grind machine

You have to be willing to work. I mean, really work your ass off, not work like you do in the job you hate and not work where you think you’ll get away with slacking off. It is called the grind for a reason, machines don’t stop until the outcome is reached. Goals are not easy to accomplish, they are going to take it out of you, but when you reach them, there is one hell of a view.

Grind by Amy Kennedy


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The Laundry Fic

Pairing: Amazing Phil & Daniel Howell (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut, Head-cannon?

Word Count: 1800

Inspired by:  So we all know from Dan’s latest video that he spent his early years of Uni travelling down to Phil’s flat to do ‘laundry’. Here’s that fic. (Despite the title, I promise it’s not one of those fics). 

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Facade (Yoongi)

Angst/Fluff/Suggestive Smut (I think?)
Badboy AU
8072 Words of pure garbage

Summary: Yoongi was nothing more than her cocky, sarcastic, and alluring regular that she had a crush on. When he finally asks her out on a date, she finds out that Min Yoongi is more than what he seems as she is thrown into a world she never thought she would be apart of. 

The chimes ring signaling that someone had entered the café. She glanced up from the pile of garbage she was sweeping to the clock hanging on the wall, it read 6:57 and she knew exactly who it was.

“Pretty quiet today huh?” his deep voice chuckled. “Well you obviously can’t read because the sign on our door says closed.” She rolled her eyes turning around to face him. He gave her a sly grin before leaning against the counter, “Actually it says you close at 7, which means you’re still opened for 3 more minutes. Should your manager be concerned that you close up shop earlier than you’re supposed to?” and as much as her face showed displeasure for his presence, she secretly looked forward to seeing him almost every night. “My manager should be concerned but not for that reason,” she sighed getting out the ingredients for his drink, “the usual again?” 

He winked and stifled a laugh when he saw her face slowly turn pink.

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The Adventure Zone: Ep. 4

I’ve already touched on Merle’s diabetes from ep 1-2; so skipping to ep 4

The scene where Taako lands an excellent on the grinder and Magnus “turns to taako with mouth agape like “UHhUhh?” 

I see as the beginning of Taako’s true nature coming out. He is playing this sort of “dumb wizard” thing no doubt for self preservation, let the other guys get hurt and he just stands back and reaps the riches they find (or loot). This is probably the first time Taako does something that exercises his true power. It is a decisive and powerful move. The way the scene is described is Taako was just inches away from being grabbed so he’s probably standing perfectly still and tall as he blasts this grinder with a thunderwave.   

I think its a defining moment in the way it is the first peek we get to Taako’s character transition from playing dumb to actually being a character who honestly lands the “finishing” move in a couple of the battles, including the end all-be all boss battle at the end of the entire campaign. 

Putting Taako’s moment aside, given the memory wipeage I like that this is probably Magnus’s first real look at how dangerous Magic is. He’s looking at Taako who he probably saw as this slight, sneaky, dimwitted dude blast this large, metal grinding machine back against the wall without moving. The stupefied look on his face could also be a little bit of fear that magic is a lot more intense than his human fighter mentality can really grasp. This is where I like to think Magnus starts realizing he really needs to get “creative” in battle to be of use when his magic friends can’t rely on their spells. Thus the story of Magnus doing crazy fighting stunts begins. 

That and magic is cool and Mango wants to be cool too. 

Humans are Confusing and Terrifying: Man v. Man

Imagine having to explain that the thing humans hate most, even more than aliens, are other humans. That, despite us being incredibly social in our own circles, we will be exclusionary or outright hostile, up to and including committing injury or death to other humans, whether justified or not.


Grand Councillor Ghûnzhiin sat at the desk in his office, reviewing the devastation of the Human colony on [UY Scuti Secundus]. His palps were flitting about in distress, his claws quivering and shaking in disgust and revulsion. He set to work typing his manifesto on the [UY Scuti Secundus] Massacre, and on the decision to remove Humanity from the Federation.

He knew humans were… unique, to understate the past century. He knew them to be downright deadly, if not genocidal, after they glassed the homeworld of the Thanatari at the conclusion of the Thanatari Wars. In the effort to rebuild the galaxy after that dreaded conflict, he became known to humanity’s own self-hatred, and the true extent of their depravity so willingly shown to their own numbers.

Many humans, those he found to be the wisest and most agreeable (and were conversely, much to his surprise and terror, those who spilt the most blood in the Wars) were regretful of their actions, and sought to bring peace where they once sowed death, destruction, and decay. They abhorred what had to be done, but did it nonetheless. But where those humans grew old, withered, and died, a new generation sprang forth, who were seemingly conflicted. New factions rose from these bold younglings; those who were influenced by their wiser ancestors, who sought peace, and then there were those who viewed the Human War Machine grinding a literal path through the stars as a mark of their supremacy and triumph, and saw the gory scar left on history as something to be celebrated… And enforced.

These atrocious counter- culture younglings, full of xenophobic bile and speciesist supremacy, formed their own factions and went on to scrap for the top. One of the key systems that this conflict, now turned full civil war, was [UY Scuti Secundus]. Whole families of ‘bug-friends’ were put to the sword and gun. Hundreds were crucified and flayed. Weapons and methods banned by countless conventions were used to commit unspeakable horrors. Around 5 billion souls were lost in civilian casualties on [UY Scuti Secundus Theta] alone. 30 million more were lost in the system-wide battle.

“The humans are beyond barbarous. The only word apt enough to describe them only exists in their own guttural, disgusting language: Orc. They are petty. They are tribal, and in some degrees, racist to a degree I thought only seen shamefully in our own species. I thought the Thanatar to be the worst thing to grace the galaxy at large. It seems recent events have proven me wrong. To keep the humans in our Federation is to sow the seeds of our own ruin.

May sense win this day.”

The Councillor submitted his manifesto and primed his pistol. The last thing he saw as he drew his pistol to his head and fired was the Humanist Imperium Dreadnought, Rigel’s Fist, landing to declare their ownership of the planet.

Submission by @bartwelchii

anonymous asked:

Just as an example to the person complaining about pet prescription diets, my puppy is allergic to most meat proteins, and the food we have her on is put through a special machine that grinds the proteins up into molecules so tiny her immune system can't detect them, so she can actually eat her goddamn protein. Any other type of food we put her on gives her hemorrhagic gastroenteritis within a week. It's not "medicine", but that doesn't mean it's not life saving for her, or expensive to produce

Those diets typically have the protein source acid treated too. These diets are so far from ‘natural’ because they have to be for the patients they treat. And yes, these highly researched, highly refined diets are not always cheap to produce.

Have a Kevin of the Day - Day One

- The Day Kevin became a morning person

Day 1

Kandreil Verse 

Neil wakes up when he hears Andrew growling next to him. He inhales more deeply and stifles a yawn, eyes cracking open. He is greeted by Andrew’s face, half buried in his pillow in an attempt to block out some of the light and noise. The goalkeeper has been woken up by the noise coming from their kitchen –most likely Kevin, since his place on the kingsized bed is empty. The bedroom door is closed, but Andrew is still a light sleeper, even when it’s only the three of them in their apartment. He can’t help it, and Andrew waking up early usually wakes up Neil, since he is sleeping in the middle of the other two men. He has to; Andrew is always sleeping with his back to the wall and he doesn’t appreciate it when Kevin plays octopus-wants-to-cuddle in his sleep. They use Neil as their buffer zone –he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t move much in his sleep, never has, unless he has to deal with one of his nightmares, and by now Kevin’s strong arms and never-ending legs taking hold of him won’t wake him up all the way anymore.

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Talking comes in Handy

Read on Ao3

He knows he rambles when he’s hurt, he knows it’s annoying just till he knows his team is ok then he can ask for a hand.

He comes to with a gasp and a pained groan. Something was wrong, something was very very wrong.  “Whoo boy that was a rough landing am I right? But guess who stuck the landing, your ace pilot Lance” His heart is thudding in his chest, face sticky with what he knows isn’t sweat. And his arm… “Hold your applause, I know how good I am” He’s rambling but if he stops talking…

 “Hunk, hey buddy you good? C’mon let me hear your voice babe” 

“-ance.” Hunk’s voice crackles in his ear and he lets out a sigh of relief only to be cut short by a sharp pain. 

“There he is, Looks like i’m not the only Ace Pilot Pidge over here is probably on our heels isn’t that right Pidge.” There’s silence  and a cold fear cuts through him. 

“-hut up Lance.” His body goes boneless with relief “There she is, And Keith my main man how are you holding up?” “Shut the fuck up Lance”

 “Nice to hear your voice buddy. Now I know that you’re all ok, I really need help-” “Shiro’s hurt!”

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[SURPRISE] Coffee Heist (G)



Originally posted by cutiepatoodie

“One hot Vanilla Latte.”


“Grande, and to go please,” you heavily sigh, slumping against the counter once you hand over your ATM card over to the cashier. You hear the lady across from you let out a sympathetic murmur as she taps in your order into the register.

“It’s your fourth order from us this week,” the cashier observes as she tucks your card and receipt under your elbow, “Are you sure it’s healthy for you to be taking this much caffeine? This late at night at that?”

“At this point,” you groan with an exhausted yawn. “I don’t even care anymore.”

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Lafayette X Reader: Go To Sleep

Word Count: 669

Request: @imagineham Hey! Could I request a Lafayette fic with a female reader where the reader has been working hard and is neglecting her sleep so Laf just takes her computer off her and and carries her to bed? You guys are doing great so far!

Pronouns Used: The original ask was with She/Her, but I didn’t actually use any gender’specific pronouns in this one, so I’m going to mark it They/Them. 

Writer’s Note: I finished this almost 16 hours ago but I wanted to wait to post it until it was a less horrific time for the requestee to be receiving it. This was fun. I liked writing it. -Mod BJ

Your typing was the only sound in the silence of your apartment. The sounds of your fingers clacking your keyboard rang out in the stark eeriness of the world at 2 in the morning. You have been awake for nearly two days (46 hours and counting), surviving off the caffeine from your semi-hourly coffee that your boyfriend, Lafayette, makes for you when he has the chance. It wasn’t your fault that you were working so hard- your boss had asked for an article that you had known would drain you for the next week or so. You want to get this work off of your chest, so you have been working non-stop on finishing this article long before it needs to be submitted to the editor.

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