grinding ice

imagine draco and harry meeting after hogwarts


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SILM WEEK day 4: locations

“For between the land of Aman that in the north curved eastward, and the east-shores of Endor (which is Middle-earth) that bore westward, there was a narrow strait, through which the chill waters of the Encircling Sea and the waves of Belegaer flowed together, and there were vast fogs and mists of deathly cold, and the sea-streams were filled with clashing hills of ice and the grinding of ice deep-sunken. Such was the H E L C A R A X Ë, and there none yet had dared to tread save the Valar only and Ungoliant.”

But Yuuri knew in his heart that skating was his passion. Skating was what he wanted to do, all he ever wanted to do, for the rest of his life.

Everyone else: Yuuri, you should take a break.

Yuuri, an athlete: ONLY LOSERS BREAK 🚫🚫😒❌❌🙅🙅 SKATE IS LOVE ❤❤⛸⛸❤ SKATE IS LIFE ❤⛸⛸❤👌👌😂😂 KEEP GRINDING THE ICE ❄❄⛸⛸💯💯 NIKIFOROV 3:16

  • Yuri Katsuki, the first half of this show: what did i do to deserve Viktor Nikiforov
  • Viktor Nikiforov, in his head, this entire time: I came to Japan for Yuuri Katsuki because he pole danced half naked, cha-cha-ed with me with a tie on his head, dry humped me while begging me to be his coach, probably saved me from oncoming desolation and depression, my life, my love, my-
  • Yuuri Katsuki, episode 10: i did wHAT

havisham  asked:

Coffee shop AU

Feanor invents the ultimate frappuccino and is furious when the management try to make him give it up. He leaves to start his own franchise but the shady chain store down the street keeps trying to put him out of business by sabotaging him. ft:

  • Turning on the roaster while one of his sons was cleaning it
  • Locking his conniving brother and his management team in the walk-in freezer and going home for the night
  • Burning himself in the roaster
  • His son getting a hand trapped in the panini press
  • Did Morgoth even do anything to them beyond stealing his secret syrup? 
  • Haha guys but what if the frappuccino was called the Grinding Ice

𝐘 𝐮𝐫𝐢!!! 𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝟑


Jace of Moku — reference | updated 5.18.17

✧ deep brown eye color, looks amber
✧ shaved head
✧ one dimple on his right cheek when he smirks
✧ scar down his left eye
✧ owner of The Grind [restaurant/shave ice shop]
✧ looks intimidating, but is a cinnamon roll
✧ reserved, always trying to hide his expressions
✧ doesn’t talk much, shyly compliments everyone in his head
✧ likes baseball and street fashion
✧ cole is his best friend

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The Five Most Powerful Women in Middle Earth

What an awesome question, thank you! :D The five women are listed in alphabetical order, which may not necessarily represent their true ranking.


  • Ancestors: Arwen comes from basically the most famous (and powerful) line of ancestors in Middle Earth. in fact, you’ll be able to find a few of her ancestors further down on this list. She’s descended from all three elvish royal families (the Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri), and she even has an ancestor who was one of the Maiar!
  • Friends: She was friends with Frodo, who destroyed the One Ring. Her husband was King of the Reunited Kingdom, and through him she was friends with the King of Rohan. And thanks to Legolas and Gimli, she also held some influence in Mirkwood and Erebor. 
  • Age/Experience: Arwen lived to be a couple thousand years old. The vast majority of her life was fairly inactive, though, so she doesn’t have a whole lot of experiences (that we know of.) However, she spent a great deal of time with her grandmother, Galadriel, who was the most powerful elf in Middle Earth at the time, so she was probably learning plenty. Then after the War of the Ring, she helps Aragorn rebuild Gondor and the Reunited Kingdom, the most powerful kingdom of the Fourth Age.
  • Titles: Arwen didn’t hold a formal title in Rivendell. After marrying Aragorn, though, she becomes the Queen of Gondor and the Reunited Kingdom. 
  • Wisdom/Power: Arwen doesn’t exhibit any sort of “magical” powers that we know of. But she does have a way about her - generally, everyone loves her. And she’s pretty wise (she’s especially helpful to Frodo, who suffered quite a bit after the War of the Ring.)
  • Narrative Bias: Arwen is, according to what Tolkien wrote about her, perfect. But, what we know about her life is pretty much centered around her romance with Aragorn.


  • Ancestors: Galadriel is a princess of the Noldor, and is descended from all three of the elvish royal families (Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri.) And you know all those impressive ancestors that the other women on this list are bragging about? Yeah, well Galadriel was related to them and actually knew them while they were living. 
  • Friends: Galadriel was friendly with many of the princes of the Noldor, who were the great movers and shakers of the First Age. During her time in Doriath, Galadriel grew very close to Melian, and would also have been well-acquainted with Thingol and Luthien. During the Second Age, Galadriel was good friends with Celebrimbor, who made the rings of power. And later in the Third Age Galadriel’s main alliance was with her son-in-law, Elrond. We also know that Galadriel was in contact with Gwaihir and the great eagles. Oh, and there’s the minor matter of her long-lasting, close friendship with Gandalf, one of the Istari (and therefore Galadriel’s second friend among the Maiar.)
  • Age/Experience: Galadriel had the longest time in Middle Earth - about 7,000 years. But don’t think that she’s all quantity over quality! Galadriel arrived in Middle Earth after traveling over the Helcaraxe, the Grinding Ice. She then spends most of the First Age in Doriath, learning from Melian. She marries Celeborn, and in the Second Age she lives in several places (depending on which version you’re reading), but pretty much always in charge. She lived in Eregion for a while, befriended Celebrimbor and the dwarves of Moria. She ends up in possession of one of the elvish rings of power, and survives the War of Saruon and the Elves. In the Third Age, she comes to rule Lorien when their king abandons the realm. She serves on the White Council (as the only female member), and plays a huge role in making the decisions that led to Sauron’s expulsion from Dol Guldur, and many of the events of the War of the Ring. 
  • Titles: Interestingly enough, Galadriel has never been a queen. This is interesting because she’s ruled a couple different elvish realms in her time. However, she’s only ever been the Lady Galadriel. There are some who believe that she has a claim to the High Kingship (Queenship?) of the Noldor, though, so it’s not as if she isn’t still powerful without the title.
  • Wisdom/Power: Even without the ring of power that she wore, Galadriel was incredibly powerful (“magically”.) She studied under the Valar in Valinor, and then under Melian in Doriath. Sauron considered her to be his greatest threat in Middle Earth. And she was incredibly wise (thanks mostly, I think, to the 7,000+ years of experience she’s got under her belt.)
  • Narrative Bias: Tolkien loved Galadriel. Loved her. Which means that we learn a lot about her story. And while she wasn’t always perfect, nearly all the information we get about her is positive.


  • Ancestors: Luthien was the daughter of Thingol, King of the Sindar, and Melian, one of the Maiar. So while her family tree is short, it’s very impressive.
  • Friends: Luthien, despite her incredible story, led a pretty sheltered life. She spent almost her entire life living in Doriath, so her friends would mostly be limited to that realm (which would include Mablung, Beleg Strongbow, and Daeron.) She also would have known Galadriel quite well. During her adventures, Luthien became very good friends with Huan the Hound. 
  • Age/Experience: As I mentioned, most of Luthien’s lifetime was spent sheltered and, frankly, inactive. But, after meeting Beren, Luthien goes on a quest that includes enough experiences for any lifetime. She befriends a talking hound and is kidnapped by a couple of Feanor’s sons. She then sneaks into Angband while disguised as a vampire, and distracts Morgoth were her singing and dancing while Beren steals a silmaril. After returning home, Luthien watches Beren die, and then dies of heartbreak herself. While in the Halls of Mandos, Luthien sings a song so sad that it actually moves Mandos to pity (which had never happened before, and hasn’t happened since.) She then chooses mortality, and lives a second life with Beren. 
  • Titles: Luthien spent most of her life as the princess of Doriath. She doesn’t really gain any sort of political title after her quest and marriage to Beren, but by that point she’s so famous and beloved that she hardly needs one.
  • Wisdom/Power: Luthien was probably even more “magically” powerful than Galadriel, thanks to the fact that she was half-Maiar. Singing, especially, was a specialty of hers, and she managed to make all sorts of things happen by singing. Most famously, she sang to Morgoth and, with her singing, lulled him into a very unobservant stupor, allowing Beren to cut a silmaril from his crown. Luthien seemed to be pretty wise (at least, her actions were much more mature than some of the other characters in The Silmarillion.)
  • Narrative Bias: Tolkien was basically in love with Luthien. No, for real. She’s based on his wife, whom he obviously loved a great deal. So Luthien is generally portrayed as perfect.


  • Ancestors: Melian doesn’t have any ancestors to brag about. That’s because she was present at the creation of the universe.
  • Friends: Melian’s life in Middle Earth was even more isolated than Luthien’s. We have no mention of Melian ever leaving Doriath while she was queen. But, we cannot forget that Melian had a whole life before she met Thingol, and could count the other Maiar (and the Valar, especially Este, Lorien, and Yavanna) as her friends.
  • Age/Experience: As Queen of Doriath, many of Melian’s experiences were sort of lackluster in comparison to her daughter (or even her friend, Galadriel.) If we look at her life before Thingol, though, we have to wrap our heads around the fact that Melian took part in actually forming and creating Middle Earth itself. In fact, her great claim to fame among the Ainur is that she taught the nightingales to sing.
  • Titles: Melian was Queen of Doriath for the vast majority of that realm’s existence. 
  • Wisdom/Power: As far as “magical” power, Melian is the most powerful woman on this list. As one of the Maiar, Melian is essentially a demigod. While the exact limit of her powers is unknown, she was able to create and maintain the Girdle of Melian, a forcefield which protected Doriath from enemies, for centuries. She was also incredibly wise, and not only foresaw many of the events of the First Age, but also gave some excellent advice (which, unfortunately, was usually ignored.)
  • Narrative Bias: Tolkien doesn’t write all that much about Melian. But we generally get a positive outlook on her character, even though she remains quite mysterious.


  • Ancestors: Tar-Ancalime’s most recent ancestors were all kings of Numenor. And, if you go back far enough, you find out that she shares all the same ancestors as Elwing. It’s just that, being mortal, there are a lot more generations between her and “the greats.”
  • Friends: Somehow, I imagine that Tar-Ancalime didn’t have many friends. We don’t have a whole lot of information about her, so we actually can’t name any friends for her (especially powerful or important friends.) While her father, Tar-Aldarion, was a close ally of Gil-galad, Tar-Ancalime mainly cut ties with the elves of Lindon, so…
  • Age/Experience: Tar-Ancalime is the shortest-lived woman on this list (for all that she lived to be 412 years old.) However, during her lifetime she ruled over the most powerful mortal kingdom in Middle Earth (arguably the most powerful kingdom in Middle Earth, elves included.) And not only did she rule over Numenor, but hers was the second-longest reign in Numenor’s history (second only to Elros, the first king.) Even though she didn’t continue her father’s alliance with Gil-galad, Numenor was still in a frenzy of sea-voyages and exploration, so it must have been an interesting country to rule.
  • Titles: Tar-Ancalime grew up a princess of Numenor. She ended up succeeding her father as Numenor’s ruler, though, and was the First Ruling Queen of Numenor.
  • Wisdom/Power: Tar-Ancalime didn’t have any sort of “magical” powers. And, frankly, she doesn’t always seem all that wise, and lets the biases instilled in her by her mother control many of her actions as an adult.
  • Narrative Bias: Tar-Ancalime has, and Tolkien doesn’t shy away from pointing them out. It’s also worth noting, though, that the story that Tar-Ancalime appears in is focused on personal and relationship issues, and so the focus is never really on her power or her reign as Queen, but rather on her role as daughter and her part in the drama of her parent’s marriage.

((A quick note on the women that weren’t included in this list: I narrowed this down to women in Middle Earth because, if I were to include Valinor, all five women would be Valar, which might not be what you wanted. If you want a version including the Valar, let me know. Also, if interested, Elwing and Idril were both very close runner-ups, and were basically only beaten by Tar-Ancalime because they never held all that much political power.))

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales (“The History of Galadriel and Celeborn”, “Aldarion and Erendis”), LOTR, LOTR Appendices