictures all day. How easy it looks, how they just seem to fit. 

4. I love how good they look together!!

5. I love how if you look really close it seems like he pulled her closer in the second pic because there’s less distance between them. 

6. I love that he couldn’t help but grin. 

7. I love that he posted it on his IG. 

8. I love that she liked it. 

9. I love that he used the grinning emoji. 

10. I love all the positive comments and I love how real it looks. There’s a lot of fakeness on his IG wall… so it’s refreshing to see something really genuine and beautiful; friendship, love, respect, adoration… I just love it!

plus size series: michael

He was about to met her, the girl of his dreams, the girl who had been filling his thoughts for 2 years now. She was coming to the show, she was going to be in the audience, watching him. He paced back and forth in the dressing room, his heart pounding like a drum. It started out so innocent, just a simple DM about a stupid video game, which turned into a conversation about a green day album, which turned into him falling hopelessly for a girl who he didn’t know. She was there, before things got crazy, and she was still there now. Everytime her name would pop up on his phone his lips would turn up into an ear to ear grin. The purple heart emoji beside her name, which she’d made him put there, constantly being made fun of by his other bandmates. The thing is though,he felt like he knew her, inside and out, backwards and forwards. The endless conversations they had about anything and everything. He knew her favourite colour, he knew her favourite movies, he knew the stories behind every scar on her body, he knew the small dimple in her cheek would only come out when she laughed really hard. He checked his phone to find a snapchat video from her.

Hey mikeyyy! I don’t know if I can make it tonight, call me!” Her smile quickly turning into a frown, one that he had never seen before. He couldn’t dial her number fast enough, after 6 rings she finally answered.


“Well hey there rockstar.” Her voice causing his skin to cover in goosebumps, everytime.

“What’s going on? Why can’t you come tonight? Did you ticket get lost? I can just-” He rambled, biting the skin in the inside of his cheeks.

“No no, the ticket is fine. I-uh..” The line went quiet and Michael panicked.

“You there?”

“Y-yeah. Sorry. Just kind of out of it I guess.”

“I know something’s wrong, what is it?”

“Ffffuck.” She groaned on the other line and his leg started to shake, he didn’t recognize this tone of voice from her. “I’m just worried.” She finally said after a long pause.

“About what?”

“That you’re going to be let down when you finally meet me. Michael, you’re this huge rockstar with all these hot babes following you around all the time. I’m not one of those hot babes, I’m hot in my own way. I’m more awkward in person, I’m not as funny-”

He swallowed the lump that had been growing in his throat and sighed, never could he be let down by her, she was everything to him.

“Shut the fuck up. Don’t say shit like that.” He raised his voice,


“No let me talk. I’ve seen you. You’re fucking beautiful alright? God, the fact that you would ever think I could be let down by meeting you pisses me off because all I’ve wanted for the last 2 years is to finally see your smile in person.”

“You have no right to be angry with me Michael, I’m confident in myself, you know that just as well as I do. But your fans can be brutal, I remember some of the screenshots about Bryana that you sent me. I don’t know if I can handle that.” He took in what she was saying and took a deep breath.

“Please. Please come to the show tonight.” He pleaded, tears stinging in his eyes at the thought of her not showing up. He needed to see her, he wanted it to be real, realer than it already was. Luke always said it was stupid, and that he should just focus on a girl who he could actually hook up with. But Michael didn’t want that, he didn’t want just a hook up, he wanted someone who got him, someone who got was he was all about, and he found her, she just happened to live miles away. (Not that he didn’t want to hook up with her, because he really..really did) The first time they’d facetimed, he thought that he might die at the sight of her, she was even prettier than the selfies they’d exchanged. He’d fallen for her way before he’d even seen what she looked like, her looks were just a bonus for him. She once posted a #bodyposi photoset on twitter that he had jacked off to more times then he’d like to admit. She was posed with her ass on the counter, her thick thighs more visible along the rolls on her back which she claimed to hate, but he loved. The second photo was one of her in a crop top and jeans, smiling with her arm tossed over her bestfriend’s shoulder, it was at the Ed Sheeran concert where he’d sent her tickets for on her birthday. The third picture was his favourite, a candid photo that her sister had taken of her, giggling like a manic in a bikini on the beach, his favourite dimple popping out and her beautiful stretch marks visibly covering her stomach. He’d set that one as his background for the longest time, he joked around with her that he would do it, she didn’t think he actually would.

“Fine, you whiny baby.” She chuckled. “I’ll be standing right in the front row, you better not fuck up.” And that’s when it really hit him. She was actually going to be there. “I’m wearing your stupid band’s shirt by the way. The one you sent me.” He couldn’t stop smiling, he thought that his face would be permanently stuck that way. 

“I can’t wait to see you.” Was the last thing he said before she hung up. Hours went by, his leg shaking constantly during soundcheck, the fans knew something was up, everyone was tweeting about how weird Michael had been acting. The lights went down, Michael had never run out on that stage faster than he did that night. He started playing End Up Here, he looked over at Luke who gestured in front of him. There she was, smiling that perfect smile. The dimple. And just like that he forgot the words, he just stared down at her with this blank look on his face, strumming his guitar mindlessly.

“I thought I said not to fuck up!” She mouthed and it brought him out of his daze. The song ended, and her bestfriend whispered in her ear, making her giggle like a maniac. Calum cleared his throat into the mic and Michael immediately shot him a dirty look. 

“Sorry everyone if Michael fucks up every one of his solos tonight. Someone really important to him is in the crowd tonight, and he’s not paying attention.” Calum winked at her and she stuck her tongue out. Fans around her started screaming, thinking that the wink was directed to them. Michael looked down at her and she mouthed something else. 

“I. Love. You.” She smiled and her bestfriend clutched onto her arm and cheered. 

“I love you too.” Michael said into the mic, not thinking. Not remembering that they were on stage. She was blushing, the crowd was screaming. He played his heart out that show, knowing that as soon as it was over he would finally have her in his arms. 

skinnyluvlarry  asked:

I don't think you've done one like this before but Even and Isak discuss their contact names for each other, like Even is really curious and Isak tells him he was going to change it but then Even said he went to kosegruppa for Isak & so he kept it :)

alright alright I feel this…. though I am partial to Isak changing it to something really fucking cutesy… but I can roll with your prompt :P


“I’m mad at you.” Isak announces, walking into his room and finding Even already lounging on his bed. Even’d had a doctor’s appointment interrupting their usual Tuesday afternoon café date, so Isak had tossed him his house keys at lunch with the promise that Even would meet him at home.

(fuck, was it too soon to be thinking about getting Even a set of his own house keys? Isak should talk to Noora.)

Even blinks up from his phone, “You’re always mad at me. What did I do this time?”

Isak holds up his IPhone as if the very device had offended him. Which, it has, alright?

“Did you break your phone thinking about me? Because I really don’t think I can be held acc-”

Isak slides off his shoes and jumps onto the bed, quickly straddling Even and settling his weight on top of his boyfriend’s waist, ignoring his soft oof.

“You sent me a screenshot.”

Even quirks a brow and slides his hands up to draw lazy circles on the stretch of skin in between Isak’s waist and stomach. “Yeah, you told me I forgot to tell you that we had dinner with my parents. Which was BS.”

Isak flushes, but has to concede that Even had been right and Isak had just forgotten like a dumbass.

He shakes his head, “Whatever. Not the point.”

Even hums, inching his fingers lower. “Then what’s the point?”

“You have me in your phone as Baby with a heart emoji.”

“More like three heart emojis,” Even grins, “And I think there’s a ring in there too.”

Isak groans and rolls off Even, settling beside him and ignoring Even’s hand that immediately falls to his hair, “I need a cute name for you then. You’re outdoing me in the boyfriend department.”

Even shrugs, “Don’t worry about it. I have years practice.”

Isak narrows his eyes, “Why would you say that to me?”

His boyfriend, like an asshole, just laughs and rolls over on top of him, pecking Isak’s downturned lips once, twice, three times and rolling back off. “What am I in your phone right now?”

Isak grumbles inaudibly.

“Oh yes, because I understood that.”

“Even Kosegruppa.”

The very man snorts, “I like it. Very to the point. Very you.”

Isak scoffs but then slumps, “I can change it. I was going to change it. But…”

Even tugs on a curl resting on Isak’s cheek. “But?”

He shrugs, glancing down at Even’s lips before meeting his eyes, “I don’t know. You said you went to Kosegruppa to meet me, and the name just reminds me of that.”

“Then keep it.”

“You don’t want something cuter? With lots of hearts?”

Even snorts, flicking him on the nose, “Isak, you think I care what you have me under in your phone? I love that you use Even Kosegruppa if every time you see it, it makes you happy. I have you under ‘Baby’ because you are my fucking baby and seeing that name makes me happy, alright?”

Isak blinks, glancing down at the phone still clenched in his hand. “Oh. That’s chill, I guess.”

“Alright?” Even stares into his eyes, seeking for any hint that the conflict is still on the table, “Okay good. Now onto more pressing matters.”


“We are alone in the flat and your clothes are still on. Seems criminal, if you ask me.”

“Oh really?” Isak can’t help the laugh that bubbles up, absently tossing the IPhone off the bed and onto a pile of Even’s dirty clothes, “Well we have two hours until we apparently need to head to your parents, so…”

Even smirks as Isak reclaimed his position balancing on his hips.

Shoes - Part 5

Inko closed the door to her apartment and carefully kicked off her shoes, balancing the bags of groceries on her soft hips. The apartment was quiet and empty. The door to the guest room was open, as it was whenever Hisashi was out.

Inko breathed a sigh of relief. It would be nice to get some housework done on her own without worrying about disturbing him.  

Inko carried the groceries to the kitchen, surprised to see a single plate and cup on the drying rack by the sink, the only trace of himself Hisashi ever seemed to leave outside of the guest room. He had been quiet in the days following his visit to U.A. and kept to himself most times. He was job hunting and spent most of his time out of the apartment. Inko had seen him return in the late evenings, applications and resumes in hand before he disappeared back into Izuku’s old room. She knew it was a challenge for him, being an ex-convict and looking for work. That was part of the reason Inko had offered him a place to stay until he got back on his feet. Inko did not know how successful his attempts were, but … at least he was trying.

Inko was part way through putting her groceries away when her phone buzzed. She brushed her hands on her skirt and fished through her purse. When she pulled the phone out and saw the contact, her whole day brightened.

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The Bobby Maler Fiasco

Ernst and Hanschen don’t fight. Until they do.


((or, why i need to stop indulging @nastyinkhakis and other people. Sort of prequel to this, or at least in the same universe))

Hanschen, in a stunning display of romcom-quality cliche, gets a crush on his TA.

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For @yeahsterek cause she said she needed some picking-up, but also for me who has been reduced to chauffeur for my 14 year-old sister for the last three days so here’s my attempt to make something out of nothing. Read on AO3

Derek pulls his car into the never-ending, it seems, line of cars at the side entrance of the high school. He checks the time, scowls at the clock, and then roughly turns off the car. He’s early, only by less than ten minutes, but by the time Cora is finished dicking around, he’s bound to be sitting here for a half an hour waiting on her.

A police car pulls up behind him a few minutes later, and Derek automatically tenses the way all people do when a police car comes near them. He has a brief flash of thought, Did I do something?!

But the cop makes no move to bang on his door, so Derek relaxes back in his seat. Through the rear-view mirror, he sees a man slide out of the front seat, notes the flash of a sheriff’s badge on his chest, and he feels himself relax totally.

Derek pops open his door and waves at the sheriff as he gets out of his car.

Sheriff Stilinski squints at him, probably trying to figure out who is waving at him, but then he smiles softly, recognizing Derek.

“Derek!” the man says, holding out his hand for a shake Derek takes it easily.

“Sheriff Stilinski. Good to see you.”

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Text Artie & Blaine
  • Artie: Hey Buddy, Havn't spoken to you in ages. WUU2?
  • Blaine: Hey, Artie! Not much, really. Work mostly and watching every cheesy romantic comedy I can get my hands on.
  • Artie: Please tell me you watched When Harry met sally , and four Weddings and a funeral, because if not you and I are no longer friends *Grin emoji*
  • Artie: I hear they are audition for the amateur operatics societies next production in a few weeks, I'm probably going to audition , and I've mentioned it to Kurt, Fancy coming along Dude.
Pitch Prompt

PROMPT: What about a fic that takes place when Lawson is retired and Bawson is now officially dating. Ginny is asked to pose for the sports illustrated swimsuit issue or the Maxim’s #1 of the sexiest female celebrities cover. Mike is so excited and proud. In his very “Mike Lawson way"brags to everyone and proudly, Instagrams, Twitters, Facebooks the pics to show off his girl.

-Bacon and Bikinis


“Yea?” Mike called over the sound of sizzling bacon and the morning news. He was licking his fingers and reaching over to cut down the volume when Ginny came around the corner in his sweatpants and a sports bra. She’d half assed a bun and so a lot of pieces were falling out but she was more interested in her phone. “Babe?”

“Could you stop posting statuses about my photoshoot? The countdown was awful enough?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She read from her screen. “On Twitter you said, and I quote, ‘who has two thumbs and a girlfriend posing for Sports Illustrated’ with that stupid grinning emoji. How did you even manage this? Last week you couldn’t even find your own profile.”

“They make those buttons so damn small.”

“On instagram you just posted a picture of your face with a thumbs up, and wrote 'G is gonna be on the cover of Sports Illustrated! It’s like my birthday and Christmas came early’ as the caption.” She said before looking up at him again with pink stained cheeks. “Has retirement gone to your head, grandpa?”

“You want me to stop showing my support for you?” He replied in mock offense and she rolled her eyes at him.

“You show your support when you show up for my games. Not by telling everyone that your girlfriend has to prance around half dressed for the cameras.”

She said this while reaching over his shoulder to grab two pieces of toast before moving to the opposite counter to butter them.

“Why not both?” He smiled and she turned.

“Because everybody knows the only reason you’re so supportive is because I’ll be rolling around in sand wearing different bikinis.” She said with a smirk and his smile only grew bigger as he closed the distance between them to take her by the hips.

“What’s wrong with that?”

She bit into her toast and blinked, unmoved by his efforts to be cute, but her eyes were pinched in amusement. “Because” she began while swallowing the remaining food. “I don’t understand the excitement. You see this every day. If anything I thought you’d have on that grumpy jealous face you pull.”

Ginny rose on her toes to kiss him before pushing around him to save the forgotten bacon. Mike’s eyebrows narrowed in confusion. “Why would I be jealous?”

“Because now anybody who buys the magazine will see it too.” She chuckled, oblivious to Mike’s slow realization of this truth. How had he not thought of that? He’d had to restrain himself from lunging at a valet who’d accidentally swiped her backside while stepping out of the way of crowding fans.

She’d started walking back to the room and he searched for a reply that would make him seem relaxed about the whole thing. “It’s not that bad. It’s sports illustrated, not maxim.” He said nonchalantly only to hear her scoff loudly. She threw a look over her shoulder.

“Babe, I thought they were the same magazine until I was like twenty.” She said. “Don’t burn the bacon. I’ve gotta go find something to wear.”

“Make it baggy!” He called as she waded out of view, and only her voice floated back to him.

“I knew it!”

He made a face at the open air and then went back to finish the bacon and brood.


Only after she hit send did she realize she just scolded All Might! This time she really did drop her phone.
Inko blushed furiously, trembling as she stooped to pick up her phone, but flinched back when the phone buzzed again. Hesitantly, she scooped up the phone and turned it around.

His response was two words.

Toshinori Y: Yes, ma’am.  

He’d even sent a grinning emoji and a thumbs up.

My current aesthetic is Inko scolding All might then realizing that she just scolded All Might. One of my favorites has gotta be from chapter 5 of Shoes by @swiftwidget not to mention it’s got some of the best cutest toshinori/inko/izuku family interactions. Plus, the world could always use more cinnimom inko.

inmacd55  asked:

I fell in love with your pricefield art time ago so...Could you draw these nerd again for the Emoji Challenge? Like...Chloe B3 and Max C8? Thank you and keep it up! You and your art is amazing :')

Thank you! Yes, I am not really drawing them at the moment. I have some sketches though, just not published :B

Have your grinning nerds :)

Empty Pillow Talk | Luke

Anonymous: Could you write a thingy based off of If These Sheets Were States?

request here! :)

It was always night when you felt Luke’s absence most. When you’d run out of tv shows to distract you from the fact that he wasn’t there to argue with you over the remote; when your eyes were too tired to keep getting lost in books but your mind was too alert to let you drift off to sleep; when the shirt that you’d ‘borrowed’ the last time you visited him was wrapped tightly around your torso and you swore you could feel his presence when you closed your eyes and inhaled.

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Hyorotto Danshi #37 (2015.12.12)
Nishiyama Kotaro & Umehara Yuichiro
Hyorotto Danshi #37 (2015.12.12)

ひょろっと男子 #37 (2015.12.12)

This episode is “Girl Power Returns”! In order to increase the amount of female listeners the boys have to answer the given questions within the mindset of a female. Get ready for female Kou and female Ume!

(One of my favourite things about this episode was Ume-chan’s little “yup” and “hmm” noises when Kou was doing the opening and ending talks!)

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maleksolh  asked:

Zimbits prompt: Jack and Bitty telling Bitty's parents OR Jack and Bitty telling Jack's parents?

Jack’s mom is crying softly.  “I’m sorry, honey,” she says, pressing her hand to her cheeks.  “I just–don’t know when I’ve last seen you this–happy.”

“Over something that isn’t hockey,” his dad chirps.

Jack lets his head hang a little and can’t resist the smile that tugs at his lips.  His face actually aches from how much he’s been smiling over the last two days, but it’s a good ache.  He should put more work into those muscles.

There had been no way to hide from his parents that something catastrophically, seismically good had happened to him; Bittle might manage it, but Bittle’s also just a happier person than he is on principle.  More expressive, a better liar, and always glued to his phone anyway.  Jack, meanwhile, had to sit with his parents through the flight home, the drive to Mont Tremblant, and the quiet family evening that followed, so they’d not only noticed his sudden commitment to texting and Skyping, he’d had to actually ask them.  “There’s… something good,” he’d said last night.  “But it’s new, and I’m not ready to talk about it, okay?”

They’d probably already known, he thought.  His family sometimes felt like the negative image of Bitty’s, so similar but reversed; Bitty gave his parents the dutiful shell but left much of himself tucked away inside, and Jack took his shell off and sometimes only really noticed his vulnerable parts in his parents’ steady, loving presence.

He texts Bitty, You ready? and gets a grinning emoji back, so Jack opens the laptop and wakes it up while his parents move closer to each other on the couch.  He gets the call started, then goes to sit next to them.

“Hi there,” Eric says, cross-legged on his bed that still has a Michelle Kwan poster behind it.  His parents are out for the next forty-five minutes.  He waves.  “Mr. Bad Bob. Mrs. Jack’s Mom.”

“Good to see you again, Eric,” Alicia says, her voice still cracking a bit, all of them beaming at each other.  “I hear we’re going to be seeing a lot more of you now.”

“Yeah,” Bitty says, his eyes tracking over to Jack.  “Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann,  I just… I love your son a whole lot.”

Oh God, did Jack ever think he was going to deserve something like this?  To get something like this?  To have someone receive his heart in their hands and give theirs right back?

“Good,” Bob says.  “That’s something that we look for in a boyfriend of his.”

please don’t say you love me, chapter two | a miraculous ladybug fanfic

Summary: Adrien and Marinette find out that they now have a chat app for them to communicate even when they’re out of costume. Adrien is ecstatic. Marinette… not as much. And everything goes downhill (uphill?) from there. [LadyNoir, Adrinette]

Word count: 2.5k

Chapter 2 of ?

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you’re fine right?

Sent 06:01

–Chat Noir

Of course I always am. Have you seen me?

Sent 07:05


that last giant paintball looked like it hurt



you’re joking

Sent 07:12

–Chat Noir

You wound me, my lady.

[sad cat emoji]

Sent 07:13


not that. you look fine enough to me but


Sent 07:15

–Chat Noir


[grinning cat emoji]

You don’t have to deny it, you know.

I AM the cutest cat around.

Sent 07:16

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misskaterinat  asked:

Hey splickedy! For the emoji thing, how about Tavros, A5? Have a nice night! :)

Anonymous said: If the emoji thing is still open, maybe Gamzee with 5A?

I made it Gamtav and I’m so sorry that I’m not sorry but I’m not :D

no they’re not together or anything why would you think that THIS IS JUST A REGULAR BRO-TALK OKAY.  LIKE BROS.  “unrequited” pining is GREAT okay don’t judge me. ;D