gringo de mayo

as a mexican, “cinco de mayo (or cinco de drinko)” pisses me off because it looks like a drunken gringo’s mustache holiday and it makes a caricature of our heritage, not even to mention that they celebrate it far more than we do. our 5th of may is not equivalent to your 4th of july, pendejos; try september 16th- that’s what we do celebrate big. anyway. go drink yourselves blind, morons.

The Racist Celebration Known as Drinko de Mayo/ Cinco de Drinko

 The videos on this post are pretty self-explanatory, there is a lot of racism going on during Cinco de Mayo here in the USA. Now to all Mexican and Mexican Americans this is not something new.

 However there are a lot of Non-Mexicans that refuse to believe this and continue to celebrate this day in the worst ways possible. Cinco de Drinko/Drinko de mayo is not cute, it’s not a day to get drunk on Tequila, and it’s not dress like a Mexican day. It’s just racist and gross and it just needs to stop.

Gringos Gone Wild: ‘Cinco de Drinko’ Edition

“@ThinkMexican the people behind me are embracing our culture… Happy Cinco de Mayo? Ps. They’re drunk as heck,” Twitter user @2015_enrique posted Saturday.

He told us he was having dinner with his sister who just gotten off work at the Midnight Diner in Charlotte, North Carolina when the drunks showed up.

“These guys came in and were visibly drunk. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves. But forgotten that a battle was fought where people lost their lives,” he said.

Can you imagine how many more drunk gringos in fake sombreros were out last night “celebrating” Cinco de Mayo?

Thanks to Enrique García, who’s a student at Johnson C. Smith University where’s he’s majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Political Science and Computer Science, for sharing his photo with us. He’s family is originally from Oaxaca.

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Not directly related to this blog, but I figured as a Mexican ace, I should remind everyone (especially if you’re not Mexican):

  • Cinco de Mayo is not our Independence Day. That’s on September 16th [celebrated the 15th for some reason?]
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla, which is a teeny town. Honestly, Cinco de Mayo in the US would be like Canada going ballistic over the Boston Tea Party.
  • Really Puebla is the only place that actually celebrates the day, otherwise, it doesn’t mean all that much in Mexico. Like, you don’t even get a school day off, what are white ppl so excited about.
  • It’s not fucking Cinco de Drinko, ya just sound like a doofus.
  • Taco bowls ain’t Mexican. Tex-Mex, sure maybe, but don’t try to tell me it’s authentic, that’s gringo nonsense.
  • Fuck Taco Bell. Idk if they have anything to do with CdM, but fuck Taco Bell anyway. (Fun fact, Taco Bell was started by a white guy)
  • If you really want to do anything for Cinco de Mayo, educate people–or at least watch 5secondfilms’ series on it bc it’s fucking hysterical omg
  • Please don’t wear cheap-ass sombreros and mustaches and your fake-ass serapes.
  • You’re not even celebrating our culture/us when you do that??? You’re just getting discount nachos and margaritas at Applebee’s or something idk.
  • At least go eat some real authentic Mexican food–most Mexican restaurants are small, family-owned, and local, and goodness knows they could the business. I guarantee you, you go into a teeny no-name Mexican restaurant and you will LOVE IT. (Also, get a Jarritos soda–I recommend strawberry or fruit punch flavor. OOH and some horchata if you can. I honestly don’t know what’s in it lol but it’s delicious.

And if you are Mexican:

  • Even if CdM isn’t a huge deal to us, embrace your heritage, it’s so colorful and ALIVE AND BEAUTIFUL.
  • We’re fucking amazing
  • You’re all beautiful. Light skin, dark skin, hairy or not, whether you “look” Mexican or not, you’re beautiful.
  • Just because you don’t speak Spanish and/or celebrate Mexican traditions, that doesn’t make you a “fake” Mexican.
  • You’re all valid and I love you <3
#165 NO cinco de mayo

Decir que este día es equis es poco. Casi todos trabajan, casi todos tienen escuela y no hay descuentos en tacos y tequila como en Estados Unidos en esta misma fecha. Me parece que los únicos lugares donde el 5 de mayo es medianamente relevante son Estados Unidos, donde una parte de la gente cree que es el día de la independencia de México y el resto sólo quiere un día festivo más, y Puebla, el único estado donde parece ser que se acuerdan más de odiar a los franceses que a los gringos.

En la Ciudad de México es un día equis. Lo siento, gringos.

sometime today I’m going to make a post about cinco de mayo and it’s meaning today to Mexicans and Mexican Americans, the history of it and why it’s offensive for someone who is not Mexican to wear a sombrero and fake mustache and get shit faced and yell in a thick gringo accent “HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO” and I’m most likely going to upset people bc I’m telling them they shouldn’t do something even tho it’s culturally appropriative

so guys who are not Mexican: it’s already hard to maintain a Mexican identity in America. when we are told every other day of the year that we are lazy and dirty and were called beaners and chedders. and when someone takes a day that is meant as a day to make us feel proud to be Mexican you mock us by dressing in an offensive way and get drunk and celebrate the day by thinking oh this is the day you just get drunk right?

if you want to celebrate the day with us, celebrate it with Mexicans! if your invited to a cinco de mayo party by Mexicans then go! if your college or school is having a festival about the day and you want to learn more about it, then go! unless it’s being sponsored by a beer company, then don’t go.

think of it this way, how would you feel if people mocked 4th of July by dressing like white people and didn’t know why it was even celebrated? don’t say you wouldn’t care, bc you would care. just like how I care how people perceive my race and culture.

The Chicano movement in the 1960’s chose cinco de mayo to celebrate our mexican identity. that day represents that even when facing adversity and all odds are set against you, we can still prevail and win. and look at how much we have faced as a people and yet we still prevail. from colonialism and the slaughter of our indigenous ancestors and cultures to fighting for our independence and giving birth to the mexican identity. to immigrating to a country that we were once apart of and being told that we were illegal. less than because we want a chance of a better life. we have lost a lot. but no one can ever take our identity and cultura away. Don’t let the gringos tell you cinco de mayo is just an excuse to get drunk. that its just a day get over it. don’t get over it. cinco de mayo means that even though how much bullshit we face, we can make it.