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בִּשּׁוּל! Hebrew Cooking Vocab!

Yay! Cooking Vocab!


סִיר sir, m - pot, saucepan ,anything with high walls you cook in
מִכְסֶה mikhsé, m - lid
מַחְבַת machvát, f - saucepan, skillet, anything flat you fry stuff on
מָרִית marít, f - spatula
מַטְרֵפָה matrefá, f - whisk
מִסְנֶנֶת misnénet/mesanénet, f - colander, strainer (misnénet is the correct pronunciation, mesanénet is the more common one)
נָפָה nafá, f  - sieve
מַזְלֵג mazlég, m - fork
סָכִּין sakín, m or f - knife (Seriosuly, both genders work, it’s weird. I sometimes even mix feminine and maculine in the same sentence)
כַּף kaf, m - (table)spoon
כַּפִּית kapít, f - (tea)spoon
סַכּוּ״ם sakúm, m pl. - silverware (acronym for סַכִּין, כַּף וּמַזְלֵג - knife, spoon and fork).
מַקְלוֹת אֲכִילָה / צ׳וֹפְּסְטִיקְס maklót akhilá / chópstiks, m pl. - chopsticks
פֻּמְפִּיָּה pumpiyá, f - grater
תַּבְנִית tavnít, f - (cake, casserole, etc.) pan
פּוֹתְחַן potchán, m - (can, bottle) opener
כְּפָפוֹת תָּנוּר kfafót tanúr, f pl. - oven mitts
מַעֲרוֹךְ ma’arókh, m - rolling pin
מַכְתַּשׁ makhtésh, m - mortar
עֵלִי ‘elí, m - pestle
מַגֶּבֶת magévet, f - towel


מָגָּשׁ magásh, m - platter
צַלַּחַת tsaláchat, f - plate
קַעֲרָה ka’ará, f - bowl
קַעֲרִית ka’arít, f - small bowl
צְלֹחִית tslochít, f - small bowl; flask
כּוֹס kos, f - cup, glass
סֶפֶל séfel, m - mug
בַּקְבּוּק baqbúq, m - bottle
קַנְקַן qanqán, m - jug, pitcher
פַּחִית pachít, f - can
צִנְצֶנֶת tsintsénet, f - jar


תָּנוּר tanúr, m - oven
כִּירַיִם kiráyim, f dual (effectively pl.) - stove
טוֹסְטֶר tóster, m - toaster
מִיקְרוֹגַל míqrogal, m - microwave oven
מִיקְסֶר míkser, m - mixer
בְּלֶנְדֶּר / מְעַרְבֵּל blénder / me’arbél, m - blender
קוּמְקוּם qumqúm, m - kettle
קַנְקַן תֵּה/קָפֶה qanqán te/qafé, m - tea/coffee pot
מַקְרֵר meqarér/maqrér, m - refrigerator (maqrér is an uncommon mispronuncioation, often thought of as being the correct one)
מַקְפִּיא maqpí, m - freezer


Verbs, as usual, are in the 3rd person, masculine, singular, past tense conjugation.

בִּשֵּׁל bishél - to cook (in general)
חָלַט chalát - to blanch, to parboil (whatever that is)
טִגֵּן tigén - to fry
צָרַב tsaráv - to sear
אִדָּה ‘idá - to steam
אָפָה afá - to bake
חָתַךְ chatákh - to cut
פָּרַס parás - to slice
קָצַץ qatsáts - to chop, to mince
טָחַן tachán - to grind (e.g. beef), to puree, to blend (e.g. soup)
מַָעַךְ ma’ách - to mash
חִמֵּם chimém - to heat
קֵרֵר qerér - to cool
עִרְבֵּב ‘irbév - to mix
טָרַף taráf - to whisk; to devour (unrelated)
הִקְצִיף hiqtsíf - to whip (e.g. eggs)
קִפֵּל qipél - to fold (e.g. meringue)
הִתִּיךְ hitíkh - to melt
הֵמִיס hemís - to melt (technically incorrect, but it’s more widely used)
הִשְׁרָה hishrá - to soak, to marinate
מָדַד madád - to measure
רָתַח ratách - to boil, to be boiling
הִרְתִּיח hirtíach - to boil, to cause to boil (in a pot or a kettle)




• 600 grams of prime beef

• 4 fresh tomatoes

• 100 grams of parmesan

• 2 garlic cloves & 20 pitted olives

• 50 grams of fresh herbs

• 2 tbsp of olive oil

• Salt & pepper


1. Slice the tomatoes

2. Crush and slice the garlic

3. Place on a baking tray and sprinkle with olive oil

4. Oven roast at 100 degrees for 4 hours

5. Grind the beef, chop the olives and grate the parmesan

6. Chop the fresh herbs

7. Divide beef into 4 round shapes

8. Add olives, roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs

9. Serve with parmesan and olive oil

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