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What about a drabble where you're on the bus, trying not to wake everyone up and josh is trying to get you to moan on purpose?? Like is that too detailed to do a drabble with? Haha

drabble #4

Josh has you pinned down in his bunk, both of you fully clothed, as his knee is forced between your legs and grinding it against your core; his mouth is attached to your neck, leaving bites and kisses to make you moan. You thread your fingers through his hair, holding his head in place when he found your weak spot on your neck that always made you moan.

“Keep it down, babe,” he mutters. “You’re gonna wake everyone up with that mouth of yours.”

“It’s your mouth that’s causing it,” you whisper. He chuckles as he grabs hold of your thigh, pulling it up to his hip so he continue to rub his knee against you. You slip your hands into the back pockets of his jeans to help him grind himself against you. When you feel his erection rubbing against your thigh, you groan louder than you intended, which causes Josh to lean back and look down into your eyes.

“You can’t help yourself, can you?” he whispers. “You’ve gotta get loud.”

“Shut up,” you respond. He sits back enough in the confined space of the bunk, yanking your shorts and panties off of your legs. He pushes your legs apart so he can kneel back between them, bracing himself above you again, face hovering in front of yours.

“You’re mouthy tonight, huh?” he whispers, tracing his fingers over your folds to make you shiver. “Now you’re gonna get it.”

“Josh, you’re gonna–” You stop short, letting out a loud gasp when his fingers begin to circle your clit; you bite your lip, trying not to let out a sound. You glare at Josh, knowing exactly what he was trying to do.

“What is it, baby?” he mumbles. You shake your head, refusing to speak to him as he rubs your clit faster. “No?” he asks, sticking his bottom lip out. “What’s wrong?”

“Fuck you,” you mumble.

“If we do that, you’ll be screaming for me,” he chuckles. His fingers slip inside you, his thumb working your clit; you moan out, clasping your hand over your mouth. “Uh-oh,” he whispers. “Better be quiet. I think I hear someone waking up.” Josh snatches your hand away from your mouth, pinning your arm down.

“Josh, I swear–” Your words escape you as you let out a much louder moan when Josh thrusts his fingers into you harshly.

“You gonna come?” he asks, kissing your neck.

“Oh, my God, just fucking do it so we can all get some sleep!” Tyler’s voice rings out from his bunk across from Josh’s. You glare at Josh once again, who is trying not to laugh as he answers his friend.

“Sorry, bro,” Josh calls out. “She’s really close, so it won’t be much longer.” Josh fingers you faster, and you feel your climax approaching; you still try to muffle your moans, but you can’t contain them, so you let them go.

When your climax hits you, you moan out loudly, pulling Josh in for a kiss. Once you come down from your high, Josh smirks, sucking the taste of you off his fingers before kissing you once again.

“I’m glad you’re satisfied,” Tyler yells out. “Because now I’ve got a boner.”

Avengers Preference: How they are in bed


Clint: Arrogant and cocky, in the fullest sense of the word, this man had memorized the curves of your body and knows just how to manipulate them to wind you up. Teasing and taunting are his weapons of choice once he sets his sights on you as his next target.

Pietro: He’s greedy little bastard. Pietro has to drag his name from your lips whether it be in the form of a plea or a curse. He’ll hold back at first, his fingers offering only the faintest of brushes, his hips grinding into your core with far too little friction. Then, his speed will come in handy as he begins to moan your name too.

Steve: You don’t use the name “Captain” in the bedroom for nothing, Steve has to have his hands all over you while grunting orders as you move together. He’s rough, taking both of your minds off the harshness of the world by taking utmost control of your pleasure and ensuring that nothing else will matter as you come.

T’challa: He has more passion behind those earth brown eyes than one country can contain. T’challa brings all the heat from the jungle and more into the bedroom. The Black Panther suit may aid him in the field, but he proves even more of a force when completely stripped of clothing.

Tony:  L.o.u.d. He loves everyone to know exactly what’s going on behind closed doors. He has no restraints when he’s in such a state of bliss and likes to drag you along as well, prodding screams and savage cursing from your lips with a smirk on his lips all the while.

Scott: Rose petals, scented candles, and even a bottle of wine at the ready. He makes sure that you are comfortable before venturing beneath the sheets, and the gentlemanly ways don’t stop there. While laying claiming every inch of your body, he never fails to make you feel like a proper lady.

Thor: He is always mindful of your smaller body, but never will he treat you like glass. With that loving twinkle in eyes that mirror the sky, he will wrap you up in his powerful arms while you grind down onto him.

Bucky: Bucky is just in awe the entire time. He lays back breathless and wordless, blue eyes wide in disbelief while you shower him with much needed affection. His hands worship over your body, praising you for the goddess you are.

Sam: Witty jokes will always keep you smiling in the bedroom. While his flirtatious nature is often overwhelming in the best sense, he will never fail to make sure everything he does is exactly to you liking. 

elitist metalheads
  • what they think they sound like: *very educated on the history and subgenres of metal, seem impressive and intelligent*
  • what they actually sound like: lmao u listen to [insert random subgenre here]?? lmaooo poserrerr thats not even REAL METAL lol are u 12 REAL METALHEADS like ME only listen to dark blackened black extreme technical progrssive super grind porn core shit brutal stuff death heavy stone dog diddly doodly penis metal but i bet you dont even know what that is because its super underground and a POSER like YOU could never know that loool poser
Preference #21: Morning Sex

Preference #21 Morning Sex

A/N: dirty!! smut warning! So enjoy my horny readers ;)

Niall: His hot breath across your neck woke you from a dead sleep. His boner apparent against your ass. “Mornin Princess” his thick Irish accent buzzed in your ear as you stirred.
“Morning Nialler” you let out a groan as he attaches his lips to your neck a hand wrapped around your waist “Someone think they’re gonna get some?” you ask smirking to yourself.
“Mmm yeah baby girl, you” he sits up and pushes you on your back “I had the best dream baby” he kisses you and moans in your mouth, his breath heavy.
He starts grinding into you, your core getting wetter by the minute. He sucks on that sweet spot he can find so easily and you let out a girly whimper making him moan into your neck “Fuck princess you like that?”
“Yes Niall, holy shit I want you so bad baby” You look into his eyes that are hooded from sleep and dark from lust, “ Fuck me already.”
“Your wish is my command baby girl” He smirks and reaches over grabbing a condom from the bedside table pulling it over his hard dick. He pulls off your panties moaning low at how wet your folds are “you’re such a naughty girl, what made you this wet” his calloused thumb moves over your folds pressing into your clit
“Y-you did Niall, its all for you” you prop yourself up onto your elbows and he moves over you. With one thrust he’s inside of you and you moan, your body moving with his.
His moans grow louder as he makes love to you, He cups your face stroking your cheek “I love you so much baby girl”
you whimper at his words “ I love you too” He kisses you and starts making out with you getting closer to his orgasm, his thrusts sloppy and hard “Im c-close Niall fuck” your body goes limp in his arms as your orgasm takes over, his quickly coming after. You lie with him, panting and out of breath.
“So who’s making dinner?” he asks earning a smack on the arm from you.

Harry: You joined harry on their US tour for a while, having that you were off school for the summer and you wanted to see your boyfriend. You were cuddled up under his arm fast asleep after having a late night at the show. The way he moved on stage turned you on, and you just happened to be having a dream about the way he moved for you on stage. Harry is stirred awake by your soft moans and your body moving against him. He smirks and strokes your cheek kissing your forehead waking you up “Haz..I”
He cuts you off “Shh baby i know Hazza is gonna take care of you now” his long fingers move into your panties going to work on your clit.
“H-Harry” you moan out his name your fingernails digging into the tattoos on his hips. You were so turned on by this, half asleep and being pleasured by your boyfriend couldn’t have been better.
“God Y/N you’re so wet for me…” he whispers and moves a few stray hairs out of your face.  You kiss his lips hard bucking your hips into his hand leaning into him, giving him your body as much as you could.
“Harry fuck, i wanna cum” you grab his hard dick through his boxers and he lets out a throaty moan as you stroke him hard.
Harry quickly pushes one finger into you moving it in circles making you throw your head back in pleasure, he was always so good at this, cheeky bastard. You continued like this, sharing passionate, lust-filled kisses before your orgasm took over your body. Harry held you close as your back arched and you came in his hand, his cum spurting out of his tip a few minutes later.  

Louis: You were Lottie’s close friend, Louis invited Lottie, her boyfriend and yourself out to a club. Of course you were ecstatic, Louis was smoking hot, you really liked him and you had the idea he liked you too. Before Louis and Lottie you were never much for a club scene alcohol having a less than attractive effect on you, but that wasn’t going to stop you from having some fun. It was about 3:00 am and you were practically passed out on a sofa in the VIP area
Lottie rushes over to Louis “Y/N is passed out on a sofa we need to get her out of here”
Louis is shocked “Did anyone give her a drink? c’mon lets go get her” lottie leads him to you and He sits next to you rubbing your side “Lets get you out the back love I’ll help you”
You can barely understand him, your head in a cloud “Someone gave me something, i shouldn’t have taken it” you clutch onto him for dear life and it takes all Louis has to not lock down the club and find who did it
“Shh love i gotcha its ok,” he turns to security “Get the car in the back of the club, no paps at all” you feel him pick you up and rub your back, passing out as you get in the back of the SUV. He gets you to where your staying and tucks you into bed, sleeping next to you to keep you comfortable.
Louis liked you, he wanted you to be safe and he felt terrible you were drugged last night “Poor thing” he mumbles in the morning stroking your cheek. You stir and wake up, hungover and turned on at the oldest Tomlinson next to you.
“Louis, Morning…” you whisper and sit up a bit your faces just centimeters from each other. Before you knew it you were both naked and he was inside you “Ive always wanted this louis” you say as you ride him, your hips rocking back and forth.
“Me too babe me too” He kisses you giving you his all, wanting you to be his.

Liam: After a long day at the studio, Liam always loved cuddling and watching Harry Potter or Toy Story until you both fell asleep on the sofa. The front door to your house opened and Watson, the not so little puppy that you and Liam shared running to the door “theres my big puppy” he pets Watson’s head and kisses it
“What about me babe?” you chuckle and Liam turns to you looking like an actual heart eye emoji.
“Theres the Mrs!” He walks up to you giving you a kiss and hugging you “Soooo Toy Story? Im in the mood for a good Pixar movie” he smiles at you and takes your hand leading you over to the large sofa, letting you sit in between his legs and gets the movie started. About an hour into the second movie you and Liam are both asleep. You wake up around 8:00am when the sun comes up, and Liam is kissing your neck “Baby… Daddy needs you”

“Fuck Liam… again” you smirk “i want you so bad” he practically throws you across the sofa so he can start undressing you doing the same 

“Lets try not to break the sofa again ok?” he chuckles and kisses you sliding into you with ease. You moan and kiss him hard as he fucks you “god Liam you’re so huge.. i love your dick” 

“Yeah baby? you wanna cum all over my cock princess?” he grunts and thrusts into you harder getting closer to his own orgasm
“Yes daddy yes fuck me” you scream out his name as your orgasm takes over and you squirt all over his cock and the floor.
“Fuck baby.. gotta have morning sex more often” He smirks and pumps himself cumming all over your stomach.


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the signs while clubbing

Aries - only goes because their friends want them to. gets tipsy, never drunk. skeptical of the place at first but as soon as you get a drink in them they liven up and are common to the phrase, “I haven’t even drank THAT much!”

Taurus - chugs beer, is a sleepy drunk and ends up falling asleep in a random selection of places.

Gemini - prefers house parties with friends. gets even funnier when tipsy, probably the one you see everyone snap chatting because of how hilarious they are.

Cancer - the one to be hyped up by there friends only to get there, freak out, be forced into taking at least one shot and get drunk off simply one.

Leo - is the one everyone is trying to get with as well as they are the one flirting with everyone.  is the life of the party.

Virgo - the one trying to have conversations over the loud music, simultaneously grinding hard core.

Libra - super happy and having the time of their life. also taking care of there friends at the beginning trying to make sure they are okay, but eventually stop caring and just want to enjoy the moment.

Scorpio - the bad ass sitting at the bar. people are afraid of them but want to impress them. very seductive towards people who approach.

Sagittarius - crazy on the dance floor, constantly pulling friends over to dance with them, is known for saying things like, “OMG! I LOOOVEE THIS SONG!”

Capricorn - drinks rum, watches all the action go down in front of them, judging, thinking about how they are so much more mature than them.

Aquarius - high af, and talking about all the deep shit in life, so .. not that different from their normal state.

Pisces - the one in the corner smoking weed. probably already fell in love twice and cried thrice.