grind the bros

💪Shoplifting😫🛍 Protip 💵

Step 1: go to ur local Walmrt

Step 2: go to th sports + outdoors aisle

Step 3: locate the weights

Step 4: pick them all up one by one

Step 5: put them all back (one by one)

Step 6: leave the store

Step 7: never come back




I know most people really don’t work on their spreads this far in advance but I’m just ready to grind bro 😤💯😈💪🏾 also my trash first attempt at a flat lay el o el  

🎶 Blackbear-do re mi

(my vibe spotify playlist)

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taejin is purely platonic :)

of course!! you’re right!! taejin are sooooo platonic!! silly me thinking they were romantic lol what an idiot :))))

the way tae is looking at jin here is super platonic :)

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nothing like 2 bros grinding on each other :)))

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friends 4ever :)

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bestest bros :)

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i love friendship :)

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buddies :)

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nothing like friendly back massages between friends :)

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friends sleeping together :)

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pals :)

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and last but not least who could forget the most platonic performance known to man :))))))

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chris lee: hey dude bro suho my man my brother from my another mother my gym brother 💪 PUSSY am i right 😛👅 never stop grinding 💪 come on man ! my bro #suho #kim #junmyeon from #exo my famous brother 😂🔥lets go out to eat but as BROTHERS cause im not into that! 😂🏳️‍🌈like u and ur other brothas 👀✋️protein shakes dude 🥛💪 #exo #suho #LAbros
suho: please dont hurt me

The Promise 2

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I was really in the mood for a hurt/comfort fic.  So … I started writing one.  Maybe I’ll  finish it? 

Summary: Sometimes we survive on determination alone.

Underswap brothers angst and fluffiness.

He had stayed.  He surprised everyone by surviving through sheer determination.  Maybe it had been his brother’s promise to him, or, maybe that was just the way he was.

Whatever the reason, Papyrus was thankful that Sans was with him.


His baby brother had been named that because they hadn’t expected him to live, so, he was sans a name.

Papyrus had groaned loudly and repeatedly when he had been told.  They had the weirdest and most inappropriate sense of humor sometimes. The fact that this eventually had become his own sense of humor was just ironic.

Being one that was not bothered by his name, Sans soon made his preferences clear.  Papyrus became the only one that could administer medicine to him or, calm him down during his sick periods, of which there were many in his early years.  The older skeleton had become an expert at spotting the early signs of a bad time for Sans, and knew exactly when to coax him to bed before things got worse.   It helped that in turn, Sans became his shadow and attentive – for lack of a better word – minion.   During the good times, they both enjoyed playing pranks on other monsters, cookie raids and general mischief.   Sans would pretty much do anything Papyrus suggested they do. Gladly.  

With time, however, Sans grew stronger and more independent.  While Papyrus was glad for this since it meant that his little brother had overcome his weaknesses and didn’t get sick as often; he couldn’t deny a bit of sadness that he wasn’t his little “minion” anymore.

He never knew where Sans got it from, but he also developed a leaning towards being more responsible and “by the book”.  This seemed to come out of nowhere. Although, he suspected the adventure books they read together, where the hero was always portrayed as a righteous individual. But who knew….

His brother certainly didn’t pick up those habits from Them.

In the end, it didn’t matter.  Their dynamic may had changed over time but the important parts had stayed the same. They had and looked out for each other.

They were the only constant in their lives they had left.

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Whiskey Tango Smile

bowtotheglowcloud: okay for prompts, how about the team get’s used to not needing to figure stuff out on their own since tango always asks the questions for them. except whiskey was caught with a hickey and now everyone is trying to Sherlock Holmes who gave it to him and Tango is nowhere to be found.Turns out that the team’s natural state is oblivious.

“Yo, not to be rude, but what is this, exactly?” Ransom says as the entire team looks down at the slices of pie in front of them. Bitty’s been trying new recipes lately, and though most of them have been delicious, none of them can figure out what this filling is for the life of them.

“It’s like mystery meat in the cafeteria all over again,” Holster grumbles as he pokes at his pie with his fork.

“Shut up, he’s coming back from the kitchen,” Nursey hisses.

“For real, I’m not eating this until I know what it is,” Dex says.

“Oh, I’ll ask Bitty what it is!” Tango volunteers happily, and Whiskey allows himself a small smile. 

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it sounds like the whole cul-de-sac slowly finds out Damien (and Lucien) are werewolves and just roll with it. I bet Craig would wanna go on runs with Damien in his wolf form though, for the grind bro

Oh of course. And if anyone outside of the cul-de-sac got suspicious they would all have ready-made excuses to protect the Bloodmarches

“what are these huge slashes on the side of my car??”
“coyotes get real big out here”

“theres a wolf in the woods!!”
“nah thats just craig’s new dog, the lil fella is shy”

If at first you don’t succeed try again.🔥 Practice makes perfect brahs.💯
🔹Shot by @amanlexidor 👈🏽📸 One of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. Keep grinding bro, thanks for everything.🙏🏽💯

ziam, the platonic dude pal bros, pt 2.

(bc these are ridiciously fun to make.)

part 1 (x)

when you lovingly whisper brave abt your platonic bro pal when it wasn’t even your turn to describe,,,j ust brO things!!! hah no homo

when u look at your bro pal like you’ve been in a desert for 2 weeks and hes the first glass of water you see, haha bro-thirst

when you and your bro pal look at a computer and accidently look like a married couple looking for a new house. #brosbands #bromarriage

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Season 1 Episode 6: Optic House

CaptainSparklez = Jordan

TheOpTicNaDeSHoT = Matt

TheOpTicH3CZ = Hector

Transcript below; dialogue under readmore

Intro (ends at 0:40) (Jordan speaking)

Um, so yeah. I haven’t been on in a little while since I was at Vidcon, but ah, it looks like, it looks like nothing’s been tampered with any further. I-I still have all my stuff; it’s in the chests and whatnot. Um, I’m on teamspeak currently with a couple of Optic dudes. Opticnadeshot and OpticHex, who I have ah, known, known for quite a while. Um, haven’t been in any videos with them though so that will be new I suppose and uh… ye, why don’t we, why don’t we jump back into to teamspeak and get things rolling? I think they’re, uh, they’re working on the mine cart network, which I still do need to finish up by making some booster tracks, so ye, let’s do dat. Let me uh, go back into teamspeak //Unmutes Teamspeak//

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Okay! I have decided on my request. I imagine dear Frisk has a looot of PTSD after everything they've been through, and I would love to see your take on how they deal with/experience it (you did a fantastic job with illustrating mental illness in FiNaGLC). I would like to add maybe a request tp have some fluff (or sad) time between Frisk and the skelebros (I love my skelebabies). You're amazing for taking on this challenge, by the way. Actually you're just amazing in general.

Here you go!

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All That Jazz

This was inspired by the new piece of art you just put up.  It’s rather a bit long, so whoops on that, but I hope you like it! ^^;


“Is there a reason you’re wearing my gloves?”

“Same reason you’re stretching out my suspenders.”

“Eat more, skinny fucker.”

“Fuck you.”

D found himself pinned against the wall, Bro’s heavy body pinning him in place, knee between D’s thighs strong hands pinning D’s glove-clad hands to the wall.  Bro leered at him over his shades, and D barely suppressed a shiver.  Bro, already built and strong, looked even fiercer than usual.  They’d all decided to dress up today, no reason, they were just home and it was fun, and with the hat, the suspenders and pants, Bro looked like a 1800’s chimney sweep, but the kind that would clean your chimney by punching the bricks until the ash ran away in sheer terror.

D’s look was a bit more contemporary with a scarf, a trilby (Not a fedora, dammit) and Bro’s fingerless gloves.  Like Bro, D had gone shirtless, but, as Bro continued to point out, D was skinnier than his brother, so he ended up looking more graceful than powerful.  Which was fine until it turned out to be true, goddammit. 

“More like fuck you, like the two-dollar whore ya are, until ya scream and beg and then until ya can’t even do that anymore.”

D squirmed and whimpered, fuck, it wasn’t FAIR that his brothers knew his weaknesses and pushed his buttons until he came apart at the seams, came in his pants, and at this rate, he was going to do exactly that, grinding into Bro’s knee while Bro continued to articulate exactly how much of a whore D was and the uses Bro had for a whore like him.

"Dammit Dave, OW!  I’m not you!”

Saved by the twins.

“The fuck’re y’all doin’ in there?” demanded Bro over his shoulder as D unsuccessfully tried to climb over Bro’s knee and escape.

“We’re almost done!”

“Dave, this is too tight!”

Bro made an annoyed sound, because they actually had to investigate now that the twins were bickering.  This was supposed to be fun, not a giant fight.  Bro released D and the pair went to see what was up.

The twins had gone full showgirl with heels, elbow-length gloves, stockings, garterbelts with flowing, skirty backs, and corsets.  Dave was currently trying to lace Dirk into his, and from the bickering, he was tying it too tightly for Dirk’s enjoyment.

Bro and D exchanged a look, then Bro bodily scooped up Dave, to screeching protests, while D loosened Dirk’s corset, adjusting it so that it was on tightly enough to stay, but not so tightly that Dirk couldn’t breathe, which was generally the problem with corsets.  Dirk did look awful nice in this corset, though.  It gave him a waist, and D couldn’t help but caress Dirk’s sides, which made Dirk’s shoulder’s subtly relax.

“Thanks, D.”

“No problem.  You saved me from Bro, it’s the least I could do.”

Dirk gave D a look over his shoulder, and D suddenly knew that he’d hopped out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.  He couldn’t wait.