• Grindel!Graves: A buddy of mine saw Gellert Grindelwald take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Gellert Grindelwald had an eight-pack. That Gellert Grindelwald was shredded.
  • Newt: Your friends' a liar man, Gellert Grindelwald is a punk bitch. He looks like he's 30lbs soaking wet under that bleached hair

a continuation of this, as requested by @webgottrash (because it wouldn’t let me tag your other handle for some reason)

on the president’s orders, the obscurus–credence, newt reminds himself, his name was credence–is destroyed. there’s anguish on tina’s face, and newt’s heart knots his twisting stomach. percival, however…

…percival is furious.

newt’s seen that silent storm before: the set of his brow, the thin line of his lips, the faint twitch in the muscle of his jaw. it was after theseus learned how newt chose to spend their last night in america, that night he went to percival’s room instead of his own. 

he hadn’t introduced them for percival to fuck his baby brother, is what theseus said. had he known this to be the result, theseus continued, he’d never have invited percival to meet his family.

as hurtful as those words were, it wasn’t what pushed percival into his quiet rage. no, what sparked that fire was when theseus turned on newt. in his anger, he called newt a harlot, easy, foolish; now, theseus claimed, he’d have to carry the shame of newt’s actions to spare their parents. and oh, god, what would their father say?

before theseus could continue, percival’s violent, silent magic launched theseus across the room and into the far wall. pictures fell, glass shattered. and as powerful a wizard as theseus was, he hadn’t mastered wordless magic as percival had.

“say what you want about me,” percival warned. “but do not disrespect your own flesh and blood. newt is your brother, and if anything were to shame your parents, it would be your treatment of him in this moment.”

theseus stormed off after percival released him. and once theseus was gone, percival kissed newt like the world was ending, soft apologies whispered between gentle brushes of damp lips.

and now that anger, that rage, that power focuses on the american wizarding president and a team of aurors. he faces down at least a dozen glowing wands, and it’s only tina’s hand on his arm that keeps him with her amongst the rubble. he wants to help percival, to stop this utter madness from continuing any further, but as his brother had always said, newt is foolish. the president already resents him, and percival, for whatever reason, has forgotten him.

the aurors fall one by one beneath percival’s whip-crack magic, and the president seems unafraid. foolish, newt thinks, because though he is not on the receiving end of percival’s fury, he had been on the receiving end of percival’s indifference, when he and tina had been sentenced to death without a trial. 

still, he cannot stand by while the american wizarding president is under attack. even if it is percival graves doing the attacking. for better or worse, the man betraying his country is not newt’s percival. tina tugs him weakly when he stands, but she’s easy enough to brush aside and doesn’t attempt to hinder him a second time.

from within his coat, he launches the swooping evil, it’s sticky venom enough to bind percival’s hands behind his back and bring him to heel. a murmured spell from a dispassionate, powerful woman, and percival isn’t percival at all.

there is no relief to be felt when grindelwald is revealed. dread is what crushes newt’s ribs to lance his lungs, his breath drawn short. tina puts a hand at the small of his back as if to comfort him; she thinks it’s shock.

but all newt can think is, where’s percival?

A Wolf’s Daughter

Pairing: Father!Newt Scamander X Teen!Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: What if Newt found a 14 year old girl he found in the wood who was raised by dire wolves? And then he takes her to New York with him and when Grindel!Graves takes his case she falls out and everyone tries to restrain her, but she’s scared and Newt’s like “Don’t hurt her, please! She’s just a child she’s not dangerous!” For the fic please?

A/N: Yay, another fic is up! Sorry for the wait! In this little story, Newt is like a father figure to the reader. I thought this idea was really sweet and I hope you guys enjoy!


Newt watched in horror as she fell out of his case, roughly landing on the ground with a loud thud. The place she called home was still suspended in mid air by the mysteriously, discomforting Graves. Seriously, that guy gave her the creeps. However, that was the least of her worries.
Her sensitive ears twitched as she heard rather loud murmurs fill the softly glowing room. Her keen eyes turned to Newt, who was still restrained beside Tina and Jacob; her friends. But Newt was more than a friend, he was her family and seeing him in so much emotional pain made her snarl furiously, baring her teeth, her inhumanly sharp canines cutting through the sensitive flesh of her bottom lip.

*****5 Years Ago*****

Newt trudged through the dark forest, muttering random facts under his breath, a thing he resorted to do when he was worried or afraid. Yes, even Magizoologists get afraid of creatures at first, that’s just how they learn.
In that particular forest, Newt came wanting to learn more about the dire wolves that were rumoured to live around in the area. He had come upon nothing so far and the sun was slowly starting to set behind the horizon. Not exactly the most ideal conditions when walking through a forest. Alone. At night.

It was getting dark quickly so he pulled out his wand.

“Lumos,” he mutters, the tip of his wand immediately sparking to life, gleaming with a shining white light. “So much for trying to be discreet.”

He hears rustling near a few bushes and his muscles tense up, immediately springing into a ready position. The rustling gets closer and closer. Newt inhales sharply, preparing for the worst when a young girl’s head pops out of the bushes, her eyes reflecting the light of his wand.

Already, considerably weird. A little girl (Newt supposed she was about 9 or 10) in a forest at night. But it gets weirder when he notices a dead rabbit in the girl’s mouth, its lifeless body limp and bloody. Now, if it had been any other person, they probably would’ve screamed a few times at the sight of the girl and the dead rabbit, however, Newt had seen worse and he remained semi-calm. He shudders, this was just wrong.

He doesn’t move and he watches as the girl’s eyes shine with curiosity, eyeing his wand suspiciously. She approached cautiously and Newt made sure not to make any sudden movements. He was utterly clueless, how should he react? Should he be scared?

“What’s that?” she asks suddenly rabbit dropping out of her mouth and landing on the ground with a splat. It remained forgotten for the rest of the night.

Newt blinked, he was surprised that actual words had come out of the girl’s mouth. He didn’t know why but he wasn’t expecting her to be able to talk. Just the demeanour he supposed.

“And who are you?” she asks, her eyes flaming with a burning curiosity.

He decided to answer the last question first.

“I am Newt, Newt Scamander.” he backed away slowly to create a larger distance between him and the girl but to no prevail, she simply shuffled closer. Newt examined her movements and noticed that they were more than slightly animal-like, even beast-like. “And this is my wand.”

Not even a second after his last word, he was surrounded by a pack of wolves, all of them baring their teeth angrily towards Newt and the young girl.
Newt reacted quickly, stepping in front of the girl and pulling him behind her in a protective manner. He didn’t know why, after all, he had just met the girl in extremely odd consequences however he had the sudden urge to protect her from harm.

Dozens of pairs of eerie gold eyes surrounded him and the girl, all of them narrowing as they examined the situation at hand.

“Please, don’t attack! There is nothing to worry about, I do not want to cause any harm! We will just…be on our way…” he awkwardly tries to shuffle away with the girl to prevent any chaos but she refused to budge, stubbornly planting her feet, and hands, in the ground. Her teeth were clamped around the fabric of one of the legs of his trousers. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. So much for escaping the scene gracefully.

The young girl tugged hard, causing Newt to fall, face-planting into the ground. The girl giggled as he yelped in surprise.

“Look Mum! I caught a salamander!” the girl cried happily, her voice muffled by the leg of his trousers that was still clamped firmly between her teeth.

“That’s very nice, (Y/N).” a rough voice replies from the dark. The voice had a silhouette of a large wolf, approaching Newt and the girl - (Y/N) she had called her - with caution.

“It’s Scamander, actually,” Newt says, sitting up and blinking dirt out of his eyes. He faces the large wolf that had appeared. “You’re her mother? And you can talk?”

She didn’t answer his questions and instead growled, “Put that wand away and I’ll answer your questions.”

He hesitantly did, extinguishing the light. But before he did, he caught a slight look of astonishment on the wolf’s shadowed face as he complied and them the light flickered off. Now only the faint shine of the moon and stars overhead provided a dim glow, barely enough for Newt to faintly see the shapes of the animals surrounding him.

“Come along.” the mother wolf said curtly, leading the Newt and the rest of the pack through the forest. “(Y/N), make sure he doesn’t get lost.”

Newt immediately tripped and fell over a fallen branch, landing heavily on his hip.

“Well, hullo ground, I’ve missed you too.” he muttered under his breath.

The girl giggled and skipped ahead when she saw him get up, she seemed unfazed by the darkness, it just didn’t affect her at all.

Newt’s head swarmed with questions about the wolves and whether or not he was going to make it out of this whole thing alive. But the questions about the girl, (H/N), overpowered the other ones as he cautiously followed the group.


“Ma-gi-zoo-lo-gist.” he pronounced each syllable clearly and laughed as (Y/N) scrunched her face in confusion.

“So you’re not a salamander. You’re a wizard and a Magizoo-who-what-thing?”

He chuckled and pat her head. “Close.”
She smiled a sharp, toothy grin before running off to play with a few wolf pups. She wrestled around with them as if she was one of them. And she really was.

Newt had spent a week in the wilderness, (Y/N)’s pace keeping him company and providing him a place (or more like a pile of leaves) to stay as he studied their behaviour. (Y/N)’s father, the pack leader, allowed Newt to stay and study them when he and all the others realized that Newt was harmless, not a wizard wanting to hunt or kill.

“Not like the other ones, you. Always stay that way, Mr. Scamander.” he had said.

He had learned a whole lot and decided that he would have to leave soon and carry on with his studies and travels. But he just couldn’t bring himself to leave just yet…

He smiled as he continued to watch (Y/N), admiring her fiery personality. Never before had he ever met someone so free and open-minded, she was quite remarkable.

“She’s one of you, you know. Your kind.” the mother wolf said, discreetly standing next to Newt, watching the girl play.

“Is that so?” Newt pondered, his eyebrows raising. “I hope you don’t mind by my asking but can you tell me a little about her and her story?”

The mother wolf sighed before curling up on the brown forest ground. Then she began.

“We found her when she was very young, not even a year old I would say. A group of wizards just dropped her off in a basket in this forest. I don’t know what they expected to happen to her but that was an act of pure cruelty. Leaving a defenseless baby in the middle of the woods, they’re crazy! You can see why we don’t have a particular liking to wizards.” Newt sat down beside her, listening intently. “So I raised her as my own and I will say I am proud of what she has become. You’ve probably noticed but she has adapted quite well to the wildlife; her teeth are sharper than the average human and she has very keen senses.”

The wolf suddenly stopped and Newt could’ve sworn that he saw tears in her golden eyes.

“However, I think the time has come. She has so much potential and I hate to keep her in the wild forever. She has to return to her real world and continue to learn and grow. I’ve always tried to push those thoughts away but I cannot any longer for the perfect opportunity has arrived.” Newt’s eyes widened as she continued to talk. “I can see that you have grown very fond of my girl, and she you. Mr. Scamander, please take my daughter along with you and raise her as you do your other creatures. Show her the world and teach her all you know, give her the opportunities and experiences that I was never able to provide.”

After a day of making decisions and negotiations with the pack, (Y/N) was free to go with Newt, and she was undoubtedly sad but also very excited. They bid their farewells and hugs and kisses were exchanged, a few tears fell as well. As they left hand in hand, her small fingers wrapped around his long ones, the wolves howled in the dark, filling the air with the song of farewell.

“I promise to protect her. I will keep her safe.” he had said to her mother. “I swear upon my life.”


“What’s this?” Seraphina Piquery inquired to the tree adults restraining on the floor.

“A teenage girl,” (Y/N) answered before anyone could say anything, not moving a muscle, still ready to pounce. She tasted blood from her lip. “Never seen one before?”

“(Y/N), don’t make this worse than it already is,” Newt said, feeling very nervous. She was a strong, responsible girl but now that she had hit her teenage years, she was starting to develop a confident attitude. Though it was a perfectly good one for everyday life, however, it could probably get out of hand and misinterpreted in a room full of stuck up wizards.

“Definitely met some with more respectful personalities.” the president said, scowling. The room filled with murmurs.

“She’s strange. I detect something wolfish about her.” her ears perked when she heard the stranger’s faint whisper. The president nodded her head curtly, but before she could give an order of quarantine, she pounced on the nearest guard, her teeth bared and her fingers extended.
She created quite the diversion but it didn’t last long. Before she knew it, she was floating in mid-air, dozens of Aurors aiming the tips of their wands in her direction. Then pain, intense pain ripped through her body and she screamed, sounding suspiciously like a wolfish howl. But through all the screaming Newt heard his own name being called and her pleads of help directed towards him.

“An animal!” a wizard in the crowd shouted.

“A disgrace to wizardkind!”

“What a demonic creature!”

“No! Stop! Please don’t hurt her!” Newt yelled, his voice straining as he watched you withering in the air. “She’s not dangerous!”

“Mr. Scamander, everyone has just witnessed this girl attack one of my guards!” President Piquery huffed angrily, signaling the Aurors to cease the spells. Her body went limp and Newt’s heart was in his throat, pumping madly.

“She was scared! Though she may have tried to disguise it as sassy teen talk. But yeah, what would you do if you were in a room full of people who wanted to harm you or take you away?”

“It does not matter anymore, she had just proven our point. Take her away!” Piquery requested without hesitation.

“NEWT!” she shrieked as she was forcefully dragged away, thrashing wildly, attempting to escape. It was no use.

“Madame President! Please have some consideration! She’s just a kid!” Newt pleaded, tears threatening to fall as he watched his daughter (yes, his daughter) disappear from sight. The president didn’t even acknowledge him. He felt himself being dragged away by the guards along with Tina and Jacob.
(Y/N)’s shrieks were faint as the distance between them increased, however, her shrill voice was still ringing in Newt’s ears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you (Y/N).” he panted, fighting hard to escape the iron grip of his captor. “If it’s the last thing I do.”


Part 2

So, I was thinking. Yes, after half of year, I finally was thinking. You remember the interrogation scene, right? How Grindel!Graves graciously shoves the bubble with the obscurus in Newt’s face? Of course you do. And now, I want you to think. Who inspected Newt’s suitcase? Did the aurors do this? Or Grindel!Graves did it by himself? And if he did that, then let’s cheer, guys, Grindel!Graves was in Newt’s suitcase. Grindel!Graves survived being in Newt’s suitcase. And it makes me go all like HOW?????

Newt has numerous dangerous beasts there, a goddamned nundu for fuck’s sake! A thunderbird who doesn’t like strangers, some other beasts that are unfriendly with strangers and could kill, damn.

The thing is that all of them were actually okay after the visit of the darkest wizard? And I couldn’t help but wonder how that happened?

But every thought of mine has this turn it takes without me wanting it. Yes, it’s the path of crack.


  • Grindel!Graves stumbling on the ladder and landing on his ass
  • Grindel!Graves running through the habitats from one or another beast who found him very interesting and edible
  • Grindel!Graves shooing away some annoying beast who wants to nestle on his shoulders, neck or head
  • Grindel!Graves freaking out at the sight of some beasts
  • Grindel!Graves tiptoeing and hiding behind trees, rocks or bushes, searching for fuck knows what
  • Grindel!Graves simply trying to survive this madness and go back to his office in one piece, both physically and mentally, because what the heck Scamander, that’s a fucking nundu, dude
  • Grindel!Graves climbing fast back and trying to close the cursed suitcase by sitting on it, or jumping
  • He wipes his sweaty forehead, a dumb smile on his lips
  • FINALLY, he thinks triumphantly
  • but then remembers and his face drops
  • the obscurus is still in the case
  • Grindel!Graves vs Newt’s case ROUND 2

@firebyfire what if Grindel!Graves decides to pretend he’s one of the good guys and doesn’t sentence anyone to death. He helps them find Newt’s creatures and even finds a job for Newt in MACUSA. Then Newt proves he’s more intelligent than Grindelwald originally thought and that he’s more powerful (he finds out about Newt’s time in the war with dragons) and quickly Newt turns into one of the most interesting wizards Grindelwald has had the pleasure to meet.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is that Grindelwald is a very possessive man when it comes to things that are his. And Newt Scamander is definitely his and his only.

Newt likes him, yes. But he likes Grindel!Graves, he smiles at Graves’ face and touches a shoulder that’s not Grindelwald’s. And he hates it.

He doesn’t mind that the rest of MACUSA thinks and cares about Graves, but with Newt is different. Grindelwald wants desperately to hear his own name coming from the other wizard’s lips.

It’s not fair. He’s the one making Newt smile and laugh and the man thinks is fucking Percival Graves.

But he has a plan and he needs to stick to it. He can’t just reveal himself before Newt and tell him the truth, can he?

Grindelwald is normally a patient man and there’s no much time left before he finds the obscurus and flees from New York with it and Newt. Then he can show Newt his true identity and his Newt will like him even more than he likes fucking Graves.

Newt will be his completely, it’ll be only Grindelwald’s name the one coming from Newt’s sweet lips.

Then Newt will help him, he’ll understand and accept Grindelwald’s plan.

And even if he doesn’t understand at first he’ll do it eventually. Because Grindelwald has decided he’ll keep Newt by side whether he likes it or not.

Because Newt was born to be his and his only.

“I’ll give you everything, Credence.”

Takes place post-movie, Real!Percival and Credence take off into hiding where no albino dark lords or overbearing governments can break what little peace they’ve managed to rebuild together. “We can’t go back for nothing, take what you need and say your goodbyes.” 

Check out the artists featured, please give them some love! @dlcaaa @dibeediboop​​ @rikuta​​ @lightningstrikes-art @chickenryo @nammmfah

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Further info/sources can be found under the cut ouo)b

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anonymous asked:

omg so i just had an idea... a boggart finds it's way into reader's closet or something and you've been teaching Credence about magic but haven't talked to him about boggarts yet... do u have headcanons about how that would play out? would it be mary lou or something else?

i can come up with some, babe :-)

  • it would either be mary lou or grindel!graves, the woman who tormented him for much of his life or the man who betrayed him
  • if it’s mary lou, i imagine he would have a breakdown–just kind of crying and apologizing
  • because he killed her, and he doesn’t know what the punishment for that will be
  • you have to cast the Riddikulus spell so that she wears a silly hat, which stuns credence for a moment as you shut her back into the closet
  • you spend a long time calming him down, telling him that it was a boggart and that she wasn’t real and can’t hurt him anymore
  • you haven’t lied to him before, so he believes you but you can tell he’s still shaken by the experience–it’s not often you literally have to face the ghosts in your closet
  • it takes him a while to go back to your room where the boggart was though because he wants absolutely nothing to do with seeing her ever again
  • and you can’t really blame him
  • if it’s grindel!graves, i imagine he gets suddenly very pissed off and loses a little bit of control of his obscurus
  • it takes him back to that moment when he was betrayed and left alone, and though he fears the man and his betrayal, ultimately his reaction is angry
  • you have to duck behind the bed to hide a little bit as his obscurus hurtles from him and kind of slithers across the room
  • you talk to him from there, telling him about boggarts and the magic they involve and eventually your voice soothes him down
  • he’s still angry because he doesn’t like remembering how he was betrayed, but he also knows he has started a new chapter of his life
  • one where his friends don’t betray him–and where his friends are actually his friends

anonymous asked:

Okay I have 2 important questions, 1), do you think Original!Percival Graves must be a somewhat aloof and stylish dear and 2) you ship Gravender? ?cause that would be absolutely awesome

Those are all EXCELLENT questions and thank you for giving me an excuse to gush about Percival Graves. 

1) I feel like the Original!Graves would be aloof and distant, which is why nobody could really tell he was replaced. His underlings are probably too scared/intimidated by him to really notice if there are some changes in his behavior. I feel like Tina would be the closest and therefore more likely to notice anything hinky going on, and that’s why Grindel!graves sent her away.

As for style, hot damn that guy can dress. Idk if he just have a good sense and therefore everything he puts on (just to look clean & professional) SOMEHOW manages to look like he stepped out of an Armani runway. Or maybe he knows that dressing sharp is the first step of intimidation, so he kinda don his suit and coat (that coat tho unf) like an armor.

Alternatively though I thought it would be hilarious if he’s actually pretty hopeless at dressing himself so MACUSA just hired a stylist so their director doesn’t look like he’s trying to dress himself drunk 😂 

Lol imagine if Graves actually have poor taste in clothes so when Grindewald impersonated him he took one look at Percy’s wardrobe and burned everything. Everyone noticed that their director suddenly dressed all nice and stylish but they just assumed he found a lover.

2) I do ship Gravender (Gramander? Grewt? I usually call it Gramander but idk what’s the ’’’official’’’ ship name) and I SHIP IT LIKE NUTS. LIKE OK they probably never met but the pOTENTIAL tho. I just. I really like ships that are opposites. Give me confident/flirty Graves and shy Newt. Give me stoically competent director Graves and adorably clumsy Newt. Give me ruthless/morally ambiguous Graves and kind & loyal Hufflepuff Newt. Give me straitlaced and ‘rules are rules’ Director Graves and rebellious ‘yes I know it’s technically highly illegal but those poor creatures ;_;’ Newt. 

Newt just feels SO MUCH and he’s really highly nurturing and empathic, and with Graves I feel like they would complete each other. You know what I need? I need Hades & Persephone Gramender AU. There. I said it. 

OH AND ALSO let’s not forget the potential drama with Theseus because I LOVE all the overprotective big brother headcanons. I imagine Newt a gentle sweet soul like he is and his big brother is just. I HAVE TO PROTECT THIS CINNAMON ROLL. 

It seems like it’s canon that Theseus have been corresponding with Graves so imagine when he found out that they’re together because GRAVES I ASKED YOU TO PROTECT MY CINNAMON ROLL AND YOU FUCKING WENT AND ATE IT INSTEAD.

Meanwhile Tina & the gang just start taking bets about who would win the duel.

Also I feel like Credence would look up to Graves like a father figure (I don’t ship Gradence though, sorry) and now he also has a mother figure ;_; GOSH give me Graves adopting Credence and not sure how to take care of his new smol son. Enter Newt who is basically an ultimate mommy. Imagine Newt slowly introducing Credence to the magical world in small steps, starting from the magical beasts in his suitcase. Imagine Newt, being self learned in magic (I imagine he was, because he was expelled from Hogwarts) starting to teach Credence magic, taking him to get his first wand and everything ;_;

Help I’ve fallen for this ship and I can’t get up.