grindhouse barbie

I don’t know why I love her so much. But, I do. So freaking much. It might be our shared love of Quentin Tarantino. I just want us to be best friends so that I can be her apprehensive, self-loathing, pessimistic counter part that she’s constantly trying to cheer up and make-over. It would be… fun.

People have such mean things to say about her… but I have a bit of respect for people who can find the joy in life and be constantly happy. I can’t. I’m a morose mother fucker.

I can’t even …she knows exactly what shes doing this is disgusting. The fact that she posted this on his birthday knowing GOD DAMN well he died back in 1994 NOT TODAY just to promote herself and because she thought it was funny and she wants attention bad or good is SOOO DISRESPECTFUL and offensive. If you really think its acceptable to joke about someones suicide ON THEIR BIRTHDAY ….I know I shouldnt feed the trolls but this is down right deplorable. Trisha Paytas YOU DISGUST ME!