story time

i got roped into play overwatch comp with a bunch of dudebros and i’m telling you it was an experience

  • “where’s my mei in a bikini skin??”
  • “they should make roadhog an elf” “they should make roadhog santa. he’s got the belly for it” “does that make junkrat the grinch?”
  • “i have mercy’s witch skin and i want to show it off”
    • cue me yelling fight me into the mic because i’m the mercy main
    • “i have 26 more hours on mercy don’t even try” (he didn’t even back down what a douche)
  • “hanzo’s been skipping leg day”
  • “everything about torb is shit” “dude, his skins are great”
  • “symmetra is the worst character”
    • “she can do the damage of a dps” “yeah because her cannon is bullshit”
    • “you can get potgs pretty easily with symmetra” “yeah i’ve seen those on attack” “no you can get them on defend too” “really?” “yeah i have 17 hours on her” “seventeen why she’s the worst”
  • “they need a harambe skin for winston”
  • “it’s been eight minutes. sombra’s going to come out by the time we get into a game”
  • “i hate qp” “why? it’s only six bastions”
  • [wins a round in comp] “let’s go for something lighthearted” [switches to qp and gets steamrolled]
  • i, as mercy, get ten eliminations in a round
    • “ok wow you’re the pro mercy i’ll back off” “finally”
    • i killed the same bastion five times it was great
  • “that was really a [swear]”
  • “that reinhardt was really a [swear]”
  • “that [insert hero name] was really a [swear]”
  • this dude starts talking and he has the most redneck accent i’ve ever heard in my life
    • “i hate t’break it to ya, but i made a promise”
    • then he never specified what the promise was and left
    • turns out the promise was that he’d only play with his six-man comp team (specified the men part when he heard me on voice chat)
    • and then we went up against his team later and defeated them soundly
  • “we got this” “we definitely do not got this get on the point oh my god”
  • [other team has five players while we have six] “wow we sure are good when we have an advantage”
  • an entire discussion about how one of them wants mei to “put out my fires” and then i explain as a chinese female how awkward that is and pretty much shut this dude down
    • also one of the other dudes took my side on it and we both shut the other guy down and it was fabulous
    • not all dudebros are created equal, fam. a lesson to take to heart
  • someone who had a pretentious accent and spoke passable french was also there
    • he was a support main
    • he was a salty af support main and i think he and i will be friends in the future
    • his french was good enough for us to converse in french and leave our teammates in absolute confusion, which was cool
  • play on nepal. comp goes on for five rounds. win at the end because a person on the opponent’s team left
    • “wow we sure are good when we have an advantage”
    • at some point we used a three tank comp because we were desperate and it worked
    • also i was reinhardt and used firestrike and killed a pharah in midair
                     ( LUX: LIGHT / TENEBRIS: DARK )
❝ Creating an INTERMINABLE clash, these CODEPENDENT
forces forever EXIST within each INDIVIDUAL. ❞

 featuring muses from: mtv scream, teen wolf, star wars, reign, the hunger games, the secret circle, totally spies!, foster’s home for imaginary friends, rwby, kingdom hearts, american horror story, once upon a time, pretty little liars, sabrina the teenage witch, harry potter, nintendo, bioshock, the santa clause, how the grinch stole christmas, poltergeist, the chronicles of narnia, the addams family, hannibal rising, disney, shrek, and more! 

penned by  amanda

Uncharted Advent Calendar Prompts


- building snowmen (not just the classic kind)
- snowball fights
- sauna (and cooling off in snow)
- cozy cottage in a snowy forest
- skiing
- being snowed in
- shoveling snow
- power outage (cuddling by candle light)
- lazy sex in front of a fire
- cuddling on a couch or in bed while outside the snow is gently falling
- snow storm
- making snow angels
- wooly hats


- drinking eggnogg (or some other beverage)
- watching Christmas movies
- buying presents (finding nothing or the perfect present tm)
- buying a christmas tree (or cutting one down in the woods)
- anticipation
- mistle toes
- baking cookies (food fight? Baking gone wrong?)
- annoyed by the Christmas cheer (being the Grinch :p)
- Drunken Christmas caroling
- making a gingerbread house
- wearing ugly matching Christmas sweaters


- volunteering at a homeless shelter (or other charity thing) on Christmas
- Christmas alone/with the family/with the partner away
- unpacking presents (it’s… perfect!/awful!)
- making it home in time for christmas
- Santa Claus doesn’t really exist, right? (noises from the chimney)

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I forgot to post this earlier but last night I had this weird dream where blossom, bubbles and I (as in the blogs fyi) were all pissed and spiteful towards each other. Like blossom made a post and I made a bitter response to it and then she was all like “oh okay said the one who reblogged the Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and I was like “?????” so she said I supported beastiality because thats what that was so I said “no it isnt you god damn fuckass bitch” and she said it was because there was a relationship with the grinch and one of the whos??

And then later I apologized for something but didnt really mean it. And during random parts of the dream it would cut away to at first a Donald Trump cutout (then Hillary) and his mouth moved like a nutcracker because it was poorly edited in. There was a bar on the right that was his chances of winning, and a dialogue box appeared saying “Mr. Drumpf, your chances of winning are great!” And he responded with “what if I changed my name to Drumpo?” and the bar went down and the box said “oh no, that decreases your chances of winning!”

Like I said it was trump at first but at the end of the shit with blossom it did a long sequence with Hillary that was exactly the same as Trumps, same dialogue and everything. Then after that part she became the President of Whooville and it showed the grinch creepily looking at some weird creature with hearts around his head.

I know I said bubbles was angry but she actually had no part in the dream. Didn’t show up once, but everyone in it knew that she was pissed and that there was tension between us three.

Ballsy:  Each night I leave my PC on.  With a Cumbertwitter search open.  Usually I net an extra 150-250 tweets.  When the Grinch announcement spam hit it was 1282.  Today?  Today Marvel went a little nuts:

I just scrolled and scrolled thru.   I would wager at least 1000 were total spam.  It was all just ads for DS.  Very little content outside that.  And the content that WAS outside that?  He’s not really selling that accent.

I was trying to plan for our Christmas card so I told my wife we should do a Grinch theme. Our dog can be Max, I’ll be Cindy Lou Who, and she can be the Grinch. She wasn’t on board because “we’re a married couple, you can’t be Cindy Lou Who.”


And that was not a good thing to shout while I was at work.

I just want to reblog this and stress this: The Grinch lost his entire dog. He didn’t lose 20% of his dog. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole dog. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the pain in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why The Grinch is one of my favorite characters.

anonymous asked:

You have a feud with slytherinzayn, why? I in no means am trying to be rude, I'm genuinely curious


no i cant even joke i luv her with my whole entire shrivelled grinch heart. shes the ratboy to my half brown

(but honestly where is the friends to enemies to lovers fic? about us??? someone deliver ASAP)