grinded nug

Here’s a little demo video for you guys that have been asking what is rosin and how it is made! Rosin can be achieved several ways, if you’re broke then starting with a hair straighter is always nice. If you can afford the higher end presses for maximum yield I would highly suggest @rosinbomb on Instagram or if y'all wanna peep their site! Their presses are god sent because not only do you not need any air compressors for it, it’s also extremely silent and doesn’t weigh over 60 pounds! Meaning you can easily bring it where ever you go and you do your squishing silently! Pouches are not required for pressing but they do help a lot with catching any flower particles that may usually end up in your rosin. First you break up your nugs into small pieces, not extremely small (do not grind your nugs either) a dime is a good reference to go off of how large your flower pieces should be (remove all stems from flower) Next you put all your broken up flower into your pouch, make sure you push all the flower to the bottom! If the corners are not packed then your rosin will not squish out all the way from the pouches, make sure the top of the pouch isn’t overflowing since you don’t flower particles in your rosin! Also make sure your pouch isn’t packed TOO tight or TOO loose- I feel like this is the hardest part for me. Get two square pieces of parchment paper, lay one down in the press and put your pouch in and make sure it’s aligned to where the actual ram lays, place your other parchment paper on top and squish away! I usually squish around 205-230 depending on how much I’m squishing and the quality of the flower!! If you guys want an in depth video showing everything I talked about above please just let me know 💞 don’t forget you can save 5% on your press as well as receive some free goodies to get you started with my code “shatterkitty” on their site