Grindr - Social Experiment

1. I used my own account. Sending random guys messages just to start a conversation. Focusing a lot of time on guys who say something like, “here for frienda, will talk to anyone and everyone,” on their profile. I get maybe 2 replies out of every 15 messages sent.

2. I made a new account with nothing but a body pic up and very little info on the profile. Guys sending me msgs left and right trying to have a conversation or trying to fuck. No face pic needed. After chatting for a while, I send a face pic and then get the, “You’re so good looking,” message. So then my question is, why didn’t you reply to my messages on the other profile.

3. Made another account using my friends pics with his consent. He’s Latino. It got so many damn responses within the first hour of the account being made. More responses than I got on the other two accounts combined.

4. Used same friends pics except this time, just body pic, no face pic. The number of responses doubled, maybe even tripled.

5. Made a new account as myself, just a body pic. Sent out nudes to all the dudes I had spoken to before. They all responded. Every single one of them, in a positive way, responded to the nudes and were interested in “getting to know me.”

6. Same scenario as before but with friends pics. His nudes. Guys are practically begging to fuck. Number of responses nearly duadruples.

What can be deduced from the information herein?

i remember when i was a naive 16 year old and downloaded Grindr because i didnt believe gays existed in my area and one of the first guys to message me asked if i was into PnP (party and play) and me playing it cool said of course i was into it then he asked me for a meth hookup and i deleted the app