Early in the season at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Grinchmas 2011, a shy little girl gave the Grinch a Christmas present. He asked if he should unwrap it right then, or wait until Christmas. She said to wait. The Grinch opened his gift on Christmas and it was a brand new hat, with his name on it. He loved it. He showed it to all the Whos at Grinchmas, and they thought it was a very sweet gift. But the Grinch said it was his, and he wore it all day.
Unfortunately, the Grinch never got any information from the little girl’s father so that he could write her a letter thanking her. I said we can take his photo with him wearing he new hat, and hopefully spread it around the internet in the hopes that the photo will get back to her and she can see how happy her gift made the Grinch.