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Wormrot — Compulsive Disposition

anonymous asked:

Hello friend I am a sludge/grind/PV/crust gurl and I need music recommendations pls help!!!

I’ve only just seen this so sorry if this reply is really late!

Meth Drinker, Iron Lung, Ona Snop, Weekend Nachos, Charles Bronson, Antischism, Wormrot, Famine, Lugubrious Children, Crossed out, SPAZZ, Six Brew Bantha, Gets Worse, Dahmer, Full of Hell, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Apartment 213, Magnum Force, Rot, Drug Problem, Anti-Cimex, Deviated Instinct, Dystopia, Sleep, Man is the Bastard, EYEHATEGOD, Acid Bath, Infest, Magrudergrind, ACXDC, Despise You, Lack of Interest, Neanderthal, Assuck, Insect Warfare, Manhunt, Quill, Fluoride, Witch Cult, Sordo.

I was gonna put them all in order of genres but I’m so lazy so here’s a big ol’ list of rad bands!! <3 


Blockheads - This World is Dead


Wormrot - Scum Infestaion And Last Song


DOOM – Police Bastard