gringos gone wild

Gringos Gone Wild: ‘Cinco de Drinko’ Edition

“@ThinkMexican the people behind me are embracing our culture… Happy Cinco de Mayo? Ps. They’re drunk as heck,” Twitter user @2015_enrique posted Saturday.

He told us he was having dinner with his sister who just gotten off work at the Midnight Diner in Charlotte, North Carolina when the drunks showed up.

“These guys came in and were visibly drunk. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves. But forgotten that a battle was fought where people lost their lives,” he said.

Can you imagine how many more drunk gringos in fake sombreros were out last night “celebrating” Cinco de Mayo?

Thanks to Enrique García, who’s a student at Johnson C. Smith University where’s he’s majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Political Science and Computer Science, for sharing his photo with us. He’s family is originally from Oaxaca.

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