gringotts vault

my problem with the ‘harry becomes lord of 2/¾/5 ancient noble houses’ trope is so unbelievably petty because its that fic writers don’t take it to the potential extreme. like, okay, you wanna make harry the bossest of bitches i get that, i understand, i have that urge too from time to time, but c’mon, be a little more creative about it please

so how about a fic where harry goes to gringotts after the fighting is all over to try to make peace with the goblin nation because this boy does not need more problems and after much hostility and some groveling and promises of future payments for damages caused a plucky goblin lass comes and shuffles harry into her tiny cube office to discuss the nature of his financial situation

(this is a grave insult among goblins. getting handled by a female, first of all, because they are supposedly less capable bankers, hello misogyny among other species, and because they consider anyone who needs help with his money to be lower than cave scum. harry doesn’t know about his. and if he did, he wouldn’t care because he does, desperately, need help)

and plucky goblin lass (who we will call PGL for short) brings out this MASSIVE tome of parchment and slams it down on her desk. a cloud of dust rises. harry sneezes and gets a terrible feeling. some of the parchment is mildewing. the stack is taller than his hand is wide. this can only end badly

PGL tells him that he’ll need to read the entire book to fully comprehend the new scope of his property and harry kind of weakly says “what??”

and it turns out that heyo, when the death eaters swore to follow voldemort with all their lives and souls and magic in their little racist hearts they actually swore a modified liege lord oath which also has the coincidental side effect of ceding all titles (and property connected to said titles) held to the lord in question too. haha how funny who knew

and that’s an ongoing thing. so voldemort was the de facto head of two dozen magical houses at the beginning of the war and he just picked up more as he gained more followers and he probably could have just voted himself and his crew into every position of the government and run the country like that if he cared to do it but voldemort was not about dat political life. he wanted change and he wanted it now. he wanted to MAKE AMERICA MAGICAL BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN. so he started a civil war and just never informed his loyal death eaters of that little fact because they didn’t need to know.

and you might think that gringotts vaults are tied into bloodlines but they’re really not. the malfoy family vault belongs to whoever is the current head of the malfoy family. normally, that’s a malfoy and his malfoy spawn becomes the next head and so it passes through the family, accumulating inherited wealth. it was a working system until voldemort got involved and exploited the ever-living hell out of it.

now this all becomes harry’s problem because it turns out that Right of Conquest is an actual thing. what was voldemort’s is now his and voldemort has has the time to accumulate A Metric Fuck Ton of stuff.

also connected to titles are votes in the wizengamot. and whoo boy, this is where harry’s problem becomes really really really problematic. because the noble families squabble over those votes like children, hoarding them and passing them down, occasionally trading them for advantageous marriages and such, but mostly jealously guarding them like the politcal gold they are. it’s such a bitterly tight-fisted market that any one family has ~maybe~ three or  four votes.

and now harry bloody potter has a hundred of the things and a completely unintentional stranglehold on the government. whoops

and then hermione would shotput harry straight into the wizengamot against his protests and things would become so hilarious i just

some jerkass attempts to increase his own salary for doing basically nothing

“how about no,” harry and his hundred votes say.

somebody attempts to tighten restrictions on where magical creatures like vampires and werewolves can work

“how about no.” harry crosses his arms. “actually, how about we repeal those bullshit laws already in place that make it almost impossible for werewolves to get a job right now, hmmmm? and how about we put something in place to catch abusive owners of house elves? and make sure they get paid? and vacation days? and healthcare? actually how about we get healthcare for EVERYBODY HOW ABOUT T H A T?”

ten generations of purebloods cry out in horror. look upon him ye mighty and despair.

the years after voldemort’s defeat don’t go down in history as The Golden Era. in fact, thanks to harry bloody potter (and some incessant nudging by hermione granger), they go down as The Decade of Frankly Astonishing Strides Toward Equality *cough* enforced by a semi-plutocracy.

(all thanks to a third tier plot never really explored by a would-be dictator YOU’RE ALL WELCOME)

oh my god harry potter au where jefferson is james potter and hamilton is lily evans and jefferson has been hitting on hamilton for five long years and he’s obnoxious and loud about it and because he’s a dick to anyone who’s not His Friend and anyone who’s not in His House and he’s rich and privileged hamilton 100% thinks he’s just doing it to Make Fun Of Him and so he hates his fuckign guts and is more likely to hex the fucker than give him the time of day

whereas jefferson is hopelessly love sick over this little sleep deprived workaholic asshole whose eyebags are heavier than his entire family’s vault in gringotts and he honestly doesn’t know how to go about talking to the fucker because hamilton seems to Hate him and nothing jefferson ever does makes him smile the way he smiles at his friends

not the flowers jefferson bought him (picked in the dark from the herbology greenhouses which is probably how hamilton ended up with a bouquet of screaming plants at breakfast rather than the lovely blossoms jefferson had meant to pick), not the public speeches of support jefferson gives to hamilton’s cause-of-the-month (he dresses up in his flashiest clothing to grab everyone’s attention and then has anxiety attacks and ends up cutting himself off which is probably why hamilton thinks he’s mocking him), not even his offers of tutoring (jefferson Knows hamilton is as smart as the day is long but he also Knows that his grades in divination are shit and divination is His Subject and he just wants to help hamilton damnit why does he get hexed for trying to help??????????)

jefferson flying paper aeroplanes across the room that land in hamilton’s hair that angrily get discarded or burned immediately. hamilton smugly watching jefferson’s sleeping draught explode in his face for the third time when he’s been making this potion flawlessly since he was twelve. stumbling into each other late at night in the library when neither of them should be out of bed and deciding to just keep quiet about it rather than start a fight. library nights becoming a Thing between them but any time jefferson opens his mouth he seems to ruin it somehow and he spends the entirety of their sixth year slumping back to his dorm and screaming into the pillow until he decides to just Give Up because hey, it’s obviously never going to happen, he doesn’t know why he’s hanging on, hamilton doesn’t and never will Want Him

when seventh year starts up and jefferson doesn’t even attempt to approach hamilton, not even the whole open-his-mouth-and-then-forget-what-he-was-going-to-say-and-stand-there-like-a-fool scenario that has been his friend for many years makes an appearance, hamilton gets all confused and kind of hurt because he thought they were slowly making their way to friends but jefferson is nowhere to be found in the library and doesn’t even try to make eye contact with hamilton in their classes anymore and there’s no inappropriate gifts and bad poetry and valentine’s day rolls around and everyone’s talking about how jefferson’s going to hogsmeade with lafayette, what the fuck, he thought lafayette was his friend? why would laf date the boy he-

oh fuck. this turned into a terrible and ridiculous nonsense post. it’s 3:30am. someone talk 2 me about this

Leaving It All // Draco Malfoy

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Author’s Note: I started this back in December, and just finished it. The ending is a little rough, but I wanted it out of my drafts so here it is :)

It was autumn when it happened; a crisp, cloudy afternoon on a Sunday. There was butterbeer on your upper lip and wind whipping through your hair as you walked through Hogsmeade, numb fingers wrapped around the handle of a mug. A  pretty green woolen scarf wrapped around your neck and knee length brown leather boots on your feet. You could remember the worst day of your life as if it were yesterday. You could remember Astoria Greengrass’ grand, pearly smile, perfect chestnut curls, and rocking heels on the tiled floor of Madam Puddifoot’s. You could remember Lucius Malfoy’s smirk, and how he shook the congratulating hands of wizards and witches whose brothers and sisters he’d murdered only months before. You could remember Narcissa Malfoy’s eyes bearing into yours through crystalline glass windows, silently begging you not to interrupt; to allow him what happiness the bouncing brunette could give. But above all of these miserable memories, the youngest Malfoy’s performance was what haunted you.

Because he got down on one knee and winced at the collision. He took her perfectly manicured hands in his own shaking ones and pitched a speech about her sparkling eyes and soulmates. Suspenseful bystanders on the edge of their chairs watching as Draco’s hand fumbled in his coat and he stared at the floor with blue eyes faded to a stormy grey. Watching as nimble fingers curled around a ruby red velvet box containing Draco’s grandmothers ring. Because he bit down on his bottom lip as he opened the box, not looking at Astoria, but the wall behind her with a frown on his face; asking her to marry him with a cracking voice and sad eyes. Tears building in your eyes as he slides the diamond covered band onto her finger with a forced smile. Astoria throws herself into his arms and tells him how much she loves him and your world ends.

You could feel your heart breaking, falling apart because this isn’t how it was supposed to go. It wasn’t supposed to be here. It would happen on an unexpected day in the garden behind the manor. There would be no enthralling bystanders struggling to hear a proclamation of undying love. There would be no sad eyes, cracking voices, or frowns. There would be no hesitation, no shaking hands. It would be you. It would be Draco. It would be rosy cheeks, dazzling smiles, and happy tears. It would be eyes full of adoration and a mouth rambling about love. It would be a goblin made Malfoy heirloom on your finger and Draco whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he held you. It would be the best day of your life, not the worst.  

But it wasn’t.

It had been a couple months now, since it happened. Draco had called, probably more than an engaged man should. There was an invitation for an engagement party on your kitchen table, signed with love from Astoria Greengrass, soon to be Malfoy. A letter from Draco sat beside it, staring up at you, waiting for an answer. You hadn’t done much since the tragedy, mostly wallowed in your own sadness and self loathing. Because it wasn’t like you didn’t ask for this. It wasn’t like you hadn’t walked away from the ink on his arm or the prison sentence hanging over his head, because you had. You’d left those things, and somehow lost him in the process. You’d lost your Malfoy heirloom, your Malfoy owned mansion, your Malfoy garden wedding, your Malfoy-grand proposal, but most importantly, you’d lost your Malfoy. He was gone, and as happy as a boy with holes stolen from a war in his heart could be with a girl who saw nothing in him but a pretty face, pureblood status, and full vault at Gringotts.

Today was the day of the engagement party and you weren’t sure if you should go, but temptation followed you nipping at your heels all day. So, now you stood in front of a mirror staring at your reflection. You cocked your head to the side. You’d never been to an engagement party, but you’d been to Malfoy Manor. That was no place to dress any less than formal. Smoothing down your dress, you bit down on your lip, almost tempted to take it all off; to lay in bed and sulk for yet another day. That urge left as quickly as it came, and before you knew it, you were stepping into your fireplace. 

You coughed a little, stepping out of the Malfoys’ hearth. You looked around. You were in Draco’s room. You almost scoffed. Of course you’d come out in this particular fireplace. Your mother always had said that magic always took the heart’s desire into consideration. Looking around, you walked further into the room. It was almost exactly how you remembered it. Almost. 

Draco’s king size antique mahogany bed still stood, now covered in a light lavender colored frilly duvet rather than his normal Slytherin green silky covers. The windows were open, casting a soft afternoon glow through the room. Draco’s room was a bit messier than it used to stay. Clutter always used to drive him crazy. Expensive, frothy lingerie littered the floor. A royal blue pair of lacy panties hung on the bed post. Necklaces and bracelets hung on everything; drawer knobs, candle sticks, the grandfather clock. Draco’s things remained the same, though. Kept, and clean. 

The door opened on the other side of the room. Draco stepped in, quickly locking the door and running his fingers through his hair frantically. He was frustrated; you could tell. Draco was raised in ballrooms and boisterous gardens surrounded by people who thought they were better than everyone around them. He was used to the pureblood state of mind. Hell, he once harbored it himself. But, that didn’t make these stupid parties any less nerve wracking. 

He looked up, noticing you. He didn’t say anything for a second as his eyes raked over every inch of you. When he reached your eyes, he let out a quiet, “You came.” 

“I shouldn’t have,” you said picking at your nails. 

He agreed. “You shouldn’t have.” 

There was an unnerving silence for a while, but Draco spoke eventually. “I’m glad you did.” 

You didn’t know what to say now. Draco plopped down on his bed, pushing two or three dresses into the floor. “It’s a travesty isn’t it?” 

“What?” you asked, picking the paint off of your manicured fingernails. 

“Us,” he answered. “Two kids caught in the crossfires of something way bigger than them - love and war.” 

“I think…” you trailed off a little, looking at Draco. “I think love is war.” 

He cocked his head to the side, blue eyes bearing right into your soul. He blinked finally, and spoke. “Why are you here? Truthfully?” 

You sighed. At this point you were tired of dancing around your truth. You were tired of taking everyone else into consideration. It was time to think about what you needed, and that was Draco. You were falling apart without him. It was time to be honest, and there was no getting around it. “I can’t stay away from you.” 

“Why not?” This was the Draco Malfoy you knew. The straight forward, game playing blond haired child. He wanted to hear you say it. 

“I’m in love with you.” You told him, giving him exactly what he wanted, “I don’t think I ever stopped being in love with you. I hate myself for leaving you in the time you needed me most. I should’ve stayed. I should’ve followed my heart, not my head.” 

Draco looked up at you from the floor, “You know, it’s not supposed to be this easy.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“It shouldn’t be this easy for me to leave her,” Draco said. “A few sentences shouldn’t be able to convince me to leave this behind.” 

“You’re leaving her?” 

He stood up, pulling a leather bag from underneath the bed. With a couple flicks of his wand, all his possessions were crammed into the bag. You looked around the room. Everything was gone - the paintings of Draco as a child, the robes from the closet, the sheets from the bed, the jewelry from all the drawers. Draco extended his hand out to you, “I’m leaving it all.” 

You took it and the electricity that ran through your body was like a breath of fresh air. “For me?” 

“For us.” 

He lead you to the fireplace. In front of it sat a stand holding a bowl of floo powder. He threw a handful into the fire, simply announcing the word ‘home.’ You had no clue where you’d exit, but stepped into the fire with Draco, a smile of your face as he laughed a laugh you hadn’t heard since your third year in Hogwarts. A carefree, relieved laugh. Your heart fluttered in your chest as the heat from the flames engulfed you. 

You finally had your happy ending. 

What’s in your bag: hermione granger

Ginny: *presses Hermione into a chair and moves to get behind the camera* *switches it on*

Hermione: Why am I doing this again?

Ginny: *checking camera angle* I told you, everyone’s doing it. Just go with it, alright?

Hermione: Fine. Alright. First: 

Hermione: Pens. I have Quills somewhere in here, too, but my mum gave me these and they’re just a bit more practical

Hermione: A snitch I confiscated from a first year this afternoon. I didn’t get a chance to return it to the Quidditch Team.

Hermione: A Toothbrush and Floss. My parents are dentists after all and dental hygiene is very important.

Hermione: My wand. Normally I’d keep this in my pocket, though.

Hermione: Draught of Peace. For Ron’s anxiety. I need to brew more soon.

Hermione: Some spare parchment. Basic school supplies, honestly.

Hermione: Chocol–


Hermione: I suppose, you’d take it anyway.


Hermione: Hogwarts stationary, of course. My parents love getting letters on these. It makes them feel like they’re more a part of the wizarding world with me.

Hermione: Sleakeasy’s Hair Potion. Harry now gives this to me as a gift since he found out it was the source of his monstrosity of a vault at Gringotts. And then, last but not least…

Hermione: Books!

Ginny: Merlin’s beard, isn’t that heavy?

Hermione: Feather-light charm, Gin.

Ginny: riiiiiiiiiight.

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I Need You | Draco Malfoy x Trans!Male Reader (Part 1)

(A/N): Not really sure if this will actually become a series or not, it all depends on if you guys enjoy it! Much love!

Warnings: None

Words: 1143

(Third Person) POV:

Hatred. A pure, raw rage filled Draco Malfoy’s belly. It was a feeling so foreign to him. Most times, if he wanted something, he got it. But this isn’t an overpriced item at Borgin and Burkes, it wasn’t some antique that he knew he would eventually inherit, and this was most certainly not a precious gem tucked away in his vault at Gringotts. This was (Y/N).

He’d been worn thin by him years ago. It started when he was placed in the Slytherin house, the way he burst with a gleam of happy curiosity. Draco wanted him even more when he caught him changing one day, revealing that the boy was transgender. The tight, puckered scar underneath his pecs had Draco’s breathing hitch as he yearned to reach out and touch it, kiss it, adore it.

These days, nearing his seventeenth birthday, he was most certainly over-infuriated with (Y/N). He’s over the fact that every morning, (Y/N)’s is the first face he sees, he’s over having to jack off quietly in the dorm room he shared just to the thought of him. He was tired of waking up to see him clad only in a pair of black boxers, a pillow under his body as he wrapped his arms and legs around it, letting out small whimpers as he dreamed of whatever it was he dreamed.

He had tried cruelty, tried to give (Y/N) the cold shoulder so he’d stop speaking to him, but (Y/N) simply wouldn’t give up. He was so frustrated with him. The way (Y/N) had to look up at Draco to meet his eyes in Potions class, as he had been assigned Draco’s partner. The fact that he completely refuse gender roles and some days wore the guys uniforms, but others he’d show up in a green, plaid skirt. He hated that he didn’t want to just fuck the boy, he hated that he wanted him in every way.

Summer was steadily arriving and Draco had firmly decided that this year, this year, he’s going to do something about this never ceasing need for (Y/N).

(Y/N) POV:

I woke two hours earlier than I was due in a thin, cold sweat. I didn’t remember my dream but it seemed it had clearly shocked my body. I pushed out from under the covers, and felt my skin meet the brisk, dawn air. I padded softly over to Draco’s bed, and shook his shoulder softly.

“Hey Dray,” I mumbled softly, still practically asleep.

“Mmm?” He groaned into his pillow, his eyes still locked shut.

“I had a bad dream, I’m gonna go take a long shower, I’m going to leave the door open in case you need to get ready later, okay? If my music is too loud you come tell me.”

“Yeah, ‘kay.” He whispered, snuggling deeper into his pillow. I placed a light kiss on his cheek before entering the bathroom.

Draco and I were the only two in the dorm, we were the only male Slyherins to be made prefects, thus leading to our separate dorm. I climbed into the steady stream of hot water, making sure the water was warm enough to cause a light steam so Draco wouldn’t walk in and get a clear view of me naked. I’ll never understand the  logic behind glass shower doors. I turned the blue-tooth speaker I had convinced Dumbledore to rig up for me on and began to sway softly to the music.

I just stood under the water for a good thirty-minutes before I began to lather myself with the array of soaps and shampoos the prefect bathroom was always stocked with. I started with a thin, slick body wash that smelled of lavender and cocoa. Then, a thicker bubble soap that was a faint green color. I heard the sound of bare feet padding on tile as Draco entered the large bathroom.

(Third Person) POV:

When Draco woke up and walked to the bathroom, he hadn’t expected to see the fog-blurred figure of (Y/N) through the glass of the shower, covered in bubbles, dancing to the sultry muggle song that was playing. He swallowed the growing lump in his throat as he resisted the urge to pounce on the boy in the shower right then and there. He turned to the mirror to brush through his hair, but only managed to get his teeth brushed before he found himself swell in the pants as he watched the boy’s censored body move around in the shower. He hummed along with the tune as he ran his fingers through his wet hair.

Draco let out a soft growl, pressing his fist against the mirror harshly before storming out of the restroom. He didn’t bother to brush his hair, just tugged his uniform on and stormed to the Great Hall for some breakfast.

He only got to sit alone in the nearly empty hall for about ten minutes before (Y/N) followed. And bloody hell, he had his green pleated skirt and knee high stockings on today. Draco shifted in his seat, trying desperately to hide the ever-growing erection.

(Y/N) POV:

“Dray? Are you okay? You’re looking a little like a…well a bloody mess, love!” I said, taking in his appearance. His usually slick hair was disheveled and sticking in all different directions. His tie was messily tied and loose on his neck as the top button of his dress shirt was undone under his vest. His shirt wasn’t even tucked in!

“I-I’m fine!” He snapped with a glare. I shrugged and plucked some grapes from the plethora of fruit spilling from the golden bowl on the table. We ate in silence until I had finished nearly a whole vine before I turned to him, one leg on each side of the bench.

“What?” He sneered, tossing a glance my way.

“C'mere, let me at least fix you up a bit before you go to class. Our prince can’t be seen looking like he just got caught in the middle of a quickie, now can he?” I teased with a smirk as I reached over to pull him closer to me. His cheeks reddened as I ran my fingers through his hair, my tongue peeking out between my lips as I focused on fixing his white-blond locks. I trailed my fingers down his face and neck, stopping the fix his collar and tie before continuing to drag my fingertips down his torso to meet his waistband.

I tucked his shirt in gently, careful not to tuck it to tightly, as he avoided my eyes, the redness in his face traveling down his thin nose.

“There. You’re hair is still a mess, but you’re presentable. I’ll see you in Potions!” I stood and pressed a kiss to his cheek before leaving him at the table as I headed back to the dorm to grab supplies for my Herbology class.

Don’t Forget || Ron/Hermione || PG

A/N: So, today, @hermionewazlib asked @doveharper to draw Ron sheltering from the rain. While I was waiting impatiently for her sketch, I got out my phone and randomly wrote this bit of fic from mid-DH.

Hermione was wearing the locket.

He could hear her and Harry, behind him, arguing. The rain was pounding overhead, striking chords against a crumbled stone bridge, abandoned, just wide and tall enough to provide a temporary shelter. He was hunched slightly forward, clutching the collar of his coat round his neck. His arm still ached, the wind was whipping his damp hair into his eyes, and he was struggling to ignore the twisted knot in the pit of his stomach.

She huffed heavily, suddenly closer behind him than he’d realised, and then she was huddling up next to him.

“Damned locket,” she said roughly, tugging it over her head and clenching it in her fist with distaste, briefly closing her eyes.

“I can take a turn,” Ron offered, voice scratchy and barely audible amidst a cracking of distant thunder.

“How’s your arm?” she asked, ignoring him. And he was on the point of calling her attention back to his offer when he met her eyes, catching a glimpse of softness, concern. He swallowed and tried to shrug, but he felt too icy and hollow.

“S'alright,” he said noncommittally. “How’s Harry?”

“Frustrated. He needs a minute.”

She glanced out at the landscape beyond, overgrown grass and weeds flattened to the muddy ground as the rain intensified.

“I can’t tell you how-” she started, voice cracking. “Ron, I’m so glad you’re here.”

She hadn’t turned to face him yet, so he fixed his eyes on her profile, allowing himself to stare.

She looked so tired, bones of her face a bit more pronounced, shadows underneath her eyes. And he thought he had likely seen her nearly every way possible, every version of her. He’d seen her happy, in pain, disappointed, excited, empathetic, terrified… he’d seen her cry more times than he cared to count, not because he was afraid anymore, but because he couldn’t exactly cope with the concept of someone breaking her, most especially him, so many times.

He was too uncomfortable to think straight, stomach grumbling, and he was pretty sure the pebble in his right boot was working on a callous between two of his toes. So it didn’t really seem like much of a stretch to move a bit closer to her, dropping his coat collar to lightly reach for her hand, not making it all the way, but looping a couple of his fingers around a couple of hers.

She finally turned to look back up at him then, wet eyelashes sticking together. He licked his lips, clearing his throat…

“I’m really glad you’re here, too.”

Her lips curved into something like a small smile, and she leaned against him, pressing her cheek to his shoulder.

“He doesn’t know where to go next, does he,” Ron stated blankly, not needing the answer she gave with a small shake of her head.

They were directionless, drifting in nothingness.

“I used to love thunderstorms,” she said quietly, after a while. “Now… well, I’d give up my whole Gringotts vault to apparate somewhere warm and dry…”

He laughed shortly, shifting his posture as she lifted her cheek from his shoulder and linked an arm with his.

“Hot cocoa,” he sighed, and she smiled.

“Hot baths,” she added.

“Hogwarts breakfasts.”

“Feather beds.”

“A new pair of socks.”

“What’s wrong with yours?” she sniffed.

“Last good pair’s got a hole in the toe,” he said nonchalantly. “But I’d forget the socks for the bath and the chocolate.”

She turned to grin up at him, clutching his arm with both of her own now. Her tiny fingers curled around his bicep, and he swallowed.

“We should make a list, of all the things we want to do when this is over,” she suggested.

Part of him was ready to say he felt it was unfair to give himself hope that he’d make it. But another larger part was sure that it didn’t matter. She only wanted to feel safe, for a few moments, and this was about the best they could do.

“Let’s do it when we camp tonight,” he offered, and she closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply.

When she opened them again, he couldn’t look away, staring at the way the misty light cast a gray haze across her pupils.

“We should go,” Harry called out behind them.

Please, not yet. For now, the rain was out there, away from them.

But it didn’t matter anyway. They couldn’t escape, only move onward, hoping each step took them forward and not sideways… not circling, never backward.

“Give me the locket, Hermione.”

She hesitated, not breaking his gaze for some time. Lightning flashed in the distance, glowing in a halo round her frizzy hair.

She slid one hand down his arm, about to let go, but he took gentle hold of her fingers again, the shortest of tiny squeezes as they parted and stood inches apart from each other. She reached into her pocket, where he hadn’t even seen her stash it… and she handed it over to him, eyes finally cast away from his, refusing to meet them again as he took it from her.

“Don’t forget,” she half-whispered, “we’re in this together.”

And he slipped the locket over his head.

  • Draco: So tell me again...why in the middle of the night have I been called down here?
  • Goblin: Well you see as her husband you are the next of kin and...
  • Draco: And...?
  • Goblin: We can't get her out, when we try she just "shhhs" us.
  • Draco: You mean to tell me, that 1. she broke in 2. got past all of your magical security and 3. is still in there completely undisturbed?
  • Goblin: Yes.
  • Draco: Okay, another thing, why are they here? *gestures over shoulder*
  • Harry: We are Aurors, and her best friends.
  • Ron: Plus if it were anyone else she would be arrested, and you wouldn't know until after they detained her.
  • Goblin: Here we are....Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Vault.
  • Harry: Good luck mate.
  • Ron: We will be out here if you need backup.
  • Draco: *Glares and mumbles 'chickens' under his breath, and walks into the vault. Looks around and finds Hermione sitting in a chair with an ancient looking copy of Hogwarts a History open in her hands.* Ahem...Hermione sweetheart?
  • Hermione: Shhh...
  • Draco: Hermione sweetie what are you doing in here?
  • Hermione: *turns page* I was reading one of my copies of H.O.H. and it said that the very first and only copy of H.O.H. was in the Hogwarts vault at Gringotts.
  • Draco: And you thought to come down here and read it yourself, without getting permission?
  • Hermione: Oh I know if I owled McGonagall she would have said yes, but then I would have had to wait for her reply, and then set up a time to come down here. This was faster.
  • Draco: So you mean to tell me, that you woke up in the middle of the night with the urge so strong to read this book that you; snuck out of the Mansion, snuck into Gringotts, bypassed their over the top security measures that they even improved upon because of the last time you broke in and out of here, snuck down to the Hogwarts vault, and broke into it...all because you couldn't wait to read this book?
  • Hermione: *smiles and looks up* Yes.
  • Draco: *kisses her forehead* Alright sweetie, just make sure to put everything back where you found it. *Exits vault*
  • Harry: So how did it go?
  • Goblin: Is she going to leave?
  • Draco: Ha...good luck with that she won't be leaving till she's done.
  • Ron: Well that's good enough for me, shall we go for an early breakfast?
  • *the three men walk away discussing where to eat*
  • Goblin: But...but...she can't!
  • Hermione: *in the vault* SHHH!

I wanna write a 9000 page novel where Sirius raises Harry and they’re visited all the time by uncle Remus, who keeps trying to teach 6 year old Harry advanced magic despite the fact he’s six, talks to him like he’s also 28 and basically raises him to be the most anti-anti-humanist ever, the kind of kid who stands up for anyone who’s looked down on, because Harry’s favourite Uncle can’t even get a job because he’s a werewolf. So as if he’s going to stand back and let poor, near-non-magical Neville be bullied by Draco when people like Malfoy have been looking down on Harry’s family and loved ones for years.  Auntie Andromeda always has coffee with Sirius in Muggle cafes to rub it into her sisters’ faces that oh, look, she, the Blood traitor is having coffee with another blood traitor and also to bitch incessantly about the Black family with him. She leaves cool cousin Tonks to babysit tiny Harry; she entertains him by morphing into barnyard animals and regaling him with stories about her adventures at Hogwarts and the new DADA teacher who she predicts is going to go nuts before the end of the year. 

And Blood Traitors have to stick together, right? The Weasleys are frequent visitors to Grimmauld Place; the kids sometimes stay over because everyone loves Sirius, and Harry and Ron have been BFFs since when they could only speak in gargles and wails. Bill grows his hair long with Sirius as his fashion and coolness icon, and comes home grinning one day when he’s 16 because he just got a piercing while Sirius shamelessly egged him on. Percy is aghast, and is swimming in horrified disapproval. Well, even if Sirius is a terrible influence, he at least now has opportunities to harass Remus as to how exactly to become Head Boy. Sure, he hasn’t started school yet, but is he going to let that stop him? He needs to be prepared. (Is there an application? Does he need to become a prefect first? What does he have to do???!!)

And the twins, God, the twins. Sirius tells them literally everything there is to know about pranking the teachers, gaining Peeves’ respect, while Remus suggests that maybe, just maybe they should try to work a bit more on their grades, and, incidentally, have they worked out how to open that map yet? They are regaled with stories about the misdeeds of the Marauders (somehow, all the stories manage to leave out that other boy, Peter or something). Molly is disapproving of Sirius’s influence on the twins who, under his tutelage, are becoming even more of a pain in the behind than they were before. But at least Remus is there to stress the importance of getting good marks, even if they don’t listen. 

She has nothing against Sirius really; for goodness sakes, somehow she always finds that there’s a bit more money in their Gringotts’ vault that she recalled there being, and all her children end up with new school robes and books and owls and wands, and she strongly suspects that Sirius - or perhaps Harry himself, she can’t work out who - has been sneaking money into the Weasley vault, especially as they’re terrible actors and are the worst at pretending they have ‘no idea what she’s talking about’ when she tries to give it back. The Weasleys aren’t the first poor family they’ve been charitable to -  she knows for a fact that that young Remus Lupin Percy is so enraptured by hasn’t been able to find a job anywhere because of his - unfortunate condition, yet he always seems nicely-dressed and well-fed despite that. And beforehand, Charlie’s ambitious future of working in Romania with dragons didn’t seem likely… at least, until it was financed as a ‘graduation gift’. 

But she doesn’t like how he’s so laid back when he’s raising a child. She yells at him. He yells at her. They argue. Sometimes they don’t speak to each other at all. But Sirius does start to behave a little more responsibly around Harry, and Molly does let her hair down a bit, and they don’t see eye to eye all the time, but one thing they have in common is that they love all those kids and they’ll adapt and try to change for them.

Arthur is enraptured by Sirius’s ‘motorbycle’, always asking how it works and if he can ride it and where can he get one of them, he needs it for… education purposes. Molly outright refuses to let him buy one of those dangerous machines, you have no idea how Muggle inventions work, you could get killed, we have no idea how Muggle currency works, and anyway, how can we possibly afford one? 

Sirius buys him one for Christmas. He grins at Molly when Arthur nearly has an aneurysm when he sees it. Arthur crashes it within a week, and Sirius admits that okay, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea but - Molly, stop glaring at me like tha- Molly - 

And worst (or maybe most entertaining) of all, Ron has been subjected to the Bad Influence of Sirius Black and the twins. As has Harry. By the time they start school, Ron and Harry’s snark and roasting factors have increased by 200%. Snape doesn’t stand a chance. McGonagall screams when they arrive at Hogwarts.

Sirius and Harry don’t just have each other, they have Remus and the Weasleys, and, unlike canon, they both get a new family. Sirius lost the love of his blood family, he lost James’s parents who adopted him as their own, and he lost James and Lily, but he’s gained the Weasleys and he’s always had Remus, even if there is that aching, angry spot that was Peter Pettigrew, that will probably never go away entirely. Harry has never known what it was like to be hated by his family, all he’s ever known was love and friendship and happiness.

Torture [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 2033
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: At Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix is having the time of her life torturing poor muggle-born Hermione, however Draco’s girlfriend Y/n isn’t as happy about it…
Note: Much of this imagine is based on, and very similar to, JKR’s work. I take no credit at all for any of her writing, or the storyline of this imagine.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“You know all I want is to keep you safe, right?” Draco whispered in your ear as he sat beside you in the armchair, across the room from his father. You nodded, “I know.” “There are things… things I can’t control. And if they hurt you… if they..” he breathed out shakily, “if they even.. kill you… I couldn’t forgive myself.” You rested your hands across his, gently squeezing them reassuringly.

“Everything will be okay, Draco. Trust me on this one. We’ve already been through so much, and we’re going to get through everything else,” you kissed his cheek as you rested your head on his chest.

“As soon as this is over, I’m going to marry you. You know that?” He spoke, eyes fixed on the diamond that shone on your ring finger. As a smile stretched across your face, you said, “I can’t wait.”

You reached up, aiming to kiss him when the doors flew open, making you jump back. Draco’s hands intertwined with yours as Lucius’ voice cuts through the air with his usual drawl, “What is the meaning of this?”

Your eyes scan from Narcissa - who seemed to be leading the group - to Fenrir Greyback (whom you didn’t take a liking to) to the Snatchers behind him, to three oddly familiar figures held as captives.

“They’ve got Potter,” Narcissa said, in a tone much different to the calm and loving one you were used to hearing.

Your eyes widen a little, as you take in the appearances of Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and a boy with a distorted face, that you assumed was Harry Potter.

“Draco, come here.”

You felt Draco raise from the chair, his fingers slowly, reluctantly pulling away from yours. Greyback shoved Harry into the light, as Draco made his way over.

Draco didn’t want to be here, to be doing this. You could tell. If his facial expression didn’t scream ‘help’ then you didn’t know what did.

“Well, Draco? Is it Harry Potter?” Lucius said, his voice not even attempting to hide the excitement he felt.

Draco’s whole demeanour was a sure sign that he was scared. You knew, though he hated Potter, he wouldn’t want to be the one to blame for his demise.

“I’m not sure,” Draco said, his gaze resting on you instead of Harry.

“Look at him carefully! Draco, if we are the ones who hand Potter over to the Dark Lord, everything will be forgiv-”

“We won’t be forgetting who actually caught him, I hope, Mr Malfoy?” Greyback interrupted Lucius, his eyes narrowed and teeth bared.

“Of course not,” Lucius said, stepping away from Fenrir, yet his excitement still lacing his words.

You zoned out, playing with your fingers as Draco inched slowly back over to you, clearly wanting, needing to be closer to you.

“Draco, look properly! What do you think?” Lucius said, making Draco clench his jaw as he stepped back towards Harry.

“I don’t know,” he said. He was lying - you knew it. He could spot Harry a mile off, even with a distorted face.

Draco made no eye contact with anyone, but took his place back beside you, instantly wrapping an arm around you, almost as an act to protect you.

“We had better be certain, Lucius, that it is Potter, before we bring the Dark Lord here,” Narcissa said.

Dark Lord? Here? You shuddered. You’d never seen Voldemort in real life, only heard of him, of what he’d done.

“What about the Mudblood then?” Greyback said with a smirk, replacing Harry with Hermione.

You could see the fear on her face. Even though you were in no danger yourself, you couldn’t help but harbour some worry, some anxiety, over the safety of the girl.

“Isn’t that the Granger girl?” Narcissa spoke, looking at Draco.

“Maybe… yeah,” Draco said from beside you. You could feel him shaking. He was scared. You rested a hand on his arm, carefully rubbing up and down, and leaning your head on his chest.

“That’s a Weasley!” Lucius announced, pointing at the redhead boy next to Hermione, before looking at Draco for confirmation.

“Yeah. It could be,” Draco said.

The door flung open again, making you look over, and in sauntered Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco’s Aunt. With her crazy black hair and evil glint in her eyes, you’d never wanted to be, or had been, in the same room as her, and barely two words had been spoken between you both.

“What’s happened, Cissy?” Bellatrix slowly walked around the prisoners in a circle calmly, as if it were a common occurrence to have three young adults held captive in your living room.

“They’ve caught Potter and his friends,” Narcissa replied, watching as her sister circled the room.

“Potter?” Bella paused, turning around with a wicked grin on her face as she pushed up her sleeve.

There was a rush, and an argument about who would summon Voldemort, and you felt Draco’s warm breath fan against the skin below your ear.

“Whatever happens tonight, know I love you,” was all he said, putting you slightly on edge as you gulped.

“What is that?” Bellatrix suddenly shouted, pointing at a weapon resting in one of the Snatcher’s hands. “Sword,” the Snatcher replied.

“Give it to me,” Bella demanded, holding out her hand. He resisted, causing Bellatrix to take out her wand and immediately Stun him.

She reached out and caught the sword as the Snatcher fell to the ground, Stunning anyone else who dared stop her.

Draco’s arms tensed, holding onto you tightly as though you’d soon disappear from him. You looked into his blue eyes, giving him a small, reassuring smile.

“Where did you get this sword?” Bella shrieked, holding it at arms length, as though she thought it may explode on her.

“It was in their tent!” The Snatcher yelled, ducking his head and flinching away from her.

“Draco, move this scum outside. If you haven’t got the guts to finish them, then leave then in the courtyard for me,” Bella turned to Draco, her gaze lingering on both him and you.

“Don’t you dare speak to Draco like-” Narcissa began, before being cut off.

“Be quiet, Cissy!” Bella shouted, “The situation is much more dangerous than you know.”

She examined the sword, as no one dare spoke. “The Dark Lord wishes to dispose of Potter himself,” she stated after a moment, “The prisoners must be placed in the cellar, while I think what to do!”

She clicked her fingers, pointing at Fenrir, then the captives.

Under her command to take Hermione, Ron and Harry down to be locked up, Greyback began to shove them out of the room.

“Wait. All except… except for the Mudblood.”

“No! You can have me, keep me!” Ron yelled desperately. You felt your heart clench. It was obvious, his love for the muggleborn girl.

“If she dies under questioning, I’ll take you next,” Bellatrix said with no emotion.

Your jaw dropped slightly, a small gasp leaving your mouth. Draco moved his hand to hug your shoulder, trying to comfort you. He knew as well as you did; you were both useless, powerless in this situation.

A crazy, unnerving smirk crept into Bella’s face, as she turned around, holding onto the sword as she kicked Hermione in the stomach. You found yourself flinching, wanting to stop this, but knowing you couldn’t.

“WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS SWORD?” Bella suddenly exploded, whipping her wand and aiming it at Hermione’s shaking figure. “W-We found it,” she whispers, her voice almost unheard, even in the silent room.

“Crucio,” Bellatrix said simply.

Your hand gripped onto Draco’s shirt as you watched in horror the way Hermione’s body curled up and twitched every so often, a look of pain etched onto her facial features. Draco’s arm slowly snaked around your waist, frowning at how this was affecting you.

Bellatrix cackled, the sound ringing in your ears, and mixing with the screams that left Hermione’s mouth.

“I’m going to ask you again! Where did you get this sword?”

“We found it- we found it- PLEASE!” Hermione begged, pleaded and screamed.

Bellatrix gritted her teeth, re-enforcing her spell, “You are a lying, filthy Mudblood! You have been inside my vault at Gringotts! Tell the truth!”

Hermione screamed in pain again, and you let out a whimper, close to tears yourself as you buried your head further into Draco.

Draco cradled your head into his chest, swallowing harshly as he heard you whisper the same few words over and over.

“Stop. Stop her. Please.”

“What else did you take? Tell me the truth or, I swear, I shall kill you!” Bellatrix threatened angrily, “CRUCIO.”

Hermione whimpered, and sobbed, her tears rushing down her cheeks as she laid across the floor in a ball.

“What else did you take? ANSWER ME! How did you get into my vault? Did that dirty goblin in the cellar help you?”

“We only met him tonight! We’ve never been inside your vault… it isn’t the real sword! It’s a copy, just a copy!” Hermione pleaded, her tears dripping onto the floor.

“A copy? I’m sure,” Bellatrix mocked in disbelief.

“We can find out easily! Draco, fetch the goblin, he can tell us!” Lucius said, staring straight at his son.

Draco froze for a moment, glancing at his mother. Narcissa, seeing your reaction to the torturing, gestured discreetly to her son, telling him to remove you from the room. He stood, and pulling you with him.

He quickly made it to the stairs, helping you up them, and towards his room. He sat you down on his bed, wrapping his arms further around your quivering body.

“Y/n? Y/n, darling. Please tell me… please tell me you’re okay. I’m sorry you had to see that. I’m sorry I didn’t make you leave earlier. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Draco said, kissing your head as he felt you beginning to relax your grip on his shirt.

“It’s okay,” you whispered almost inaudibly, “I’m okay.” Draco kept trying to pull you closer to his body as the screams from the room below travelled upwards, making you flinch.

Your breathing became heavier as you clung onto Draco, Hermione’s screams being all you could focus on. She was just a girl, really. She didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserved this.

“Y/n? Y/n!” Draco urgently held you away from him as your breathing increased rapidly, making you feel lightheaded, “Make… it… stop…”

Draco grabbed your hands, resting them on his knees as he looked into your eyes. “Y/n, baby, I need you to try to take deeper breaths, come on, for me, please!” He was panicking, it was clear, but you couldn’t do anything. His voice seemed small, distant, compared to the loud whimpers of pain coming from the girl you once shared classrooms with.

“Y/n! Come on, now! Please! Stay with me, come on! Darling, please, try to take deep breaths, ignore it, ignore what’s going on, it’s the only way, please!”

You couldn’t. You couldn’t stop. Draco was scared for you. He hated seeing you like this, and wanted nothing more than to stop it.

You closed your eyes, feeling as though you were going to pass out, when you felt a pair of lips press against yours, forcing you to hold your breath.

He rested one hand on your waist, the other holding onto your head, making sure there was no space between you, and that you couldn’t pull away, not just yet.

You kissed back, savouring the familiar feeling of your boyfriend’s kiss, the screams becoming quieter and quieter in your mind, as you focused on Draco, and the way he deepened the kiss, making it instantly more intimate, more passionate. It was urgent and needy, as if he needed this as much as you did.

As he pulled away, he kissed you once more before looking back into your eyes. He was panting, as were you, however your breathing had slowed considerably.

Draco held you in his arms for a moment, before you pulled away slightly, making his grip lessen around you. “Thank you,” you whispered, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“Anything for you, baby girl.”

Random Harry Potter Headcanons:

  • Thanks to Hagrid’s loud and carrying voice, by the time Harry woke up in Gryffindor tower after the Battle of Hogwarts, the entirety of the castle heard how he had been hit dead on with a killing curse, been “Crucio’ed” after ‘death’ and still fooled Voldemort. By the time he made it down to the Great Hall, the story had spread to most of the wizarding  world of Scotland and England. Harry now has a reputation for immortality.
  • Harry almost had his entire Gringotts’ Vault emptied when the Goblins wanted him penalized for robbing the bank and stealing a dragon. Kingsley and the Ministry were only able to prevent it when they threatened to bring Gringotts up on charges of animal cruelty and abuse. Charlie Weasley was very vocal from then on out of the proper treatment of dragons
  • Whenever Harry, Ron, or Hermione enter Gringotts, they are trailed by at least a dozen suspicious and watchful goblins.
  • The Malfoys never replaced the chandelier Dobby broke. They tried once, but Draco couldn’t look at it without fearing it would drop on him next.
  • The part of the forest where Harry dropped the Resurrection Stone was never retaken by the giant spiders. None of the animals in the forest dared to enter the clearing and anyone who came across it never stayed long. They felt as if Death was only a few steps ahead of them. After several decades, a legend popped up that claimed the clearing held the door that led to the afterlife. Ghosts would flock to the clearing and prowl its perimeter, not daring to take the risk and cross over.
  • James, Lily, and Albus’ bedtime stories were fairy tales based on Harry’s years at Hogwarts.

“Harry Potter can’t be indian! His name is english!”


Potter is a modernized version of the name “Peverell,” which is what his family was known as in older times. Peverell is a name that IRL was heavily debated IRT the etymology of the name; it could be a Latin root name (in which case it would have meaning similar to “the small boy”) or a French root name (where it could be a name meaning “pepper” or “temperamental”). 

Why does that matter? 

Because if we’re thinking of Harry in the context of him being of indian descent, then we have to consider the origins of his name, and where the Peverell line may have come from. If we consider that the Peverells were an old and respected Indian wizarding family, then we have to consider two other things: why would they have ties to the european wizarding community, and where did their wealth come from (which should be touched on more often anyways? james obviously didn’t do anything to earn more money himself, being that he was a rebel soldier in a magical war.). They have one of the deeper and older Gringotts vaults. Their money is old and Harry could spend ludicrous amounts and never put a dent in it.

I believe the Peverells were originally in the business of magical trading- probably merchants of spices and other goods that couldn’t be easily be obtained in wizarding Europe. This would have made them highly in demand, and also given them immense wealth and power throughout the wizarding world at large- another reason for them to be so influential in the older days, and still so respected even up until the last of the “line” was killed out by Voldemort. 

Again, why does that matter? 

Because if the Peverell wealth came from being a family of merchant moguls, then their name may have, too. Keep in mind, one of the potential roots for “Peverell” is identical for the French word for “pepper.” Suddenly, with that in mind, and the theory that the family was spice traders, we arrive at the conclusion that they were colloquially referred to as the Peverells because they were the family of spices and peppers.

Of course, this would have been centuries in the past of the Potter family, but Wizarding money, like blood, lasts forever and is closely guarded. And they certainly wouldn’t be the only merchant family to trade with Europe (and even if you want to claim that such in depth and long lasting trading wouldn’t have been possible hundreds of years ago, not only are you wrong on a historical level, you’re wrong because they were fucking wizards, there’s more than enough reason for us to believe they had the ability to just fly to conduct trades).

So there. If your only argument against Harry being of Indian descent is that it “doesn’t make sense in the narrative,” there’s the reasoning, which is 100% in line with the universe of Harry Potter as a whole. Congratulations, there’s no reason to shit on this headcanon because accepting this headcanon makes many things, including the Potter’s ancient wealth and status in the community, make so much more sense.


You’re a wizard, Sienna!

This week Sienna visited Universal Studios Orlando, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! She strolled Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, toured through Hogwarts Castle, visited the Night Bus and Number 12 Grimmauld Place, rode the Hogwarts Express (both ways!), ate at the Leaky Cauldron, took an elevator down to her Gringotts Vault, and more!

I was actually very impressed with the reception by the Universal Studios staff and the accommodations for guests with service animals. It was, hands down, the most welcoming place we have visited together. We went to Disney World a couple years back with Sienna and this actually blew it out of the water. Where Disney treated the SD kennels and bathrooms as sort of an annoyance or a fuss, Universal cast members were constantly asking us if we needed help finding the dog bathrooms, offering a kennel at rides, offering water, and more. They have a riders guide that describes each ride and whether it can accommodate a service animal or not. We found that it was a little too inclusive, since there were several rides I didn’t feel comfortable taking Si on that she was allowed on according to the guide! In those instances, we would talk with the ride attendant and they would be able to tell me exactly what the setup of the ride was like, including when and where loud noises, FX or explosions would be. There was not a single staff member who didn’t know about service animals or how to deal with them. There wasn’t even one who gave us any kind of cold shoulder! Some would even come to our aid if another guest at the park tried to pet or distract Sienna. When we wanted to ride a ride, my mom and I were escorted by cast members to secondary loading platforms where Sienna would be watched by an employee in a kennel. When the ride ended, she was always just a few feet away (as opposed to Disney, where the kennel was often placed before the ride que or far away from the loading area). We never waited in a line longer than 15 minutes for any ride, usually none at all if we asked for a kennel!

So all in all it was pretty awesome! We had a little trouble at Orlando Airport, first with TSA wanting to remove Sienna’s harness (I said no, give her a patdown) and then with a Jetblue gate agent not wanting to let us on the plane. Buuut they will learn! If Universal can do it, the rest of society shouldn’t be too far behind…

I think if Tom Riddle and Bellatrix had been the same age and gone to school together they would have been a couple. Not in a cheesy, sentimental way. Just in their own sociopathic way.

Tom would have been too proud to show public interest in her, because he is a half-blood and he hasn’t got the money to take her out, unlike all the other pureblood Slytherins. He would not want to feel humiliated.

However, he would meet her in private and take her down to the Chamber of Secrets to impress her, and he would promise to unleash the Basilisk on that Mudblood Myrtle bitch she hates.

Secretly, Bellatrix would think Tom, with his second-hand robes and orphan half-blood status, is worth more than all the purebloods in the country with all their Gringotts vaults combined. She would never tell him, because they don’t really talk feelings, but he would kind of look at her in a way that suggests he is skilled enough in Legilimency to understand.

Discography meme

So @bengaliprincess is starting the new meme. Here are the instructions:

pick a band, list all their studio albums, and identify the best and worst tracks on each album

Because I love to rile up instrumental soundtrack fans, let’s talk about the Harry Potter movie soundtracks

Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone

  • Best: Harry’s Wondrous World (Bet y’all thought I was gonna put Hedwig’s theme didn’t you)
  • Worst: In the Devil’s Snare and the Flying Keys (when you’re not watching the scene it’s relatively unexciting. I tie this with the Diagon Alley and Gringotts vault track because it just doesn’t capture the excitement of the first introduction to the wizarding world for me)

Chamber of Secrets

  • Best: The Dueling Club (god i love every part of the soundtrack that correlates to Lockhart it’s just so good and pretentious with that hint of inauthenticity. Tie that with the musical motif used for the spiders in thsi movie i swea r joh n williams my MAN)
  • Worst: Meeting Aragog (aside from the spider motif I just feel like there isn’t a lot going on here)

Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Best: Double Trouble (Dare I say that this song is more iconic than The Scottish Play itself?? Shakespeare whom?)
  • Worst: Hagrid the Professor (just can’t get into it)

Goblet of Fire

(the first HP movie with a score not by John Williams. Music by Patrick Doyle)

  • Best: The Quidditch World Cup (I really wanted to put something else…I wanted to be more original but this track is the most I will ever care about sports) and Death of Cedric (i don’t want to talk about it, but the emotion comes across very strongly in it)
  • Worst: Rita Skeeter (To be honest, it’s not bad. But in comparison with songs like Lockhart’s and Umbridge’s it just falls flat)

Order of the Phoenix

  • Best: Professor Umbridge (this song has been stuck in my head since 2007 and probably will be for the rest of my life)
  • Worst: The Kiss (Much like every other aspect of that scene, this does absolutely nothing for me)

Half-Blood Prince

  • Best: In Noctem (Listen my dudes…if the HP movies did anything right it was choral pieces)
    • sidenote: the song Wizard Wheezes wasn’t used for the film (they reused the Fireworks track from ootp instead, which I get) but it’s such a jam ahhh it’s a swing number and i adore it
  • Worst: Ginny (it’s soft in a way Ginny isn’t and feels odd and forced, just like the Harry/GInny romance in this movie)

Death Hallows Part 1

  • Best: Obliviate (The addition of Hermione being shows erasing her parents memories was one of the only good changes the films made and this track just tells you exactly what kind of story you are going into)
  • Worst: Whatever was playing when Harry and Hermione danced please god let me forget (Steve Kloves will pay for slandering Ron Weasley’s name in this way)

Deathly Hallows Part 2

Best: Courtyard Apocalypse

  • Worst: Every song on this score that was not Courtyard Apocalypse okay bye
Musical Theatre Accessibility!

I added this reply to another post, but I decided to make a separate post because I’m so passionate about this. 

It is SO IMPORTANT to support when the Broadway community makes strides to provide accessible theatre.

There have been a lot of great things happening like BroadwayHD (which, while it doesn’t have the best selections right now is a HUGE step in the right direction and will continue to grow if we support it!) and livestreams!

The Daddy Long Legs livestream a few months ago was FREE to the public, and did AMAZING things for their PR.

The She Loves Me livestream was only $10.00! I saw some people complaining about the livestream price, but it’s only $10.00 and WELL worth it to see a current Broadway production from the comfort of your own home. ALSO this stream was made available for a week after it happened so if you couldn’t tune in for the live viewing you could still watch it, and I read somewhere the BroadwayHD will probably add it to their collection in a few months.

Hell, Hamilton was just professionally recorded! And Lin Manuel-Miranda mentioned that it was “going into the Gringotts vault” which means I can only assume that it might be released/accessible in a few years. I can understand why they aren’t releasing it now, but they went to the trouble of preserving it and publicizing that they were preserving it, so it must be for a purpose. 

We might have to be patient, but it might be something like Shrek The Musical which was released on DVD/BluRay/Netflix a few years after the show closed. 

Another note, try to buy things like Shrek The Musical or Billy Elliot (to name a few) that are released on DVD/Netflix/Other outlets! I don’t mind paying the price of a normal movie for a recorded live performance.

Encourage these things! And support them, both with publicity and support them financially.

If She Loves Me puts their show out there for only $10.00, do your best to pay that $10.00 so they know that people think it’s worth it

Also, if you enjoyed the She Loves Me/Daddy Long Legs livestream or any other show that tries hard to make things accessible, do your best to buy the cast album

I always buy the cast album of a show that does something like this, almost as a thank you, but also if it helps their publicity and their sales, it will prove that make recordings/livestreams are successful to the industry and more will start happening! Daddy Long Legs skyrocketed, and then a few months later She Loves Me happened! These kinds of events are already getting good word of mouth.

So please make it known that there is a demand, and try your best to support financially. The OP is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Not everyone can afford outrageous trips to New York, hotel rooms, ticket prices, and the like (I know I certainly cannot), but if you can afford the small price of a livestream or a cast album, or subscription to something like BroadwayHD, it might make a world of difference! It has already gotten better than in past years!

We aren’t entitled to theatre being free to the public, but we do deserve accessibility without OUTRAGEOUS prices, so buy things whenever possible and support the arts!

Torture or Love: Draco Malfoy

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a draco x reader where bellatrix is torturing you for the location of harry potter (your cousin) but draco can’t take it anymore so he escapes with you? thanks ❤️

“Let’s see what her last spell was, I’m on to you little missy,” Bellatrix seethes, stopping however when she spotted Godric’s sword hanging on the waist of a snatcher. “Where did you find that?”

“We found it on the prisoners when we searched the pretty one’s bag,” the snatcher holding the sword exclaims,” I reckon it’s mine now.”

Bellatrix immediately retaliates against the snatchers and send them flying to either side of the large drawing room. She orders Lucius to take the unconscious men to the courtyard and bound them, implying that she would deal with them later. Bellatrix then orders Greyback to take all the prisoners down to the dungeons.

“Wait. Leave her,” Bellatrix seethes out, her bony white fingers pointing out (Y/N) Potter.

“No! You can have me, keep me instead!” Ron Weasley shouted, struggling against the hold on his body. Bellatrix saunters over to the frazzled teen and ran her fingers along his face before grabbing his chin in her hand tightly.

“If she dies under questioning, I’ll take you next. Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book. Take them away, Greyback, and make sure they are secure, but do nothing more to them,” She instructs as she slowly steps back from the ginger, cackling in the room while doing a small happy dance.

Once the boys were dragged from the room (Y/N) stood in front of Bellatrix and the Malfoy family. Her eyes scan the room momentarily and meet the icy grays of Draco, they lock on hers for a moment before they flicker away and look at anything else in the room.

“Let’s have a conversation! Girl to Girl!”  Bellatrix says, pushing her body up into (Y/N)’s personal space and grinning wildly.

(Y/N) was spread out across the dark marble floors, her arms laying out beside her form and Bellatrix straddling her torso. The witch’s wild mane brushes against (Y/N)’s forehead, sending a shiver down her body, but she was more worried about what the evil torturer would do to her than a mess of black curls.

“That sword is meant to be in my vault in Gringotts, how did you get it?” Bellatrix whispers out harshly to the whimpering girl beneath her. A cry came from (Y/N)’s lips and she shakes her head in a motion of not knowing what she was talking about. “How did you and your friends take it from my vault!”

“I didn’t take anything,” (Y/N) whimpers out, her (color) eyes pooling with tears. “Please,” she chokes out between sobs. She kept repeating that she didn’t take anything but Bellatrix was having none of that, she knew she was lying and she was going to somehow prove it. Grabbing her wand, she presses her right hand into the side of (Y/N)’s face and then used her other hand to carve painful words into (Y/N)’s left arm. Draco has to turn his head away when he hears the tortured scream of the young Potter, the sound echoed through the room and bounced around the inside of his mind. He knew if his crazy aunt kept torturing the Hufflepuff with the cruciatus curse she would either go insane or die from the immense pain.

He felt the bile rising in his throat, the smell of blood thick in the air; it smelt of copper or something metal. Narcissa raises an eyebrow at her son, he’s never reacted this way to someone being tortured before. His father had forced him to stay and watch many of the dark lord’s tortures, usually he had a blank face or seemed simply bored but now he was squirming and turning a pale green. He heard (Y/N) scream that the sword was a copy, Bellatrix then sending the boy to fetch Griphook, who would be able to confirm if the sword was genuinely goblin-made. Draco was glad to be away from that part of the house and hurried down the stairs to fetch the goblin, coming to the dungeon gates he motions for the goblin to step forward, he made eye contact with Harry for a moment and they seem to have an unspoken understanding.

Draco stands close as the goblin inspects the sword, turning it around in his hand, hoping that he would say it was a fake and Bellatrix would stop her insane torture. The sound of apparition echoed through the now silent drawing room and Bellatrix demanded that Peter Pettigrew be sent to investigate the noise. The hunched, wart covered man, slowly descended the stairs and as his form disappeared into the dungeon Griphook lies to Bellatrix, saying that the sword was a fake. She immediately presses her dark mark, signaling Voldemort.

“Draco, take the girl,” Bellatrix commands and the shaking Slytherin immediately does as he is told, stepping forward to pick the girl up. Just as he goes to bend down Harry and Ron burst into the room, Ron immediately disarms Bellatrix and Harry stuns Lucius. Bellatrix snatches up the poor girl who could barely stand and hold her short silver knife to (Y/N)’s throat, Harry and Ron immediately surrenders their wands to Greyback. Draco steps forward, wand raised, to cast a curse at his aunt but then the crystal chandelier comes falling to the floor and Bellatrix pushes (Y/N) away so to jump out of the way.

Draco immediately reach out to catch (Y/N), her body easily falling into his arms. With the debris flying everywhere Draco’s face was scratched and now littered with minor cuts and scrapes. Harry stuns Greyback and Ron disarms Narcissa before she could curse anyone. Seeing this as his chance Draco disapparates with (Y/N), Harry and Ron along with Griphook and Dobby following soon after.

(Y/N) wakes up, her head pounding and body aching with continues pain. She found herself staring up at a white ceiling, the smell of salt and seaweed wafting in from the open windows around the room. The material that she was laying on was overly comfortable, the soothing coolness of the sheets easing the discomfort. 

She hears the bedroom door open and close before the ocean scent was replace with waffles and (fruit) syrup, her favorite breakfast meal. Since she couldn’t move she waits until her cousin comes into view but instead of seeing a head of messy brown curls and forest green eyes she sees Draco. His white blond hair was shaggy and casting over his eyes which were red and puffy as if he has been crying. 

(Y/N) immediately starts to squirm and try to get away from the Slytherin but he simply sets the tray down on a table and sit down beside her to change the bloody bandages. They both stayed in an awkward silence, at least it was for (Y/N), and when Draco was finish he helps her sit up in the bed and cut the waffles into small bites for her to eat. 

“Why are you doing this?” She questions and eyes the food in front of her as if it was poison. She reluctantly opens her mouth and allow Draco to feed her the syrupy goodness. 

“I’d rather be tortured than watch it happen to you.”