jackpo21  asked:

What are your top ten duels you wish we had in Arc-V and why we you think we should have gotten them?

Sorry for the incredibly late answer, but you got at a time where I was too busy to do anything more than answer simple questions or do reblogs ^^’

As for the Top 10 duels that we should have gotten and why… dunno if I will fill the 10 spots, because I was happy with most of the duels happening in Arc V, also I feel I will be cheating because lots of them involve the Bracelet Girls dueling :P

10 .- Serena vs Yuri

People say I’m complicated or whatevs, many times though I’m just simple, and truth is I hungered for a duel between them since Yuri mentioned he had wanted to duel Serena for her abbility :P

9.- Serena vs. Obelisk Force and/or Barrett

Really anything alternative to the nerve gas bullshit would have been better but Serena dueling against her captors or facing a seasoned warrior like Barret? Sign me the fuck up for it!

8.- Yuya vs. Yugo

Yeah ok I know that them dueling would have ended in one absorbing the other, but really a duel between the two would have been so damn awesome with their hammies personalities.

7.- Dennis vs. Asuka

I will repeat this until I’m out of breath but Dennis dueling Asuka would have resonated much more in their quality of traitor vs. defector and Asuka representing all the things Dennis was too much of a coward to do, compared to him and Kaito dueling because um,., they’re both Yusho’s students was weak -_-

6.- Sora vs. Yuzu

Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved their tag  duel against the Security, and their relatonship is still one of my favorites in the series, but can you imagine how much more epic their conversation would have been if they had been dueling? IDK I’m kinda of a sucker for teacher vs student duels

5.- Yugo vs Yuri

Yep, this duel only makes it to the half of the list, because even though they were amusing together, I honestly don’t think I felt like watching a whole duel of Yuri taunting Yugo and him overracting to it.

4.- Serena vs. Yuzu

Take your pick, either their first meeting, them in he FC or even Yuzu trying to kick some sense into brainwahed!Serena would have made me happy

3.- Ray vs Reiji

Pretty much anything involving Ray dueing by using Reira as a proxy or host rubs me the wrong way, no matter how much I like Reira so yeah I would have really liked to see Reiji  dueling Ray because yay! Sibling angst and all that

2.- Serena vs Yuya

Godammit, Serena was a Lancer too, the one gripe I have on Yuya’s trials was that Serena was deprived from challenging Yuya on her own.


Do I really need to say it?!