Anything that he try to tell your people, disregard
Syd is sweeter than my great-grandmother’s Christmas Cards
This beluga couldn’t lift an arm to let the whistle spark
Sid the Kid is hard? I ain’t feelin’ shit he spit so far
Think you’re sharp? Get ripped apart with scissor parts and mirror shards
I’m pitchin’ darts, mirror shards, prison bars and lit cigars
Fifty shards of pickle jars, a shiv I carved from willow bark
Six-alarm chilli farm pepper spray and scimitars
Fishing barbs, flat serrated Patrick Bateman business cards
Head on Santa Monica, limbs behind the Kwik-E-Mart
Just discard ‘em with the garbage downstream on a river barge
Or ditched in Rip Griffin Park with more missing parts
Than a whip that’s parked between a titty bar and a shipping yard
—  Bender, vs Syd Vicious @ Vendetta